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Who becomes yogi,alchemist,magician

Who becomes yogi, magician, alchemist, expert of deadly poisonous art who kills the persons through diseases?
Some of the professional astrologer’s experts in interpret the horoscope of the people related to yoga and rebirths from their horoscopes. A horoscope exposes ninety percent of the history behind the people if the astrologer is a real yogi. Most of the yogi well versed with astrology due to completion of all sastra in these births.

பாடப்படிக்கப் பலதொலி லுங்கற்கத்
தேடச் சுகிக்கச் செலவழிக்க மேடம்
கற்கடகச் சிங்கம் கன்னிதுலாத் துக்கல்லால்
மற்கடத்துக்கு குண்டோ மற்று.

The above verses quoting strongly about the people Whoever born on Mesha, rishaba, kadaga, simmam, kanni, thulam,  kumbam are eligible to learn magics, hidden arts and sastras were mentioned above. Other than these rasi, some of the horoscopes have the houses and in transverse view of the other planets on extreme view makes them to learn magics and hidden meditation.
An engineer working in state government who is a disciple of yogi in palani, tamilnadu used to make rasamani and rare medicines. Once he asked me about my guru never taught me about the “rasamani” and the production of black magic materials”. The making of rasamani or magical things never attracted me due to i had strong opinion on these types of medicines. I have seen whoever learning siddha medicines, ayurvedic, homeopathic they always have the craze of doing these magical things in their projects also.  I never asked to any guru about this art of making “rasamani” or black semi liquids that were using as an ink like things can see commonly in India. Because i have seen plenty of persons in my life who do these things lead to bring down life to critical position due to most of these things connected with the universe and goddess. Then what is rasamani?. Please see my previous blogs. For a brief, rasamani is a material made up of mercury with herbs. The alchemist used to add some of the herbs according to their nakshathira with the mercury and make it a solid state to wear on the necks or in hand. Rasamani is a material product useful for different types of magics with goddess. There are different types of production. It varies according to types of making. Some years back, a person gave a rasamani for testing on me. That rasamani exposes its magical things strongly because the crew and disciples from palani who follows the bogar 12000 methods. The rasamani sucks all the mercury which was poured near to it. Its looks like the movie terminator in front of me. It’s a variety of rasamani for different purposes.
Some of the siddha experts in palayankottai, tamilnadu have the copies of bogar 12000 only on medicines. Most of the people searching for bogar 12000 for herbs and astrological purposes. The part of Medicinal verses and poems are commonly available and most of the people use regularly at palani, Madurai and tirunelveli districts.  Topics started jumping. I bring to an end here with this rasamani.
In Western Ghats more than 2300 rare herbs are still growing above the courtallam hills, papanasam hills which were close to my native place. For uncurable jaundice, they used to give one glass of herbal juice for one time in upper dam at papanasam hills. Throughout India people used to come here to cure the jaundice with one glass of herbal juice. It’s not a regular plant of “keezha nelli”. Other sensible herbs are also added in this liquid for jaundice.  Readers should understand the different between the plant and herbs. Apart from these secret herbs written in bogar 12000 are still collecting from these areas by various hereditary doctors who were follow siddha medicines.
Yogis mostly used to see by intuition and horoscopes of their disciples’ if they fit to learn art of these hidden things connected with atoms and universe. If masters knows this they never allow the person to learn the art of mentioned above. People may get doubt on these above subjects. Millions of years these types of hidden arts spread over in India among tribals and yogis.
Then who becomes a real yogi, who does the black magic’s, who well versed in making poisonous medicines, who have the power to kill any person anywhere with the hidden arts, who knows the art to kill the persons by applying diseases
  1. If people have the horoscope have the rasi and lagna with ruling planets can learn the secrets of herbs, black magic’s and complete as a yogi
  2. If a person lagna, fourth house and favour house were located in sixth house or sixth house became view on this house they become a researcher in these hidden subjects and becomes famous.
  3. If ninth house planet become strong and extreme and good planets view on this house they spell the mantras, chant the extreme end of mantras, he become master of meditation and attain the Samadhi stage
  4. If ninth house have all the good planets otherwise view of all good planets and locations in a horoscopes gets great masters, educations, attract all goddess to come and slave to them, they gets wealth and prosperity in this birth
  5. If tenth house planet is located on the tenth house and Jupiter, mars are viewing with the associates they become great magicians, and perfect yogi to attain jeeva Samadhi
  6. If fourth house planet and lagna located in tenth house with added moon they do extreme stage of black magics.
  7. If fourth house planet and lagna in any rasi with venus or view of venus they become expert in poisionous arts, they kill anyperson anywhere in the world without seeing by applying poisonous magics. He also gets blessings of lord shiva
  8. If belongs to lagna and seventh house planet stays in a rasi or houses of enemy with view of mars they learn the magics of deadly arts of black magics. If planets stays with good associates they learn the art of kill the person with deadly diseases without touching them.
  9. If tenth house with lagna and sun with view of raagu they earn money from black magics.
  10. If sun in tenth house they do the black magics and learn the sastras of mantras.
  11. If fifth house and tenth house holder have the good strong associates of planets they learn astaanga yoga and complete the yoga.
  12. If fourth house planet in ninth house with a view of good planets they learn hidden secrets of magics.
  13. If Jupiter or venus in ninth house they learn yoga and have long life span
  14. If raagu in sixth place they learn the magic sastras on animals. All animals became slaves to this person and obey their orders. Snake or scorpions never bite this person. Any poisonous never touch them. They became master in poisonous arts of magics.
சோதியே பெருஞ்சோதி சொல்லொண்ணாது
சுழிவாசல் தான் திறந்தார் காண்பார்

