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Tricky visions, faulty images and manipulated visuals

Tricky visions, faulty images and manipulated visuals
Vision or visuals in the sense rose from the secondary source of the waves spread over in the universe.  The images rose in our eye screen from the brain cells as system which we were recorded long back in our hard disk/genetic center which was kept in the server on the universe during every birth.
And if separate out the visions there will be possibility of touching the inner screen where the yogis travelling. Here we can take any time from the server without any connection, period less, timeless through our soul where the brain cells are out of coverage area. But it will be failure. Once we are in consciousness and separate out the visions, there will no possibility of touching the inner way. It never opens. It doesn’t melt for any type of mantras. These images which have I described many times in my posts which is actually running in the external system of soul. Yogis always taking the source information from this area and explain as predictions with respect to horoscope. Horoscope never works when they try to predict through these sources. It’s a primary source. But number of persons I have seen as working in this primary source as astrologers knowingly and some unknowingly. Nevertheless these types of tricky visuals provide the original imagery in uncertainty. Perfection will expose at the final stage before the destination.
Last month in Salem town, near the new bus stand, I went to a Xerox shop to take print out of my reports,  I have seen a big poster hanging on the wall looks like padhanjali yogi which I have seen many places wherever yogic classes were conducted. I asked the person.
He said” we are taking classes on our own style and methods. We know how the siddhars and where they are and also particularly we exactly knows how to approach them.  We did separate research on this. Our classes are different from others. We teach the meditation on colors, in that we can concentrate and differentiate the three colors viz blue, green, and red to make the images where vision develops”. He said” he himself a hypnotist and he kept his training classes in you tubes, he stopped his lecture and opened the computer, showed me his speech in you tube. He went to states and given lectures on hypnotism”. He wants me to listen. It takes me ten minutes for a Person that how much he knows and which discipline he is expert.
I asked him how to meditate on the color as you said and how to differentiate the three colors from the images. He said it’s like that, we all some hundreds and well versed with these meditations and moreover everyone now can able to separate out the three colors and able to meditate.
I said” its way of techniques written in tantra sastra”. Until unless you raised the energy you cannot touch those kinds of things through your mind or soul whatever may be. So initially meditator should know where he is standing, and then he should know how to accumulate the energy level. Otherwise they may get confused and stand as static.
 But he did not want to hear my words. He insisted me to read his website. I asked him finally” can your meditation is useful to attain the range of god or its only makes you siddhis and magical things which is never useful for meditation. He is not answered for those. I said” you read my blog and guide your people in a proper way”.
While coming I wants to Xerox the topographic sheets from jumbo scale. Near the corner of five roads, salem, Owner was sitting in front of the shop. He asked me”Your beard is very big, are you doing any meditation or you going to temple. I said”I kept for my daughter who born recently”. He laughed on me. Beard becomes criticized.  In the wall of the shop, it has written about the chakras and the locations in the body. I asked him” have you think the picture shows the chakra is located correctly on the human body? He got angry suddenly “He said” all our yogis written the locations of the chakras in the human body like this. It is universal truth.
I said “its o.k., you imagine as the chakra moola is in near our anus and the moola god ganesha, vinayaga is sitting over there. How gods can sit near the place where we used to shit. You agree that?
His face changed, his entire conclusion gone wrong in front of all workers and raised angry. He asked me ”you tell me, now the new planet has been identified by the scientist like you, whether it will changes anything in our horoscopes, now we doing research in that. Do you aware on these planets.
I said” our eighteen yogis has written many things on this planets millions of years ago. They don’t know about this new planets will come in future and disturb the horoscope of human beings after millions of years? They have vision as past, present, and future. In BOGAR 12000, bogar has written separately on the astrology. Have you read that?
He asked”you have the book”. I said”first you come in to normal stream”. Why all your people misguiding the unknown people. If you are not realized anything, don’t argue on that.
He might have think that why he asked about my beard.
Visions, play of visions, role of visions in the humans, rising of visions, all these are working above the universe. In future who is capable to see the vision, they only rule the world.
