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PANJA PAKSHI SASTRAM -4 பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 4

பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 4
ஆதியாம்பராபரனை போற்றிசெய்து அம்மையவள்
உலகத்தோர் பிணைக்கவேண்டி பஞ்சபஷிசக்கரத்தை
பகரவேணுமென்று பராபரனை கேட்க
சோதியாம் முமையவளேநீகேள் என்று
சொல்லுகிறன் பஞ்சாட்சர ரூபமதையும்
பகருவேன் பாரிலப்பா வாதியாம்
பெரியோருக்கும் புத்தியுள்ள மன்னவர்க்கும்
மிதுவாகும் வகையைக் கேளே.  சித்தர்

Readers are requested to read all the observations which are given below for easy discerning. Do not concentrate only on the techniques and related briefs which were mentioned about panja pakshi sastra. Try to read completely and thoroughly, so that you can understand the outline of the sastra without any confusion. Therefore it is easy for any reader can refer books written by siddhars for further readings or clarifications with gurus may be uncomplicated.
The works of birds are Eating, walking, ruling, sleeping, and dying. These five works will be carried out by every bird round the clock through out the week. It begins with this works and completes on the same day itself between twelve hours and next day in the first and second session. Once if it’s started to understand the computation which is given below, then after it will be easy to recognize in a prescribed format for other calculations. Siddhars are fixed with hidden timings on each session throughout twelve hours. But, they were followed the oldest calculations for timings in seconds which were practiced by ancient tamilians, so all timings mostly in Tamil. All the oldest books are referred which is easily available in the market and its generally more than hundred years. Timings are given below for reference. Anybody can convert the old timings into new one and bring out in to recent type of time phase calculations.
Siddhars of tamilnadu fixed their timings in panja pakshi sastra and it’s majorly whatever they were observed from their yogic practices and they were also well known about how the physical and chemical body of the human beings response with nature and elements. Accordingly they were fixed the timings for each bird works in the universe. They were fixed separate timings for animals also. Its coming under different topic. It may discuss at the end if it’s required. From the sunrise to sunset they divided in to two periods. All the horoscopes in tamilnadu are differing always; it’s not particularly on timings or coordinates. They have their own panchangas in different districts according to their ancestors in particular districts. But they have experienced and well known that how to interpret and how to change the calculations in to another panchangas. For example a person born at Coimbatore, tamilnadu follows a type of calculations, but if we go to Madurai or tirunelveli districts they have their own calculations according to panchanga. It always varies and makes confusion on predictions due to lacking of knowledge on conversion. But a person who well versed with timings and connections of siddhars can easily convert all the horoscopes in to any form.
From the sunrise to sunset it is considered in to one period here. For example, if we take during day time from the morning to evening, that particular twelve hours is considered as one period for calculation as example from morning six to evening six. Further, they split this morning period in to five phases. Each phase subdivided in to five sub phases. As same as, evening session are divided in to five periods with relative to morning session phases. In these five phases birds do their five works as mentioned above. The chart is given below for easy reference. First readers try to understand the timings is fixed here for each sub phases.

NAAZHIGAI timings are ancient timings followed by tamilians in Tamilnadu and mostly followed in all sastras. This naazhigai is calculated for all the timings on the works of birds. And another major cumulated time is JAMAM. The meanings are given below.

In ancient Tamil they used to call as JAMAM (in other languages they may illustrate as jama, yama).

1 naazhigai- 24 minutes
6 naazhigai- 2 hours 24 minutes
1 jamam= 6 naazhigai
5 jamam= 12 hours
10 jamam= 24 hours

If a crow, the bird starts on Sunday evening in the order of work mentioned below.  As an example, crow starts on Sunday evening from second session of twelve hours to next day morning.  The birds and timings consumed by birds are given below. All the birds are shared among the timings of 2 hours and 24 minutes for one jamam. So each bird starts it work in first jamam and then it changes in to the second phase, then it goes to third, fourth and fifth phase. The timings are written below for each bird is working for those particular minutes in two hours and twenty four minutes. The other birds shared their work and their time indicated below on the same two hours and twenty four minutes. Once again read this paragraph, this calculation comes over through this panja pakshi sastra till to an end.

Sunday (evening session)
Crow - eat, - 1 ¼ naazhigai
Vulture - rule, 1 naazhigai
Cock-die, 1 ½ naazhigai
Owl- walk, 1 ¼ naazhigai
Peacock- sleeps –1 naazhigai
Total= 1 jamam

Peacock –eat 1 ¼ naazhigai
Crow-rule 1 naazhigai
Vulture-die 1 ½ naazhigai
Cock-walk 1 ¼ naazhigai
Owl-sleep 1 naazhigai
Total= 1 jamam

Owl- eat 1 ¼ naazhigai
Peacock – rule 1 naazhigai
Crow- die 1 ½ naazhigai
Vulture- walk 1 ¼ naazhigai
Cock-sleep 1 naazhigai
Total= 1 jamam