Any person understands this two line verses written by Maha yogi Gaga Pusandar siddhar on his “perunool kaviyam” about the yogi and meditations.  They only can learn all above 14 points of yoga sastras. The lines looks like opened secrets but he really hides the essence of yoga and meditations.  I here with given a hints, every temple on every year they opened the seven screen and showed the god to the eligible person. Then who is the eligible person? That’s maha yogi mentioned above with in two lines of verses.


SAGUNA SASTRA – 5 (Saguna Sastram)

We always used to see the daily panchanga, good time, raagu kaalam, yama kandam. Apart from this some people used to see “HORAI”, somebody used to see daily “nakshathira”/star. Yogis used to see the “pancha pakshi sastra” for individuals.  Some yogis used to see only “saram” according to daily indications of pancha boothas.  Here given some of the important occasions will be carried out on particular stars.
But planets rule the major role for individuals. These entire sastras one in advance than other sastras like i.e. pancha pakshi or saram, we always try to move away from the effects of planets. But, Pancha boothas rule the individuals according to their individual karmas daily. If i write like this, the stars of saguna sastra became invalid?. Readers may remember all those rituals and customs can tie only normal humans as i have written in my previous blogs. But yogis used to tie the pancha boothas through their yogic power, because behind their horoscope has been already stopped majorly. Their connection of rebirth was already been disconnected in births. Continue births have been stopped and there will be no karmas to lead their life and dissolve. Their work is to dissolve the remaining karmas and attain jeeva Samadhi. Yogis used to go to the region above the atoms and dissolve the karmas.  What maharishi Veththiri maharisihi always tells about the “sivakalam” in his most of the meditation?  He mostly referred sivakalam as “nishtai” what all siddhars referring before the samadhi. He brought many techniques of meditation for the common people who were really thirsty through out their life. But people never used to listen the words of this common man philosopher who was written clearly about the movement of atoms in human body.
 If anyone says” they are vey comfortable with the yogic practices and have peace of mind”. This comment itself it’s crystal clear that they never touched the real yoga and meditation. Most of the people don’t know what is meditation or yoga and why they do in this birth.  They want someone spoil their entire life themselves for meditation and yoga and expect to give and save their sins?. They ready to give money and sit on the first row to listen the words of corporate yogis. They don’t know how the meditation brought down an individual human life to the street and who follows the real yoga by push in to floor and crush the soul in to pieces with tears. Topic started jumping here. I bring to an end here.
 What are the major things to do in each nakshathira and particularly on those days which were written in many oldest Tamil books. People shall take special attention and care taken on these days From Aswini to Revathi nakshathira/star for 27 nakshathira/stars.  On that particular day or nakshathira, what are the major possessions, engagements, works, and life related purpose etc may be carried out could be taken in an account for each day. Here some of the things were given for reference and mostly related to the regular day to day purpose for life

