Saturday, February 23, 2013


Period of Life is always goes in a hidden way of circle path. Again and again the same incidents, circumstances, situations will brings along the way of every people. Some people might have noticed this. We always unable to understand our nature of life and diverted in to our own material consciousness.
But god is a lazy and useless fellow; god never shows any urgency, god fellow working always in a hidden way unable to understand the time. God never comes in to circle of period and time. This is the major drawback for human being is unable to understand the results of god. Yogis are all have highly patience due to this hidden works of god and they also become lazy fellows. Yogis are always used to wait for gods results. They knows this lazy fellow takes it own time and insist to wake up. But the entire universe is controlled by god and our yogis. A yogi knows how god works and how to touch the silver chord of god. Both of them working in the same frequency of particular period and enormous diversions make us confused. Both are useless fellows.  
“NA MA SI VA YA” (NAMASIVAYA) this panchacharam brings all the tantric practices in to a circle. For example the above mantra works by changing the letters in to middle to first letter. In Tamil its one word, so it is easy to change the mantras in different ways and different purposes. For example “MAARANAM” (in Tamil maranam- lifeless) it’s one of the part in atharvana and a part of the siddhis (magical power) in Tamil. MAARANAM a word denote the kill a thing, human being, situations and period. In white and black magic these type of mantras were using by priests through roots and herbs. Black magicians are using blood, animals and human flesh also. It depends upon the area where they stays viz. deserts, water bodies, and hilly terrain. 
Good and awful things from this mantra are the same but how they activated with things is the major tool. All shiva mantra breaks the magical things and brings in to circle and rotate along the life. Yogis have the hidden art of pancha pakshi sastra to erase anything arises from these type of negative things in the world for millions of years. Yogis will decide the magical circle works on the human when it comes into negative forces like mentioned above and brought to their notice. Then the above mantra changes according to their works, for example “SI VA YA NA MA”. Readers don’t think it’s a major tool. Mantras were added in to these five alternate changes in these five words and throw for the magical things will be carried out or solved out. This is the extreme end stage of all magical things.  
Seven years back a magic spell through a packed thing was kept in the wall of Dug well below the water level in the well of cultivation area in Mysore district. A person from Chennai arrived to that place; took the owner and showed the well in owner’s cultivation area. Then people jumped in to the water and searched the wall and brought above and showed him a water proof tightened pack. This happens when his mother died, then demise of his brother’s son, and his engagement got hampered. After all these he got married with registrar in Bangalore. It’s a type of magical works carried out in those areas.
One of my friends a mahayogi met me some three months back. He was suffering from continuous ill health symptoms and consulted doctor continuously. He had doubt that one of his relations might have done something to him due to property in their own villages and vengeance.
These types of doubts and clarifications arise with all the yogis due to the people interacted with them. Most of their relations or friends might have scared on these yogis with panic and go for shortcut way of black magic’s to save their life from the yogi.
A yogi never goes beyond black magic’s or in the short cut way. They do their routine meditation and day today works as I aware till today. But if any relation or friends or others had misunderstanding or decisive discussions with yogis gets fear that they do something on them.  Most of the people might have done themselves through priests and magicians. They make their own trap and fall down permanently, sometimes killed themselves. It’s a time and period to do the things carryout accordingly.
Yogi said “it’s a relation”.  The relation did these things with other state people. Yogi has continuous symptoms and unable to come out from the bed. He had breathing problem initially.
But whoever do pranayama get this type of breathing problem, I know” I said.
I said to him “I also get these problems recently, sometimes my heart will stop for some time and then it will run and come to normal position. Heart gets stuck up during night time when our breath control taken by universe and it operates its own way. So there will be crossing point at the centre of the head unable to accommodate these way of breath gets stuck up for some time when it runs away from the nature. Early morning, my neighbour taken me to fortis hospital, and admitted immediately to check my heart. They took all the preliminary investigations and said “it’s normal”.
 I want to convince yogi. But he denied. He said”whatever you gets the problem for yogic practices it common for all yogis, but I know the smell and symptoms for the last two three months.  Because he knows all and he is a real yogi not like me.