If Circumambulate the vision of images arising during meditation it takes you gradually in to crystal clear vision as show you what you wants to see. Initially it appears and falls as translucent images, then gradually it traverse to transparent stages. Finally, a fine day it shows the vision as crystal clear after dedicated twelve years of period.
 There we can find out the original visions was created by our cells of mind spread over the entire universe during different periods and whenever we wants to  see or think over that suddenly we can take and blowout in our eye screen as images.
Two type of vision creation were occurred during meditation. Vision here consists majorly of two. One is the faulty vision of images created by mind and it will be registered in the waves and spread over in the universe. Secondly the vision develops and shows as it’s by the universe without any creation of your mind. The major difference is creation and non creation of mind or we can take easily as brain. We should not tell that is the working of brain. It’s working of soul which is well connected with external energies.
Faulty visions are tricky visions created by the universe and it falls over your screen and it confuses you without given conclusion. These types of tricky visions we can call as maya. I used the word here maya for easy understanding for readers. But in the literature the word maya was plunged into the historical ethics in different criteria. So for easy reading we can take here as tricky vision. Then we go to the real visions by the universal waves.
The Tricky visions will rise slowly step by step for the meditation practioners and yogis during the initial stages. It will confuse you and tempt you see the same images again and again. These types of tricky vision were purposely inserting by universe that who were try to come in to the real visions. Universe never allows you to take the visions from the waves. Whenever tricky visions works during sleep for meditators, there will be the temptations to pass out the urine immediately due to the physical body suddenly gets deflection on the vision seeing by you in your internal cinema theatre or vision screen.
All black magicians are used to see only the tricky visions. They can see the visions developed by the humans and tell the predictions for some extent. Sometimes some experts in black magics made the shadows on their magic spell and passed over to the universe. These types of things it is difficult to see by normal priests in temples or professional black magical fellows. The magicians are unable to see those kinds of shadows or unable to remove the screen and view who did the spell over in the universe and becomes desecrate. There will be no benefit of those guys.
Once a person came across in Gulbarga and highly professional and he was able to explain how to shadow falls and how to remove the screen from the spell and view the throws from which place, direction, gender and etc. His father was a very famous person in Gulbarga worshipped by many persons till today and he is the next carry of his father and his visions. His disciples are all experts in pre spirituals. He said he used to see his father daily during his prayer and whenever he used to go to worship place, and the same time his father also comes for worship. He asked me what you want on these topics.
A professional should be expert in removing the shadows of visions from the magical spells. These tricky visions make the people unable to find out what it’s thrown. The professional is capable to hold down the reciprocation of the spell and washed it in the universe is considered as a master. Some of the great masters in Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, bijapur, bagalkot Karnataka are working on the divine force and they always loyal to the masters and god. These people never come for money and the sometime we can’t tell lie to them. They avoid seeing before we want to meet them.
Few years back I met one of my masters in the village in tamilnadu. When we were discussing about the admission of engineering courses for kids, His son came and said “xxxxx met accident and severely injured. He said “It’s expected, you go, and tomorrow afternoon he will die”. His son “nodded with heavy shock and went out from terrace.
 I asked him “how u expected this. I don’t get surprised on his predictions. Because, it is very common for him to say the time and period for individuals almost every day. But the expected word makes me confused. I asked him.
He said “that fellow went to some place and did black magic’s”. He laughed loudly.
I said “don’t bluff, everyone knows about you, how can that fellow did this, he is an idiot or what”.
He said “Nobody knows I m doing yoga. Most of the people thinks I m an astrologer, although this may be the reason that’s why he went far place and did these type of stupid things”.
How you find out this person did the thing. If you find you can remove those magical throws and ask him to keep quiet? I said.
He “I removed it, but the spell will complete the throw till it digest. If the target is not been affected, it will go to the magician again. It’s a reverse throw. But the magician might have done initially itself on that magical throw that it should not come back to him if any fault happens, then the throw try to reach  the person whom asked to sin on this. Magician might have collected their nails, hairs, soil or their dresses. The smell will work on the tremendous energy. This is the cycle you may aware.
 I ” I know that, but you tell me how you see the images and visions”.
