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Destiny and Fate by yogis

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(காரமா,காரமா, சிகாரமே சிவ) - Code words of yoga

 My daughter around 30 days old and much experienced with the sounds of skipping, jumping, and cycling by grown up people above my flats. If you have your own property in cities conformably you have rights to do anything in your flats” proved by association. Within these 30 day, my daughter got highly experienced on the unusual sound created by humans. Initially she got confused when she came out from her mother stomach that these worlds have individual discipline and lots of love like her inner world for nine months. But she came out and knows that after seeing 30 days, its waste to expect anybody for adjustment to other human beings, so she started adjusting herself. Now she starts getting experience gradually from the sound of building under construction. She follows vethathiri maharishi‘s “individual person should have individual discipline”.

Readers who follows corporate gurus in cities and have strong opinion on their gurus requested to avoid after read this. All explanation given below about the real gurus who are roaming as beggars and who changed the destiny of humans created by natures and proved that they have always connected with silver cord on god. How a yogi loss their life in their birth and understand the movement of nature reciprocating inside to them are elaborated below for readers.

காரமா யமைத்த்து ம்முரியால் படைத்த்தும்
காரமா யுதித்த்து முவரினால் செனித்த்தும்
அகாரமும் உகாரமு மருவுஞ்செ காதீதமும்
சிகாரமே சிவரூப சித்திமுத்தி யாகுமே
திருவள்ளுவநாயனார்”  (verses from gnanavettiyan 1500 by thiruvalluva nayanar)

This verse tells that the secrets of humans related with nature. The first letter of each sentence has the secret describes the extreme end of yoga. I have read books on yogas and meditation in my life. But, all are useless when I got an essence from the meditation. In India yogis have always meditation and yoga is only one method to attain Samadhi. All siddhars and yogis were centuries back followed only one method from Himalayas to kanyakumari. But due to bread and butter and making money by corporate gurus they brought their own name and spread over to people with different techniques. First Gurus became useless after once they started to make money and they make all their disciples useless and never bring them to know what behind Samadhi is. Except the great yogis who were they dissolved in the roots of meditation others don’t know.
 One is Vethathiri maharishi. Any person if follow his meditation can easily and make them fit to travel alone on meditation. Vethathiri have written about basic books for common person to follow up one after another in meditation. He has written on atoms is the valuable outstanding book is in research and some papers published on vethathiri “vethans and atoms” in universities, tamilnadu. If any person or yogi or any highly knowledge experts can explain the vethathiri books on atoms, I stop this blog immediately. There is no comparison on his books.
          Second is Osho, whoever all corporate gurus and ninety percent of the middle grade yogis copied from his speech. An outstanding doctorate person osho exposed the philosophy with his highly qualified knowledge and delivered valuable compiled information for generations. Many swamiji is earning lot of money on his speech and they themselves delivered in front of people as their own stuff. If any person once read the osho books in his life, he shall no needs to read after anything on spiritual. We will come to conclusion easily about the secrets.
Third is his holiness swami sivanandha paramahamsa in vadakarai kerala. Sivanandhar written only one book “ siddha vedam”. He strongly declared its fifth veda. It’s proved due to all his disciples’ attained Samadhi everywhere in the world one after another. Whoever wants to complete their end of meditation with Samadhi? They jump in to him easily due to sivanandhar followed the ancient type of meditation written by Agasthiyar, bogar and all siddhars, yogis throughout India. If any siddhar books, poems, verses all strongly says about what swami sivanandhar said in siddha vedam. If a person who knows about the real meditation, he immediately delivers his soul and entire life immediately to sivanandhar at once he read the book “siddha vedam”. It is very difficult to follow for common people stays with material world due to highly restricted rules and regulations for people to travel with the roots of sivanandhar. Many of his disciples easily had Samadhi one after another till today and proved that they were following the roots of sivanandhar, siddhars and yogis. They always isolated and they strongly connected with their great master sivanandhar. Sivanandhar always says should not argue. So I bring to an end here. 
This year I got more restrictions from my guru on the meditations. One of my gurus asked me to give a promise to him that I should not get angry and curse any person from this year. These stupid beggars always bring the disciples in a correct way and make us to tell others “its o.k.” for all types of wounds.
A complete man knows the importance and destiny of birth because he had the great and high experience of pain on death all along his life. If a person knows the value of birth, he can understand anything in his life. The destiny starts molding the person through out his life by giving lot of problems until unless he understands the nature in this birth.  Here I try to explain how the destiny brings people in to the life net and punish severely according to karma and how its cut short all relations at a particular period when a person started to travel in a correct way of meditation.
25th January 2012 at 06.00hrs in front of operation theatre at fortis hospital nagarabhavi Bangalore becomes very special day for me, I was waiting for my Fifth kid.  Readers don’t think about the counting of my kids and I m writing my own story or diary. The destiny change over at a particular period suddenly brings a common person in a trouble net due to his fate.
After many years of continuous meditation suddenly in a very short period of time in my life destiny changes the fate, destiny and fate is different, readers should understand the difference at the end, then how fate alter the life cycle, how the meditation brings a person in to neutral level after heavy loss, how guru helps the disciples when you surrender on this birth. Finally karma starts to open when guru lightened/enlightened you. Then the dissolving of karma started with painful situations unknowingly, and then it makes the person starts to suffer one after another in this material world. Confused? Please read once again in this paragraph, this is called “the way of brama gnanam in tamil
Below persons I referred personally about the remedy said by my guru for pregnancy.

