Friday, November 30, 2012


Nowadays people talk about the word life-compassionate (Jeeva Karunya). But many do not know what exactly it means. Also no one either thinks about it or practices it. Further they do not give due respect to their jeeva even worth for a single coin. The necessity of money is to live happily. It is true that the life cannot be enjoyed without jeeva. If we have a coin we keep it under safe custody with lock and key. But the jeeva which is completely responsible for earning that money is being wasted always be going out.
Not only that, but also we do harms to our blemishless jeeva in many ways which gives us no harms. For example, there is a rat in a hole. Some play boys set fire at the entrance of the hole, send smoke inside and close it. That moment the rat struggles as it is neither able to be inside nor come out. Like that we disturb our Jeeva by smoking Beedi, Cigar and Ganja. So our life force destroys and many diseases also appear. When we smoke, the smoke enters into our lungs and creates deadly diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. Through the nostrils where the jeeva comes in and goes out, we stuff with snuff and block the passage of jeeva. This produces diseases such as headache, cold etc., as the nostrils get obstructed it becomes impossible to speak and breathe properly. As a result we have to suffocate, suffer and die.
Ordinary people use the liquor prepared by tapping and smashing the flower-clusters of coconut tree, palm tree etc., by drinking that liquor people lose the power of thinking and become lunatic. Our body is madeup of both nectar (sat) and poison (asat). As soon as the nectar removes from the body there is only poison. So dead bodies are the greatest poison in the world. The egg containing embryo has less nectar and more poison. Hence egg is too much poisonous. Those who love their jeeva, will not use the above-mentioned things which destroy our life-force. Thus compassionate means without destroying our jeeva we should keep it fixed within out body.
Discourse of His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa.

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