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SITHTHIYAL சித்தியியல்

SITHTHIYAL   சித்தியியல் (Techniques of meditation and yogis)  Tamil blog is created today for friends whoever insisting continuously to open a blog in Tamil. Readers are requested to go through and give your valuable comments on this first post of my Yogic citation on meditation which has been erudite with great masters.  

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திகட சக்கரச் செம்முக மைந்துளான்
சகட சக்கரத் தாமரை நாயகன்
விகட சக்கர விண்கணி யாயுரை
சகட சக்கரன் தாளினைப் போற்றுவம்”.

Mantra, yantra, tantra are the major hidden thoughts rising by the vibrations, created at the genetic centre in the cells through the particular type of yantra in drawn and throw these two magical things in to the universal energy by tantric yogic practices. It’s indicating subtler, deeper and known panja boothas to the senses of physical body when it reacts once it’s thrown. Tantra is a codified form, and it has a particular place in the rituals and also it’s associated with certain procedure to offer holy material things in the fire as yagam(yaga).

Every individual directly and indirectly are regularly using these types of different mantras in a different time, directions mainly to receive the material things from the universe for their personal life. In this post there are thirty one chakras are given for thirty one days similar to the birth date of every individuals except twenty ninth days (29th).  All sastras strictly condemned about whoever born on this 29th day of a month; girl or a boy will be very cruel and inhuman on families with lacking of proper human relationships. They are mostly burden to their parents from the childhood. 29th Chakra is avoided here due to unqualified persons should not be utilized in a wrong way especially whoever born on 29th of the month. If readers have doubts on this particular day of 29th and wish to know the extraneous information on this date shall refer the oldest books in sastra on astrology anywhere in India.   
Every chakra has given for each day will be taken for worship with rituals for individuals who ever lacking of material things in this world. Mantras are engraved on the centre of these yantra chakras. The tantric rituals and procedures are not necessary here for common worship at home. This chakra can be used by any individuals with simple prayers and worship at home or can keep it safely along with their day to day material things after those prayers. Chakra can be engraved on metal like copper or simple brass or with simple paper.
All these mantra, yantra and tantra practices through the magician or individual person at home; mainly were fixed of goal of expansion with individual consciousness to the total consciousness of supreme power being all along the universe. Readers read once again on this consciousness.
Most of the mantras are published in the books written by yogis of tamilnadu in their verses and poems. But they always hide the tantric way of arts. This tantric way was handed down in traditions from disciple to direct disciple. Its always comes through practices of decade or more than twelve years by the disciples. Tantric mantras are kept for each day is mostly followed by rituals with worship and prayers or through real meditations.
Some experts do the prayers with rituals along with particular chakra for a particular day. Some of the chakra and mantra were used for vama margam and dakshina margam. For example, if it will be use in association of women and material world; the magicians can be used as varma marga. For to understand these type of tantric arts for readers, i just try to give a brief all along this varma marga. Recently, a person well versed with black magic’s says that once a lady was approached with complaint on her husband due to the irrelevant activities and contact with other woman. So this person made him impotential for some period with this vama marga from tantric arts. That person consciousness will be diverted with other things especially on women connection including wife. He will be engaged with some busy official works or with some basic problem particularly for some period
Any human if he attached and brought down under black magic’s will be only for particular period. Between these particular periods the results will be fulfilled. The period never be extended nor proponed. These types of tantric and magical things are common in all over India due to this recent post marital and pre marital relationships. Until unless the man is well versed with other mantric arts, he will be trapped by his own wife or any woman and kept away for sometime from all connections of women. Readers should know the differences between these two types of basic tantric arts are used by common women through out in our place on the families. Periods is highlighted above is the major secret behind that every one should know. Between these periods, sometimes due to karma of particular person, some yogis may come and remove all those tapped points from those families due to sin or blessings of previous births. I bring to end here.
When a mantra is chanted either verbally or mentally then it vibrates the energy of the physical body through the cells in the genetic centre or it’s triggered the cells of the souls to connect the universal energy for the material purpose. Brain is not the connecting source of our soul or any mantra. It’s a highly secretive way of universal approach from the individual body system and brings it into the particular frequency and throws the mantra spell to the universal energy to make it.  If repeating the mantra for a long period of time and bringing in the significance consequence in the cells of the brain makes you unconsciousness with consciousness. If the aim of the person on some material gains through the tantric arts, then the whole format will be changed with pronunciation of mantras with changes of rituals, poojas, time, direction and periods, but the throw of mantra spell is the way of soul. That’s why all black magicians will be failed in front of yogis. Behind yogis these types of activations never works due to the absence of real yogic practices carried out by magicians and temple priests.
Instead of Worship on the statue, the tantric arts bring the yantra worship is directly to fulfill the requirements prayed by individuals in common society. Daily worship of this yantra is to be carried out for the benefit of individuals like bringing property, family life and etc. Chanting of mantra is done as an offering to this deity. But when apply to yantra is different in this procedures. The mantra is engraved inside at the centre makes itself on the activation mode for the practitioner. So that any person can take the chakra as yantra according to their birth date from first to thirty first of any month.
There is the silence in between two mantra chants or prayers of meditation. These are major difference on magical throw between magicians, priests and yogis. A yogi always makes difference on these activities of two common people like temple priests and magicians. When it looked in to the process of any mantra can be looked upon as the one, which rises in silence and goes back into extreme silence which will be heard from the universe silence. Silence is through out and a chant rises in it and goes back into it. Silence is the basis of all these sounds of mantras created by humans physically through the vibrations from the body. Silence contains all types of sounds alike. This silence is not the relative silence, which again comes and goes its absolute silence. All yogis from tamilnadu were working on this system of silence for million of years. There will be absence of mantra, yantra, tantra on this extreme silence way of meditation. It’s known to be “soundless sound” in yogic practices of Tamils.
The physical pooja with all worship material confer results by removing all unseen obstacles. Where as purely mental worship grants an immediate results throw these types of rituals by removing the immediately seen obstacles after the completion of these pooja with mantra, tantra and yantra.  All these are taken up as we had already seen, mainly to take care of the obstacles arising out of unseen factors but it also helps in obtaining seen results of a quiet and tranquil mind helping one to consider on the ultimate legitimacy.