  1. Aswini
Marriage, food donation, name ceremony, plantations, to do yaga, travel, install a goddess statue, house warming ceremony
  1. Barani
Herbal use, to do rituals, customs for forefathers, to start canteen or hotel
  1. Karthigai
To sell the vehicle, mining, construction of wells
  1. Rohini
Rudhu santhi, functions for pregnant women, name ceremony, wear new jewels, house warming ceremony, navagraha santhi, dug the wells, construct the house entrance.
  1. Mirugashreedam
Marriage, name ceremony, shaves the head hair, purchase the vehicle, house warming ceremony, and install a statue
  1. Tiruvathirai
Spell and chant of mantras, siva poojas
  1. Punar poosam
Marriage, house warming ceremony, travel, feast, shave the head hair, name ceremony
  1. Poosam
Rudhu santhi,purchase the pets, vaastu santhi, travel, to learn sastra, feast
  1. Ayilayam
Jebam, chants, navagraha santhi, well construction
  1. Magam
Marriage, activate the mantas
  1. Pooram
To do shanthi pooja for planets
  1. Uthiram
Name ceremony,marriage,to wear new dress and jewels, house warming ceremony, to install goddess statue
  1. Astham
Rudhu santhi, feast, to learn sastram, to spell mantra, kumpabishekam in temples, dug the new wells, house warming ceremony
  1. Chithirai
Marriage, to start sastras, to learn dances, to install goddess statue, house warming ceremony
  1. Swathi
Medical treatment, astrology, medicine, to purchase vehicle, house warming ceremony, marriage
  1. Visagam
Renovation works, dug the old wells, agriculture
  1. Anusham
Rudhu santhi, marriage, house warming ceremony, travel, learn sastras, to activate the goddess statues
  1. Kettai
To purchase the new jewels from the old gold, to consult for marriage, to bring servants, loan apply, to change the vehicle
  1. Moolam
Rudhu santhi, to change the original name, feast, marriage, holy bath, plantation, dug the wells, spell and chant mantras
  1. Pooradam
To purchase gem stones, dug the old wells, renovate the old mines, holy bath, to settle the loan
  1. Uthiradam
Feast,to wear the jewels, activate the goddess statues
  1. Thiruvonam
Rudhu santhi, marriage, kumbabishekam in Vishnu temples, yagam to chant the mantras, holy bath
  1. Avittam
Feast, to install the goddess statues, house warming ceremony, travel, business
  1. Sadhayam
Business, to complete the loan, to install the goddess statue
  1. Pooratathi
To chant mantras, to settle problems, agriculture
  1. Uthiratathi
Rudhu santhi, feast, marriage, mantra chants for all gods, to start the construction of temples, name warming ceremony
  1. Revathi
Rudhu santhi, marriage, to learn sastras, travel, kumbabishekam.

I bring to an end here about the topic of saguna sastram. Readers can refer books were published by Rathina naicker sons and tamarai pathipagam , Chennai for rare oldest books in tamil if they are really interested. Most of the friends were used to keep oldest tamil books at home very safely and it has gone without knowing the importance of sastras. It’s true; it should not reach unqualified people.
 A particular caste “valluvan” people who mostly uneducated and poor people but they have strong memory power to bring down all the poems and verses written by siddhars on medicines and astrology. Their works is to copy from one palm leaves to another leaf. Generations they did this copy works. Some people have strong memory power due to this copying and expert in telling verbally about the particular topics.  Whatever books were published in very rare sastras mostly heard from them, recorded verbally from their language. Most of the oldest books are recorded verbally from these people and published by rare publishers through out these 100 years. Some of the books i have referred was protected from British museum and Theosophical society (adyar library) Chennai.  That’s why some of the verses and poems in siddhars books have errors and gap due to this people exposed from their mind on memory. 
I request publishers some i referred above and other people that try to choose qualified people who knows and well versed with siddhar principle, until unless they cant bring out even a full fledged, completed book in pancha pakshi sastra or very rare compilations like “kaaga pusundar gnanam” who the guru of many siddhars even the  vashishtar, the teacher of god rama.

“kalangathiru manamey, nadapathu yellam siva mayamey” ?
கலங்காதிரு மனமே நடப்பது எல்லாம் சிவ மயமே

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SAGUNA SASTRA – 4 (Saguna sastram for Nakshathira/Stars and Nature)

Some nakshathiras are considered to be unfortunate for to carryout works and important engagements.  Some of the nakshathira/stars are given below for reference and compulsorily taken as reference for the particular misfortune days.
The meticulous stars are thiruvathirai, barani, kiruthigai, ayilayam, pooram, pooradam, pooradathi, visagam, sothi, chithirai, magam, kettai. If any person starts work or any thing on this day and particularly on this 12 numbers of nakshathira day, it will brings hardship, failure and it brings the work to an end with failures. If any person fall ill health symptoms on this day they may require more time to recover from the bed. If any person starts to go for long travel, they may not come back to hometown. Sastra strongly exposes these days as the frogs caught inside the snake mouth. It never comes back. So refer this star and days whenever plan to do any work.

