Thursday, February 23, 2012

SAGUNA SASTRA -3 (saguna sastram)

SAGUNA SASTRA -3 (Saguna sastram for lizards,crow,donkey,snakes)
At every home, we used to see small types of lizard’s moving around at the corner of the walls. Some times it makes sound and falls on body of people and we consider its sound coincide with speech and brings to makes positive and negative results.  And if it falls on any person it brings the signals and indications to whom got it touched.

Lizards- saguna sastra
If it falls on the head it shows the symptoms of death
If it falls on the right side ear --- it brings good results
If it falls on the fore head--- they may get higher level posts
Falls on nose--- its brings diseases
Falls on neck--- brings happiness
Falls on chest---diseases
Falls on left hand --- death
Falls on right hand --- death
Falls on the stomach --- they will get new born kid
Falls on the sexual part --- it’s not good to the person
Falls on back side --- not good
Falls on thighs --- disease
Falls on the legs --- it brings problems
Falls on the fore foot --- disease
Falls on the foot fingers --- diseases
Falls on the left hand fingers --- it brings pain from women
Falls on right hand fingers --- it brings fear from superiors
If it runs on our body or crossed the body they will get good life span
If it makes sound from each direction it brings different results. People should not take as granted if it makes sound and interfere the talks. It always should be noted that particular time, day, and which direction is coming from and also which day it’s happened. For example:
On Sunday :
If sound comes from east its brings fear
If sound comes from south east its brings misfortune
If south its bring happiness
If south west relations may come
If west it brings fights with others
If north west its shows the profit
If north its brings wealth
If northeast it brings profit and benefit
If it comes from the top its shows the success
If sound comes from the floor, that day or the particular work never success.
Every day the moving of sun changes accordingly. So the fortunes always differ from day to day. Readers should understand that the saguna sastra is vast from the different interpretations on every day.

Snakes- Saguna sastra
If anyone see the snakes are fighting they may fight with close friend shortly
If two snakes are running on sides its not good to their wealth
If two snakes are in intercourse its brings good fortune
If one snake is having food of other snake it brings loss of property
If snake comes to house it brings wealth
If anyone see snake going out from the house it shows the misfortune
If it comes from the right side towards directly to anyone that work is success
If it comes from the left side as above its not good
If it rolling down on the road that work is success
If it see anyone and ran in to the hole it’s bring prosperity
If see the dead snake the death news will come from far place

Crow ---saguna sastra (please see saguna sastra 1 & 2 )
It’s given here the particular Moogurtham for eight parts during day times. If crow makes sound, please calculate the 24 minutes and check the moogurtham for eight divisions.
If crow makes sound during the first moogurtham --- it brings benefit
If second moogurtham--- heavy loss
If third--- profit
If fouth---prosperity
If fifth---rain may come
If sixth—quarrels
If seventh---death news
If eighth--- to fear

Donkey ---saguna sastra
If it makes sound in the east --- it’s not good
If south east---death news
If south--- profit and wealth
If southwest--- happiness
If west--- quarrels
If northwest--- fear
If north--- feast
If northeast--- unnecessary quarrels

If we go for any work, commonly some of the things we used to observe always, but in saguna sastra if we come across while going out its good, for instance small plants, lotus, feast, people comes from the marriage feast, paddy grass, are all common for good fortune. 


mightyvel vel said...

What is the significance of crow touching a guy/girl's head... ?? Is that a bad sign..

Because once my mother had this exp. crow was touching her head while walking on the road.. after 2 months time she had a bleeding in her head .. with lots of struggle, visited almost all the temples in chennai and finally she got recovered..

What is the effective (super) parihara for this ??

mightyvel vel said...

Sorry not in her head , she had a bleeding in her brain...

thillai raj said...

saguna sastra use to see in our leisure life to avoid some unexpected things in day to day works. now what u ve consulted medical for mothers treatment is the right way. Now,u can consult her horoscope with professionals and pray for her. planets rules the human beings u may aware sir.

Subramaniam Selliah said...

Hi sir can email me to subramaniamselliah thank you sir

Subramaniam Selliah said...

Hi sir is that bairava mantra that can communicate with him or can see him

thillai raj said...


BHARATH KUMAR Reddy said...

Today morning at 10.30 crow touched my head and went. What it means?

Barani Raj said...

A crowing is fly very close to me whenever i went to upstair. even if i give food i wont take. This was happening for the past 5 days. i dont know whether is good or bad. pls tell me if you know the reason.

thillai raj said...

Its required food from your hand seems, keep food and water for crows.Its great mercy showing to animals and birds.

Kellampalli Rameshbabu said...

if crow is sitting at north-west corner corridar of house & trying to settle over there means what

thillai raj said...

Always comes for food,Feed the birds daily, its appearance of nature.

Swami RaRa said...

Balli Panchangam is all about the affects and remedies to be followed when a lizard falls on humans knowingly or unknowingly.