Friday, November 30, 2012


Nowadays people talk about the word life-compassionate (Jeeva Karunya). But many do not know what exactly it means. Also no one either thinks about it or practices it. Further they do not give due respect to their jeeva even worth for a single coin. The necessity of money is to live happily. It is true that the life cannot be enjoyed without jeeva. If we have a coin we keep it under safe custody with lock and key. But the jeeva which is completely responsible for earning that money is being wasted always be going out.
Not only that, but also we do harms to our blemishless jeeva in many ways which gives us no harms. For example, there is a rat in a hole. Some play boys set fire at the entrance of the hole, send smoke inside and close it. That moment the rat struggles as it is neither able to be inside nor come out. Like that we disturb our Jeeva by smoking Beedi, Cigar and Ganja. So our life force destroys and many diseases also appear. When we smoke, the smoke enters into our lungs and creates deadly diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. Through the nostrils where the jeeva comes in and goes out, we stuff with snuff and block the passage of jeeva. This produces diseases such as headache, cold etc., as the nostrils get obstructed it becomes impossible to speak and breathe properly. As a result we have to suffocate, suffer and die.
Ordinary people use the liquor prepared by tapping and smashing the flower-clusters of coconut tree, palm tree etc., by drinking that liquor people lose the power of thinking and become lunatic. Our body is madeup of both nectar (sat) and poison (asat). As soon as the nectar removes from the body there is only poison. So dead bodies are the greatest poison in the world. The egg containing embryo has less nectar and more poison. Hence egg is too much poisonous. Those who love their jeeva, will not use the above-mentioned things which destroy our life-force. Thus compassionate means without destroying our jeeva we should keep it fixed within out body.
Discourse of His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Destiny stood at my door

Destiny stood at my door
Destiny stood at my door, on many occasions, during unexpected situations, most troubled worst circumstances, highly hurts and mentally disturbed timings, but it always takes its own time and unexpectedly it comes through its own time and the obsession whatever it’s required long back and needed for me. Destiny knocked down today to complete my eager on visit to a particular place which I have decided to.
Day before yesterday, as same as destiny knocked down at my door in field area consciously stood at my door without any introductory where we camping for official work in remote village which is away from salem, tamilnadu.
 An Advocate who is highly spiritual flew down to delhi and Chennai frequently contacted me several times and finally came to this small village. It’s always usual to see all my readers or new visitors known through friends wants to discuss on hidden spiritual. But mostly, most of the readers, very eagerly wants to see me how this person looks like and his works and lives in this material life.  He got severe shock when i opened the door. My 30cm beard long hair throws out of his senses for sometimes and make him confuse with his real imagination on me. He was not expected a person looks with enormous beard and lengthy hairs. He got confused entirely and stays calm for sometimes and it took sometime for him to come normal position in front of me.  He try to hide his body position on the plastic chair and seeing somewhere on the roof and talking to me about his spiritual masters. Initially as same as like other readers this person also wants to show how he was and how he is doing and touched with spiritual line through his masters.
Initial itself he given me shock. He said” lord muruga appears in front of him” and Talked to him.
He said he is having ESP senses or qualities; it means extra sensitive power or whatever it may be. He tried to intrude me through his usual way of approaching through his power and wants to know whether I know this particular type of style what he is doing in front of me. It’s common and experienced by me whenever i have come across with most of the people whoever wants to discuss with me. When we met or in discussion they have tried to use all of their power whatever they known and practiced for a long time. This is one of the ways by showing their capability without sensing others. This is the basic failures for yogis during beginning stage.
This person seems to be come across all types of meditations and met different types of yogis and it seems that he was followed all types of standard meditations and finally he got conclusion with real stages of meditation.
He got doubts on the real meditations and explained in front of me how it goes through his physical body. He spoke loudly during this time and show how it works. I have not asked him. But he himself explained on the topic.  I got surprised that how most of the persons were doing these types of meditations without any consciousness. There are number of a person who doesn’t know what real meditation is. If they knows also they doesn’t know what is the right way of approach the meditations in what sense, sense it means here to understand the internal level of understanding through the physical and internal body.  They can’t able to do, or can’t open the gate or they throw with material world or they may be diverted to some other path with magics and tantras.
I showed and explained him how the meditation works initially. He refused my words and as usual like others he explained in a high mode style. Whenever any readers or visitors used to come personally at my home or visiting to my place, i tried to explain them in a transparent way but translucently. I want them to learn from my words if they are obedient. If readers are obedient they can grasp me fastly and follow through me in a movement whenever they have visited at my place before leave my home.
But some readers asked me why we do real meditation. An idiot like me describing how it is, how its travel and end with the blocked end. After this a person asked on these particular ways seems that he is not at all crossing the primary stages. Until unless, they never have raised these types of questions?.