Saguna sastram on nature
Two persons discuss with any work or any thing on particular topic. That particular time if the words coming on positive side or negative side, it should not be considered from those two persons. Suddenly third person or words coming from third party is always should be considered. If it is positive or negative, it’s yet to be decided from the third party words.
If thunder appears during rainy time or during dry climate when a person discusses with some topic may lead to deep failure.
If sudden short storm appears when any person discusses on any work it will be failure.
If birds like owl, or night flying birds appears or makes sound during discussions it may get failure. If people sit inside the air conditioned room and doesn’t hear the sound about the external activities, they may not know what’s nature is indicating to them. So arguments on this new generation may not be considered on this saguna sastra.
If sudden bell sound hear from outside when we are in discussion, that’s indicates the positive signal from the nature. Plenty of signals given by nature, we should try to understand our position along the trend of the nature.
Saguna sastram on breaks of Coconuts offer in temples
          Always people used to see how the coconut breaks when they offer to god in temples or at home while doing pooja. Some coconut never shows the original form of inside. As same as written in my previous blog, the coconut water is used for to make one of the precious salt mixed with three salts for rare medicine purposes.
          If coconut breaks, the flower is inside it is good
          If it breaks in three fourth it brings happiness
          If it breaks in one fifth it brings constant wealth and prosperity
          If it breaks in to smaller pieces it brings gems and jewelry
          If it breaks in to equal two pieces its good
          If it breaks on the eyes of the coconut it brings misfortune by fire
          If it breaks or un break from the hand or missed it brings ill health
          If it breaks and shows the eye brings the death news
          If it breaks in cross section it brings problem to living houses
Some more dimensional breaks lead to constant misfortune, so I want to skip here.

Sastras predestined only for human beings, when a yogi starts to do a work, which time itself it’s yet to be considered as saguna for good time in nature. Nature is always adjusts its appearance and make a vacuums for yogis to complete their work. I have experienced when I tried to help some of my friends with help of my gurus during the above mentioned stars and days. The time, day was never applicable on those days when the work was completed in some misfortunate days carried out for friends when guru fixed a day. I bring to an end here. 

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SAGUNA SASTRA -3 (saguna sastram)

SAGUNA SASTRA -3 (Saguna sastram for lizards,crow,donkey,snakes)
At every home, we used to see small types of lizard’s moving around at the corner of the walls. Some times it makes sound and falls on body of people and we consider its sound coincide with speech and brings to makes positive and negative results.  And if it falls on any person it brings the signals and indications to whom got it touched.

Lizards- saguna sastra
If it falls on the head it shows the symptoms of death
If it falls on the right side ear --- it brings good results
If it falls on the fore head--- they may get higher level posts
Falls on nose--- its brings diseases
Falls on neck--- brings happiness
Falls on chest---diseases
Falls on left hand --- death
Falls on right hand --- death
Falls on the stomach --- they will get new born kid
Falls on the sexual part --- it’s not good to the person
Falls on back side --- not good
Falls on thighs --- disease
Falls on the legs --- it brings problems
Falls on the fore foot --- disease
Falls on the foot fingers --- diseases
Falls on the left hand fingers --- it brings pain from women
Falls on right hand fingers --- it brings fear from superiors
If it runs on our body or crossed the body they will get good life span
If it makes sound from each direction it brings different results. People should not take as granted if it makes sound and interfere the talks. It always should be noted that particular time, day, and which direction is coming from and also which day it’s happened. For example:
On Sunday :
If sound comes from east its brings fear
If sound comes from south east its brings misfortune
If south its bring happiness
If south west relations may come
If west it brings fights with others
If north west its shows the profit
If north its brings wealth
If northeast it brings profit and benefit
If it comes from the top its shows the success
If sound comes from the floor, that day or the particular work never success.
Every day the moving of sun changes accordingly. So the fortunes always differ from day to day. Readers should understand that the saguna sastra is vast from the different interpretations on every day.

Snakes- Saguna sastra
If anyone see the snakes are fighting they may fight with close friend shortly
If two snakes are running on sides its not good to their wealth
If two snakes are in intercourse its brings good fortune
If one snake is having food of other snake it brings loss of property
If snake comes to house it brings wealth
If anyone see snake going out from the house it shows the misfortune
If it comes from the right side towards directly to anyone that work is success
If it comes from the left side as above its not good
If it rolling down on the road that work is success
If it see anyone and ran in to the hole it’s bring prosperity
If see the dead snake the death news will come from far place

Crow ---saguna sastra (please see saguna sastra 1 & 2 )
It’s given here the particular Moogurtham for eight parts during day times. If crow makes sound, please calculate the 24 minutes and check the moogurtham for eight divisions.
If crow makes sound during the first moogurtham --- it brings benefit
If second moogurtham--- heavy loss
If third--- profit
If fouth---prosperity
If fifth---rain may come
If sixth—quarrels
If seventh---death news
If eighth--- to fear

Donkey ---saguna sastra
If it makes sound in the east --- it’s not good
If south east---death news
If south--- profit and wealth
If southwest--- happiness
If west--- quarrels
If northwest--- fear
If north--- feast
If northeast--- unnecessary quarrels

If we go for any work, commonly some of the things we used to observe always, but in saguna sastra if we come across while going out its good, for instance small plants, lotus, feast, people comes from the marriage feast, paddy grass, are all common for good fortune. 

