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Secrets of Interpretations Behind the Houses in horoscope

Secrets of Interpretations Behind the
Houses in horoscope (part-IV)

If we study the Basic predictions and interpretations of a horoscope exposes fifty percent of the facts through an interpreter. Further secondary interpretations brings the major cycles of the horoscopes and pro history of different stages of the individual life.  Here a horoscope of a person is interpreted with primary calculations for easy understanding. But Secondary predictions are avoided here due to avoiding of confusions on mis interpretations from the horoscope by readers. Experts always say there are 37 to 39 points engaged in the interpretation of any horoscope. More or less it will suit to the person.
The above chart is a sample to identify the facts behind the horoscope. Some of the horoscopes have lot of studies required for interpretation due to planets makes confuse you to locate the pin point of the entire cycle rotates in the chart. But the above chart has easy identification marks as a sample for readers to understand the predictions.
 The arrangements of the directions and rotations of a particular planet discloses as it’s a girl. But computer explorer is interpreted as a gender as he. It is understood that She was born during the timings of wanning moon and born before the sunset, belongs to aries/mesha raasi, settled in aswini 3rd patha nakshathira. It’s a computerized chart of a given date for sample calculation. But the computer chart never coincides with the original crypto chart written by manual calculations and plotting of houses in the horoscope. If we write manually with these same dates it makes difference in the calculation and differs on the falling of houses. Some of the planets falls in the next to actual one or before the actual plot was made by computer. This chart is actually shows it belongs to a boy, but the reverse calculations shows that it’s belong to a girl horoscope. It’s a girl horoscope.
The above chart shows that it’s a girl are defined from the arrangements of special planets. It’s very common that mesha rashi people used to get head injury in their life. Some of them get scars frequently on the head or fore head or above the eye brows. This is common to all mesha raasi. The virichika lagna is plotted in this chart shows that the person has short tempered. Vrichika lagna girl have friends with vrichika people. This is common predictions.
            The running desa is considered as a moon/Chandra for this girl. Besides these during the end of the surya and moon desa she might have constructed house at the end of the temple along the road. The house is old and turned down to three hands. The house had two way direction doors with perpendicular vaastu due to the houses and planets.  These words were taken from the “naadi”.  I bring to an end here. For readers interest the details of simple vaastu is given here.  Readers can continue the primary interpretations for this horoscope.

Moon desa
Now sub class of mercury is running through moon desa. It runs for 17 months and shows that some quarrels with public, betraying by friends, avenge on mind, have connections with misdemeanors men, and finally end with good fortunes with day after means 17/10/2012. The days are calculated from the verses of poems in tamil and it has written exactly today what it’s mentioned on the verses about the dates and predictions of this girl. This type of coinciding always occurs on the naadi jothida.

General verses for Aswini from tamil
பிரியனற்ப கோபிபெரும் துய்யவிழி சிவந்திருப்பன் மார்பகல முளன் சமர்த்தன் யைமிலா நெற்றியுயர்ந் தேயிருப்பன்
The above verses says that they works hard and clever, have connections with men for to save their own belongings and carrier, they likes to drink all kinds of liquid foods so it lead to water related diseases, short tempered, raised fore head, bigger chest /bigger breast, eyes changes the color from normal to red due to fluctuations in the blood pressure and finally  it says that they are clever to complete their own competence for her family.  These are simple predictions for aswini nakshathira which was quoted above in the verses. If write more than these readers can able to compare with other nakshathira whoever belongs to aswini nakshathira. The plots are plotted for the above horoscope.

Third patha of Aswini from tamil
மூன்றதாங்காலான் போற்செறியுடம்புவளை தாமதிக புத்திமான் சோதிடமறியான்.
The above verse describes about the third patha of aswini nakshathira. It says that this person knows the basic astrology and able to know the horoscope by experience and she advices others in all topics with self-seeking in character, she have diseases related with anus, stomach and hidden places. She thinks and does well to others.