 Some days back in my email, a reader’s argument that “If you like icecream, you should not think others also should like icecream. If you like cricket, you don’t insist others also should play cricket. The above comments given by a reader on me when i refused to give the details on mantra and yantra on kala bairaava and insist them to learn real meditations.
Subservient is the hidden key to learn the great art from capable masters. If we are not obedient, we cannot make any capable students. Hidden arts are not opened for all. It’s restricted with some internal qualities and expansion of soul.
Some of the readers i have seen at my house that they have expansion of internal soul and waiting for masters to join with their holy hands. They will fly at any time with masters once they have attained.  These type of expansion occurred in our soul after a long journey and lengthiest range of patience.  Some of the readers said we had initiated with real meditation. But in a what way of teaching?. By touching, or through the sense, or through soul, or connect with divine energies?.
It’s a secret way of initiation through the yogis. There it will the great time in your life time, when the great master will come from Samadhi and initiate you. That particular time of function, whole room becomes extended and hears lot of voices and sees the mass, gathered people around you.  There the great master stand in your back and see you. Your guide; your guru stand in front of you without touching you. Comments will come from greatmaster words. They will also do with you for some time and show how to travel through physical body. Suddenly everything will be disappeared and you can hear your guide words that whom stood in front of you. Now you will be in a small room as it is. There will be no mob or group of voices.  You can feel the cool air becomes warm after they have disappeared. You can’t forget that in your life time on every moment in meditation. Sometimes you feel during meditation that you sit in front of your greatmaster Samadhi. Why all disciples are very close with greatmasters whoever attained jeeva Samadhi can able to understand easily. I bring to an end here. It’s crossing my hands.
After discussion at my home, while going they have great respect due to great master’s words. If people were not obedient they can’t find out what i have known for their thirsty and what i want to teach others in a translucent way and the type of hidden teaching. We should prove to masters, we are capable and trustworth qualities.
I refused him and i said, it never opens if you do like this without blessings of your great masters. Our entrance door have folded structure with grooved lines in the corner and folded lines. I got up from chair and showed him how the energy raises from the entrance of internal body and how it goes to second door and rotate towards the beginning end and swerve towards the eyes and how it settles. The swerving part is the most dangerous and hidden structure in the human. Here we should remember lord muruga. Eligible Readers can understand this swerve direction of energy with lord muruga here.
 I showed through my fingers like writing on the black board. He was seeing like a student and got confused on this. His entire ego and long standing meditations falls down in front of this folded doors. I continued and said “some of meditations taught by group of Dalai lama follows this way of travel. Some of the tibetians make a hole artificially and enable the meditator to see the entrance door of the temple. But the practitioner gets severe confusion and most of them got mentally retarded due to this huge power of sensations and it cross the level of human sensors when it swerves. For swerve the passing and travelling of energy, one is required the great masters in their hand. Swerving? What is this?
He got up from chair and asked me again. But i diverted the speech and asked how he met his masters. Till our discussion he got the same doubts which i opened newly in front of him on my meditation and wants to clarify it. I can judge easily on any person whom says on my face that they know meditations. Because they don’t know i was a beggar for many years, i scavenge all types of shit things in meditation through out many places and lost many years in my life span?. I washed down many underwears of many guru. its not so simply gained the meditations and have capability to identify the destiny of others and change it.  So it’s easy for me to assess them and their original interests. Here my ego raised and showed on the words i have written above. 
I said “any person knows the secret of the meditations or the single journey in the single track can possible to attain the end?. But the karma never allows the person to sit on the meditations for a while. It divert to the material world. It shows the nude girls with confused images. Women were standing and ask you questions on nudity.  Some frequencies will take you the ever end intercourse situations and make you blunt in the meditations. There you the master, no comments and deciding authority and decision makers is the one person, its you?. That time you have to close all your meditations and sleep well after food immediately. Otherwise it will wake you and dreams will come during the sleep with these types of adult’s scenes. If the meditations are matured, there will be different frequencies working on you in different stage of openings. You can push your tongue out with the taste of these physical intercourses behind the extreme end. The voices of both you and yours partner, it means the partner comes as true as dreams, you can hear clearly the decibels of both. It’s not so easy to cross the stages of meditations without any guru if you do the real meditations. Some times, the inner eye zoomed through the breasts of the nude girl and settled with that position and never able to come out from the track. Same case for women also, a mole on the left hand side of the breast can seen clearly and stuck up for many days with that images if you know your girl friend have the same physical frame.
Again he started from beginning of our talk and He asked how the meditation travels. I said it’s started from 2004 was doing these types of real meditations. Before that time i was doing kala bairava for 8 years. Before those 16 years i was doing meditations with Vethathiri Maharishi.