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SAGUNA SASTRA -2 (Saguna sastram from cats, crow,falcon kite, owl)
When a cat cut cross over in our path it will be considered as misfortune or it may get failure, criticized by many people in villages and cities.  In this post it exposes how the movement of cats makes the owner or others to bring the fortune or misfortune in day to day life from saugna sastram.
Most of the village’s witches and sorcerers were thought to prefer winged shapes for their night-time adventures. It also noted that they usually changed into dark and spooky looking birds like crows, ravens, owls and Bats.
We can take pets like dogs, cats and birds are also granted. In Previous post it explains how the dogs bring the fortune under saguna sastra. Another pet are cats. Witches were commonly believed to be able to change shape into animal forms.
An astrologer or qualified person in black magic’s who knew how to operate this complex system of links between the celestial and the earthly realms. The powers so derived could be used to obtain material benefits, or to gain insight into the worship of the divine forces in nature. Knowledge gained from the celestial realms could be used to predict a person’s future based on a cosmological analysis of their past or it could indicate the future of whole societies or nations.
Cats- Saguna sastra
If a cat comes in front of any person that day itself or particular work will get failure
Morning after from sleep if a cat crosses, it is understood all the works in the whole day will get failure
If a cat comes along with us while walking or coming out with us from the house, that work is successful
Cats should make sound from the west is very good, it is luckiest
Cats are dangerous to bring the witch materials from outside.
Black cats are used by witches
Owl -Saguna sastra
If owl makes a sound once it exposes, it’s a symbol of death somewhere near the house
If it makes twice its shows the success
If it makes sound thrice it is good fortune and it indicates some woman is coming to them
If it four times there will be fight near the house or some clashes will acquire
If it’s five times it indicates some of the close friends are supposed to come to the house
If it makes sound six times it shows the coming of rain
If it makes seven times all the works will get failure
If eight times there will be a death near the house
If it’s nine times is good fortune
If ten times it’s good and lucky.
If it fly with making sound there will be the death near the house in relations.
            When my father was on the last stage of his life, daily owl used to make sound at our village near the pillar of our house or apposite to house. A day I saw an owl flew with continuous sound on 11th February 2004, that time a village person who accompanied with us he showed the owl flies from the apposite pillar of the house with sound and he said it’s a symbol of death and 19th February 2004 father demised on maha sivarathiri day.
Crow Saguna sastra
If crow fly with make sound while travel that work will be failure
If it makes sound at the left first and then the sound comes at the right there will be theft in their house
If it makes sound at the right first and then it makes sound at the left it shows the success, wealth
If it makes sound at the left and then it goes back to us shows the improve of wealth
If it makes sound at the left then it comes against directly there will be obstruct at the work
First it comes directly against  somebody then it goes to the right side of any person brings the major blood accident.
If exactly rotates on head good things may come, and we have to attend feast very shortly
If it carries a stick in its mouth and flies from left to right of us it shows the success
If we see the crow feeding food to another crow it’s a good symbol of good health and get well from diseases.
If crow builds a nest it’s a symptoms of someone near the house is pregnant, we may have experienced at many times.
Falcon kite
If this bird flies from the left to right of any one there will be some suffer from outside
When it appears on the sky, If it roaming here and there on the sky its good for us
If it flies from right to left near the village or any particular agricultural area, there will be good cultivation in the village
If it takes food in its mouth and fly from right to left side of us, its shows good fortune and some property may come to us.
Sometime if we see on which direction, that direction should be considered as lucky for some works.
In tamilnadu they used to call as Karuda Pakshi and Brahimini kite with white color rings on the neck. 

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SAGUNA SASTRA (saguna sastram)