Moon in the mesha
பொன்னை மிகத்தேடியுடனே செலவுபுரிவான் புயவலன் வீரியன் மடவார் பலவிக்குவலியன் சென்னிதனின் மறுவடுவொன்று ளன்சபலனாகும் சங் கண்டஞ் சுவன் முழந்தாட் செறிபிணியுள்ளவனும்.
The above verses said that her eyes are red in color, she tried to earn money in a short period of time, hence shortcut cut short her life, have more feelings on men due to location of planets, a mole on the fore head or in the head part or in the face, fear on water, have some diseases on legs.

Her life span
நீங்கருந்தேளாம் லக்கினபலன்கணேசனந் தந்தைதாயிடத்தில் நீந்தமாய்
பாவுநாலாண்டினிற் கழுத்தில் பயிலுநோயைந்திற் காளங்களீரைந்திற் பன்னிரண்டிற் பதினெட்டில் ஓங்குமக்கினியாற் பயமதாறாற்பா னுறுசன்னி வாத முஞ் சுரமும் உத்தமர்சென்ம லக்கினங்காணி னெருபது குறைநாறாண்டாம்இ தீங்கறுமானி சுக்கிலபஷத் துவாதசியுஞ் சனிக்கிழமை திகழ் விசாநத்தி லந்திவேளை பினிற் றிண்ணமாய் வருநிரியாணம்.
She have more affection with her father and mother, She got  neck problem in her fourth age, fevers in fifth age, tenth, twelth and eighteenth ages she have problem with fire, fortieth age she got problem with diseases like paralysis, water related diseases and fever. If have view from favorable planets and the verses describes that she will die on ninetieth age during the mid of the June with sukkilapaksham thuvadhasi thithi, visaka nakshathiram on Saturday evening time. Some of vrichika lagna also have this same day for their end of life.

பாலர்பிறந்திறுமைந்திலே பாரொருகேதுபரிந்துரில்
பாலர்பிறந்திறுமைந்திலே பாழ்கருநாகம்மர்ந்துறில்
Ketu in fifth house shows the continuous abortions of her, sometimes due to the transition of these planets makes her kid will born and die on certain circumstances of planets. Some predictions were tried to write on this particular chart. Number of predictions can predict from these charts, but basic interpretations are enough for to identify any person from horoscopes. Some of the basic interpretations on above chart are given below with out any verses due to the content of the post and deficiency of space.
The guru and sun falls in the houses from the lagna shows that she will betray others and cheat others on self centered selfishness. Sun falls in the eight houses and the view of the un favorable planets shows that she loose her husband or widow.  If calculate from the chart she becomes widow in the lower middle of her age due to the sun falls in the even number category. There are prime and even categories to identify these types of demises from a girl chart. Chart shows that her husband looks smart and intelligent fellow.  She gets minor accident with blood injury.
Moon shows that she gets more enemies. She gets disturbed mind always due to her behavior. She didn’t have patience on common things and have long standing diseases in her body.
Mars shows that she commits awful mistakes in her life.  She have worst thoughts in her mind, she don’t have discipline in society, she always against the dharma in this world.
Mercury shows that she has enough money and clever.     Jupiter shows that she is fat and bulky, away from husband or divorcee or widow, long hand and legs have worries in her mind, committing mischievous things to others and betrays, having diseases.
Venus shows that she had all kinds of luxury items in her life and eagerly to accumulate that.
Saturn shows that she commits horrific mistakes in her life, has enough money, has good food in her life, and she do sin without any hesitation and does not worry about others and also with out any fear.
            Readers don’t take predictions is common for aswini or lagna. It’s a chart comprises with the predictions from the plot of houses. Individual chart and plots makes different predictions for individuals. We can predict further hided predictions from these same charts, but it’s avoided here for mis interpretation by beginners.

