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வாசியோகம்- 3

In this post we can understand the basic practices of vasi yoga from the verses given by mahayogis, Bogar, Agasthiyar and other century yogis. Vasi yoga is followed by yogis of Tamilnadu and all its engraved results are highlighted by maha yogis in all the verses wherever may be in medicines, herbs, mantra, tantra, yantra, worships, treatments and hidden arts. This is majorly due to the importance given in the ground work for the preliminary preparations of vasi yoga. In another meaning it is understood that very simply as power without battery.
It’s understood from the previous post on the main stream of vasi yoga and its importance and regulations were followed by yogis.
It’s incredibly difficult to do vasi yoga in day to day life for common people. It’s not so easy to get initiated from the available real guru who is doing vasi yoga for several years with concealed achievements. To find out these types of yogic people is very difficult. Most of the people stay with families and kids. They never disclose to the public view. They will identify the eligible people and give it to their hands with chain reactions and initiation.  They know it’s very complicated to achieve the first stage of perception with lot of obstacles when a person starts the vasi yoga. Once after initiation of vasi yoga, yogi should be very careful on the day to day life, it makes you down until unless yogi follows the traditional rules and regulations.
I have seen number of persons who had initiated and immediately met accidents with severe injuries and wind up the vasi yoga once stuck up with numerous family problems and other life hands down. It’s a force of accumulation and higher energy level was created manually by vasi yogis in the beginning stages. If the physical body is healthy, it did not make much difference on the physical health. They may face the heart pumping problems or running of lungs operations may vary. This is due to the hunting of heart pumps when the meditation slows down the alpha emit when the kundlini raises from the lower level.
Emission starts slowly when yogic practices are gradually trending to the upper level of consciousness which comes out from the yogis when they start the real meditations. It’s spread out from the room and extends physically to the external level, how yogi meditates or the level of attaining the universal spot in the human body. Fission and fusion takes place in the internal way of flow once starts the vasi yoga. Here don’t take it as atomic theories. A yogi comes to know gradually they might have connected with an atom which spreads over the object in and around them. Here the subject is disappeared, so the image starts the process and flow along the vasi every time, mostly all the time, round the clock.
       It never makes difference between the deep sleep and a person on awake with consciousness. They feel to do yoga almost every time, alone, loneliness, facing difficulties when it’s raised up from the mooladhara. Then it starts works itelf constantly along the flow line of vasi from the bottom to top. It never changes the position and flow line. Where ever yogi wants to hold the vasi line, he makes it hampered and activate the chakra to open the vision and subject became spectator. Subject may deviate here. I bring to an end here.

The verses of Bogar are given below for easy understanding on the practices of vasi yoga. Bogar has written evidently the practice of vasi yoga for the eligible person who does the karma in this birth. Verses elaborate yogi should not go beyond the mooladhara. Here mooladhara is quoted for ground reference for detailed explanation by mahayogi bogar. A verse says the kundlini lift up from the mooladhara and goes to the hole where it has closed for number of births. If unable to do, then nandhi will come in front of you and initiate you. Nandhi as described indirectly for yoga practices. Nandhi is located in front of lord shiva temples. Nandi mostly close the state of shiva and makes it’s unable to see the god from outside the temple. Here it’s indirectly described that nandhi comes and help you. When nandhi crosses and deviate the direction, Yogi can get the eight types of siddhis, supreme magical powers before attaining the god shiva. Don’t stay there for long time at this place, shift over in front of nandhi, and blow it continuously so that you can see the god in front of your eyes. The eyebrow opens the screens and shows in front of your real eyes, the appearance of Manonmaniyal, goddess. It’s a trap; yogis should not stay with this appearance of goddess.

உழலாதே ஊணியடி மூலத்துள்ளே
உறுத்தியே நந்திதனில் ஊதிஏறு
நழலாதே நந்திவந்து உபதேசிப்பார்
நலமாகும் எட்டெட்டுச் சித்திஎல்லாம்
புழலாதே வாசிகொண்டு ஊதி ஊதி
புருமையத் தேநின்று புகழ்ந்துபாரு
வழலாதே வராட்டியனைத் தாண்டிநின்று
வழியோடே சென்றேறி மனோன்மணியேகாணே

            The verses of Bogar given below indicate particularly on the running of vasi in yogis. Yogis can Suck all the vasi when he raises the kunlini and maintain it on the particular way of built, then its starts to show the dances of nataraja. If the built of vasi from the stream line starts parallel travel through vertical position from top to bottom, there will be development of sounds which is used to hear in the musical stages. Suddenly it inserts into the point of traverse from the vasi and intrudes into the thousand petals of hole and broke out from the humans and spread out in the universe.