SAGUNA SASTRA (Saguna sastram from Dogs) and SADA VAAYU

Most of the villages people used to see the timings and fortune with pets, animals and birds before take-up any work or cultivation, purchase the houses and lands. How pet dogs and cats behaves in the houses. How the cocks and cows makes the sound in various seasons. How the crows were sitting on our house terrace and how many crows, male or female. How ox, cows, goats behaves with owners during travel. Majorly, types of lizards in the houses spell the sound, how it makes sound from the wall from which direction, how many sound spell coming from lizards. Varieties of Owl, bats, types of eagles fly through which direction. These are the common usual things happening and observing everyday in villages till today.  
            But nowadays in cities people always used to see more timing and days to carryout their personal and official works in day to day workings. But the major change of difference is people used to apply on other human beings. For example while travel people should not see the single widows, servant maids, broom stick, single Brahmin person, woman have sexual connection with two men, male with two women, kids of prostitutes, ladder, donkey, monkey, handicap, fire, etc.  Mostly daily, it’s common to see that wife or daughter used to come in front of vehicle when husband goes to office and many types of stunts were regularly carrying out in this city by highly educated people. I elaborate this at the end,
First starts with one of the pet animals, dogs. A dog brings lot of information to the owners at houses. Among the highly sensitive animals, dog is one of those which it smells higher than the scale, calculated by instruments.
 Every person brings a smell and type of gas or breather inside the body and soul while come out from the mother during delivery. Its name as “SADA VAAYU”.
Sensitive animals observing this sada vaayu and conclude as owners and friends. Other than human beings, any beings and souls in nature works on this “sada vayu”. Mantras spell works on this “sada vayu”. Magicians send the ghost through this “sada vayu” and observe the person kept for black magics. Black magics majorly works on this “sada vayu”. When the ghosts or spelt souls used to come and observe the sada vayu of human beings and return back to magicians and inform him about the person whom he wants to know and before apply on them . This is one way of technique most of the magicians used to do. If the person is powerful than magicians, then the magicians carry forward the spelt magic’s on his own customer whom they want to do harm. Because the black magics spelt ghosts should complete the work when its get activated until unless the ghost or soul or mantra gets cool and digested. That’s why most of the families whom harm to others erase themselves without any generations.
Dogs used to urinate in every street corner for to track the other dogs and maintain the invisible line. Dogs used to urinate on the flate as same as street dogs. Dogs used to understand when dog’s owner comes three kilometers away from the house; this is because of this smell of “sada vayu”. I bring to an end here this sada vayu. Topics are jumping here seems.

Saguna Sastram (from Dogs)
1.     Dogs mean any male or female dogs, any color, any breed in any country. Some of the black dogs have special characters like observing the souls and goddess during early hours.
2.     Dogs doing “KRIYA YOGA” sometimes with folded front legs at particular times. Because of these practices, its third eyes are opened naturally and start to see the souls.
3.     If dog brings the part of an old slipper or shoes from outside to inside the house or from outside, that day or the purpose for travel is success for owner.
4.     If dog brings the fresh flesh of animal, it shows the owner will get money
5.     If it brings the bone of the new flesh animal its shows the good fortune for owner
6.     If it brings the burnt stick or wood or dry old bone its shows the symbol of death in the owner family
7.     If it brings the burnt wood with in wet condition its shows the dead body
8.     If it brings the old bone shows the symbol of death
9.     If it brings the old bone inside the house it shows the bad time for death to the owner of the house.
10.  If it brings the rope or any thread material inside the house  the owner will go to jail very shortly
11.  When the owner starts for travel or moving out, the dogs will go or move from right to left side is good
12.  If dog comes towards us when any person go for travel its good indications
13.  If dog press the owner feet or climb towards any person with shaking its ears its not good for that person
14.  If dog denies the person to go out from house means they will loose the money along the way
15.  If anybody looks on dogs with injury on the body they are going to get some disease shortly
16.  If it sleeps with raising its tail means something bad fortune comes to owner shortly
17.  If dogs lick the foot path of the person their travel will be stopped in between
18.  If dog comes and bark at the entrance of any village or if they goes to any place after long travel that time itself our travel comes to an end. It’s the symbol
19.  If dog licks the slipper or shoes of any person, they should get ready for travel, they will get travel to other places in a short period of time
20.  If dog keeps their legs on two shoulders of any person they should be very careful on thieves coming to their house, that is the symbol
21.  If any dogs dug the soil in the cultivation land, that year the farmer will get good cultivation
22.  If dog scratch the walls of the house, the thieves will be coming to their house.
23.  If its have tears in its eyes and eating some flesh and bones shows some bad fortune brings to the owner.
24.  If dog stand outside and keep its face inside the house and bark the outside person’s means the owner will be going to get diseases continuously.
25.  If dog stand inside the house but keep the face outside of the house and bark outside person means the owner wife or ladies in the houses going to get sexual against actions from others.
26.  If dog or dogs barks facing on the sun brings bad fortune to their places.
27.  If dog barks during early morning during sunrise means some fire accidents may happens
28.  If dog barks during evening during sunset times brings misfortune to owners
29.  During midnight if barks towards northern side of the house it’s bring bad luck to Brahmins whoever stays and also heavy losses to Brahmin people with diseases and theft.
30.  If dog barks on the dust bins, barks on the cows dunk shed, on the terrace brings the rain during rainy season
31.  If other than rainy season if a dark bark like above it brings accidents from fire to owner or brings some diseases to owner like skin diseases.
32.  During rainy season if dark drinks the rainy water or washes on the rainy water shows the rain will continue very shortly.