தானேகேள் நாசியது வுந்திதொந்தம்
தாக்கான வங்காதி குடலெலும்பு
மோனான தசையோடு யிரத்தம்நீரும்
முனையான வஸ்தியோடு நரம்புதானும்
வேனான யிடைகலை பிங்கலையுமாம்
வெட்டவெளி யம்பரத்தின் வுச்சமாகும்
பானான பரஞ்சுடர்போல் கபாலம்பற்றி
பாலகரே ரோமமது தெறிக்கும்பாரே.
அகஸ்தியர் 12000 (Agasthiyar 12000)

In agasthiyar 12000verses, mahayogi gurumuni Agasthiyar describes about the yogic practices in between the verses of agasthiyar 12000. The above verses describe about the physical body of humans reacts with the external practices of the meditation due to differential changes in the running of breaths. Its starts with the base from the faces, external layer of the human skin, blood and water, bones and nerves and it compares with the procedure of the breathing techniques pranayama in the physical human body. The extreme limit of this physical body added with the link of glowing flames through the skull and technical way of breaths. The above verses discloses transparently on the yogic practices among the yogis in tamilnadu.
Mahayogis showed the real meditation with sophisticated techniques for million of years and given the valuable guidance’s on yogic practices in tamilnadu. Now readers can raise a doubt on the fake swamiji’s; that why all corporate gurus bringing these different types of useless meditation and baseless techniques as their own among the unknown people due to unaware on the books of mayayogis. All the verses of yogis I have quoted in my posts mostly from published books in tamilnadu that any person can easily refer. 