He said “it’s a yogic power. Year by year it will develops. You always connected with the universe. You open the universal door and see the visions and come back as normal and settled down as human. Sometimes visions changes and shows the new things happened around you. Sometimes visions play a major role to identify the others. After twelve years you can command over that. If you want to show about the particular person, the visions will open and show the persons past present and future. There will be the goddess around in the highly waves. It reflects the vision and you feel like goddess speaks to you.
You see that person xxxxx speaks the predictions like this. He used to tell goddess speaking on his ears. But the major truth behind is the visions play a vital role. He is criticizing on the people who were predicted with goddesses.
If significance on the particular topic which you required, it opens intermittently and showed the truth. Visions are the major power occupied and accumulated by yogis. But we should not go in to that. Your concentrate should be only on the god and the way for our great master. Year by year’s visions will be getting in to your control. Then it shows around what’s going along your way.
He continued “The person I saw long back. I have seen the visions he went through the vehicle, places, the persons and the purposes. We had a greatest advantage as we are yogis. These type of stupid things is always happens in the world. People believe it or not. Its there. But who had known to work on the universal energy known as black magician. But who controls the universe with his vision is yogi. When yogi is capable to control the entire universe, then these types of priests and black magicians falls under this universal energy.
Whoever does the sins to yogis; there entire generations will be washed away. It has written by great masters. There will be no excuse. No people bring remedy for these types of faults. No god, goddess statue save them if they have given disturbances. It’s an entire universal energy is hold by the yogi on his body and soul. Electromagnetic waves, magnetism, specific gravity, refraction, reflection, medium are all these coming under this principle. You should understand in the way of science. You are stupid scientist. Doesn’t know this simple topic and laughed on me.
“That Person period is over. He died. His karma has taken away”. No one here to stop this demise came for his work.
He stopped for a while.

If the thing is obstructed by an individual horoscope or destiny, we can make it as materialized. There is a stream line of destination for every individual horoscope. For example if you are not eligible for purchase a property, getting kids, marriage, life saving things are the materialized components  is can’t able to do until unless the destiny has been cooled down.
Many instances in my life, at the neck of the moment the thing will disappear, I fell down many times without materialized. It may be fate or I m not eligible for me. Guru always knows which is required, not required. He can access clearly and tell you that don’t do. Because he knows very well along on the fast running future. Many instances in my life, suddenly something will come and go. I used to mark in the calendars and diaries as code words. This habit makes me to learn basic astrology. But it’s not coincide or well interpreted with the things happened along the life. Then finally it’s coincided with the panja pakshi sastra. One of astrologer who well versed with this sastra taught me for eight years with hidden truths. Guru is not good person to teach. He always denies for every question. We have to learn ourselves for some extent. But the key, he has on his own, will show or make you feel that. How tortoise lay eggs on the foreshore while she floating inside the deep sea. It’s a highly tremendous energy required to open the key of human being inner selves through the power of guru as I said about the tortoise.
I always used to criticize about the people who were roaming circumambulate the hill in tiruvannamalai. But its destiny brought me the day I also have to go around about 14km.
I got down the southern end of the tiruvannamalai to pick the bus to Bangalore. But due to full moon day, the bus has been diverted to northern end which was 14km away from the hill. To go around the hill and complete the prayer it will be around 14km approximately. I started this work against my guru to help my friend. These types of obstacles will come according to the delay of the timings, circumstances created by the nature where the entire guru sleeps after meditations. It is called ecstasy, YOGA NISHTAI in tamil.  Their comments will work as alive in the universe when they will sleep and it will control us whoever goes against them. There will be huge failure you have to expect when you are against your gurus or yogis. I did it.
I walked down with my big travel bag contains laptop. One person asked me, you are walking with sleepers. I said god never asked to remove the slippers. He might have got hurt seems, his face gone down. Thousands of people move around here and there and walking towards the hill. The full moon illumination is everywhere on the hill slope and foot hills. Everybody walked there for to get blessings of lord shiva but I walked down to catch bus for my friend work and also against my guru word. It took me two hours to reach 14km and Bangalore buses were standing one after another. People said “five km in front of us those buses was standing”. I thought if I catch this bus, it will take another four hours to reach that end of five km. so again I walked down to 5km and caught the first bus comes out to highway. Heavy rush and sat on the footsteps. Early morning friend called me ”where r u”. I said”bus”. She”shall I prepare breakfast?” Will see” I said angrily.
