Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God’s particles

Dear Thillai, Your humbleness makes you elevated in thoughts and actions. Siddhars have chosen people like us to propagate their works. Each one of us may differ in approach and presentation. No doubt, siddhars make use of the modernisation in Kaliyuga to reach people. Have we ever heard of Agasthyar in pants /crumpled T-shirt talking on architecture and possessing valid visa? This happened in sathuragiri. My book is just a first step in siddha arena. I am not a master and don't claim to give fullness. Sure I will send you a copy of the book that will be released by Karpagam Puthakalayam. All siddha songs are passed down the generations. It is diificult to research rishimoolam/ nadhimoolam of the original manuscript to compare and edit the mammoth text. It was possible for U.Ve.Sa to compile Iymperum kappiyangal but do we have that patience and time besides our regular work? In my research I found that songs explaning remedy for a disease completely varied from Bogar's 7000 and on BOGAR 12000 & BOGAR 7000  S.Chandrasekar

God’s particles

“Drink his/her urine so that you can realise”

The above words thrown on my face and scolded on me at different stages in my life during school/college days for studies, fall in love with other community girl, critical situations in families, work spots in government organisations, recent friendships and finally especially in spiritual.
In spiritual there are lot of politics in teachings on hidden arts and initiation will be given on community basis. Many times secret things were always denied to me along the teachings of tantric parts. But due to my continuous searching’s for a decade; guide was located in different disciplines and in various states. They were perfect great masters, mastered in their own teachings in mantra, tantra and yantra arts. All my masters have great affection on me, blessed me with their rare teachings on astrology, meditations, tantric teachings.
It took me several years to identify the chants of mantras on our hand palm with fingers in the beginning stages before the initiation of real meditation. A master from small village showed to me and drawn on the paper about the location of planets and nerves on the palm and said “this is the original method of traversing with fingers on shadow position of planets in hand whenever chant the initiated mantras”. Till today, I found crores of people are doing wrongly in this method due to absence of genuine masters.
I observed most of the people are very simple and highly matured on spiritual awakening once they becomes very close to samadhi stage. Locating of these people are not so easy in cities, they always touch with their people whom close to their yogic practices. They never deny arguments with verses and poems of siddhars whenever used to crack the poems and raised irrelevant doubts. They are capable to make medicines for rare diseases, hiding in busiest cities with family.  On Many occasions when I came across the hand written notes of Bogar 12000 at madurai, palani and chennai, mostly every time they showed something different in hand notes and new notes on the rare text parts and diagrams drawn on supporting verses for texts and its diverts me from the streamline. But I noticed that still the contents of composition in oldest notes never changes for the last 10years, they made duplicate, triplicate to avoid unqualified people engaged in opening of the rare notes.
If we are unable to identify the herbs, then how can us able to interpret the verses written on medicinal herbs by mahayogis. An uneducated yogi without any dress/nude sometimes wear towel on his hip, simply cracked down the verses of dhanvandhiri medicines and tantric verses when I approached him recently at tenkasi. When he was explaining about the tantric parts on herbs from dhanvandhiri, I wore branded jeans and shirt, but he was sitting on the stair case footsteps in front of me. This note which I have received from malaysia was unable to crack down for a long time by people holds Ph.D in tamil. But he took outside the village and showed me all the herbs grown simply everywhere after begins of southwest monsoon. He said “take photos if u wants to make notes”.
When I gave 1000 rupees, he denied and laughed “You already suffering, why this money for me, it’s not required and where I keep u r money in my towel thillai" he turns his head here and there at his home. Looks, teasing me. I felt ashamed in front of him.
I said “I have to wear this costume; I have to remove my long beard this month end, security people are objecting to management on my beard for identification.
 I kept on the shelf and said buy something for u r kids.
He teased me “beggar gave money to another beggar”?
Folded hands and bent down my head and I said “am your beggar. Don’t forget me”.
 He said ”do pranayama without sound, your breaths affect your lungs and gets disturbed now, I have seen many times when u do meditation ”he added. We have to complete our responsibilities, don’t go fast in meditation. Go slowly” he stopped.
I can’t hide anything in front of him. He knows everything like the great master.