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திகட சக்கரச் செம்முக மைந்துளான்
சகட சக்கரத் தாமரை நாயகன்
விகட சக்கர விண்கணி யாயுரை
சகட சக்கரன் தாளினைப் போற்றுவம்.

Yogis in tamilnadu says” the practice of mantra, tantra and yantra is skilled through strong conviction and observation”. Its always have sophisticated hidden subjects with magic tool and irresistible for yogis whoever attained Samadhi level. It’s all my views on this subject due to some arguments and discussions made the controversies on tantric arts when I had with many yogis. I am trying to write a real origin of the above arts and science compared with the hidden people mostly yogis in and around tamilnadu and wherever I have worked in India and wherever i have interacted with those yogis. Most of the tantra techniques is preserved in the Tamil siddhar (Tamil yogi) tradition and continuous hereditary of those guru and followed by their direct disciples.  Other than disciples one or two will be experts on tantric art, apart from the mantra arts due to their individual hard work behind the sastra and their masters.

Most of the chakra, mantra will be available throughout tamilnadu, India through various books with the absence of tantric parts was written by maha yogis. Recently it has been heard on various occasions from my friends circle that some of the books were imported from abroad and it speaks particularly on chakra and goddess in absence of the real meditation and yogic practices. They might have learned from some gurus in India for certain short period of time and mostly in and around tamilnadu with the absence of the original essence. I assure that real guru never teach the original essence to the disciples whoever comes from abroad for other assignment works. Gurus might have given wrong guidance’s and minimum data’s from their own source or referred from some outdated books.  Especially foreign author’s recently writes on the topic of these tantric arts are mostly erroneous and embedded with false evidences and observed that they have moved away from the spiritual path with the absence of spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening in the sense of original notes were used for the preliminary studies for the disciples. Behind these books it’s painful to receive our own data’s from abroad and they will always ready to sell those books to us with huge prices for their useless interpretation in spiritual and tantric rituals were followed by generations of experts in India.

 In this third post on individual chakra it is tried to compile individual chakra and mantra for planets and it’s useful for day to day life to practice of worship in pooja room at home. In the last two posts, it majorly deals with navagraha and their remedies. The individual chakra which is prescribed here will be taken to worship at home during good time for individuals whoever try to use it for worship regularly and apply as prayer for themselves to solve their deficiencies, fluctuation of frequencies received through individual planets during this transition periods. Readers can take all the chakras according to their horoscope and make the chakra in plates like brass and copper or gold if financially healthy. If it drawn on papers also it’s effective depending up on the practitioner strength on meditation and the level of energy.

The practitioners of tantric arts in India were facing troubles due to the obstacles in conception when they themselves get in to activate through the chakra without concentration on activation from the source of high level of energy is transmitted to physical body has been enriched with electromagnetism source.  This is the way of sending signals from the human physical body by transmitting primary signals from the energy source. If a person starts gradually on improving the level of energy and understanding very slowly on the increasing trend of energy level in their physical body during the rising stages of energy through higher level of meditation. Sometimes in toilet or in bathroom the breath of the individual suddenly changes in to confuse stage of levels due to their changes in the pancha boothas and it will touch the centre point of our source and changes the breath in to undulating manner.  Those times we can observe ourselves on our physical body disconnecting the soul and make our breath direction through over take our original breathe trending line and make its own way of breathing sense for minimum duration of time. Number of times I have observed while taking bath, hearing songs, or listening kids conversations on this undulations and frequency changes on breaths. After reading this post, readers can observe during morning hours on these situations, once come out from the bed.

Most of the magicians have lack of knowledge in these obstructions to deliverance on the chakra through tantric way and it leads to the way to omniscience respectively. These may be the low level of magician energy or the level of energy is high on the source material of chakra or the level of the apposite person is working on the highest level of transmitting electro magnetism due to higher level of meditations. This type of source as chakras is useful only for beginners for a periods, once get through all those things for years on this subject, they can send through their energy from their soul and it’s immediately transmits to the electromagnetism by spread over in the major source and it will be delivered to the target immediately at the next second itself. Some of the verses from the Tamil siddhars emphasize the attainment of the subtle mind and some emphasize the attainment of the deceptive body which itself inbuilt the subtle energy level which is usually arises in the feature of divinity.