I got from bus and reached home very late without sleep. Then we went to processing bank. They took signatures from me and went for prepare the documents for registration. But due to reasons we got the registration documents at night. Each and every step has been delayed. Next day is Tuesday. Now she denied to do register the flat on Tuesday, her relations are advised not to do on Tuesday.
I called my astrologer and asked” shall I do or not”. He said” u carry on, tomorrow is the good day, here sastra is applied, there will be compulsory registration will be there, time will cooperate. Wednesday will be failure, and then you never do registration in the life, he said.
I asked her, get ready for tomorrow registration, bring the documents and demand draft, we will do it. Next day we went there and completed the registration. Before the registration again problems has raised by the registrar that some lines should be deleted. But bank people were objected. I said” erase those lines but register it, if any problem with documents we may go for reentering with these same documents on some other day. We finally registered with the help of all my friends whom helped me for my registration of my flat.
It’s a brief. But lot of mental agony has risen for those days till its completion. Very first time I found it difficult to work on destiny for others. We never change our destiny? There will be another story which I write after this.
Hampering of the planets and to alter the destiny is difficult for yogis. I criticized my guru many times on this. But once I tried on my own, I found lot of difficulties. Each and every step I feel his presence before me even he was not on those matters. I learned from him. Finally I called him in front of the registration office and said” I committed mistake”. Sorry for me. But he said” I know about you, you will achieve the thing at any cost. It’s your character. That’s why meditations come easily for you.  But vengeance is there in your mind. Its shadows of your stars disclosed.
After he denied seeing me, he skipped my presence. Recently I called him after years. He said” now you don’t have vengeance in your heart. Your way of avenge has been closed. I know that. Its great master’s gift. I will come and see you when I feel to come” he said.
He comes on his own time like god. When he will come I don’t know. He will come up to railway station many times and return back to home. Sometimes he said to his wife that he will go and have tea at bus stand and come. But he will catch the train and reach the place. I m waiting at my place for him for the long period of time to complete my prayers. Beard is growing down to complete my prayers. 

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Alter the destiny using Yogic practices

Alter the destiny using yogic practices
Mr. Deve calle a regular reader of my posts was cursing on my meditations, gurus and sent me mail vigourosly. I really pray for you, but you don’t know.  You are away from our mainland, India. Otherwise I could have given guidance or make contact to you with other people whom well versed with what you are really required.
Usually no one ready to say my name or as friend helped them or saved them or because of me they could have reached their upliftment of life, even my friends also. They says” its god work, god helped them, or guru helped them. They hesitate to tell my name in society that because of me and through my painful work only their wishes are fulfilled and achieved. It’s a human behavior to highlight others hidden helps? My helps have no gratitude whom have benefitted till today.
It’s not so easy to change the destiny until unless you have not prepared for ground work.
Humans are not as simple as we think. Once in thousand have the individual character and open minded and we can trust, but identify those gentlemen or women is highly difficult. I have stopped all my helps through meditations due to some UN relevant time being friends and its affects me continuously with lot of hided intrusions in my life Mr.deve calle.
Things were so simple in those days before I had initiation. If somebody helped you, you could easily show your highly gratitude without any hesitation and hidden qualities. There were no hidden things in people mind, no hide and seek in our soul when you brought up in to understanding the way of society. For that its required individual disciplines. Vethathiri maharishi strongly recommended this individual discipline throughout his life.
Now everything has been changed. People have qualified behavior. They have well tuned to acting in front of society and very close friends. They have polished manners in the sense that they had well trained to hide their original face and well practiced to tell lies in front of close friends without any embarrassment and they praised themselves that they are very intelligent and clever to benefit by misusing on the name of friendship.