My younger brother
Friend Archana
Childhood friend Beena
And others

We have lost two kids before my son was born, one dissolved in abortion and another expired during delivery and his ashes were dissolved in Tamirabarani River. After my son born, one was miscarried and finally fifth, I got a daughter.  I have now a son and daughter.
After my son was born, my wife used to ask all my gurus for next issue. The major reason behind that she has to go for hernia open surgery.  Due to my work I always missed to go to many temples with family to complete the prayer whoever asked me to do.
When ever i came to know that the secrets of birth through many books written by agasthiyar, bogar and many siddhars on remedies I tried to help others. But some remedies to carryout in some particular temples when I came to know through some of my guru i opened to others they were not trusted.
My younger brother Bala is a yogi, so his wife trusted her spouse words more than my requisites.  He the person did external worship for years and then enlightened for internal worship. He dynamic person have the vast knowledge on the spiritual subjects. He personally visited and met many gurus through out in tamilnadu and he received many gifts from many yogis. But he had given all gifts to many people due to his helping nature. He has in depth knowledge and strong intuition on spiritual roots and he has been already deep rooted with yogis through out his life.
Archana asked for her sister who stays in Mumbai for to interpret the horoscope. I given in writing whatever said by one of the professional astrologer and guru. I understood from her sister horoscope that she have vacant in the house on child part and its difficult to get the kid in her life period without this type of prayers.  Whatever I have problem faced above and in my horoscopes as the same she had. So, i tried to give her immediately for fast recovery to get it done, i have given the remedy for to conceive in this life period. But I came to know that they criticized due to the remedy looks very simple.  They asked me that she shall clear the that semester itself. I thought her life get arrears after that. This is the destiny.
Beena one of my close friends says the temple is very far from the capital Delhi where she stays. And they have no time to attend the temple for the last two years.  When the god comes to handover the gift also many are sleeping due to habituated with poojas and mantras from the hereditary?
       Then I said some of the persons whom don’t have a kid for long time. But no one interested on this. They always used to consult priests of big temples and ready to offer more money with poojas and medicines. They ready to roll down on the floor in side the temples for to carryout prayers and take milk pot on head for offer to god for this remedy. Readers should not think here I m criticizing unknown people. If, when they have remedy from the verses and poems written by siddhars and yogis in our hand, why they did not understand the value of remedies given by yogis?. This is the fate.
Last year I distributed all my old dresses of my son were purchased during his birth (used kid dresses always use to keep for new born kid for its have softness) my wife kept for these nine years. Suddenly a day I called one of auto driver at villupuram and gave my son cycle and all other kids dresses to him when he had a second kid. I gave his swing and other kids accessories to our servant maid. My wife was very much worried when I given to others which were saved for long period of time for our kid.
Destiny changes, circumstances were created by gurus. Fate was rewritten. Destiny starts its real life cycle.  Situations came to us to go to rameswaram, Madurai and met some of my gurus who always used to harass in my life. These stupid yogis who change the destiny of human beings from their holy hands roaming around in this world like beggars. “Rasamani” becomes solidified in front of them when they keep in their palm. No need to go for process for mercury solidification.