If person have deficiency in the frequency due to the transition of the planets in each houses, they can take the chakras given below for worship and other works to fulfill their needs. Sun is the foremost frequencies with the human and it is the important to every person to do remedy when it changes in their houses during the transition of other planets. Before taking directly on the chakra of planets, readers are requested to take the chakra of sun combined with other weaker planets.

Mantra resembles as same as due to the alignment of planets accordingly. A same mantra is applicable for all the planets with different chakras. Chakras have different consonants with sounds fixed for each planet. Readers go through all the chakras and understand the difference in mantras is engraved inside the chakra.

I m writing frequently on mantra topics due to the awareness on those world and make common people to understand the real things is currently happening behind them and to face these sources  without any fear. Every where in the world with simple techniques these amateur black magicians are regularly spoils plenty of women whoever unknown on those magical world came to learn or prey remedy or affected themselves by learning on those topics.  I tried to disclose some of the basic things on this subject through all posts. If any person will read my blogs in future for their remedies, they can easily trap this subject and comes to conclusion and also primarily make safeguard them from unknown strikes comes from surrounding people and avoid the traps from magicians. That’s why widely i m disclosing on this intruded subject in the mantra sastra and frequently writing on those topics related with individual horoscopes. 

Spiritual is different, bhakthi marg or margam is different. Most of the gurus living with this bhakthi marg and do the simple magic’s around the people in their area and may demise on some days without any traces. The purpose of spiritual is different from one another depends upon the birth and karma. Readers should decide the right direction on the spiritual, otherwise it will get in to locked somewhere unknowingly or cause of enthusiasm on material benefits. If you choose the spiritual in your life; for to improve the financial benefits or improve the carrier?. If a reader chooses for these two, they can continue all mantra chants and jeba, but compulsorily to avoid meditations is the right way. Root of some meditations will make difficulty in day to day life without showing any traces on the particular reasons and it greatly affects behind the person all along their life. It also brings critical situations and long standing disturbance in the genetic center and makes all of your problems to carry forward the simple worrying situations in your day to day life. That’s why vethathiri maharishi always says, everything is registering and disturb your genetic center constantly, continuously for generations. 

Chanting of mantras or magic spells works on people immediately whoever does not know involve in these activities. If you do magic and mantra spell on whom practicing meditation for years, it never works, it may return back and hit you severely. Most of the magicians who do their work locally were caught up and trapped into deadly poisonous with these type of enormous power is created from energy source through individuals and it will return back by themselves.  Some of the people may think differently on this issues; it’s common that with the help of this spiritual power and bakthi line can earn money, execute alchemy and they have intentions that everyone should listen on their words; appreciate on their holiness and visit them for blessings. Some of the people want to keep spiritual as the source to get some power for making money; with that power they can to solve other problems and starts to behave gradually like gurus. I have explained here with simple examples on differences between spiritual and mantra arts.

அன்றான சிவவேடம் புஉண்டு
அப்பனே காவி காஷாயம் புஉண்டு
குன்றான மலைமீதில் சென்றேனென்றும்
கோடானகோடி தவம் செய்தேனென்றும்
வென்றான பவக்கடலைக் கடந்தேனென்றும்
விருப்பமற சமுசாரம் மறந்தேனென்றும்
சென்றுமே காட்டகத்தின் நிலையில்நின்று
செத்தாரே கோடி பொருள் வயிற்றுக்காமே.
                    அகஸ்தியர் (Agasthiyar 12000)

