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Who becomes yogi,alchemist,magician

Who becomes yogi, magician, alchemist, expert of deadly poisonous art who kills the persons through diseases?
Some of the professional astrologer’s experts in interpret the horoscope of the people related to yoga and rebirths from their horoscopes. A horoscope exposes ninety percent of the history behind the people if the astrologer is a real yogi. Most of the yogi well versed with astrology due to completion of all sastra in these births.

பாடப்படிக்கப் பலதொலி லுங்கற்கத்
தேடச் சுகிக்கச் செலவழிக்க மேடம்
கற்கடகச் சிங்கம் கன்னிதுலாத் துக்கல்லால்
மற்கடத்துக்கு குண்டோ மற்று.

The above verses quoting strongly about the people Whoever born on Mesha, rishaba, kadaga, simmam, kanni, thulam,  kumbam are eligible to learn magics, hidden arts and sastras were mentioned above. Other than these rasi, some of the horoscopes have the houses and in transverse view of the other planets on extreme view makes them to learn magics and hidden meditation.
An engineer working in state government who is a disciple of yogi in palani, tamilnadu used to make rasamani and rare medicines. Once he asked me about my guru never taught me about the “rasamani” and the production of black magic materials”. The making of rasamani or magical things never attracted me due to i had strong opinion on these types of medicines. I have seen whoever learning siddha medicines, ayurvedic, homeopathic they always have the craze of doing these magical things in their projects also.  I never asked to any guru about this art of making “rasamani” or black semi liquids that were using as an ink like things can see commonly in India. Because i have seen plenty of persons in my life who do these things lead to bring down life to critical position due to most of these things connected with the universe and goddess. Then what is rasamani?. Please see my previous blogs. For a brief, rasamani is a material made up of mercury with herbs. The alchemist used to add some of the herbs according to their nakshathira with the mercury and make it a solid state to wear on the necks or in hand. Rasamani is a material product useful for different types of magics with goddess. There are different types of production. It varies according to types of making. Some years back, a person gave a rasamani for testing on me. That rasamani exposes its magical things strongly because the crew and disciples from palani who follows the bogar 12000 methods. The rasamani sucks all the mercury which was poured near to it. Its looks like the movie terminator in front of me. It’s a variety of rasamani for different purposes.
Some of the siddha experts in palayankottai, tamilnadu have the copies of bogar 12000 only on medicines. Most of the people searching for bogar 12000 for herbs and astrological purposes. The part of Medicinal verses and poems are commonly available and most of the people use regularly at palani, Madurai and tirunelveli districts.  Topics started jumping. I bring to an end here with this rasamani.
In Western Ghats more than 2300 rare herbs are still growing above the courtallam hills, papanasam hills which were close to my native place. For uncurable jaundice, they used to give one glass of herbal juice for one time in upper dam at papanasam hills. Throughout India people used to come here to cure the jaundice with one glass of herbal juice. It’s not a regular plant of “keezha nelli”. Other sensible herbs are also added in this liquid for jaundice.  Readers should understand the different between the plant and herbs. Apart from these secret herbs written in bogar 12000 are still collecting from these areas by various hereditary doctors who were follow siddha medicines.
Yogis mostly used to see by intuition and horoscopes of their disciples’ if they fit to learn art of these hidden things connected with atoms and universe. If masters knows this they never allow the person to learn the art of mentioned above. People may get doubt on these above subjects. Millions of years these types of hidden arts spread over in India among tribals and yogis.
Then who becomes a real yogi, who does the black magic’s, who well versed in making poisonous medicines, who have the power to kill any person anywhere with the hidden arts, who knows the art to kill the persons by applying diseases
  1. If people have the horoscope have the rasi and lagna with ruling planets can learn the secrets of herbs, black magic’s and complete as a yogi
  2. If a person lagna, fourth house and favour house were located in sixth house or sixth house became view on this house they become a researcher in these hidden subjects and becomes famous.
  3. If ninth house planet become strong and extreme and good planets view on this house they spell the mantras, chant the extreme end of mantras, he become master of meditation and attain the Samadhi stage
  4. If ninth house have all the good planets otherwise view of all good planets and locations in a horoscopes gets great masters, educations, attract all goddess to come and slave to them, they gets wealth and prosperity in this birth
  5. If tenth house planet is located on the tenth house and Jupiter, mars are viewing with the associates they become great magicians, and perfect yogi to attain jeeva Samadhi
  6. If fourth house planet and lagna located in tenth house with added moon they do extreme stage of black magics.
  7. If fourth house planet and lagna in any rasi with venus or view of venus they become expert in poisionous arts, they kill anyperson anywhere in the world without seeing by applying poisonous magics. He also gets blessings of lord shiva
  8. If belongs to lagna and seventh house planet stays in a rasi or houses of enemy with view of mars they learn the magics of deadly arts of black magics. If planets stays with good associates they learn the art of kill the person with deadly diseases without touching them.
  9. If tenth house with lagna and sun with view of raagu they earn money from black magics.
  10. If sun in tenth house they do the black magics and learn the sastras of mantras.
  11. If fifth house and tenth house holder have the good strong associates of planets they learn astaanga yoga and complete the yoga.
  12. If fourth house planet in ninth house with a view of good planets they learn hidden secrets of magics.
  13. If Jupiter or venus in ninth house they learn yoga and have long life span
  14. If raagu in sixth place they learn the magic sastras on animals. All animals became slaves to this person and obey their orders. Snake or scorpions never bite this person. Any poisonous never touch them. They became master in poisonous arts of magics.
சோதியே பெருஞ்சோதி சொல்லொண்ணாது
சுழிவாசல் தான் திறந்தார் காண்பார்

Any person understands this two line verses written by Maha yogi Gaga Pusandar siddhar on his “perunool kaviyam” about the yogi and meditations.  They only can learn all above 14 points of yoga sastras. The lines looks like opened secrets but he really hides the essence of yoga and meditations.  I here with given a hints, every temple on every year they opened the seven screen and showed the god to the eligible person. Then who is the eligible person? That’s maha yogi mentioned above with in two lines of verses.


Ashok Kumar said...

Can you post the address where the medicine given for uncurable jaundice

thillai raj said...

near papanasam and karaiyar dam in tirunelveli district. its world famous for curing jaundice without any side effects. may require one or two herbal doses with one week duration's seems. please contact your friends residing at papanasam and ambasamuthiram.

S Meganathan said...

Do you Mean the Person who activate 7 Chakras only can learn all above 14 points of yoga sastras.

thillai raj said...

whatever published about chakras is not the proper understanding by recent people. so forget chakras and search for real yogis and practice real meditations.

Unknown said...

I have 1st and 14th. Point In my horoscope however I am very much interested in spiritual searching until now I am not able to practice what I learnt because of not able to sit for more than 15 minutes as my legs get Numb
I assume many people have this issue I will be very thankful if you can suggest me or relieve me from this problem. It will be an answer and solution to many other suffering people also thank you