First we have to grow paddy from the field. For that its required monsoon,land,cultivation works,milling for rice, finally with raw rice we can make. If we are not able to bring the rice; then how we can able to make idly, set dosa and other varieties? We have to search for the person who knows these real arts. But in this modern world, we compare the rice varieties which are readily available in supermarkets and the seller.
Sun never rises from the west in spiritual path.

Left hand Tantric practices of Magicians and priests

Left hand Tantric practices of Magicians and priests
It is unavoidable to write this left hand practices in this post due to receiving of continuous calls from various places due to hurts of magical wound through this blood related tantric practices. Some readers want to learn these types of arts for their own purpose and practical uses. These things are mostly occur on the means of avenge. I always insist people to find the way of real meditation and follow through their life. But most of the people don’t have patience for twelve years of gradual developing stages of maturity. Everyone wants to become a guru through instant way of quick meditations. Some wants to take revenge on their own people, some wants to hold their position and status in society. Hence, most of the people approach the shortcut way of success through this left hand practices.
Recent Call from cuddapah andhrapradesh said that” his wife was died last month due to black magical throw by their families. He also added that it has been done through the typical way of trapped animal as frog. Many calls I used to get on those topics of black magic’s. Here I got doubt with that person due to the frogs. Some of the previous posts; I have mentioned about the practices carried out with frog. It’s not usual technique can anyone do it, it’s complicated until the person should be mastered in these types of rare way of techniques and he can able to locate it. That’s the surprise when he asked about the magical practices on frog after his wife died recently. I said them when a person can identify the tool, the same person can give the remedy also? Throughout the world people is suffering due to this magical practices mentally and physically. Whoever mentally strong less has been affected fastly by this type of unknown world very easily? They themselves get in to trouble through our local priests. These types of magical things are easy to notify in specialized way as left hand practices.
The word practice is the symbol of technique. Meditation is not practice. It’s an internal way of approach to eternal things; no one can touch the stream line of real meditation. The practitioners are disappeared in real meditation through their breath and interconnected with external energy. They grasp anything from the universal energy as like to take water through small cup and pour in to physical body. It’s not an assumption, its fact if we can able to follow the holy things on universe.
The tantric preceptors use the rituals on the tantric gods. Gods is not tantric. The term mostly described as wrong here. They make the god as tantric. Then which god comes in to tantric way of worships. These relations are always static. It’s a broad general practices of a hidden tradition were practicing continuously by many priests in Hindu temples all over India. Some of the priests make the chakra and use the tantric god as slaves to do so; we can call as maid servant. People in cities always approach these types of priests in temples and ask them to do yaga for revenges and avenges on others. Most of the poojas were carried out regularly in some houses and temples by prepaid money through priests to carryout poojas on somebody name as revenges or to save themselves from their mistakes which has been done by them on common people in high tech cities viz. extension of contract, promotions, property related, premarital and post marital things. Hundreds of calls come from recent working electronic communication staffs regarding on these remedies.
Most of the engineers and software women approached these types of priests in temples; visit their mutts personally for remedies to come out from the real things happening from the nature’s day to day life. These types of people misused the human’s relations and they wash their hands on the name of god. After some years, they lose whatever they have in their past life due to the karmas taken from others when they suffer which were carried out on revenges. Most of the families are spoiled themselves through these types of educated high-tech engineers in software’s from cities. The wide extent of elements of tantric practices, both external and internal rites correlates only on practices not on the results.
The real ways of tantric practices are disappeared due to these priests in temples and magicians for the accumulation of money. The fact that many of the practices which I have given here below are disappeared due to left hand practices and their masters. The scriptures are written in the books appears to be misguide at any stages. The texts itself have tantric powers. You may laugh on this. It’s true. Many simple ways of practices was carried out earlier due to the accumulation of high level energy with the universe.
For example if you write your name and some name on a stick of a tree which is fixed to both of you get separate from each other, breakup purpose. After chants mantra on particular day, time and other plants items required to apply on the stick and break it. Immediately from that time negative energy created from the person whom broke it gets activated on them first, and then it starts work that that they want to breaks. Its type of simple magical tricks, here I skip the name of tree where stick were made and what are the plant items to apply for to avoid controversy. Here person should be mastered in plugging sticks with rootless mantra, otherwise it affects them when they contact with universal energy.