The above verses were taken from compilation work of 12000 verses from agasthiyar 12000 written by mahayogi agasthiyar who is ultimate head (Guru muni) of all yoga sastra and yogic practices. He describes particularly about the fake yogis who were giving fake statements and criticized their cultures in the above verses. Fake sages and swamijis like our corporate gurus are used to deliver high level statements on the common people; bearing highlights on useless spiritual talks are followed by their corporate disciples who were un strengthen on self and trepidation people. They used to wear kavi (orange) dresses as uniform, wearing ruthraksha mala, says belong to siva yoga community, did yoga for years on the mountains, crossed oceans through yogic practices. Above verses from agasthiyar 12000 are mostly condemned the auxiliary stunts, deviated rituals and yogic practices are carrying out regularly in these recent periods, majorly followed by corporate gurus and fake yogis. Readers should understand the difference between the spiritual and bakthi marg in these generations and try to avoid that falling on the fake nets are created by these corporate gurus.

Mahayogi Agasthiyar describes very transparently on rare secrets about yogis who were attained Jeeva Samadhi at different places and different periods. He describes about the Saptha rishis, Yogis (siddhars) who were staying west of kaasi, south of Narmada, west of Delhi and west of ayodhi. Suddenly, lot of doubts was raised on those verses that these yogis are still alive at these places and the surroundings where agasthiyar was explained clearly about the geographical locations. He stated that varuna maharishi is still doing meditation below the earth, south of Tambirabarani River. Varuna maharishi were written rarely on the restricted subjects viz Gevuda sastra 1000verses, samuthra 200, mega 300, saptha mandalam 100,vaana 10, boomi 1000, astrology 8000. Varuna maharishi is hiding and kept all these hand written notes on palm leaves near the mountains and inside the caves.  He also stated about other yogis in different parts of India which is noted in many sastra as saptha rishis. Some of the locations, mahayogi described clearly as geographical locations in the verses 12000, especially an area along the west of Ganges, the great location of  Narasimha place is located.(narasimha sthala).  He also describes in the verses that at the eastern end of Ganges, mahayogi jamathakini is still staying and writing verses on yoga sastras. Now readers can conclude that why mahayogi agasthiyar is considered to be Guru Muni (Head of Yogis) in all the yoga sastra and medicines. 

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திகட சக்கரச் செம்முக மைந்துளான்
சகட சக்கரத் தாமரை நாயகன்
விகட சக்கர விண்கணி யாயுரை
சகட சக்கரன் தாளினைப் போற்றுவம்”.


நவக்கிரக தோஷ நிவர்த்தி
Navagraha dosha nivarthi (remedy from influence of nine planets)