நாடுமிறந் தோடியே நமனுக்கெய்ப்பார்
நலமான வாசிநிறைந் துள்ளேவாங்கில்
ஆடுதிரு நடனமும் பலமும்காணும்
ஆட்டினது குறிப்புத்தான் மேலோகீழோ
நாடுமூலா தாராசபை தொந்தோம்என்று
நாட்டியே தலமாறும் உருகிச்சுழிஊடே
பூடுகபாலம் புகுந்து குருபதத்தின்மேவிப்
புகுந்தமண்டலத்து இதழ்தான் ஆயிரத்துஎட்டே

            The verses below describes how the yogis to perform the vasi yoga. He should not have lust of fire on women, should not follow the ethics and rituals, not to fall on controversies and arguments, stay like a dumb and watch the programs around, avoid the lies, use the vaasi to uplift the practices, its drowse you and it makes you to prepare the solution as symptoms, don’t go beyond the tricky visions.

அயிக்கியமாய் விழாதேநீ காமத்தீயில்
அனுதினமும் வேதாந்த முடிவைப்பாராய்
ஒயிக்கியமாய் ஒருவருடன் வாயாடாதே
ஊமைபோல் இருந்துஉன்னி உன்னிப்பாரு
தியக்கமாய்ப் பொய்கொலைகள் செய்திடாதே
சேர்ந்தேறு வாசிஎன்ற தேசிதன்னில்
மயக்கமாய் வத்துவைநீ பானம்பண்ணி
மதத்தாலே அழியாதே மாயைநீக்கே

            Taken from the fire ashes to drink the fluid as considered as alcohol, make it in the format of stream line of yogic practices, have the herbs, avoid the dust particles, clean the solid, it tends to glow the eyes, go to the next stage and clean the semi liquid hanging on the door, closes the five senses and use the knife to cut it, don’t forget to do vasi yoga night and day

மூட்டியே மதுஉண்ணு கற்பம்உண்ணு
மூதண்ட காயத்தைச் சித்திபண்ணு
காட்டியே கனத்த மூலிகையைஉண்ணு
கசடுஅற்று குஞ்சனத்தில் கண்ஒளிதான்மீரும்
அடுக்காறு தளத்திலுள்ள ஆமம்நீக்கு
வாட்டியே அய்ம்புலனை வாளால்வீசு
மறவாதே இரவுபகல் வாசிமாட்டே

            Agasthiyar discloses the practice of vasi yoga transparently; always bring the vasi in to resagam, pooragam. These two words indirectly indicate the flow direction of breath into left and right. Also indicates the yogi should stand with vasi in this flow direction. When the vasi begins, then there will be possibility of pseudo actions starts itself into the tricky vision and it lead to dreams. Yogi should not fall into that way of dreams, it’s a tricky path, nature doesn’t allow yogis to come into original path, it diverts. So yogi should stand with vasi along with shravana. It should not taken here as lord muruga, the subramaniyar. It’s a code word here for vasi. Yogi should bring the vasi into centre line of travel so that he can lock the door with the vasi knot after it opens.

நிற்கையிலே ரேசக பூரகமுங்கொண்டு
நிகட்சியுடன் வாசியோகந் தன்னில்நின்று
சொற்பனமாம் சாத்தியங்கள் சுழுத்தியிலேகொண்டு
தோறாமல் கலைதனையே இறுக்கிமாட்டி
அற்பமுடன் மதியமுர்தக் கலையில்நின்று
அப்பனே சிராவண பதத்தில் நின்று
துற்பரவாய் மையநிலை மதியங்கொண்டு
துரத்தியே வாசியென்ற கயிறைப்பூட்டே