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Secrets of interpretations behind Houses in horoscope

Secrets of interpretations behind
Houses in horoscope (part-III)

நாற்குணமும் நாற்படையாய் ஐம்புலனும் நல்லமைச்சாய் ஆற்கும் அணிமுரசே அணிகலமாய் வேற்படையும் வாளுமே கண்ணாய்வதன மதிக்குடைக்கீழ் நின்றாளுமே பெண்மை அரசு

The above verses describes about the planets are located in a horoscope of a woman and its predictions. It discloses that mercury, Jupiter and Venus are located in the lagna brings a lady to the top level in her carrier and very high position. She has typical good qualities and she becomes the head of the region or in her office or anywhere wherever she stays. She has lot of property, wealth and enjoys the family life with prosperity. It’s a way of interpretation on horoscope of any women with these settings and viewing of individual planets.
There are slight differences between the horoscope of men and women. But while predicting some of the special characters we can identify from the horoscope of men and some of from side of women. It’s a reverse calculation.  If we take the 8th house of men, it will expose the relations of the family side of his mother. But in 8th house of women shows the wedding knots and the characters of a particular woman. If we take 7th house of men, it discloses his premarital and postmarital connections with women.
As same as if we take the 7th house of women it brings more than men predictions. If venus and Saturn possibly waxing moon in men horoscopes is discloses the secrets life of a man have connection with widow or a woman have relation with more than one person. As same as the above the 7th house from lagna have a planets belong to non controversy and non favorable planets with addition of favorable planets shows that she had sex with men before she had matured from tender age and she marry before cross her tender age as immature growth. If she had non favorable planets in 8th house, she becomes widow. If a woman have sun and mars in any house of her horoscope shows that she is not eligible for family girl. She had and has lot of relations with men. As same as if moon, mars and Saturn falls on the seventh house of a girl from lagna she has premarital and postmarital connections. She will leave her husband. If mars and Saturn in 7th house she becomes widow in her earlier age.
So we can take 8th house as the place of mangalya, then the physical appearance and reputation from her lagna and can identify that if she being as bachelor from her 7th house and family with kids from 5th and 9th house.  I bring to an end here.
If a girl born on thuvidhiyai thidhi, ayilaya nakshathira and Saturday called in the term of poisonous symbol. Don’t take this poisonous as interpretation.  It’s a quote for segregating the nakshathira. Also sapthami thidhi, Tuesday with sadhaya nakshathira is included in this category. Then thuvadhasi, Sunday with kiruthika/kaarthika nakshathira also taken as quoted above in the clusters of venomous. The above three nakshathira girls were clubbed in to clusters for this quotation were written by wise astrologers millions of years ago.
Most of the books were written about the particular nakshathira for girls as very critical in their life. For example if girl born on these nakshathiras like kiruthika/kaarthika, thiruvadhirai, poosam, ayilayam, chithirai, kettai, moolam, sadhayam will gets difficult to get kids. Some notes were disclosed that they never get girl kids or sometimes they become widow, or they will get kids will die in a short life span periods or she will be avoided by her husband or divorcee. This is the overall interpretation for girls who born on these above nakshathira. But an individual horoscope makes lot of difference in every nakshathira for girls. If you take an example for moola nakshathira, there are different patha gives different predictions. Readers can refer my previous posts on this moola nakshathira and another post was explained on the interpretations of moola and its patha for detailed study.
If a girl born in Ayilaya nakshathira, she will lose her mother. Otherwise she loses her mother in law. If a girl born on visaka nakshathira she will lose her husband. This is the general predictions from ancestors primarily. If ayilaya girl has always lacking of trustworthy characters, she betrays others even for small matters. But visaka girl is very affectionate to her relatives and have prosperity in her life. This two are general predictions. But the Patha and stages for these two nakshathiras are entirely different. Readers should not take this as reference and make as conclusions. It is advised to go through thoroughly on Pathas of these two nakshathiras for detailed study.
If girl have guru in lagna with moon in 7th house with Venus in 10th house will marry a richest man in society and survive with all prosperity and genuine life. If mercury in lagna and guru in 11th house shows that she is a head, fabulous and greatest person in society.
To be continued……

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