Daily he attended treatment from doctor for cough and cold related diseases. Day by day illness raising and he comes down and finally unable to speak to me by phone. He stopped talking to others for one month. He occasionally does his meditation. But internally he was away from the body and attached with his great master. He said to me “great master will take care this”. He also said in phone” I will come and tell you what they are doing on me with magical things”.
Few weeks back, he called me and said” he recovered in a day”. I got surprised with his words.
Recently he came and met me. He said “his relation went to professional magician and did the magical throw through him. Magician will be secondary here. If highly professional fellows knows about the people whom he spell and throw. But here, they unable to trace out the yogi, it was hidden.
They did with an alive frog and kept in the running water. (I hide the procedure and the way carryout with hidden techniques here with frog to avoid unnecessary questions. Readers can also understand but it should not reach in to wrong hands) there were five types of magical things in five seasonal and areas. Sometimes they use alive things or non alive things with water,fire,soil,air and finally sky as atoms. All magicians use these four types of things and unable to touch the fifth one due to absence of yogic practices and yogic power. Great masters will erase the things whatever comes to touch the atoms which are connected to the universe.
He suffered the suffocation whenever frog comes out from the running water. The sound makes by frog will appear in his system. He heard the sound. When it goes inside the water, he was unable to breathe and unable to concentrate in meditation. Whenever it preys he gets disturbed. This happened with fluctuations of the time and period. He, the master of pancha pakshi sastra made out the sketch drawing of the magical throws where it comes from, by whom, by which media, and he kept all this for observation. He found the particular time, when the magical throw and things working on him and calculated the reverse calculation of the pakshi of magical spelt. He found the person and the tools used by those people and he blocked the frog with his yogic power and magical throws and spells.
 Last ten years he stopped all his magical things and professional practices due to his great master. He attained the Samadhi stage and working always on Samadhi. Most of the magical things and notes he burnt which is not equal to his yogic power, he might have crossed all this things. Some parts of his magical notes given to me for refer the atharvana sastra. But I also a typical lazy fellow and never used his notes. He is one of the highly mastered people in atharvana sastra. The tools used by him are very rare and un imaginable things. When he burnt all those things many years back, he gave the last part of a piece of chakra and said” I kept this, but it may wait for you”.
He the person has highly patience in yogic practices and enormous observations with the alive things. He, the perfect role model for the disciples.
Then finally, the frog has been blocked alive and removed by unknown people at thousands of kilometres away from his place. People caught the frog and sold it to college and it has been taken to college for dissection work in zoology practical’s for students. This is the yogic power of the atoms which is controlled by the great masters with requests by their disciples. Nature always bends down to these yogis and makes its own style to bring down the people for recover. But karma, he also never denies. He was suffered in front of me. Whenever I contacted him, He was unable to speak to me for two minutes. His entire system has been blocked. But that time also he was waiting for his great master.
After some months I noticed him, his weight has come down. He lost his weight due to this suffocation during food.
One day early morning he got recovered suddenly. He thought that its working of the pranayama has been controlled as before. The same early morning, the news from the village people informed him and said “his relation has died”. He went to village, there he found the person whom he had discussion. people said” his stomach has becomes bulgy twice likes normal, he unable to breathe for some days, his cough like typical sounds how frogs will breathe, and finally he died suddenly without any ill health symptoms.
He said “some years back when the family problem was raised, people spoke wrongly on me and criticised. I said to them “I will never come back here to this house, even if you die also, I don’t see your face”. As same as I went to that village and met all my village people, but I did not see the body and not attended the last function as I said before. I left my family to attend other things to do with village people and came to my house”.
He said”thillai, I have come across many people and many types of characters. But humans are always selfish. That’s why all yogis are away from family and stays in the forest to complete the yoga to avoid these types of people.
I said “it depends up on the humans and their tendencies”. Most of the people get in to trap when they goes behind money or x” I have noticed several times. I bring to an end here.
The above is a brief for the readers whoever behind money and x.
He asked about me, I said “all my girl friends are busy with their boyfriends, the same dialogue I repeated for him also. He got surprised seems, as a yogi, he never expected seems and unusual from me, he got stunned and his eyes are suddenly changed. I always used to see his eyes. Accordingly I change the topic and elaborate my conversation. But this time, he heard my words, may be hearing like this as first time from me for the last ten years.