            Mahayogi Nandheeswar explains about vasi and compared with the control of breath. Verses say a yogi should keep it on the travel and hold the breath along with vasi. It traverses to left hand side of the yogi. Hence, yogi locates the line of direction and changes into right hand side of the vasi, and then observes from the left hand side of the breath. After some years, he can hold the sun and activated the vasi. Sun here represents as control of right hand breath. Then practice in to flow of direction from left to right hand side of the running breaths.
வையடா பூரணத்தைக் கும்பகத்தில் வைத்து
வளமான வாசியைத் தானொரு மனதாய்க் கட்டி
கையடா பிங்கலையால் கும்பகத்தில் வைத்துக்
கண்மணியே யிடைகலை வாங்கு வாங்கு
மையடா விவ்விதமாய் வருஷங்கும்பி
மகத்தான சூரியன்தான் வசியமாவான்
அய்யடா விடைகலையிற் பூரகத்தில் நாட்டி
அப்பனே பிங்கலையால் மெதுவாய் வாங்கே

            Matchamuni Naayanar describes the goddess Vaalai in the beginning point. Verses say that yogi should worship vaalai, the goddess throughout day and night with concentration and surrender; he can achieve everything without any disruption. Verses says after completion of vaalai worship then make self to make Om kept in the centre and worship the lord shiva, the nine mantras around the ohm represents here as lord shiva. Take the light and glow along the vasi and work out daily without any obstruction, it leads to appearance of lord shiva and yogi himself appear as lord shiva.

வாலையைக் கண்டு வணங்கி நீ மைந்தா
காலையு மாலையுங் கருத்தாய் வணங்கினால்
ஆலைய மாகு மவனுருத் தானுந்
தாழ்வது மில்லைத் தவமதுவாமே
தவமது வாக சாத்துவோங் கேளு
உவமான மில்லை யோங்கார வட்டத்துள்i
சிவமான விந்துவைச் ம்மென்று பூசைசெய்
நவமாந் திரேகம் நலச்சிவ யோகமே
முத்திக் கொழுந்து முனைகொண்ட தீபம்
நித்திப் பிடிக்கும் பதிவான வாசியை
நித்தமும் நோக்கி நேர்நிலைக் கண்டால்
சித்தம் பெருகி சிவனவ னாமே.
     Matchamuni Naayanar

            Kaaga Pusundar transparently described in the verses below. It discloses the holy water from the higher portion considered as mother, water spread over on the top as Vaalai, the goddess, the holy fire from the moolam, lower portions, trigger the top portion to enable the glowing lamp, vasi fall towards the glimpsing lights, it raises when see straight towards upper stream.

சென்றேனே உச்சிநீர் தாயேயாகும்
சிரசிலுள்ள நீரெல்லாம் வாலையாகும்
தீயென்றால் மூலக்கனல் உச்சிவாசல்
தீண்டிவிட்டு மேலேறிற் தீபசோதி
சொல்லுமே கபாலத்திற் சேர்ந்தவாசி
சோதியொளி கண்டிடுமே கனலாற்காலால்
நில்லுமே மூலதலம் வாசிகொண்டு
நிமிர்ந்திருந்து பார்க்கவுமே பிடரியேறும்
                                     Kaaga Pusundar

