Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BOGAR 7000

Bhogar's approach to meditation and Kundalini yoga, as well as his application of mythic images and Hindu ritual are by no means revolutionary. He followed so closely in the footsteps of Saiva Siddhanta's 8th century founder Tirumoolar that one is often amazed at the continuity of teaching and principle preserved and sustained over a period of one thousand years.
At the top of Palani Hill, near the holy Murugan which Bhogar had crafted from nine arsenics, there is an opening in the Earth; it is a hole in the ground; the mouth of a cave which lies below. Bhogar often lowered himself into the Earth, sat in the cave, accessing Life's hidden secrets. He performed great austerities there, the magnitude of which very few in this modern age can fathom. There at the opening Bhogar erected a humble shrine to the Great Mother: a few yantras, a couple of five-metal icons baring the form of the Mother and her son Murugan. He worshipped a small emerald lingam there, about ten inches in height. His one and only disciple, Pulipani (perhaps the only one who truly understood the sage), kept him company at the entrance to the underground cavern on the top of Palani Hill. When Bhogar felt that his outer work was done, he entered the gateway of earth and stone and sat down in the darkness of the cave. Faithful Pulipani heaved a stone slab over the entrance; sealing Bhogar forever in the blackness of his earthen womb. For thirteen generations Pulipani's descendants have attached over that stone slab that marks the gateway to the underground chamber. Long ago, Bhogar's little shrine was set a top that hallowed spot, and even today, is still worshipped by the vigilant sons of the faithful Pulipani. They say that Bhogar is seated quietly in meditation even now; alone in the darkness; watching the slow passage of time. His breath is still. His mind is quiet, his heart unwavering; but through the dense dark matter of his earthly form stabs the vibrant & relentless flame of the Kundalini Shakti. Till today, the statue of palani getting sweated if closes the door. So they started apply the sandal on the statue to remove his sweatening. Every day in the early morning we can see, they remove the sandal from the statue body and issue to the people who were waiting for the sandal prasadha to get cure for all types of major diseases. The heart beat of the palani andavar statue is still active due to great alchemist Bogar.
But from the book “subramaniyar 500” and “subramaniyar gnangam”, its makes entire difference, bogar resided near Coimbatore, and subramaniyar is his great master and guru, he made statue with this “navapaashanam” for his guru subramaniayar, these lines were given in the reference books protected in archive buildings at Chennai, Egmore, and published from the tamarai noolagam references.
BOGAR had written “BOGAR 12000” as an encyclopedia for the alchemist and siddha medicine. From India its always irresistible, only one book had been taken too many countries because of highly secretive about humans, hidden medicines, herbs, alchemy, and majorly preparations related to nuclear fuel and radioactive substances.
We can get now the compilation of bogar 7000 songs, bogar 300 songs. Eligible person can understand the above referred bogar 7000 and the secrets behind the place of bogar’s 12000.