Great master sent the guide and changed my spiritual in to internal way. Every year after a lot of pains and aches i have to complete the meditation, but the internal energy raises according to our sincere meditations. Every year great master visit to every disciple and give the gift to attain the next stage of meditation. Now the physical pains and aches start in these completion of eighth year. Four more years to complete the journey on this type of meditation it’s required to complete the cycle for twelve years.
But this year i have faced lot of physical health problems due to this yoga when it crosses the eighth year of completion. Continuous pain on the left hand shoulder, Waiting for healing after treatment of varma. Master called me several time to his place for varma treatment. But field duty makes me away from family and all with ill health symptoms.
Person gave the invitation and he said he will come back and take me to those places. I said i may come or not, it depends on that day. Situations comes and changes my programs several times. I want to see my guru place as early. Destiny will knock at my door shortly for this trip, i know from my thoughts continuously accumulate on his places and the surroundings of him.
Some readers informed me that they had the initiation of real meditation. Some of them asked me how to pull the boy through coriander seeds with wine. Some of them asked about how to open the tantra by using the mantra on kala bairava. All i have written is not achieved on a one day or fortnight achievement. It’s a life span, entirely worked on those days with these tools.
It’s not so easy to attain the real meditation. If we attain the meditation, not so easy to achieve the next stages. You have to wear the plaster like me after met an injuries which i have given in my facebook. If we pull a boy with coriander seeds and wine which whom who doesnot like us. Its not simple to activate bairava from mantra and send it to you for official work?.
Behind everything there was plenty of year’s hard work. Emplaced with enormous loss in day to day life and mental torture comes throughout your life. How much coriander seeds, what is the color of wine, on which day of waxing moon, what the time was, which flower will be used for spell for opposite sex. These details i have not given for these cases which i have taken care on common people that actually they should not spell wrongly on themselves. Even though, i have given lot of details on meditations which have crossed through. Bringing opposite gender to bed is not a big deal. But system never works until unless you are eligible. We have to work separately for that and enormous energy will be accumulating and it will be waste. Kala bairava looks simple, but i have seen many persons facing difficulties when they started mantras taken from my posts. If we keep at home, its good. But the readers forgot  that what is the eligibility in these trend to work on kala bairava and in which directions.?
Whatever i needed or required i will get through, it may be now or tomorrow or someother day. Conformably a day comes and destiny will stand at my door I said to my Friend and she got severe shock on my statement and also I have seen the fast changes on her face and she looks unexpected. Its true, the fact behind that the needy are calculated and formulated. If it’s not required, i will do purposely make it impede with those kinds of things which comes again and again closer and nearer to me.
Daily i remember our great master and sleep through the internal expansion of my soul and sleeps suddenly with sound sleep. I bring to an end here.
Readers go through once again above cited and  particularly on the talks about the techniques of meditations and understand the real way of initiation and ask your guru for further proceeding on your spiritual paths.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

VEDANS- (The particles of God-I)

VEDANS- (The particles of God-I)

Vedans is the particles of god were founded by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi during 70-80. He disclosed the god particles scientifically with respect to electron, protons and neutrons. He also explained that how to touch the particle with this human body without any instrument and measures of scale. The god particles are intrinsically connected and it always converted in to matter with one another and exposes as supreme nature. When he starts explains about the particles of god with unified force, electromagnetism with atoms, static energy, physical energy, conversion of energy during the period of 1984 and 1986, we used to sleep in the last row on the hall. I used to sleep beginning itself whenever he starts on breaking of atoms and separation of neutrons. Vethathiri explains on the higher level of secrets and he himself keeps his internal force of energy is always restricted to very higher level.
Due to lacking of knowledge on atoms and its workings, very slowly I understood on the electromagnetism and biomagnetism when I started learning on the waves and rays with refraction and reflection hundreds of times. But it’s damn waste as same as vethathiri always used to criticize on the scale for scientific theories. He works on the higher level with his energy and he was able to travel on the unified force with his higher energy level and he travels always without any obstruction. He stands stably on those level of energy and able to talk on those particles of the broken atoms especially on the topics on biomagnetism. Vethathiri used to pass through the higher level of energy from his hands and shows in front of his disciples that how the magnetism works from the physical body. Now I bring to an end here. Readers can understand one after another on the above topic while reading the below illustrations.
I came suddenly from my office when I heard Bhargavi fell down from the divan(small bed). She hugged me snugly shows that she might have got scared. Always I had strong faith on my gurus. Let it be on their hands.
When i asked my father “how to take energy from the nature”? These questions raised on me before his demise. Because I have seen plenty of times during end session of the meditation classes whenever vethathiri maharishi used to show how the energy comes out from the hand when we forcefully passes. It’s a unified force, spread over with atomic particles as waves and rays. Sometimes he used to show and make our hands of us to understand the energy level. Then, how it accumulate? Many meditators have this same questions that how to accumulate the energy and what’s their capacity.