            In the next posts will see the difference types and various practices of vasi yoga in Tamilnadu. Some vasi was squeezed and bearing different corporate names. But the original vasi yoga is carrying out by highly professional yogis due to their extremely severe regular practices with restricted rules and regulations.
Recently, I have seen a vasi yogi in sankarankovil town and personally asked the way he was practicing for years. He said, he was carrying for last twenty years, his beard, hairs are darkening still. He never consulted doctor for last twenty years. He never went to cinema or sees the television for last twenty years. He used to read daily newspaper. Daily he used to do vasi yoga for two and half hours in the morning and two and half hours in the evening. Afternoon he do if he gets time between works. He stays with family and kids. He showed the practice in front of me. He said every year his guru came as alive from the Samadhi and given the magical powers as gift according to his practices. He says once after the daily meditation, he can view the images as presence which was conducting away from his place. By closing the eyes, he says everything what’s happening around him. This is perfect vasi yoga, I have seen the yogis plenty of time as same as closed the eyes and open the inner view to see externally.
If you close the eyes you can view what is around you as same as eyes are open when the ompletion of vasi yoga for twelve years. Many people can say they can view the people. But, here yogis start accumulating the force of energy, the power, holding the control of universe in his hand. He never had been inside, that’s the major results of yogic practices. It’s not been carried out simply as day to day work. It’s a regular severe practice of vasi yoga on any climatic conditions, situations, circumstances.
I have seen some of the yogis in the trains performing the yogic practices silently while running the train. Some vasi yogis can write the answer for your any questions in the black board with opening of the eyes. Just take a blank paper and keep in front of them, they will write the answer. It’s a crucial stage before to Samadhi.
The yogi said, he cured many persons before, but its starts paining to him and brings lot of troubles. We can run the karma ourselves not for other “he says. Once the karma starts dissolves and exhausted, then there will be ecstasy. Is in it?
Until unless clear the karma, we can’t attain the vasi yoga along the stream line of the yogic practices. People can say it’s easy, and their practices are simple but I have seen plenty of people fall down once initiated in this vasi yoga due to hidden rules and regulation to perform the practices. Otherwise it makes you down. That’s why self realization required starting the real meditations, any type of vasi yoga or real meditations. We should understand how its opens the karma when vasi starts with physical body. It goes through internal body and come out externally as alive and spread over the universe and comes back normal while meditation.  
There is a strong hold behind the vasi yoga. It’s a blessing of mahoyogis in Tamilnadu who carried out for hundreds of years. Some people says, they unable to do some real meditations. The fact behind that it’s their karma is not allowing doing this type of holy practice. The karma is blocking along the way in their life to avoid the meditations, they May not eligible.
Suddenly if you gets pains along the meditations in the life with the practicing of the vasi yoga, it hits the guru, the great master who has given initiation will contact  you immediately and hold you till your completion of yogic practices. This is the results of the yogic started coming to the next stages of yogic practices. It’s a hidden gift. We can’t fix the value for real meditations as one crore.


spiritual and siththargal said...

people whoever enormous thirsty only on spiritual, guru and god had samadhi and jeeva samadhi regularly. i am writing my own experiences with those people whenever i have come across some blessed situations. my words am writing to people whoever wavering for spiritual.
also have come across many alchemist in tamilnadu and northern india, but mostly they are dead, some attacked with poisonous chemical ingredients while preparing and some had sudden abnormal death. This may be absence of samadhi stages. confirmed on this.
some yogis are well versed with alchemy traditions till today but they prepares only for requirements which will be given to disciples when they fall ill during development of upper stages to samadhi.
your words looks well versed with alchemy discipline. I am a fool, i cant explain everything to common people whoever unable to understand about the traditional value of our tamil siddhars and techniques on various timings which was followed by maha yogis of tamilnadu.

siva said...

I hope you are not a Indian, since you understand better about Yogam in detail. please explain about different tools (Muppu, Andakal, Amuri Karpam, Rasamani)used in yoga to attain divinity and final achievement of yogam. whether vassi yogam helps to attain divinity? please explain to this fool are you attained realization of God with tools you mentioned above?.
warm regards,

spiritual and siththargal said...

Dear siva,
You have raised the question on other comments which is given on my posts, its irresistible to give the reply now.
It takes years of time to follow in this streamline of any meditatlion practices and there was long continuous journey for this hidden way of yogic practices which was followed by mahayogis of tamilnadu. All the verses mostly hidden and kept under un crackable version were written by mahayogis of Tamilnadu. This kind of hidden key due to the reasons behind that it should not reach in to wrong hands in this material world. When they read the verses and wants to utilize the medicinal practices they will be simply diverted to some other kind of pseudo medicine in material consciousness according to their yogic level and eligibility in attainment of divine. If they are not enlightened they never reach the fulfillment and attained the end of medicinal practices and yoga.
Regarding Vasi yoga is the one of the yogic practices followed by all mahayogis of tamilnadu and their direct disciples. I confirmed on this vasi yoga and says confidently here due to come across thousands of yogis in india and they have achieved Samadhi and mostly jeevasamadhi through different names of yoga. It’s difficult to practice this type of vasi practices due to highly strict rules and regulations will be followed by practitioners.
Here I tried to give some of the verses from mahayogis quoted on vasi yoga. It’s a way of achievement and self realization to reach the samadhi stages described by yogis of tamilnadu. There will be different names on different period for these yogic practices which is followed by yogis in himalayas and northern India whom I am still aware.
Medicinal parts like whatever you have mentioned on mooppu, karpam, rasam and etc is a part of siddha medicine in tamilnadu and it is not connected with yoga and meditation. Yogis are still preparing medicines here in Tamilnadu for various diseases. You can browse for blogs which describes on siddha medicines and alchemy mostly searching for bogar 12000. Instead of writing here in comments you shall try to meet alive great masters in Tamilnadu who are well versed with yoga and medicines. Its no need for arguments on siddha medicine which is away from primary yoga. It’s not required to disclose to the realized people who aware of yogis. You shall meet me on this further if you stay in Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Leon Gladston.from Marthandam.KKdt,called up few days back regarding my personnel Pancha patchi sastra.This mail is just to appreciate your work towards the blog.Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi thillai raj
Pls advise whether the kundalini pranayama is different from vaasi yoga and pls share spiritual views if any to the below id

