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REMEDY FOR MOOLAM STAR (Shanthi Pariharam and Poorva karma)

Remedy for MOOLAM STAR (moola natchathiram)
Before reading this post, it is requested once again goes through my previous post, so that readers can understand the outline analysis of this moolam star which is mentioned below.

Some days back continuously, I have received many mails which was enquired from readers about the moolam star girls which were born recently. Usually people used to ask about their own horoscopes or spiritual questions or they might have got doubt on their own astrologer’s predictions. But this time I got surprised with my last week mails. Most of them are quoted about moolam star girls who were born recently.
We have blessed with a baby girl two weeks back. i did not interested to see the star for my daughter due to we were busy with continuous medications for my wife. But I have received all mails only on girl babies born during last month. That’s the surprise.
If any girl says we are ayilayam star and mother in law is still alive means, it’s a fake horoscope or star may be calculated in a wrong way for patham.  Moolam first patham kills father or father in law. Second patham kills its own mother or gives problem to mother but other patham do their work in a different way. Majorly every moolam star is working on their individual horoscopes. This is the primary referred in all the books which were available in India.
According to “SAGALYAR” moolam nakshathiram have its nine internal element.
Moolam star/natchathiram is star of Hanuman, the baktha of lord Rama. When rama was worrying about the seetha, that time brother lakshman says” now the “tails of star” in  moola nakshathiram has started so ravan will die at the end of the war. It’s a part of “yutha kaanda”  in Ramayana and particularly moola nakshathira was highlighted  by lakshman before the war period.
The extreme end of the truth and fact that any girl get matures and attained the age of beginning of menstrual on this moola nakshathira day she will get prosperous and highly good life with kids. This is the major difference with kaarthika/krithika nakshathira if any girl attained the age on Karthika/krithika loose many things in life.
In the book of “marana kandigai” throughout all the patham it’s highly stressed about the god for moolam nakshathiram is lord Shiva.
If any person got fever on this moolam star day, it continues for seven days.  If any person born on mollam star during waxing moon days (Valar pirai in tamil) its good.
The book “Jathaga Saara Deepam” says if person born on fourth patha of moolam star they will come into top position in their life period.
There are also other important predictions for moola star persons. For example other planets are assemble, view and join together on the moola star brings different types of predictions for each horoscopes. For instance, if sun directly views on the moon in moola star they will get kids.

    • If mars see the sun on the moola star, it brings them to the uniformed services like police or defence.
    • If guru sees the sun in the moola star, brings them to the minister or equal posts level
    • If venus/sukkaran sees the sun in the moola star brings them to the millionaire.
    • If moon see the mars in the moola star brings in to handicapped or they will get injured.
    • If Jupiter, guru sees the mars in the moola star never brings marriage proposal
    • If sukkiran sees the sevvaai, mars in the moola star, these people always try to bring the opposite sex particularly for sex intercourse.
    • If Saturn sees the sevvaai they are handicap persons
    • If sun see the mercury, buthan they will get urinary problems and diseases.
    • If sukkiran see the buthan in moola star they are teachers.
    • If guru see the sukkiran in moola star they will go for second marriage
    • If moon see the Saturn in moola star their mother will get injury or death
    • If sevvai see the Saturn in moola star they will be punished by law
    • If sukkiran see the Saturn in moola star they never brought up their own mother

Above are some common examples for people who born on moola star, like those it has been predicted for each patha in many oldest books like jathaga alangaram, marana kandigai, and other published books  from northern India have their own style with every patha for moola star have different predictions.
For example, if sevvaai, mars in moola first patha, they will get divorce within five years from the marriage date.

·         If ragu in moola first patha but other planets like Saturn, moon, mars in poosa nakshathira these assemble brings for women in uterus and medical problems and also she will get severe and mental problem from one of her son or kid.

·         If moon in moola second patha they never be honest in their life. In some cases their husband or wife will go away from the family and settle with others women or men.

·         If moon in moola third patha with mars or sun or Saturn if the planets view on this star they are lawyers and they have connections with prostitute and became slave on that.

·         If moon in moola fourth patha they may get death injury up to four years.

·         If Saturn in moola fourth patha they comes to top level posts in society, if their husband or wife also may come up to their level.

            As same each planets combine with other planets in moola star pathas brings different predictions for different persons in their life. This is very important for all moolam star persons.

Now the remedy for all moola star pathas taken from the book of karma vibaga. In this book it has written about the previous births of moola star for four pathas. Lord shiva tells the karma, birth and remedy for moola star for four pathas.