Honesty and integrity disappears from the normal human beings. Humans can transform in to anything at any time and at any stage for their own sake. There is an absence of straight forward qualities among people and away from simple life to survive. Whoever able to convince by delivering lies and cheating common people in society through misuse the others blood for their own benefit is known to be very clever and intellectual. These people are very common among us and we can find them as they used to go regularly and sincerely visit to temples, consulting swamijis, attending mutts for days and finally again turned back to behave as the same as above cited and betray others without any hesitation. For these people swamiji’s are giving bliss and bless and permitted them to do stupid things. Either swamiji doesn’t know about these people or swamiji doesn’t know about himself without any maturity.
The quality of honest disappears from the soul. Meditation, prayers, practices, yoga, arts will be failure if any person has not been maintain this quality in their soul.
Vividly, I remember many instances throughout my life and came across how honest paid to my personal life and the same qualities has also brought many gurus to me and enable my soul through expansion of my inner soul gradually for these past twenty years. The expansion of inner soul occurs and starts to intrude the hidden nature when you maintain your soul honestly. If you are not honest to yourself then how can you attain the highly honest and well established settlement of nature which is running and working without any failures in your souls which is always connected with nature?
Above writings particularly about the soul which is connected with nature apart from the human resource development.
During 2003, when I shifted my residence from nagercoil, tamilnadu to Bangalore, due to my posting. Mr.Tanislaus given a cover and I entirely forgot those cover due to my son was born and the shifting of residence. One year later after shifting, I got the cover accidently through my wife when I searched for my college girl friend photo in my cupboard.
The envelope contains two three money order received receipts and non returned slips of library books which I have taken from evangelical library at nagercoil and two numbers of hundred rupee notes with one handwritten letter.
A lady has written with enormous loss. The words in the letter are very less but those words makes me feel gaiety till today that I m not an eligible person for spiritual.
Wife scolded” you are getting lowest salary as 4600 rupees. With that who asked you to help others. She never denied whenever I use to help others.
I sent hundred rupees every month for some period to a lady whom I come across from the daily newspaper that their husband had acute kidney failure and they did not have sufficient money to do dialysis. Hemo dialysis is expensive for middle class family which I know from us did for my father during his end of the life. I sent money from manavalakurichy post office.
The letter from the lady said” I have returned your money attached with this. Husband demised due to heart attack. So she returned the money with thanks. I feel shame to touch that money for many years which I kept in my cupboard. The quality of highly honest followed by the unknown lady even after her husband demise makes me uncomfortable for many days. I have not seen those faces but the qualities till today I remember and learned how to live with nature. She had entire loss in her life but the qualities? God is very cruel to these people; I cursed the god for not showing the mercy to simple human beings. We can argue plenty of things on these gods but its failure to recover the human life. Before initiation I used to get frequent upset due to facing of inhuman qualities from god and sometimes from normal human beings.
Friend said “when we will sit after this and talk like this”. I said” I don’t know”.
We were sitting on the kitchen slab on the registration day of their flat during sundown time when the power was not connected to that flat.

Note :1 is the brief and part of the tract before the words was delivered by friend is cited above
Note: 2 is the brief after these vocalizations.
Now Note: 1
Two years back one of my friend purchased a flat after a long run in their life with many obstacles and hurdles due to heavy loss in family life. Working as temporary staff, selling saris, doing small businesses, surviving with a girl kid. Bank Manager whom known to her, went to their house and collected the application form for home loan. But, when applied for bank loan, it has been cancelled due to salary given as cheque by company and major break in the income tax return due to service breaks.
Manager and consultant staff for home loan contacted me and said, “the data’s what they have given is wrong and it’s not matching with form.  “You better approach the same bank where you have taken the flat on auction with respect to sanction of home loan from the same bank”.
 Auction day one of our staff in Nagarabhavi doing real estate for many years wants to take the flat on auction. I approached him and convinced for not participate in auction. Even though a dentist came and attended auction and lost.
