Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tricky sounds, Resonance of sounds, Divine sounds

Tricky Sounds, resonance of sounds, divine sounds

The day on Shankaranthi/pongal I went to buy medicines for my friend who is suffering for thyroid related diseases. It’s an ayurvedic sala and the medicines are preparing genuinely by hands of yogis without mixing of any chemical components is located near to salem city. They gave a cup of delicious milk and I asked for permission to see the ashram which I was there for the first time. They sent a young yogi and he may around thirty five years.
He took me to the cattle hut and asked me to touch it. But the animals used to fear when unknown person try to come closer. Cattle have passed urine and moved back in front of me shows that cow got scared on my cargo pant. I feel bad that I could have visit with our regular dress. He took me to Samadhi places where the elders had jeeva Samadhi. I said to him” People here still alive inside with physical body”. He said “yes, sometimes they used to come”. I stood there for some time and imagine that people used to sit in a meditation and had Samadhi. “One person had Samadhi here, but he is not from ashram. He came from some other place, stayed here and had Samadhi here” he said.
He took me to cultivation area and showed me the multi crops cultivation. Then he took me to a big tree and asked me” do you know about the Ayurveda”. I said” I don’t know and little bit I learned about siddha. He said”learn Ayurveda, it is in Sanskrit, but you can learn”. I Nodded.
He was standing in front of the tree and said” In Ayurveda, a separate lesson describes elaborately about the soil. He continued” the tree shows the content and compositions of the soil. What are the deficiencies in soil and majorly it talks about the roots. Roots are the major thing in the world” is in it?” He asked me. I nodded.
Then he asked me “what u do here”. I said” am exploration geologist, working for atomic energy”. So you deal with atoms”. I said” No and explained simply. He asked me “What is this rock. I said” its charnockite, hornblende gneiss, biotite. He said “its mica?. I nodded. Then what is the deccan trap? I got terribly shocked. It’s in rathnagiri and sindhudurg district, Maharashtra, I said. Then what it is in kerala,” he asked. “Its laterite, further from traps”I said. He was asking about basaltic rock and showed me the boulder in the paddy cultivation. I got down from the place and stood in the paddy field and checked that. I surprised. He said” how bauxite comes from the laterite”. I said” may be rich content of ferrous and aluminium. I want to stop this conversation.
He said about the characters of the people who were coming there with irrelevant thoughts. We tried to go inside the topic. He stopped. I said” 18th century, a scientist named Tesla discovered an instrument which can be record sounds from anything in universe especially timings. For example, if we discuss anything in a closed room, then after, bring the same machine and keep it for a while under recording and run down, it brings what we conversed. He the scientist actually founded Bulb, but as usual other scientist diverted the discoveries. That scientist founded very rare things.
 He said”we can also access anything from nature at any time, you may know. I said “yes and its brought among us the big silence for some and we walked down along the cultivation area.
I asked him “what’s your qualification. He said “tenth standard. I asked him” a tenth standard student in city never aware of this special discipline subjects. How you asked these types of in depth questions. He said “It’s great master gift. Great master always says” the in-depth deep rooted meditation brings all the things in nature and we can access anything from nature. The doubts rose from the universe and the results also have come from the same universe. But now days I felt worried due to fellows like you and spoiled my meditation. At Sometimes, because of your people I unable to do meditate in my routine time. It brings fluctuations times in to me. His words are directly intruded in to me. Simply I was seeing his eyes. His eyes are wetted. His beautiful beard and his hairs fly along the wind direction look like a small kid. I feel ashamed on myself. 
A person can scold you, if he is not talking his food at the correct schedule. But a yogi worrying about his meditation is systematic. It’s not a new thing for me. Many yogis scolded me, that yogic soil never allows without blessings. It’s a sequence for them. When their energy raises, they never used to come down, never visit any place, simply away from others and do continuously till the portion of ecstasy has crossed over. He called me” you want to visit the doctor”. I said “yes”. Then you go and see him. Have lunch and go “he said in a clear voice.
 I had lunch, purchased medicine and returned to field camp.

Some months back, a reader from abroad asked about sathaya nakshathira girl regarding marriage and kids. My in law got married and she got a boy kid last week. She suffered many years through this extension and postponement of marriage. She does some mantra for many years. She used to tell” amma is there and she helps her”. This is the basic faults for unmarried girl and family persons. Some girls on enthusiasm used to do mantras and bring unnecessary things in their life and get lock themselves inside the mantra. Their life will be trapped and brings them in to particular way of closed chamber and never allow them to settle. Once she said” my amma will see you”.
As same as, it becomes very common now a days like many ladies trapped by these type of goddess and threatening others. And some people using maruti, hanuman. Its different way and style.  At some houses, these types of goddess bring by ladies and keep it in the pooja room as energy. They themselves considered as amma and used to tell predictions in many places with the effects of this energy. It’s unsafe and it tends to bring down their normal life of human being. Then after, we brought her internally from this amma for some time. Then she started saying”amma has gone; nowadays she is not speaking to me”. She gets externally locked and relieved from amma. Then by blessings of guru, she got married.
Even after marriage, astrologers from Coimbatore said “she don’t get kid”. But as blessings she got a kid. If I write the other incidents, readers may think I praising myself. Readers can understand how the nakshathira works and how to retrieve. We should not do harm to others. It’s a basic lesson. Otherwise traps made by individuals never swipe out.