Now how to join those two people, take the paper draw a circle, then draw another circle at the end of the previous circle. Write both the name on the place where the circle joins. You can use the photographs instead of names. Cover it; keep safely without touching of others. They conformably join together as per chants of mantra and applied person. Here also time, day, herbs are required to activate immediately.
As same as if you want a person should be busy with their own work, you can write their names in the paper, keep it inside on the bottle and close it. Shake well and keep aside. They become busy on their own work. Here I hide the bottle as medium, day, time and herbs. Others should not touch the bottle.
And make magical knots in a single thread with chant of mantra. Here how many knots, day and time are required. I bring to an end here with these simple magical throws.
Behind all these above mentioned; it’s actually makes their connection with the universal energy through their own frequencies accumulated through meditation and other techniques.
A guru thrown my notes and said that it’s have enormous energy to go through when  I have drawn 31 chakras for 31 days in hand notes. The paper itself transmits energy from the chakra. Some of the people had taken my hand notes where mantra has written without my notice.
Most of the priests in Hindu temples, owners of mutts are always lacking behind the real way of tantric practices, meditations, interpretation of energy level and professionalism. It’s like a map without legend. The five elements in energy never disclose its energy to these types of people who were behind money and serving to rich people.
Left hand and right hand way practices have a path of grid pattern on the universe. I have attempted many times to disclose in my posts on real meditation. But most of them want instant reliefs from their karmas whenever they suffer in day to day life while karma is crossing in their ages. My analysis is based upon the experiences I gained in front of my life and the people whoever doing mischievous things in life through these left hand tantric practices.
Some of the scholars tried to compare and explain this left hand practices with physical intercourses. It’s a wrong term and misinterpretation of the tantric practices. If men and women have individual physical line to touch the path of the extreme end of the meditation, then there will be no question of intercourses in these left hand tantric practices. It’s a way of different lineament associated with these tantric practices as rituals and mantras with chakras. Tantric practitioners have practiced for themselves or practice for others through money? Most of the teachings, books, websites misinterpret this practices with intercourses; because of its parameters will encompass practices found in all over India from teachings of Hinduism. The priests in temple much of mainstream on devotional ritual, parayanam on god statues, preliminary purifications, the use of mantras with symbols for the deity in the form of worship.
Left hand practices in Hinduism shows the tantric saying that the practitioner is the creature suited to discharge through tantric practices. It’s a way of srividya practitioners in all temples. These practitioners do their daily pooja as their day to day religious observances as well as their life cycle rites and post mortem rituals to be tantric.
Everywhere in India these types of practices are carried out in different forms according to their energy level of flows. Some follows Mahayana, mantrayana, vajrayana, kalachakra, vamachakra, dekshinachakra forms. As same as these Buddhism, jainisam, muslims, Christians were using different forms of cosmogram and syncretistic traditions and rituals. Kala bairava is worshipped as tantric gods throughout India.  It’s the extreme end of god is Kala bairava here for the reference.
Magicians were mostly using this type of divine energy to become concentrated in one or another sort of grid prior to internalization and identification with the individual level of energy.  The energy grid represents the constant flow of divine, demonic, human, animal impulses in the universe, as how they interact in both constructive and destructive patterns. Altar is the major tool kept here in left hand practices. There is also altar kept in right hand practices in mantras; but most of them use the roots and magical herbs instead of animals. One is activating faster than another. For example srichakra is a three dimensional geometric tools of interlocking systems and embedded triangles hide the flow of energy which is radiating downward and outward from center point of the chakra. It’s like fission and fusion. Hi tech people used to give money to the priests to do pooja for 48 days on these types of chakras; statues like hanuman, maruti, and kali and grade level goddess are there to save their electronic jobs and marital connections through electronic communication priests. I started criticizing. I bring to an end here.
These electronic and software priests encountered as obstacles, their divine, demonic, animal impulses are overcome and its transformed into positive sources of energy and it carry one closer and closer to the deity at the center where they kept their prayer on chakra on statue or panja boothas. According to the chosen medium and the substances mediating the customer to the energy and tried to solve their problems. Readers once again read this paragraph. Some people also doing daily these types of poojas at their homes with mantras and statues. When they have created the energy and they were unable to accommodate in small flats and did not aware to install it through procedures as their statues becomes alive. It brings painful situations at home. Unknowingly they also gets hampered when the energy tapped somewhere by souls.
