Monday, May 27, 2013

Masters and Teachings

Masters and Teachings
Real Meditations were always complicated by amateur masters; due to lacking of their individual characters and visions. The major problems were faced by practioners in real meditations are more complicated due to requirements of huge patience, period, physical and mental health. It takes minimum 10-12 years for deep root the holy seeds planted by gurus. As same as, most of the magical herbs which were used in different seasons were simply given alternate names by masters to make complicated on identify the simple plants. Most of the herbs which were quoted in many mahayogis notes and medicines are simply grown up all along the railway tracks and outskirts of most of the villages. Interested person who were aware of simple herbs can identify easily in these types of locations,
For instance, herbs viz. Yaanai vanangi, Poonai vanangi, Naai vanangi. Here, for example we can take Naai Vanangi as magical herbs for our basic understanding. This will be useful to tie the mouth of the dogs through some simple procedures. If the herbs can tie an animal then it is understood that it can be tied as humans too? Some of the herbs will grow through particular seasons accordingly. Beginning of this month I have seen some of the herbs which were grown during the high temperature in and around outskirts of tenkasi town.
These three varieties of herbs were mostly useful for different stages of medicines. In addition to that, it can be activate as magical herbs for many simple and complicated magical things. Who well known on these varieties may identify the other varieties of the same herbs on different names? If you starts learn on these type of special salts like Muppu, and inter correlated of five things called as Ingayam are always used in black magic’s. The same will be useful as different mantras through muppu and ingayam for different flow of mantras in different frequencies. These two fundamental things mostly most of the people were misguided by gurus. A guru knows or not, there will be different case. But, its way of understanding on guru by a disciple.
Next to that what is muppu in mantra and black magics as same as what is ingayam in other related works which will be mostly carried out in mantra and black magics. These two are diverted from the disciples for many years by real gurus due to their disciples should not fall down on simple magics through worldly material things like making gold, rasamani, and alchemy. The above two paragraphs are the major stuffs for the yogis.
Guru always teaches, but as a disciple, we never used to feel or understand from their higher frequencies. We always away from those maha gurus. This is the complicated way of learning from all gurus. We can’t compare guru with ourselves. When they proved as a perfect guru, how can we compare with those fellows? Once we know the perfect guru, we try to learn the way of meditation what he really practice very secretly. A real guru can easily alter the destiny and our life. If we identify the person as changing the destiny, then it will be easy to learn real meditation from him. It’s a way of practice for all the disciples.  This much elaboration is required for persons whoever asked me continuously doubts on secret things through phone calls and emails.
Most of the people want to learn real meditation through video conferencing method. They want to learn swimming through mobile. Is it possible? Art never comes from training.
Then we should practice the higher order of patience. That will be the result of flowing of interconnections with real gurus. Most of the people asked me “if you don’t know when you will fall illness, then how can you be the disciple”. It’s a wrong way of understanding between the guide on these specialized arts. Spiritual is the most specialized, complicated, patterned way of arts through life. It takes years to complete our meditation after initiation by guru. It develops very slowly. It grows with deep roots through the universe. Our roots will be falling on the results of real meditations.
With higher ways of chanting mantras never touches the fire of real meditations. That’s why yogis are far away from the human predictions. We can’t bring guru in a particular circle. They never come in to circle because they stay with family.
Some of them used to disclose that “they betrayed their husband”. It’s not a qualification to learn spiritual by saying these types of statements. We have to be as it is in the nature. Acquired magical powers are not the way of spiritual. It’s a primary practices. It never reaches you to the utmost secret things in the universe. Most of the people need to these types of tantric practices through the way or on the name of spiritual. Every guru tries to identify themselves from their disciples. If disciples are not perfect, then he can’t reach them with his higher order of frequency through energy. This is the inter relations ships between the new person and real guru.
Recently when we met he gave his personal notes on tantric practices on eight types of tantra siddhis. It was duplicated from generations to generations for hundreds of years. Some notes brought from Malaysia on activated mantras with huge energy. He said” these notes were given by the person who stayed in Malaysia, practiced as professional and died (died instead of Samadhi). This is more than enough to learn on the extreme end of the tantric practices” he said. Then he opened the notes and explained about the meanings of the secret words graphed as poems. He said” for you it’s not required, but you have to know the other practices in the world and keep as record with you. He asked the promise on those oldest notes.
While coming to station” he remembered the people who were on these professional types of magical herbs practices with siddha medicines. He showed the magical herbs all along the agricultural area. I said” I have seen many times, but I don’t know the value of these plants are spread over on the ground level, I thought it’s a different varieties. He said” these type of varieties are the real herbs, but it’s hided for people who are not eligible for working out on magical herbs instead of trees. Then how can bring the trees in to tantric practices? I bring to an end here.
Some were standing on footsteps near their houses and some were sitting and talking with nearby houses all along the street has seen from the entrance of the village. I unable to get down from the car, felt something happening inside. It’s the first time am going to see my dad when he was not alive in his born house in small village. Hundreds of relatives were waiting for me due to my delay from northern India; most of the faces look close related. Dad was kept inside the coolant box through power of generator. Mom were sitting and holding by aunties. She looks tired due to continuous weep; shed tears without food.