Another reader posted in blog and hides their face, “a person like you expecting from your friend like normal human beings if they were cheated and misused”. Then what is the difference between us and yogi.

Everybody expecting from yogi as free of cost? They never come to you. We only go near and beg in front of them. These two lines should be understood.
Many yogis used to visit my home at Bangalore. Sometimes they never have money for return trips. They never take from unknown person even food also. Once A yogi travelled for two days without food due to money and reached my home. He said” I only take food in your home not in another houses while travelling”. They will take only from trusted people whom they considered as most trusted, for some people they will open and asks what they required; mostly they never do also even if they don’t have sufficient money for return travel.
Most of the time I used to insert money in their dirtiest shirt pocket. With that money, they buy some sweets for their children and make empty pocket before them reaches home. These people are capable people in meditation discipline. If these people come in to cities, they can make lakhs of rupees. But they never?  If we are not able to understand them, they will go from our home as empty stomach. It’s make us huge pain in our life time and we have to carry in our entire life? Once, papanasa swamigal came to our home at my home town, when I went with family from Bangalore. He said in front of my mother that ”previously he used to take once in fifteen days or month and roam in the forest area during his guru was alive before jeeva samadhi. But he continued” now a days it’s impossible and am not able to hold hungry for four days”. You prepare lunch; I have lunch with your people and go” He said. He is alive. His guru jeeva Samadhi in upper dam, karaiyar.
A friend called me last week and said” I will tell you one incident, but you should not ask your friend and you should not write also”. I said” yes”.
She said” some months back during Diwali time your friend called me and said” her sister was pregnant. She criticise your predictions and said” what they are predicted, all are wrong. He said” I will lose my job, but they increased my salary to forty thousand salary and he predicted for my sister that they never gets the children. But she is pregnant now”, I’m going for dasarra holidays to celebrate the 7th month celebration at home for my sister pregnant.  What fellow thillai”.
But my friend continued, first of all you listen this” Then after a week, again she called me and said” her sister got aborted due to some medical ground that baby got heart problem. So, she went to see her sister as patient instead of celebrating ceremony of pregnancy.
I said” I know the pain of these things, I lost my first kid”.  I don’t want to give the comments. When god gives, we bow down and get precious things in life. God will sit and see, it never gives the results like an emperor as immediately. I felt god is cruel on human beings and we should also accept that we do maximum mistakes and wrong things to other without fear of god. God is too bad, some people only knows this.
The answer for reader is given above. If we have really blessed by god, we should keep silence and thank god through prayer in all time how birds keep their eggs. I have given in writing as per my guru words as predictions for her around two years back. Gurus words never changes. They give us results as god.
In my previous posts, readers can refer on the topics which I have written the things to be carried out who ever suffers without kids. Even if we do the prayers, poojas in the temple, the most required things is the blessings.

But Blessings are miffed and hurt by the people here. I bring to an end here.

Sounds are the basic perception of soul. Yogis says that” don’t spell mantra externally”. The sounds in nature will record the voice and misguide you. Nature, the supremo is controlling the pancha boothas. If any person try to come out from this circle of working distance is unable to do so. Sometimes they will fall. I here used the word “will, would be” instead of “may or might be”. It pulls the yogi down with bringing them to typical situations and creating circumstances make them mentally to leave the yogic practices. If he or she continues, it brings the obstacles in each and every situation in day to day life and distracts the family surroundings. It absorb the mental frequency due to yogis are trying to cross those mental frequency which is control the human brain. Once yogic crosses the layer of those frequencies, they never come down under the control of brain which is connected to the supremo. Suddenly they will travel in the tiny hair bridges and see the entrance of the temple and gets severe shock. Thousands of sun with bluish rays falls over from the universe and make yogi down to hours in deep meditation. When they crosses stage by stage, some of the magical things will comes and activate spontaneously in to them. Those times are the critical tests for all the yogis. Many crossed and keep the magical things and try to achieve the next stage of acuity.
Some people started thinking that they have achieved the magical power, then they starts to play with beings. If yogi keep secrecy on those times and continue the travel, they can achieve the primary thing of control the human brain and able to crossover which is to control the universe. Sometimes they get the track to Passover the prayers and let it be in the nature to work. As a seed it grows tremendously and completes the work which has been seeded for. Yogi is a highly secretive person, no one can analyse him. If any person says that I know about the character, they have been misguided and their analysis itself tends to do bring them in to trap what their intention was accordingly.
The tricky sounds enables slowly, internally in the yogis viz. bell sounds, big shells, waves, sound of cloud (tricky), two holes. But it’s a green signal for the yogis in the primary stage. Some of them I heard that “they were doing for twenty years”. Its shows the excess waste of human energy. It appears that they still stand in that position.
We have crossed over the ceremony of death from child hood. While taking the body, they used to hit the bells, blow the shell, blow the two holes of trumphet, fire in the pot, close the nose of dead body with cotton, coin on the fore head in between the eyebrows, tied the foot finger and etc. These are the symptoms when a human being born to hear this mentioned above when they alive to complete the birth. They are not been heard, never heard , unseen the fire, untied the rope, blow down through nose, forget the two holes of trumphet, bell sounds in the entrances, sound of shells throughout the body, fire in the centre hole, bridges of tiny hairs, horses of wide travel, thousands of suns and moons. Whoever eligible and understand this should kneel and bow down in front of your great masters and beg him to disconnect this birth in this birth itself.