It’s nothing boss; priests tried to divert the karmas for some extent, now readers can understand these types of works.
Mantras infused into water will transform into nectar and other fluids worthy of the gods, configurations or positions of the magicians physical body represents the energy of deity. In Bangalore, we can see performing of sathyanarayana pooja throughout the year.  It’s a way of these type of practices comes through main stream tantric practices which combines external ritual manipulations with internal meditative practice, through the chakra, mantra and muthra. Some priests do the external utilization of blood offerings, human bones, bodily fluids, physical intercourse to complete the pooja.
When god brought to you in this world, he doesn’t know what are the requirements they have? Is in it?
Then why should they perform pooja and chant mantras with all types of flowers, grasses and offer to supremo as morning tiffin items with snacks. The reason behind tha;t its selfishness of individual material consciousness to beg the supremo to appear immediately in front of them to fulfill their wishes.
Getting abroad job for kids, all our bitter enemies should lose the job at their same office or to get transfer, wants to have intercourse from apposite genders, pre marital, post marital connections, avenges on bosses, boy & friends.  It’s never enlighten, readers can understand now, its non tantric, far away from purification. At many houses negative energies were continuously developed due to these types of amateur mantras and performer disturbing the secret energy of nature. For these some of them use the female fluids as transforming substances, alchemy, mudras, mantras and symbols. Its gets stuck up due to lacking knowledge on individual throws by magicians as well as priests.
Some of the demised Family members died untimely or unusually; such death has barred their path to the protected world of the ancestors. These type of short span demised soul are always using in their villages to complete the work until unless the soul is protected by good people. There will be a minute frequencies running parallel to this similar souls. These unhappy and unsettled spirits find themselves destined to a marginal and dangerous existence. These spirits inhabit the world between the living and the dead; they are most readily come across in the places at which they departed from these graveyards, cremation grounds.
In their unhappy situations, these beings or souls will seek to avenge themselves against their own family members. Because these souls far away from the gods; closer to this material world, humans, so started wavering around till their completion of their life; view as they have more impact on their family life. They may come and see how their wife or husband utilized their insurance policies, gratuity, P.f., property and their secret connections. It’s true; I have seen many in this material mind world. I start criticizing. Bring to an end here.
Yogis from tamilnadu always describes in their poems and verses that” people dies by chanting mantra, performing external pooja, counting uthraksha mala, reading books”. It’s a way of disclosing.
Binding the directions to fence out demons from the inner soul, a standard preliminary to tantric rituals, poojas, worships, is a practice betrays this concern with the dangerous boundary between inside and outside of the human physical and internal body. It’s immobilize, eradicate enemies through these types of tantric practices continuously; then the activated energy flows through the tantric souls from practitioners as shakthi or parallel energy path. Most of the priests used to perform ceremonies as sathyanarayana pooja in cities secretly in the middle of the night. Covert operative, occult cosmocrat, useless fellows are performing poojas and trying to control the universe is a part of fake arts. It is a curse of indianised and sanskritinised mantras for spirituals. They cut off from the outside world when they became success through this type of left hand practices.
Priests are behaving as brokers for god or goddess in tantric practices. Left-hand Tantra uses the blood related things while right-hand Tantra uses symbolic substitutes. Left-hand Tantra employs tools and practices that are prohibited in Hindu Brahmin society. Generally, the left-hand path is more precise, direct in practice, if not in spiritual objective. Always holy things are hidden.  The right-hand path is more orderly, passive, and socially conventional, and in the opinion of its practitioners more in tune with a spiritual aspiration. The ultimate tantric goal is God-Realization in right path of tantric.
Once this spiritual seed has been created, it is subsequently and repeatedly energized by the performance of additional tantric rituals until it manifests as desired. How much painful situations were created by the common people to others through these types of practices. When a person cant able to connect with universal energy through their own frequencies; then they never gets succeeded in these types of tantric practices. It should be always remember that punishments will be severe when karma restarts for others.