If dogs tied constantly at houses and flats also these types of above mentioned can apply, when ever untie the dogs and observe what are the symptoms its shows. owners compulsorily should observe. While taking walking during evening or morning time what are the things dogs shows it’s also should be taken as an account. If owners should concentrate only on vaccinations and only for security purposes means he looses many signals comes from the pet dogs stays at second and third floor in city flats. Many dogs used to see from inside the flat and keep the face outside the grill and barks on outside? Why it barks on what purpose, if any on beings or smell?. After read this it will be understood. Other common things are avoided here like how Dogs make sexual track, how it give signal to other through its urine, saliva, sperm, how it changes the sound whenever sees the soul or ghosts. When black magic’s apply there will be no obstruction on anything in nature including dogs. It crosses and passes inside to complete the work until unless the person is well versed with gods. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

REMEDY FOR MOOLAM STAR (Shanthi Pariharam and Poorva karma)

Remedy for MOOLAM STAR (moola natchathiram)
Before reading this post, it is requested once again goes through my previous post, so that readers can understand the outline analysis of this moolam star which is mentioned below.

Some days back continuously, I have received many mails which was enquired from readers about the moolam star girls which were born recently. Usually people used to ask about their own horoscopes or spiritual questions or they might have got doubt on their own astrologer’s predictions. But this time I got surprised with my last week mails. Most of them are quoted about moolam star girls who were born recently.
We have blessed with a baby girl two weeks back. i did not interested to see the star for my daughter due to we were busy with continuous medications for my wife. But I have received all mails only on girl babies born during last month. That’s the surprise.
If any girl says we are ayilayam star and mother in law is still alive means, it’s a fake horoscope or star may be calculated in a wrong way for patham.  Moolam first patham kills father or father in law. Second patham kills its own mother or gives problem to mother but other patham do their work in a different way. Majorly every moolam star is working on their individual horoscopes. This is the primary referred in all the books which were available in India.
According to “SAGALYAR” moolam nakshathiram have its nine internal element.
Moolam star/natchathiram is star of Hanuman, the baktha of lord Rama. When rama was worrying about the seetha, that time brother lakshman says” now the “tails of star” in  moola nakshathiram has started so ravan will die at the end of the war. It’s a part of “yutha kaanda”  in Ramayana and particularly moola nakshathira was highlighted  by lakshman before the war period.
The extreme end of the truth and fact that any girl get matures and attained the age of beginning of menstrual on this moola nakshathira day she will get prosperous and highly good life with kids. This is the major difference with kaarthika/krithika nakshathira if any girl attained the age on Karthika/krithika loose many things in life.
In the book of “marana kandigai” throughout all the patham it’s highly stressed about the god for moolam nakshathiram is lord Shiva.
If any person got fever on this moolam star day, it continues for seven days.  If any person born on mollam star during waxing moon days (Valar pirai in tamil) its good.
The book “Jathaga Saara Deepam” says if person born on fourth patha of moolam star they will come into top position in their life period.
There are also other important predictions for moola star persons. For example other planets are assemble, view and join together on the moola star brings different types of predictions for each horoscopes. For instance, if sun directly views on the moon in moola star they will get kids.

    • If mars see the sun on the moola star, it brings them to the uniformed services like police or defence.
    • If guru sees the sun in the moola star, brings them to the minister or equal posts level
    • If venus/sukkaran sees the sun in the moola star brings them to the millionaire.
    • If moon see the mars in the moola star brings in to handicapped or they will get injured.
    • If Jupiter, guru sees the mars in the moola star never brings marriage proposal
    • If sukkiran sees the sevvaai, mars in the moola star, these people always try to bring the opposite sex particularly for sex intercourse.
    • If Saturn sees the sevvaai they are handicap persons
    • If sun see the mercury, buthan they will get urinary problems and diseases.
    • If sukkiran see the buthan in moola star they are teachers.
    • If guru see the sukkiran in moola star they will go for second marriage
    • If moon see the Saturn in moola star their mother will get injury or death
    • If sevvai see the Saturn in moola star they will be punished by law
    • If sukkiran see the Saturn in moola star they never brought up their own mother

Above are some common examples for people who born on moola star, like those it has been predicted for each patha in many oldest books like jathaga alangaram, marana kandigai, and other published books  from northern India have their own style with every patha for moola star have different predictions.
For example, if sevvaai, mars in moola first patha, they will get divorce within five years from the marriage date.

·         If ragu in moola first patha but other planets like Saturn, moon, mars in poosa nakshathira these assemble brings for women in uterus and medical problems and also she will get severe and mental problem from one of her son or kid.

·         If moon in moola second patha they never be honest in their life. In some cases their husband or wife will go away from the family and settle with others women or men.

·         If moon in moola third patha with mars or sun or Saturn if the planets view on this star they are lawyers and they have connections with prostitute and became slave on that.

·         If moon in moola fourth patha they may get death injury up to four years.

·         If Saturn in moola fourth patha they comes to top level posts in society, if their husband or wife also may come up to their level.

            As same each planets combine with other planets in moola star pathas brings different predictions for different persons in their life. This is very important for all moolam star persons.

