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SAGUNA SASTRA – 5 (Saguna Sastram)

We always used to see the daily panchanga, good time, raagu kaalam, yama kandam. Apart from this some people used to see “HORAI”, somebody used to see daily “nakshathira”/star. Yogis used to see the “pancha pakshi sastra” for individuals.  Some yogis used to see only “saram” according to daily indications of pancha boothas.  Here given some of the important occasions will be carried out on particular stars.
But planets rule the major role for individuals. These entire sastras one in advance than other sastras like i.e. pancha pakshi or saram, we always try to move away from the effects of planets. But, Pancha boothas rule the individuals according to their individual karmas daily. If i write like this, the stars of saguna sastra became invalid?. Readers may remember all those rituals and customs can tie only normal humans as i have written in my previous blogs. But yogis used to tie the pancha boothas through their yogic power, because behind their horoscope has been already stopped majorly. Their connection of rebirth was already been disconnected in births. Continue births have been stopped and there will be no karmas to lead their life and dissolve. Their work is to dissolve the remaining karmas and attain jeeva Samadhi. Yogis used to go to the region above the atoms and dissolve the karmas.  What maharishi Veththiri maharisihi always tells about the “sivakalam” in his most of the meditation?  He mostly referred sivakalam as “nishtai” what all siddhars referring before the samadhi. He brought many techniques of meditation for the common people who were really thirsty through out their life. But people never used to listen the words of this common man philosopher who was written clearly about the movement of atoms in human body.
 If anyone says” they are vey comfortable with the yogic practices and have peace of mind”. This comment itself it’s crystal clear that they never touched the real yoga and meditation. Most of the people don’t know what is meditation or yoga and why they do in this birth.  They want someone spoil their entire life themselves for meditation and yoga and expect to give and save their sins?. They ready to give money and sit on the first row to listen the words of corporate yogis. They don’t know how the meditation brought down an individual human life to the street and who follows the real yoga by push in to floor and crush the soul in to pieces with tears. Topic started jumping here. I bring to an end here.
 What are the major things to do in each nakshathira and particularly on those days which were written in many oldest Tamil books. People shall take special attention and care taken on these days From Aswini to Revathi nakshathira/star for 27 nakshathira/stars.  On that particular day or nakshathira, what are the major possessions, engagements, works, and life related purpose etc may be carried out could be taken in an account for each day. Here some of the things were given for reference and mostly related to the regular day to day purpose for life

  1. Aswini
Marriage, food donation, name ceremony, plantations, to do yaga, travel, install a goddess statue, house warming ceremony
  1. Barani
Herbal use, to do rituals, customs for forefathers, to start canteen or hotel
  1. Karthigai
To sell the vehicle, mining, construction of wells
  1. Rohini
Rudhu santhi, functions for pregnant women, name ceremony, wear new jewels, house warming ceremony, navagraha santhi, dug the wells, construct the house entrance.
  1. Mirugashreedam
Marriage, name ceremony, shaves the head hair, purchase the vehicle, house warming ceremony, and install a statue
  1. Tiruvathirai
Spell and chant of mantras, siva poojas
  1. Punar poosam
Marriage, house warming ceremony, travel, feast, shave the head hair, name ceremony
  1. Poosam
Rudhu santhi,purchase the pets, vaastu santhi, travel, to learn sastra, feast
  1. Ayilayam
Jebam, chants, navagraha santhi, well construction
  1. Magam
Marriage, activate the mantas
  1. Pooram
To do shanthi pooja for planets
  1. Uthiram
Name ceremony,marriage,to wear new dress and jewels, house warming ceremony, to install goddess statue
  1. Astham
Rudhu santhi, feast, to learn sastram, to spell mantra, kumpabishekam in temples, dug the new wells, house warming ceremony
  1. Chithirai
Marriage, to start sastras, to learn dances, to install goddess statue, house warming ceremony
  1. Swathi
Medical treatment, astrology, medicine, to purchase vehicle, house warming ceremony, marriage
  1. Visagam
Renovation works, dug the old wells, agriculture
  1. Anusham
Rudhu santhi, marriage, house warming ceremony, travel, learn sastras, to activate the goddess statues
  1. Kettai
To purchase the new jewels from the old gold, to consult for marriage, to bring servants, loan apply, to change the vehicle
  1. Moolam
Rudhu santhi, to change the original name, feast, marriage, holy bath, plantation, dug the wells, spell and chant mantras
  1. Pooradam
To purchase gem stones, dug the old wells, renovate the old mines, holy bath, to settle the loan
  1. Uthiradam
Feast,to wear the jewels, activate the goddess statues
  1. Thiruvonam
Rudhu santhi, marriage, kumbabishekam in Vishnu temples, yagam to chant the mantras, holy bath
  1. Avittam
Feast, to install the goddess statues, house warming ceremony, travel, business
  1. Sadhayam
Business, to complete the loan, to install the goddess statue
  1. Pooratathi
To chant mantras, to settle problems, agriculture
  1. Uthiratathi
Rudhu santhi, feast, marriage, mantra chants for all gods, to start the construction of temples, name warming ceremony
  1. Revathi
Rudhu santhi, marriage, to learn sastras, travel, kumbabishekam.

I bring to an end here about the topic of saguna sastram. Readers can refer books were published by Rathina naicker sons and tamarai pathipagam , Chennai for rare oldest books in tamil if they are really interested. Most of the friends were used to keep oldest tamil books at home very safely and it has gone without knowing the importance of sastras. It’s true; it should not reach unqualified people.
 A particular caste “valluvan” people who mostly uneducated and poor people but they have strong memory power to bring down all the poems and verses written by siddhars on medicines and astrology. Their works is to copy from one palm leaves to another leaf. Generations they did this copy works. Some people have strong memory power due to this copying and expert in telling verbally about the particular topics.  Whatever books were published in very rare sastras mostly heard from them, recorded verbally from their language. Most of the oldest books are recorded verbally from these people and published by rare publishers through out these 100 years. Some of the books i have referred was protected from British museum and Theosophical society (adyar library) Chennai.  That’s why some of the verses and poems in siddhars books have errors and gap due to this people exposed from their mind on memory. 
I request publishers some i referred above and other people that try to choose qualified people who knows and well versed with siddhar principle, until unless they cant bring out even a full fledged, completed book in pancha pakshi sastra or very rare compilations like “kaaga pusundar gnanam” who the guru of many siddhars even the  vashishtar, the teacher of god rama.

“kalangathiru manamey, nadapathu yellam siva mayamey” ?
கலங்காதிரு மனமே நடப்பது எல்லாம் சிவ மயமே

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