Friday, February 24, 2012


SAGUNA SASTRA – 4 (Saguna sastram for Nakshathira/Stars and Nature)

Some nakshathiras are considered to be unfortunate for to carryout works and important engagements.  Some of the nakshathira/stars are given below for reference and compulsorily taken as reference for the particular misfortune days.
The meticulous stars are thiruvathirai, barani, kiruthigai, ayilayam, pooram, pooradam, pooradathi, visagam, sothi, chithirai, magam, kettai. If any person starts work or any thing on this day and particularly on this 12 numbers of nakshathira day, it will brings hardship, failure and it brings the work to an end with failures. If any person fall ill health symptoms on this day they may require more time to recover from the bed. If any person starts to go for long travel, they may not come back to hometown. Sastra strongly exposes these days as the frogs caught inside the snake mouth. It never comes back. So refer this star and days whenever plan to do any work.

Saguna sastram on nature
Two persons discuss with any work or any thing on particular topic. That particular time if the words coming on positive side or negative side, it should not be considered from those two persons. Suddenly third person or words coming from third party is always should be considered. If it is positive or negative, it’s yet to be decided from the third party words.
If thunder appears during rainy time or during dry climate when a person discusses with some topic may lead to deep failure.
If sudden short storm appears when any person discusses on any work it will be failure.
If birds like owl, or night flying birds appears or makes sound during discussions it may get failure. If people sit inside the air conditioned room and doesn’t hear the sound about the external activities, they may not know what’s nature is indicating to them. So arguments on this new generation may not be considered on this saguna sastra.
If sudden bell sound hear from outside when we are in discussion, that’s indicates the positive signal from the nature. Plenty of signals given by nature, we should try to understand our position along the trend of the nature.
Saguna sastram on breaks of Coconuts offer in temples
          Always people used to see how the coconut breaks when they offer to god in temples or at home while doing pooja. Some coconut never shows the original form of inside. As same as written in my previous blog, the coconut water is used for to make one of the precious salt mixed with three salts for rare medicine purposes.
          If coconut breaks, the flower is inside it is good
          If it breaks in three fourth it brings happiness
          If it breaks in one fifth it brings constant wealth and prosperity
          If it breaks in to smaller pieces it brings gems and jewelry
          If it breaks in to equal two pieces its good
          If it breaks on the eyes of the coconut it brings misfortune by fire
          If it breaks or un break from the hand or missed it brings ill health
          If it breaks and shows the eye brings the death news
          If it breaks in cross section it brings problem to living houses
Some more dimensional breaks lead to constant misfortune, so I want to skip here.

Sastras predestined only for human beings, when a yogi starts to do a work, which time itself it’s yet to be considered as saguna for good time in nature. Nature is always adjusts its appearance and make a vacuums for yogis to complete their work. I have experienced when I tried to help some of my friends with help of my gurus during the above mentioned stars and days. The time, day was never applicable on those days when the work was completed in some misfortunate days carried out for friends when guru fixed a day. I bring to an end here. 

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