In the interim since that beginning of my career, I have continuously engaged and endurance with meditations through different masters and refined the methodology was illustrated in my diary mostly written as hand scripts on many occasions due to the alternate of those off working periods. All through many times, plenty of gurus had given me initiation for arts on mantra topics, meditation on different styles since 1986. Major influences had truncated in to my life through great masters whoever expert in secret way of meditations, hereditary followers of sophisticated mantra sastras, and active meditation magic’s on day to day life after the age of twenty four years.  But all those things become useless to me until great master appearance on the extreme end stage of meditations with soundless sound and initiation of the real yogic practices through secret hole of meditation end with omnipresence. Most of the things I write in the same way as I have faced difficulties with meditations and real experiences along with yogis whoever hides from the society. Some of the things I hide in my posts due to swear were taken over the arts whenever tantra arts had taught through soul.  If any books in any language deal with mantra, yantra, tantra and meditations, it will be usually confirmed that it has been completely taken from Tamil books around the parts of tamilnadu and their mastered writings in palm leaves through great yogis.
Yantra is an instrument which is designed to control the psychic forces by concentrating them in a high level of enhancing the pattern on energy. How the enhance of energy level in our body is the success of results through meditation or mantra chants. The energy level is the major part of the work in all types of magic’s or meditations. Guru has high level of energy to control the disciples in all walks of their life; otherwise what is the difference between them?. Many priests from temples in towns and cities throughout India were commonly experts in chanting of mantras with activation of yantra, but they were lacking of tantric technology due to followers of mantra Vedas. Similarly in remote villages, the unqualified priests and magicians in restricted temples are well experienced in tantric technology and capable to dissolve the matters raised by the nature and alter the destiny.  
Some of the Brahmins in tamilnadu were expert in mantra sastra through this tantric way of art and till today they follow this type of worship on various circumstances.  But due to this mis interpretation of mantras with tantras, some of the Brahmin families have been erased due to this misguidance and spell of mantras on statues and wrong perception on mantra in different occasions. Most of the people I have noticed in various circumstances that they have their own way of diverted contour and had thoughts on mantra itself will create the magical protected circle over them. But it becomes failure due to chanting on misinterpretation with non accurate timings through hereditary.  This is wrong perception on mantras and mis targets will return back through the same way.
The talisman or the tetragrammation is highly secretive mystic chakras is prepared and widely used among the magicians and temple priests in India to assemble the mantras on the plates for to make it’s alive for generations. After every eight or twelve years they pick up the chakra and make them active for periods. Usually the chakras is a piece of plate made up of different metals on which were inscribed symbols, geometrical lines and signs of goddess and finally encoded with mantras of only single or two words on sixteen directions. Because of these directions and mantra throws, most of the protected mantras usually start with sixteen directions.  One of guru said about his master in Karnataka used to practice these types of tantric tools and he always used to make very small plates or stones marked with tantric symbols. If any ghosts bearing person or any persons have psychological embossed if they try to intrude in his way or near his house, he used to throw the small stones in front of them. Those people whoever attacked with ghost or goddess used to run away along the road with screaming once he thrown those small stone activated on them suddenly. He used the small stones and very small plates with tantric tools. It’s a method of one way in western Karnataka. Some of the magical herbs and leaves engraved with mantras and chakras with tantric tools were deals in previous posts. It’s a way of rising of power on any media through yogis. Meditations postulates that the focus of psychic power may be developed through concentration up on the chakra with mantra and tantric art and finally creates the energy activation on chakra and make the chakra as alive as human being for decade. Step by step i m describing here one after another, readers if face any difficulty to follow the narration on this topic above is requested to start once again from the first paragraph.
The major secrets behind each chakra have angels; goddess or sometimes ghosts were uploaded on the plates made by different metals through embossing or engraving. Each metal have different way of making and the metals reflects certain particular type of sound and gleaming of consonants. The sound reflection and light refraction is the major tool as tantric here and it will be connected to the universal sound and trap the particular route to attain the material consciousness whatever may be fixed on the plates or chakras. For attraction they use the brass or copper plate; sometimes they use highly poisonous snake ashes taken from those snakes which were burnt as alive for black magic spells, which will be useful for pre preparation engaged in the highly magic tools and tantric activation. Once they showed a 2cmx2cm plate appeared as semi-solid type, flexible, lead silver color made up of the highly poisonous snake ashes and powder of lead with other magical herbs for special type of activation on the goddess and ghosts. There is no comparison in the world for this type of plates which is made from the source which is mentioned above. This type of chakra or plate will be made for acquiring higher level of energy and throwing enormous energy level from the human source to complete the requirements. Finally, whatever magician spell or requirement by people will be attained and fervent on material world will be fulfilled through this tantric technology.

Mantras for Navagraha Chakra (Nine Planets)
The below mantra is given in Tamil for navagraha chakra which will be useful to reduce the higher and lower influences of nine planets (nava graha) which was described in detail. This navagraha chakra makes the required person to bring the balance situations of life and make them comfortable. The same Tamil words are also translated in English to make others understand on the tantra techniques of plotting and codes of mantra words which were plotted along the corners of the chakra.