Now the remedy for all moola star pathas taken from the book of karma vibaga. In this book it has written about the previous births of moola star for four pathas. Lord shiva tells the karma, birth and remedy for moola star for four pathas.

The book of “Karma Vibaga” says about the past karmas of moolam star pathas with related stories and the remedy with shanthi pariharam for four pathas. Readers should keep in mind that all the remedies are said by Lord shiva.

First patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on first patha in moolam star
Lord shiva explains about the past of the birth and the karmas he or she brought in to this birth through they cheat a person’s wealth. Due to number of pages i hereby try to give only the remedies for easy reference.
“gayathiri, “ Jathavedhasey” and “ththrayambagam” these three mantras should be chant and spelled for one lakh times. After that an ox and a cow should be given to poor people who are needy. After that they should get remedy and they get kids.

Second patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on Second patha in moolam star
Lord Shiva explains about the past of the birth and the karmas through the stories described about both the brothers got fight for property. Elder brother is rich but he never spends any money to his brother, so his brother family vanished without any money. Elder brother and his wife given all their wealth to their kids. So after their birth they never had kids even they were doctors too they became patients.
Remedies highlighted about “harivamsa puranam” should do parayanam for some days. Then do pooja for lord shiva. Spell “shiva kadasharam for ten lakhs times. So they can come out of their karma with good health and gets kids also.

Third patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on Third patha in moolam star (poorva karma and shanthi parigar)
Person should spend some money for poor people. They should do gayathiri jebam for one lakh times. For public welfare they should dug wells for water. Around 10 types of colors of cows they should give it to poor people. After that they should get kids and prosperous life.

Fourth patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on Fourth patha in moolam star (poorva karma and shanthi parigar)
Person should spend money for poor people. They should spell and chant gayathiri jebam for one lakh times. Should do “nandhi keswara poojai” .  They should donate cow to poor person who is needy.

In all above remedies i did not include particularly about the donation of gold for all remedies in four pathas which was written in all four pathas. It has been written in four pathas about the package of gold for each remedy. Its very costly when compared and donates as gold, ox, and cow as donation to poor people in this period?. Even if we donate cow and gold, we should assure we can safeguard husband and father for moola star girl?  It’s got failure with my friend due to misinterpret of priests and astrologers forgot to see the mother and father’s horoscope of moola star girl. They might have said to moola star mother, mother may get big position or mother became rich or many positive things, and given remedy with yaga and pooja but it’s not true when i saw her horoscope after she lost her husband.
One of my friends lost their husband due to her daughter comes under the moola star, she said she donated cow with her husband and she consulted with naadi jothida and many things she did seems. But finally she lost husband with heart attack and died on her hand.
When I saw her horoscope, it’s clearly seen that husband house is empty in her horoscope and also she may get continues abortion in child house or never gets kids. Also the horoscopes exposes her husband should commit suicide with some fear or killed or using drugs. Her husband has relation with other people.  She may stay with other friends or she stays with far relations and at the end when they depend she will be betrayed by others. Now readers should understand that moola star girls never kill their own father or husband. Its varies according to stages of patha of moolam star which i have described above. Apart from the moolam star girl, all parents should check their own horoscopes for remedy.
Some more examples i can describe with many of my friends for moola star pathas. Some father of moola star girl have connection with other women leads to bring down his life, as same as women of moola star girl have connection with other men brings down her husband life or her life at a sudden moment along their life. So people should not blame the moola star girl kids after read this. Family persons should help their kids and make them worship according to their horoscopes and help them to give confidence when they have grown.
Still i m waiting for some of the rare notes from people who see the horoscope professionally as Naadi Jothida in my native place, once i will get the palm leaves I can give more remedy for moolam star with interpretations.
All remedies are costly but whoever well known about the spiritual and god they can find out the remedies from this post easily which i was mentioned in some places. The karmas in this birth brings along throughout the life of individuals.
I bring to an end here; I used to say many persons about the born date for their kids. From the kids date, we can recalculate in a reverse way for the parents date.  My son was born on my date and daughter born on my wife’s birth date.
When the kid comes out from the mother and opens the eye that is the time of the birth for babies if comes out artificially by surgery, most of the kids the calculations were wrong due to their mis- interpretation on their horoscopes or calculated by immature and unblessed astrologers. Never, ever have we can fix the time for the birth of any babies?. If any one fix the time and do the surgery for their babies, they should understand that it was fixed by the nature and we can’t fix the time. It is understood that the nature allows the date and time for the baby fixed by you according to karma. We can’t skip the girl will be born on Moolam star girl if her destiny brings her in this birth?
 I will try to write about the remedy for each nakshathira and each planet with poojas and mantra in my next posts. All Yogis chant and spelled the mantra for each planet to reduce the effects for individuals during the transition period of planets and reduce the karmas. Agasthiyar, Bogar were written about this remedy in various verses.