We approached the same bank and met manager. Manager sent to the process division and asked me to contact processing staff. The staff who was in this loan process contacted me and said the application is rejected and said the same reason. Due to my field work I proceeded to field duty. My friend said their uncle will come and do the process. Uncle who was in college as lecturer said”during vacation time he can come and do the process. The sisters, parents are all very busy with their own work. After some days my friend asked me to come to Bangalore to finish this bank work. I sent sms to manager and bank process staff to sanction the same loan with enormous requests. They called me to Bangalore branch for their explanation why it was denied. `
The processing staff called me and said how you fill the break of service. I convinced her to help for my friend. She said” your friend is working as temporarily, I went personally and enquired in their office and the loan amount is very high, in what way we could help your friend and enable the sanction of the loan. She also said” there is only one way to solve this problem if you want to help your friend to get loan. You can give your flat documents and sanction the loan for your friend from your own flat”.
While coming from bank for my flat documents I was thinking on the lady said about the transactions. She said” she was not there in the service when her husband was demised. I asked her to fill that break as her husband demised. She said how they can fill when her husband demised before she joined that company and left a major break in service. She advised me if you want to help her you bring your flat documents. With your flat documents we can sanction the loan for her. I accepted.
On the mercy on her all other things are getting ready and the loan was yet to be sanctioned. There was heavy rain in the evening time, I took Xerox of my entire flat documents, bank documents and went by auto to the Richmond circle and approached the staff. That day I was not well and fall ill health due to my other works. But to submit the documents I have to go and submit before my field works starts. I carried umbrella in the heavy rain on that day evening and walked down to main road from my flat and taken auto to Richmond circle. From the down Richmond road, again I walked down to processing bank on the heavy rain and submitted the documents to that lady staff. After I left immediately to the field and sent fax from my field area to the processing staff who is accessing officer to consider my guarantor part due to work being on the field and unavailability at home. Everything was considered easily due to my flat documents taken as primary as guarantor for all sanctions. While coming from processing bank, my friend showed the provident fund office where she came to collect the money after her husband demise. She showed the photo of a swamiji in her cell phone and said it is luck for her if the swamiji in cell phone display. When we got down at vijayanagar, she said her cell phone has missed. I found the cellphone in the road where we got down without any damage and saved the lucky swamiji display.
For registration, one of my friend who was advocate who had done my registration for my flat as same as he carried out the same for her and given the approved letter that day itself from the registration office.
I asked my builder to help my friend for renovation work which the flat was tremendously damaged by people before the auction. He sent the people whom they carrying out work for my flat. I said to the manager to complete this house as early before my flat work starts. They have completed in these same months of December and given the key to her for occupy the flat. The manager said till today their boss never did renovation works. They have constructed many apartments in the west of Bangalore city. For my close friendship with their boss they have done this renovation work for my friend.
Whoever helped me or to my friends I always show gratitude till today and grateful to them. All these things for her I carried out very fastly due to understanding of time and destiny for her.
My guru said” she is not good person, don’t help her”. Let her go in life of suffers. You don’t carry her karma and changes the destiny. Until unless you help she never buys the flat even she spends lot of money. Her horoscope is not correct. Somebody misinterpret her horoscope but I m disclose this to you. It’s up to you” he said.
I said” I promised her”.
He said” then you do whatever you like, but I m not responsible for all of your pains if you got hurts in future”.
I continued my prayers without my guru order. I do meditation for hours to accumulate the energy which is required to move down the destiny to complete our work. Whenever at night I used to getup I sit on meditation for hours. Sometimes I feel sunrise is very late. I felt to complete the work without my guru help. So I felt that I required my own power to enable the destiny to work on the primary source. But, I met bike accident, problems with physically, mentally even though I stood and completed the work.
 That day in the evening the conversation had taken place which I have given above in the note: 1.
Now Note: 2
That day night I left to the field work. Two days later when I was on the field I got a call from her and said the words which were entirely different. I got surprised for first time. Number of times I have seen the tears on her eyes in front of my house and in other places. But now the character entirely changed once the work was over. I laughed and understand my guru words. I felt the destiny come back to its normal place which I moved from her.
I called my builder and asked for a help. He sent the manager to do my work on this case. Then lot of troubles I heard from my people. Painter called me and said” sir, madam’s boy friend asked to polish the wall before paint starts, it’s not in our contract as we agreed. I said to my painter” ask boy friend to pay the extra money”. But boyfriends kept quiet till the completion of work.