The book of “Karma Vibaga” says about the past karmas of moolam star pathas with related stories and the remedy with shanthi pariharam for four pathas. Readers should keep in mind that all the remedies are said by Lord shiva.

First patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on first patha in moolam star
Lord shiva explains about the past of the birth and the karmas he or she brought in to this birth through they cheat a person’s wealth. Due to number of pages i hereby try to give only the remedies for easy reference.
“gayathiri, “ Jathavedhasey” and “ththrayambagam” these three mantras should be chant and spelled for one lakh times. After that an ox and a cow should be given to poor people who are needy. After that they should get remedy and they get kids.

Second patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on Second patha in moolam star
Lord Shiva explains about the past of the birth and the karmas through the stories described about both the brothers got fight for property. Elder brother is rich but he never spends any money to his brother, so his brother family vanished without any money. Elder brother and his wife given all their wealth to their kids. So after their birth they never had kids even they were doctors too they became patients.
Remedies highlighted about “harivamsa puranam” should do parayanam for some days. Then do pooja for lord shiva. Spell “shiva kadasharam for ten lakhs times. So they can come out of their karma with good health and gets kids also.

Third patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on Third patha in moolam star (poorva karma and shanthi parigar)
Person should spend some money for poor people. They should do gayathiri jebam for one lakh times. For public welfare they should dug wells for water. Around 10 types of colors of cows they should give it to poor people. After that they should get kids and prosperous life.

Fourth patha
Lord shiva says whoever born on Fourth patha in moolam star (poorva karma and shanthi parigar)
Person should spend money for poor people. They should spell and chant gayathiri jebam for one lakh times. Should do “nandhi keswara poojai” .  They should donate cow to poor person who is needy.

In all above remedies i did not include particularly about the donation of gold for all remedies in four pathas which was written in all four pathas. It has been written in four pathas about the package of gold for each remedy. Its very costly when compared and donates as gold, ox, and cow as donation to poor people in this period?. Even if we donate cow and gold, we should assure we can safeguard husband and father for moola star girl?  It’s got failure with my friend due to misinterpret of priests and astrologers forgot to see the mother and father’s horoscope of moola star girl. They might have said to moola star mother, mother may get big position or mother became rich or many positive things, and given remedy with yaga and pooja but it’s not true when i saw her horoscope after she lost her husband.
One of my friends lost their husband due to her daughter comes under the moola star, she said she donated cow with her husband and she consulted with naadi jothida and many things she did seems. But finally she lost husband with heart attack and died on her hand.
When I saw her horoscope, it’s clearly seen that husband house is empty in her horoscope and also she may get continues abortion in child house or never gets kids. Also the horoscopes exposes her husband should commit suicide with some fear or killed or using drugs. Her husband has relation with other people.  She may stay with other friends or she stays with far relations and at the end when they depend she will be betrayed by others. Now readers should understand that moola star girls never kill their own father or husband. Its varies according to stages of patha of moolam star which i have described above. Apart from the moolam star girl, all parents should check their own horoscopes for remedy.
Some more examples i can describe with many of my friends for moola star pathas. Some father of moola star girl have connection with other women leads to bring down his life, as same as women of moola star girl have connection with other men brings down her husband life or her life at a sudden moment along their life. So people should not blame the moola star girl kids after read this. Family persons should help their kids and make them worship according to their horoscopes and help them to give confidence when they have grown.
Still i m waiting for some of the rare notes from people who see the horoscope professionally as Naadi Jothida in my native place, once i will get the palm leaves I can give more remedy for moolam star with interpretations.
All remedies are costly but whoever well known about the spiritual and god they can find out the remedies from this post easily which i was mentioned in some places. The karmas in this birth brings along throughout the life of individuals.
I bring to an end here; I used to say many persons about the born date for their kids. From the kids date, we can recalculate in a reverse way for the parents date.  My son was born on my date and daughter born on my wife’s birth date.
When the kid comes out from the mother and opens the eye that is the time of the birth for babies if comes out artificially by surgery, most of the kids the calculations were wrong due to their mis- interpretation on their horoscopes or calculated by immature and unblessed astrologers. Never, ever have we can fix the time for the birth of any babies?. If any one fix the time and do the surgery for their babies, they should understand that it was fixed by the nature and we can’t fix the time. It is understood that the nature allows the date and time for the baby fixed by you according to karma. We can’t skip the girl will be born on Moolam star girl if her destiny brings her in this birth?
 I will try to write about the remedy for each nakshathira and each planet with poojas and mantra in my next posts. All Yogis chant and spelled the mantra for each planet to reduce the effects for individuals during the transition period of planets and reduce the karmas. Agasthiyar, Bogar were written about this remedy in various verses.


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