He said “twenty years I have never seen the movie and t.v. I also know this, he used to read the papers otherwise he read the oldest books or some interpretations on tantric arts. Most of the yogis are astrologers and great magicians. Some people start with tantric arts and then suddenly switch over to the yogic practices due to the development of high level magical practices extended to the universal level, then they fall down immediately to Samadhi level.
I narrated “two years back, I had a friend who suffered a lot. I tried to help permanently and helped in such a way whatever your people are always denied to do.
He understood seems. He got angry “who allowed you to use your yogic practices.
I said sorry to him “my guru also refused and denied the permission when I requested for my friend. I continued that “whatever she wants I did and I lost my regular way of living in yogic style and the particular time of yogic practices. I can’t able to compensate the timings of meditation during night time also. Most of the time it has been skipped my meditation due to my concentration falls down on sending sms to her till 02.00hrs at night and received the reply sms from her. She took me to mantri mall and other shopping complexes. I roamed like as it has been done during my college days with my girl friend. After her work was over, she had purposely created misunderstanding and moved away. Human mind always try to analyse and criticise the things, so she did this. I have given a curse to her”.
I look in to his eyes. He was listening. I scared to tell him, because some time he will divert to other situations or makes me to receive phone calls.
Then after two days, I have taken back my curse” I said.
He laughed and asked “why?
I said “She was my friend, everything I have done for the permanent life, then why I should bring it down. If they will be worried in front of me, how can I see her face? So I have taken back my curse.
He said “this many years no one in front of me narrated a story like this”. He directly sees on my face. I bent down my face and seeing my slippers.
You don’t have guts to do harm to others. He asked “where is she”.
I laughed “don’t ask me second session part- two.
 While going in the auto, I want to complete it, so voluntarily opened and said” she stays happily, whatever she wants in this material world, after that she got and enjoying.
Sometimes her boy friend’s comes with different cars, she come and invite them from the back door gate and given send off from the back gate. Sometimes some of her boy friend’s used to see from her balcony and give the comments on me when I stood with family members. Some boyfriends were used to ask me that “I had connection with her?”. Sometimes its irritates me, but after seeing her present behaviour, I understood the way of her activities which am always not happy with society and it’s brought me highly patience. All her relation does not know about her, so they brought me in typical situations among my neighbours.  Now, she went behind money with lies.  She will lie or cry with tears and act to save her life at any cost in front of others, I have experienced in different situations with her. I can’t run my life with friend lives in two ways.  
My life is patterned life style that’s why I can able to understand other problems and I used to do help them always. You know how I’m suffering. I am the poorest fellow in my apartment you know” I stopped and seeing his eyes.
            You know very well how destiny works, even though you are helping and falls down on the traps. “Are you worried” He asked from the bus window.
            I said” No. if any person will come for help, I will do at any cost you know.” I never expect anything from them. If I lost also I don’t want to beg in front of people like this” I said.
            Even once my son asked me” nowadays why you haven’t talked to your friend”. I said to him “she said I am a wrong person”. I was standing in shanthi nagar bus stand and talking near the bus.
            He nodded.  You are doing meditation, sincerely I know. Another some years you will construct the building for your Samadhi”.
           I laughed and said” I struggling for my bread and butter now, I don’t want to make groups, once I attain, I will go to great master place and leave my soul their itself. All my hereditary shall come see my Samadhi there itself.
He said “but it has written like that.
              I said “I m hardly needed for money. Even though on great difficulty, I am helping others. You give me a blessing, that’s enough for me”. I don’t want to give irritation to him. He was listening with lot of patience on these types of stories, I know him very well.
              He asked to come inside the bus. He showed how to do the pranayama during fluctuations when the breath passing away from the universal control and how to open through the first door and closed the second window. He kept his one finger on my chest and another finger on my throat and said “it’s going along the right way, in future you also check with your disciples like this and bring them in a right way.
I said “I will make all my disciples are ladies”. He gave a smile from the bus window.
If readers understood what guru checked with fingers on chest and throat, please write to me.