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Secrets of interpretations behind Houses in horoscope

Secrets of interpretations behind
Houses in horoscope (part-III)

நாற்குணமும் நாற்படையாய் ஐம்புலனும் நல்லமைச்சாய் ஆற்கும் அணிமுரசே அணிகலமாய் வேற்படையும் வாளுமே கண்ணாய்வதன மதிக்குடைக்கீழ் நின்றாளுமே பெண்மை அரசு

The above verses describes about the planets are located in a horoscope of a woman and its predictions. It discloses that mercury, Jupiter and Venus are located in the lagna brings a lady to the top level in her carrier and very high position. She has typical good qualities and she becomes the head of the region or in her office or anywhere wherever she stays. She has lot of property, wealth and enjoys the family life with prosperity. It’s a way of interpretation on horoscope of any women with these settings and viewing of individual planets.
There are slight differences between the horoscope of men and women. But while predicting some of the special characters we can identify from the horoscope of men and some of from side of women. It’s a reverse calculation.  If we take the 8th house of men, it will expose the relations of the family side of his mother. But in 8th house of women shows the wedding knots and the characters of a particular woman. If we take 7th house of men, it discloses his premarital and postmarital connections with women.
As same as if we take the 7th house of women it brings more than men predictions. If venus and Saturn possibly waxing moon in men horoscopes is discloses the secrets life of a man have connection with widow or a woman have relation with more than one person. As same as the above the 7th house from lagna have a planets belong to non controversy and non favorable planets with addition of favorable planets shows that she had sex with men before she had matured from tender age and she marry before cross her tender age as immature growth. If she had non favorable planets in 8th house, she becomes widow. If a woman have sun and mars in any house of her horoscope shows that she is not eligible for family girl. She had and has lot of relations with men. As same as if moon, mars and Saturn falls on the seventh house of a girl from lagna she has premarital and postmarital connections. She will leave her husband. If mars and Saturn in 7th house she becomes widow in her earlier age.
So we can take 8th house as the place of mangalya, then the physical appearance and reputation from her lagna and can identify that if she being as bachelor from her 7th house and family with kids from 5th and 9th house.  I bring to an end here.
If a girl born on thuvidhiyai thidhi, ayilaya nakshathira and Saturday called in the term of poisonous symbol. Don’t take this poisonous as interpretation.  It’s a quote for segregating the nakshathira. Also sapthami thidhi, Tuesday with sadhaya nakshathira is included in this category. Then thuvadhasi, Sunday with kiruthika/kaarthika nakshathira also taken as quoted above in the clusters of venomous. The above three nakshathira girls were clubbed in to clusters for this quotation were written by wise astrologers millions of years ago.
Most of the books were written about the particular nakshathira for girls as very critical in their life. For example if girl born on these nakshathiras like kiruthika/kaarthika, thiruvadhirai, poosam, ayilayam, chithirai, kettai, moolam, sadhayam will gets difficult to get kids. Some notes were disclosed that they never get girl kids or sometimes they become widow, or they will get kids will die in a short life span periods or she will be avoided by her husband or divorcee. This is the overall interpretation for girls who born on these above nakshathira. But an individual horoscope makes lot of difference in every nakshathira for girls. If you take an example for moola nakshathira, there are different patha gives different predictions. Readers can refer my previous posts on this moola nakshathira and another post was explained on the interpretations of moola and its patha for detailed study.
If a girl born in Ayilaya nakshathira, she will lose her mother. Otherwise she loses her mother in law. If a girl born on visaka nakshathira she will lose her husband. This is the general predictions from ancestors primarily. If ayilaya girl has always lacking of trustworthy characters, she betrays others even for small matters. But visaka girl is very affectionate to her relatives and have prosperity in her life. This two are general predictions. But the Patha and stages for these two nakshathiras are entirely different. Readers should not take this as reference and make as conclusions. It is advised to go through thoroughly on Pathas of these two nakshathiras for detailed study.
If girl have guru in lagna with moon in 7th house with Venus in 10th house will marry a richest man in society and survive with all prosperity and genuine life. If mercury in lagna and guru in 11th house shows that she is a head, fabulous and greatest person in society.
To be continued……

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