Initially no one ready to come for help, even their parents, sisters, relatives and friends. Once she had the flat, everyone turned up and praised her for her achievement. They used to come and roam in front of me till today. I feel ashamed on myself why I did help for these people without knowing the basic human characters.
Manager called me and said” work is over, shall you wants to see the renovation work?’. I said ”give the key to her, I don’t wants to see”.
She forgot me and celebrated house warming ceremony with her friends and relations. Her sister said” it’s very easy to give the guarantor for flat. Her boy friend’s sent the mail” they have given number of guarantor in their life and within the week end the change of guarantor will be materialized”. Her uncle contacted through phone “he will come and change the guarantor to his name within the month, but he came to purchase another flat from auction with respect to this flat. There were no changes for years till today.  Whoever never comes forward to help her initially when she cries and when it’s required to initiate. All those mentioned above later they commented on me. Then finally I got a name as bad person.   
After I fall down ill frequently due to hidden works carried out through meditation. Then I start facing problems and troubles and finally it’s hampered my regular meditations. I went to my guru place. He said” its results of woman” I said you before don’t do”.
As he said it happens. He asked me to calm down for years to recover my health. There is a magical throw on you; it will affect your left side of the body very early. You are not on our stream line now. So, I can’t help you now to recover. You exhausted all your energy through these hampering of destiny for her. `
I said” I helped many people whom are very close to me for years like suresh.
He said” I insist you don’t help her because lot of blight everyone have even she carrying curses, but you are not listening, it’s turned down to you”. You do your meditation regularly. Try to recover yourself with you own. I can’t help you in this stage. He left me without given any help. I came as patient with ill health symptoms.
I reached Bangalore. A fine day suddenly I got left shoulder pain. I thought it fluctuations of sugar level or frozen shoulder. But as he said, I got severe ill health on that. Continuous pain round the clock on my shoulder and it insist me don’t do help for others.  I started my meditation regularly mostly round the clock along my regular works. I tried to help some of my friend’s family. But my throw gets failure due to absence of coordination of energy in the nature. It’s obstructed my throw and prayers and nature laughed on me with hide and seek.
I increased my meditation, sometimes without have bath for three days. It’s not working. The magical throws around me simply rose in front of me and appear as fog. I found a black magic’s spell works on me appear as a small stick. I unable to find what stick they have used for spell. Some types of herbs are applied over on the sticks. I tried to locate the place where they have broken or where they have dug it.  Meditations becomes failure to run through the different breath to identify the source of material used for magical throws, but its not cooperating due the pain of left hand shoulder. I tried to find out without my guru, so regularly get up from bed while deep sleep and open the inner way and search where they kept. But visions play a major role and put down the shadows due to destiny. I tried to scan the image but the visions are not cooperating.
Varma person who is disciple of professional varma master touched me and said its varma throw. He tried to heal it. But he got faint continuously and said it takes long time to cure. Meanwhile I consulted ortho, scans, physiotherapist to get it cure from external activities but its failure. An expert from fortis hospital said we will go for laproscopic surgery. I had strong faith on my gurus. I don’t want to keep knife on my body as surgery. It shows the failure of the meditations.
Finally after a year recently I called my guru and said I will cut my left hand if you are not helping me. He contacted through phone and said” it takes time to get it cure, he asked me to come down there but due to my work I can’t turned up. Destiny plays an important role wherever I move. I found I can’t fool destiny works. It works on its own cycle. We can hamper the life horoscope for a moment until unless help from planet but the destiny works away from the horoscope but it works. Some of the masters enable to stop the planets for a while till their completion of their work. They ask you to finish it fastly and make enable as it is before. 
My wife said” you are helping for other, but you are not helping for to get transfer for me”.
The transfer of her is hiding behind the destiny and knocked down me several times. I kept target to complete transfer. But it brought failure from different persons. I stopped meditation for fifteen days and said myself, if I m not able to do help for my family, what I did meditation for decade and more. Slowly destiny moves away from her and helped her to get the transfer from unknown person. I found my breath changes frequently due to running down my meditations when the destiny moves away from the normal position. Destiny works differently. Your body will reflect when you change the destiny for others or yourself. It works accordingly.