Early morning in the bed itself, my Father demonstrated and showed us how to hold the energy from the nature and how to pick the energy from the unified force. He says “while meditation, the raised energy is slowly converting and rising to the level of higher side was connected with unified force which is able to reconnect the levels of extreme force. It’s known to be pro level of energy. Pre level of energy accumulates in the physical body.
Pulavar Thiyagarajan said to my father in SKY centre, tiruvanmiyur during 1986 that “your son is unable to do meditation. It means useless fellow.
Father has started scolding continuously when we returned from tiruvanmiyur, Chennai. I felt uneasy once I took initiation but I felt that its required more for me on different wave lengths.
Energy level slowly rises from the physical body and it makes us to understand that the energy particles is spreading over all through our external body and it enhancing day by day while doing the correct way of meditations. It attracts the energy particles on the external body and it tend to connect the internal major source, root, soul, finally the beginning point of the physical body.
Some times when the physical body makes us to cooperate with the frequency level of energy particle and it tends to connect with one another and make us to travel to any place, any time while meditating without external source. But it is expanding the level of soul with the connection of the unified force. This may confuse but this is the basic facts on the working of god particles.
I tried to calculate the level of my meditation and the energy during the period of particular day and time which has been measured by our tamil yogis for million of years. Then how to calculate the effects of working on meditation in our physical body and the level of our meditations. And finally understand the unified force.
Guru said” this year may be he gets illness during the month of October and November. You also take care of your health especially on your left hand”.
But i refused that and argued with him. i said” mine is working perfectly, if its your blessings and greatmaster blessings withus, its anything can com,e but I can cross those hurdles. This is the major Ego and even though when guru says that you will get illness. I found that the result shows the fluctuations during the meditation on those particular periods and its makes easy to understand the condition of individual works on meditations during the period of one year.
I was a knowable idiot that when guru says “you r going to fall ill”. I thought it should be skipped by him. I should understand that when a guru like a person is a capable fellow to identify the future for others, it’s irresistible to block those hurdles coming on our life through transition of planets. I have seen the transition of the planets is working harshly for the last two months. I had strong faith on my guru excluding god.
When I met him during the month of September end at Chennai” he said that he will be coming after November because he is going to fall ill. I criticized him. Till today he is not recovered as he said and same as I got problems on my left hand shoulder as he said before. How they calculate these timings and things to be happen according to karma?.
Every year or session of six months once, all Mahayogis and rishis from tamilnadu used to calculate the level of their meditations, yogas, mantras and also they can easily identify the errors in the physical body whenever rising of their energy level  from the physical body to the unified force. They used to approach the masters for corrections on their meditations when they have found irregular identification during those particular days. The above incidents I have mentioned here related with these duration of periods.
Sometimes the unified force as particles or waves or rays used to intrude in your frequencies and tried to connect the internal force without touching you. It’s very difficult to see the invisible energy level stands in front of you and trying continuously to intrude you.
I have seen the images suddenly on that day, which I had during the dreams. Some of days back it has been raised and i gone through the image as view as with open eyes. I thought my energy level is rising up due to their continuous meditations. This is the major draw back on all meditations for all the yogis. If we do continuously any meditation, these types of images burnt from the dream and appear as thoughts initially and secondly it makes to confuse by open one after another as views. It displayed in front of me.
Daughter was crying on bed, so I shifted the eye images and lifted her and came out from flat and stood near stair case. The images again and again rose from the internal souces. Whenever the external energy is connected with the genetic centre or centre level or any word, these types of images appears. It’s erasing from your imprints. Sometimes it develops and slowly opened in front of you as real images. Meditators should not get scared on these types of images and understand that the unified force is always confusing you. It takes to the next level of view on the original display in the internal world. Sometimes you can see your friends, guru or your girl friends occasionally parents. If it extends, you gets confusion that which part of the image is dream and which one is innovative. A meditation makes you to travel in to life and live in dream. You may get confusion that if you are alive or not suddenly images raised as men, women without dresses and beings as dead. Readers once again read this paragraph.
I got confusion with dekshinayanam and utharanayanam are exactly falls on the particular date as written in panchagam?. I had gone through all old reference books. Because, the transition of planets and the events occurred during the movements never coincide for our calculations.
Guru said “It’s correct, those two periods are working on different wavelength for yogis, because the sun and the direction of north working very secretly for eligible yogis and it exposes the secrets way of meditations to all yogis.
Some days back, I got aching on my meditation and throw my mat and think that from today I won’t do my meditations.  When I am carrying out my meditations properly then how it’s not working accordingly and coincides with the nature?