And advise if you can train me in advanced pranayama techniques

Best regards

spiritual and siththargal said...

vasiyoga and pranayama is different from the usal practices. advance pranayama the techniques can follow by any person but in the case of vasi yoga have some basic eligibility, restrictions and fundamental mental preparation for the disciples whom hold the enormous energy when it emits from the physical body during initiation so masters can easily reciprocate the energy to the obedient students. even some places in western ghats near tenkasi, tamilnadu and northern part of kerala have highly restrictions, strict rules and regulations to initiate the vasi yoga for long standing trusted disciples.

Anonymous said...

the above post u had given all sort of garbages not a single word about vaasi yoga.You have not touched any single line of vaasi yoga But u r telling others that they dont know any thing. explain things about Patham vasal, Deepa jothi,sangu natham, banam,moolatharam, uyir, sikkula vasal, ezhai vasal in vaasi yoga it is not concerned with chakras. First basic u done know. It cannot be teached by ordinary teachers. Just decorating ourself with thaadi meesa and dress will not help in anyway. writing blog with all rubish things will divert the poeple and confuse things. Dont think yourself much and disgrace others. First try to give respect to others. If some body ask something it doesnot mean u know all. First reduce ur ego first and then u can advice others.

spiritual and siththargal said...

I asked you to refer yourself through a published book named as kagapusundar gnanam 1000 for to understand yourself on development of yogic practices on every stages as month wise instead of asking me about the experiences of others. Though even, you said that you have practicing ten years of vaasi yoga, but it’s seems that it’s not being started on yourself due to lacking of patience on the practice of vaasi yoga and imminence of great masters. I felt, it’s my duty to guide you towards next stages of vaasi yoga due to your enquiry and your interests. Hence, I asked you to meet some of the vaasi yogis at Chennai who were followers of highly restricted vaasi yogic practices in the universe for your understanding on real vaasi yoga. But your comments seems that you got angry when I denied to accept your vaasi yoga as a right way and it appears that you have given comment on the post immediately once completed the conversation.
I have given twenty percent of outline on vaasi yoga practices due to its highly restricted rules and regulations and also continue requests from the friends and yogic circle whoever well versed with higher level of meditations. If a yogic practitioner did not understand the real essence on vaasi yoga then it’s difficult to follow the real vaasi yoga which was followed by maha yogis of tamilnadu. It was avoided in the posts to highlight the magical components of the holy gifts when their energy raises by vaasi yoga due to meditator may concentrate only on the sound, light, pressure, images and vice versa. How the masters guided to disciples in a hidden way while travelling through in such a way to attain as it’s given for.
Instead of comments thrown on me sir, you could have searched on those people who were followers of yoga at Chennai for your initiation to starts the meditation. It’s my humble request that, you better ask your guru or guide whom taught you in this type of meditations, so that they takes you to the real world of vaasi yoga in this stage of hamper instead of given concentration of holes and sounds which will be raising on the preliminary stages.
Humbleness and patience brings the great masters all along the yogic travel to complete the stages of samadhi while travelling alone?

Unknown said...

Hi Thillai raj guruji
i've been practicing kundalini pranayama since 18 months under the guidance of a 85 year old guru, who learnt it from shivananda saraswathi guruji at Rishikesh but i ve come across and being practising most and very difficult types of yogic breathing techniques even many a times leads to suffocation,shivery/high dizziness also,but in general i want to share something on Vaasi yoga,since you 've replied me in earlier posting vaasi and kundalini pranayama are both different and i want to know the correlation between these two,and by your goodself can you explain me how it is practised.


Kannan P said...
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Kannan P said...

Also I have not read the 1st article in this series, have read only 2,3,4. If you can send me the link for 1st article that will be helpful. - Kannan

Kannan P said...

I found the 1st article. thanks

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