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PANCHA PAKSHI SHASTRA -12 பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 12

பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 12

குவலயத்தில் உரைக்கவென்றால் எளிதல்லபெண்ணே
மாரிலாவஷ்டகர்மம் இதற்குள்ளாச்சு மாந்திரிகத்திற்கு ஆதானே
ஆதியேஉந்தனுக்கு உகந்து உரைப்பேன்
அன்பாகேளுமென்று ஆறவே சிதம்பரமும் இதுவாகும்
ஐம்பத்தோர் அட்சரம் அடங்கிப்போச்சு
தேரினால்நாற் பத்திமுக்கோணம் திறவு கோலாகும்
தெளிந்துபாரு இதன் வகையை.

The kaaga pusundar says above on the magical part of the panja pakshi sastram. It explains on the movement of the core in the most important Siva mantra. This central focus of the mantra is majorly useful in black and white magic’s with different sounds of pronunciation through lord Shiva mantra. This mantra is the extreme end of all the circle of secret mantras and the above verses disclosed the secret of the Chidambaram. Here, Chidambaram as quoted as lord Shiva core mantras working on yantras. It consists of 51 components on pronunciation and it changes in the core operates from the middle part of the central focus. The makings of yantra have different end points of perpendicular lines and parallel cuts with semi curved lines focusing towards the central part of the core from 16 directions. Here it’s referred as 41 and 40 numbers of triangles lays one layer after another layer. The central part of the core is the way of opening the magical things. Readers should understand all mantras, yantra and tantra activates operates around lord Shiva. The particular frequency is created from any mantras by lord Shiva mantra and predominantly it protects the person whom activates and passes through the universe. I m not exaggerating the importance over here on the lord Shiva or any other god whom I m not referred. The fundamental truth is the working of all mantras always ends with lord Shiva. Because, lord Shiva brings all the meditation stages to the other end of the life and also it brings down the life span in this birth. This is the tantric stages.  I skip here.
The mahayogi siddhar, kaaga pusundar was alive continuously for million of years. In his life time he has seen many times on the holy sea gets trampled and lord Shiva rose in many ways. Mahayogis says he has seen eight age posse of hereditary yogis from vasistar generations. One among this eight vasistar generations is the guru of lord rama. The name kaaga pusundar is referred in Tamil by the name of eating the time and period of life span. (காலத்தை புசுண்டவன் காகபுசுண்டவன்). So we can’t bring this people in to circle of time scale and cant fixed to any period or life calendars. Masters always says “siddhars are hearing, I can’t say now, it’s difficult, they say don’t disclose”. These types of words are used to hear many times from these people. So it’s concluded that eligible people are still hearing the voices of siddhars and the sounds from our souls.

How to find out the missed items through panja pakshi sastra
         The timings and the location of the missed articles and items can also be identified through this pakshi sastra. The working of the individual bird has been taken for calculation of operations on the particular time and day. The Tamil verses i have not mentioned here due to yantras. It explains according to the working of birds. It says one the missed items may be missing inside the house and till it’s not depart out. The working of next bird says on this missed item that it takes off to far place and distance from the location. Next bird says on this operation that it’s taken to other house. Final phase of the bird says who arrived for guest to that house during the particular day and they will bring the news whom and where they have taken. If bird is dying means the item is lost ever from hand, it never comes back.

Identify person through pakshi sastra
The working of individual bird says about the man or woman who taken the items that they will bring very shortly. Secondly, the individual bird predicts the situations that a lady with long hair has taken the item and she looks very young. The working of third bird refers on this identification that it has been taken by unmarried young man. The fourth bird says it’s has been taken to far distances and also buried in the land.  The topic of this identification elaborates to next succession that it discloses about the appearance of the person, age, color, caste, gender and much more information on this, so that it can be easily identify through the pakshi sastra.

Identify the duration of days
            If the first bird shows the phase of working and it predicts the four days to complete the work. If the second bird is working and it expresses about roughly five days will be required for completing the work and third bird denotes two days durations for crow and cock. If owl is working and it shows three days to complete the work.

Relation of metals with birds
The metals and non metals fixed with each bird for identifying the missed item belongs to metal and non metal or its being. The different cycle of works through birds brings the predictions of these type of depicts.

Predictions for Injured persons through pakshi
The location and part of the body gets injured on particular day and time related to birds. The right or left side of the body of any gender brings the duration of days to recover in a simple way and the treatments from the working of pakshi.
The above mentioned predictions and procedures from the Tamil verses I skipped here. This has been taken from individual notes. It’s never ever in the books of pakshi sastram.  If readers know this Tamil verses please write to me.


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