Aunts said to her “raj has come”. She got up and hugged my two legs and cried. She said “I prayed continuously to god, but they never listen, I lighten the lamp to all gods, but no one saved your dad, I never slept at night for the last one year, always looking his breath, when I sleep or wake up, I don’t know, she cried loudly. Everyone in that house who was sitting starts weeping. I was searching a person all along the people were sitting here and there. It’s a soul, father’s aunt who demised in her school days and worshipped by whole family; whenever family functions occur they used to call her through a person as media. But she was standing at the entrance of the house as old lady. Wind comes through Western Ghats sections. Big trees near the house make the shadow for the people who were sitting. The house located at the western end of the village.
Uncle came and said “it’s delayed, shall we start other things. Village panchayat head, a young man came near me and said “water has reached already from courtallam falls. I said go ahead. Uncle gave me a lungi to wear. I was sitting with my brothers. Whoever comes to see dad, all hold our hands, and some hugged me. Some relatives skipped me and talked to my brothers. They washed the body and asked to pour the water. That time I touched his hand, the same chillness when he taught us during meditation. Till I never forget the chillness which I felt from his hand.
The time should be carrying his body. Ladies started crying loudly, head of the villages given instructions one by one to carry out from the house, road and village entrance. Suddenly tight voice came from our relation. She was standing and said” he reached to me already, don’t worry, he is with us. That lady said to my mom” don’t worry, kasi has already reached here and joined with us.  
Body was carried by our relations, hundreds of people in village, mostly relatives. It’s a huge family member. They throw the eggs, carrying fire, they poured water, lungi got fully wet. I got difficult to walk without slippers. Flowers were splitting here and there, some got up in my foot. Near the village entrance, they stopped for to do other regular practices. Again eggs were thrown. Village head was giving instructions continuously to those people who were carrying. Then they started fast walking from the village entrance to the burial land. Its may be one km. it’s reached the burial land. Already pit was dug. They said carry the pot without seeing back, with sharp knife, they made the hole one after another. Asked everybody to pour rice where he kept in the box, they brought down his body inside the pit. They asked everybody to see him finally. Asked us to pour the soil, then it was closed immediately. A relative said, raj “fathers body kept in the burial land, but its immediately close to your fathers. If you want to construct his tomb, that time it’s easy for you, I said thanks. People started well pump set for bathing was located inside the agricultural land.
After some days, during the pooja near the temple of fathers aunt. The mediator said” kasi is standing near the tamarind tree. I want to see my dad; I was searching his image near the tamarind tree. But he was not there. He is not a simple fellow to come out like others, I know. I asked the mediator again, where is he. She showed the hand exactly where I looking through. After that till today while and whenever deep sleeping or deep meditation, I used to view him with my kid whom demised before him. Sometimes I used to see all my grandfathers and their voices were heard closely. I bring to an end here.
Some days after got a call from a guru from Andhra Pradesh said” your father’s body has upside down. Its rolled down he said. So it’s unable to locate his soul” he said. Its surprise and it makes me to confirm. I asked the close relation to dig it again the same pit to confirm whether it’s right. Everyone was denied. Its government land, and its brings more problems if you open your father’s. I convinced them and said “I want to construct it, so the foundation may starts from the ground level. I paid the money for the land which is adjacent to our property. A young boy came forward to construct that. Early morning we started to dig with all flavored scents brought from shop. Then the box opened and he said “its correct body rolled down. The box brought in to position and construct starts from the level of the box. Once completion, we want to fix the date for the pooja.
We went far place to see an astrologer who were following siddha type of predictions. It’s a yogi prediction. The day, I never forget in my life. A person were sitting with huge beard and predicting enormous data’s. When our turn came, I was sitting in front of him. He said to my uncle”go and get some banana, agarbati and pan leaf. He asked me horoscope. I said” I don’t bring. He laughed and said” you are constructing fathers tomb, it’s over? Yes I said. Then go to courtallam, have bath and come “he said. We went to Papanasam” I replied.
He said “while going to Bangalore, you come and see me alone. I got surprised. I asked” why? He was laughing loudly in front of me. The banana and pan leaf were disappeared in front of me. The Agarbati which was lightened also disappeared. He makes me afraid or he doesn’t wants to expose himself in front of others or don’t wants to disclose. He said”go now.
I went to his place as said by him. He asked” what you know about spiritual? I said on ego “I started with vethathiri maharishi then I shift over to mantras chant for eight years on kala bairava and finally I don’t know what’s doing.  He said “throw all those things and be as it is with nature. He laughed on me. You are the eligible person to learn the meditation. He said” I will call you on some time, that time you have to come here for initiation. The way he said and elaborated on meditation makes me disappear from the normal frequencies from that time onwards. Day by day it’s grown inside as plant and it makes me away from the regular life of living. It makes me behaves as like as half way of sleeping. Sometimes, I used to sleep with snoring but with open eyes have seen my body is on rest position and sound of snore comes from mouth. It’s a perfect patterned disturbances was created from the power of guru before initiations. I always get confused that “am living on real world or on dreams. These two differences are very difficult to find out when initiated which one is dream or which is live. Major problem for beginners are always occurs on this type of identification of images with dreams through real meditation?