Now readers come to know the difference between the destiny and fate. When I stood with my family at Tiruchendur temple , tamilnadu in front of god, one of these yogis said in front of my family that ”next time come with second kid it appears like girl kid”. I said in the temple itself,” see I tried to give it to my friends who really trusted me and needy persons and moreover our age is around 40 years”.
My guru said “when you come to know the secrets of the nature also you never tried this for yourself, you wants to give it to others, but your wife want a girl kid, its time for her, she should get now. Next time you include fourth member in your family and four people should attend the temple” he said in front of god subramaniyar.
Wife got conceived suddenly after this, then lot of problems raised, we started facing problems due to the health of my wife and attended premedication’s for bleeding, pregnancy sugar, pregnancy blood pressure, all compiled ill health she had. But in every situation one of my gurus says as usual “its o.k. our great master takes care” this word comes through all along the pregnancy period till my daughter reached in to our hand.
Male nurse from operation theatre came out and informed me about the time and other things of daughter. Female nurse showed a small kid and said “it’s your daughter looks like you”. The destiny changed from that day.
I given remedy in my blogs whatever i read and experienced with many yogis and learned some from my gurus.  Now readers please see one of my blog about child birth I have written for all the things to solve their life problems.  Maha yogi Agasthiyar, bogar have written the remedy for the pregnancy in their compilations on bogar 12000 and agasthiyar 12000. But publications and people whoever written in blogs were mis- interpret the yogis views and verses continuously which I was commented many times in many blogs. Readers requested to see those books which I was mentioned in many blocks and it’s easily understandable whoever searching for really remedy from siddhars.
A prayer always pays, when you pray for others, destiny always changes when we start to travel with guru. All the horoscopes gets hanged and hampered in this material world in front of great yogis and siddhars around us. That particular time fate gets hampered in the individual horoscopes.
When you enter some temples in tamilnadu your horoscope never works, your life cycle gets hanged for sometime due to yogis Samadhi kept back side of the temple. Yogi’s circle is always away from the atomic world. Every moment is work with atoms except yogis. Eligible person suddenly gets connected with the yogi and their karmas start to dissolve suddenly once he reaches the temple. This is the key in every temple. Karmas ready to dissolve above the nature control where an atom never works. This is known as “bramam, sivakalam”. I bring to an end here.
Many friends sent sms, many mails, many calls what name we have given for our daughter for the last one month.  We were busy with post medications for my wife whom still recovering gradually in bed. We decided to give great master name to her. Waiting for the permission with great yogis and disciples of great masters who is alive till today.  My son bagavathi who is fan of RA.1 ,Hindi movie given the name RA.1 to her temporarily. It’s spreading over all the children and his close friends.

“kalangathiru manamay nadapathu yellam yirai seyal”
கலங்காதிரு மனமே நடப்பது எல்லாம் இறை செயல்

சுழிமுனை யோகஞ் சதுர்நாலு சாமந் தொடுசரமாம்
வழியும் பேரின்ப மதுவாரி யுண்டு வளமதுவாய்ச்
சுழியாமல் காலையு மாலையு முச்சி கண்டத்திலும்
அழியாப் பதவியில் வாசிகொண் டூதி யருள்பெற்றேனே

Maha yogi Thiruvallava nayanar describes above very simply explains his way of meditation and enlighten, energy how its travel through his body in his 1500 verses. Eligible persons can easily understand above verses.  If any person understands the verses above  they are gifted person in this birth.


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