 Doctor in fortis suspected problem in my heart due to the left shoulder pains. ECG taken and found problem only with shoulder and hand. He asked me some other unusual sound was coming from you when it’s amplified. Its running continuously and there will be no break in your breathe. it’s not possible for humans these time of common breath trends. I said” it’s an practice of yoga and meditation. It takes its own time for breathe and makes you away from this nature and touches the end point where it comes through. For that it takes twenty years for me to locate the way of breathe trend. It makes me death very soon. That’s only I don’t know how many years I alive with these reciprocation of breathe.  
The sound you heard through this amplified source is the play of nature. Its controlled breathes trend and swerves it according to the starting point and rolled down to the centre of the body and comes up as reciprocate and complete the swerves. It stops for a while. It works away from the body. It elongates the energy. This sound you might have heard many places in nature. But you can’t understand. That’s the god works to hide the human source and enable to hear the actual sounds. Doctor was very much impressed; he asked me how to do that. I said it’s up to your destiny and horoscope for this birth. I came out with continue pain on my left hand shoulder.  I bring to an end here.
A real astrologer knows a perfect timings and transitions of planets daily. They can give you this will be materializing for particular horoscope when the planets show favors to them. Magicians will take help from these people and complete their work flawlessly. Otherwise black magic’s never works. Most of the priests in temple become failure in these aspects due to lacking of this knowledge. But the yogis doesn’t required any timings or horoscope to initiate. They know how to work with destiny. They work with universal energy when they run parallel to the nature and its components. Destiny consists of fate, time and periodical time of a life span. When a person knows to changes this, he also be known person on the difficulties of moving the destiny.
Some yogis enable to stop the destiny for some period until the work has been completed as I described above and narrated the situations which I have faced during the hampered of destiny. The destiny works on the higher level of particles partition from tiny particles one after another or connected with one another as chain reactions. Once yogis stopped the destiny or make its hampered for some time, it will try to come back to normal position. Humans can understand suddenly when the situations changes from the hand.
The situations and circumstances changes the humans life when the destiny starts or hampered its works. Imagine a rock as destiny, we try to move it from normal position aside by using some iron rods or assume a boulder as destiny and we rolled down the boulder to certain extent by using the tool.
The tool is ours. Tool gets much affected when the actual fate was hampered by destiny trends. The boulder tried to come in to normal position. Till the position comes we have to suffer with our tool what we have used to help for them. Some yogis throw down the boulder by given a kick to boulder. It never comes back. But they use only for other yogis to complete the cycle of rotation in material life for their disciple and achieve the end stage of meditation.
Recently guru called me and said” you are gradually matured after these two years. How I faith on my great master, you also becomes. Great master helps you in your life. We do our work let the great master will complete that. It’s true.
My beard is gradually growing down to a feet. I used to say different lies to different persons for this beard. But internally my mind and soul stand still and stood without any movement on my great master. Wife said” you becomes and looks very dirty and makes us scared. Son said” all his friends started asking why your dad grows this much long beard”. I become stranger on appearance in society and criticized by people.
But my mind and soul is not on my beard, it’s already flown down to my great master’s place long back. The regular breathe is uncontrolled and it swerves down as it likes. While on doing regular work itself the breathe makes me disappear and attention on the sounds from the hairs. Girls are disturbing on the dreams with colorful wears. Sometimes some of the goddess makes scared and disappear, again appear as woman with red colored saris.
 Recently I visited to my great master place and kept all my friends obligations and long standing problems to him and prayed for them. Finally while coming out from the place I got flicker in my mind, I m not asking anything for me, I forgot me while at place.
Again I return back to his Samadhi and kept my soul on him and said that my Samadhi or death will be near to you in this place. I said I leave my soul here, you know always. Until I roam in this material world and enjoy all my family life you should not call me. I have to talk to my girl friends.  But the breathe, the highly conscious on us has been already swerved without asking me. That is guru. That’s we called as a name as “master of destiny” the god.