நங்-மங்-சிங்-வங்-அங்-உங்-ஓங்-ஹிங்-ஸ்ரீங் மந்திர தோத்திர சித்து ஹரி-நம ஓம்
“Nang-mang-sing-vang-aung-vung-ong-hing-sreeng mandhira thothira siththu hari nama ohm”

The yantra, mantra is given above for the chakra to activate the influences from planets which is engraved as mantra on the corner of the plate for individuals and their family.  The work of tantra starts after the plotting of mantra in chakra. The worship of god is formulated in the tantric division with fruits; flowers, incense sticks and other common materials which ever commonly used in Hindu temples. The tools of tantra are different. It’s not required here. For family persons the tools is not required for tantric procedures. It works from the individual person through his physical body and mantra will be activated through his soul. He can keep the plate anywhere and activate from any place through the mantra and his tantric way of meditation from the god.

Years back, once I crossed a soul or ghost whatever may be wandering in typical frequencies, it starts regularly used to block my way whenever i was on stair case to my house which I was stayed for rental. Many times I have faced these types of problems on souls, ghosts, goddess come across through or stood at the entrance corners whenever visited some of friend’s house or relations. They never travel towards on our way, but first time I noticed these type of appearance, appeared on second floor in our building. I said “move away from my way, I m not disturbing you”. But its not responding, it’s standing in front of me. Again i said”see, I m not a person whom you looking for”. While going, I have noticed these types of translucent souls moving at stair cases regularly and recently in my buildings. I thought it may be brought due to pooja or worship by neighbor who has come recently with one kid or some magical throw from some houses from the same building. My son climbed fastly before me in the stair case and crossed the soul and I noticed that he was pressing the calling bell at my flat. But this translucent object was blocking me.
First time, I noticed all my mantras throws becomes waste in front of it, my amulet, talisman which I was wearing for some months due to compulsion of my guru which was not activate anything on that time. I found my amulet is useless. But I found the chakra inside the amulet gleaming above my shirt, its reflecting out from the shirt, once I kept in my cupboard, i observed that whole cupboard itself started smelling and glowing outside from the closed door. I said to that soul “out of my way” I m not disturbing you.  But it’s not showing any response on my request. I finally said” I order on my guru word, move out from my way, otherwise it will be painful for you, you will be permanently locked somewhere. Suddenly, it moved out from my way and stood outside at my house. Some of the soul used to convey something and go behind some person. But i m a useless fellow in this regard which it is required.  I noticed some of the magicians had this type of problems frequently due to this wandering undigested souls wants to communicate. I entered in to my flat and remove my amulet and kept away.
Now the readers starts to read the next stage of mediation that how to activate any mantra through physical body. After some months when I met one of those guru, he showed the chakra made by animal source and mixed with minerals and metals and asked me to wear, once I started wearing I found the smell and glowing light from the chakra makes you isolated from these type of attraction and none of the wandering beings are traceable. But all those magical things become useless when great master showed the real meditation and taught to inbuilt our physical body as amulet and make any mantra to activate from our soul and activate to vibrate through our physical body through any chakra for activation. All the remedies are carried out which is based up on this technique through the increasing power with higher level of energy in our physical body and attachment of soul from different planets and the individual horoscopes. How to make humans as chakras?, this will discuss later, behind that it will be required more ground work to attain extreme stage of meditation to activate any chakra on any media viz. paper, stones, leaves, water, air and finally atoms.
A practitioner, who is a sadhaka on tantric art performing tantric acts, lives away from normal life, practices meditation during different odd timings. Tantric mantra practices are esoteric in nature and yield quick results. That’s why all gurus used to give plates, chakras, yantra with tantra. Tantric mantras like iyum, kiliyum, savvum, hirim, shrim and many as alike so many small mantras were attached with goddess mantras also tuned with tantric concepts which brings whatever you want.  Some mantras like shodashakshari ,panchadashakshari mantras are based up on this tantric tools. Tantric mantras are followed and preceded by rituals and worships. Mantras are given above linked with tantric procedures and chanted for well being of the family, individuals and self gain for one self with desires.

To be continued