Cock-eat 1 ¼ naazhigai
Owl- rule 1 naazhigai
Peacock – die 1 ½ naazhigai
Crow- walk 1 ¼ naazhigai
Vulture- sleeps 1 naazhigai
Total= 1 jamam

Vulture- eat 1 ¼ naazhigai
Cock-rule 1 naazhigai
Owl- die 1 ½ naazhigai
Peacock – walk 1 ¼ naazhigai
Crow- sleep 1 naazhigai
Total= 1 jamam

            5 jamam for 12 hours is divided here for easy understanding. Readers can easily grasp the other days as like this given above.  5 jamam (12hours) for one period during the morning phase and evening phase are calculated as said above. Change the birds accordingly to the next day timings from the sunrise.
Siddhars fixed the power and period of function of each bird. For example if the bird is on rule (ruling) means its rule the other bird’s strength and power at the particular time. Its functions also work on this basis. So rule is coming under the first place here. Then eating is coming next to the rule place and power. The third place for the bird work is walking. The fourth place goes to sleeping and final is dying. This was explained in the previous post.
Reader always keep in mind that ruling bird never gets success always. Some times at some particular work, the bird on eating will apply for some important work with different calculations with days and horoscopes. Sometimes walking bird will be using for discussion work or other important works will be explained during the coming posts. Readers once again read this paragraph again and again. Most of the misguidance and opinion are coming from this ruling bird in many blogs.
Now move towards to the communications and highly transactions with the human beings through this panja boothas. Each bird has friends and enemies with other birds. For example the friend and enemy relationships during waxing moon days for all the birds are given below. This is commonly fixed. But when comes for work it varies.

“Vulture is friend to peacock and owl but enemy to crow and cock
Owl is friend to volute and crow but enemy to cock and peacock
Crow is friend with owl and cock but enemy with vulture and peacock
Cock is friend with owl and cock but enemy with vulture and peacock
Peacock is friend with vulture and cock but enemy with owl and crow”

As same as calculate for the birds during waning days are prescribed above post in nakshathiras. As same as calculate nakshathiras for waning days for this friend and enemy works. Why they kept friend and enemy relationships on birds calculations. In some works we have to take friend bird with us for concerned work.
Always it should not take friend bird (bird referred here a person fixed to a star bird) with us for to attend meeting and discussions may lead to success. This is the wrong opinion as mentioned in the above paragraphs. Many of the persons always taken this friend and enemy bird calculations be supposed to be considered as quoted in verses and poems like above. It’s a huge error in this sastra were carried out normally by amateur astrologers. Simply it’s should not take any friend which is coming under your friendly bird or enemy bird for personal work will never bring any success or failure.
In panja pakshi sastra there are some kind of advanced calculations for some holy works. Behind these there are different calculations to accumulate the pancha boothas in advanced stage of workings. How to use panja boothas for mechanism were carried out along with mantra, yantra, and tantra. This is the major thing in the panja pakshi sastra. If wherever it’s written about the friend or enemy birds it should be always understood that it’s not true as said above. Each bird has separate mantra, god, directions, yantra, and tantra. Coming post it may give explanation on these subjects

கற்றறிந்தேன் சாஸ்திரங்கள் கல்வி நுல்கள்
கருத்தறிய வயதெனக்கு ஈரைந் தாச்சு
சித்தறிந்து விளையாடக் கவன மாச்சு
செயலறிந்து மாதர்களைச் செயிக்க லாச்சு
வித்தறிந்து விளையாடி வயது போச்சு
மேன்மேலும்  பொருளாசை மிகவு மாச்சு
பற்றில்லா உறமுறையு மேலுண் டாச்சு
பார்மீதில் பேராசை படைத்திட் டேனே
                              (Thiruvalluva nayanar)

Now siddhars have written directly about the panja boothas working in the universe other than birds. How panja boothas works directly. In many verses appu, theyu, vayu, neer, agayam and prithivi. In many verses and poems the joining of each boothas with other birds brings the important results in the universe.
The important works are: vasiyam, mohanam, thambanam, maaranam, utchchadanam, agurshanam, bethanam, vithveshanam. These are the important works in mantra sastra, yantra sastra and tantra sastra. In atharvana Veda, all tantric sastras are dealing most of the things with this panja pakshi sastra. Readers don’t get confuse here with panja pakshi sastra. Because yogis were kept advanced stages one after another in panja pakshi sastra. If person develops slowly in this sastra he can able to identify the works of panja boothas. With these panja boothas, it will be understood about the above mentioned works that how it will be carried out by these yogis. These major works will be carried out only through panja pakshi sastra.
 Among the eight works are mentioned above, the worst and dirtiest work is MAARANAM (kill the enemy). In some poems, yogis said these maranam will be carried out when the opponent person time is weak and karma. If the karma is applicable for this maranam procedure, it will be performed on the person whom considered as enemy. Sometimes persons gets mental disorder suddenly due to miss spell and unable to find out with scans and doctors. They can better consult the yogis who know this sastra. He can alter the panja boothas working on him who had illness due to the disorder in physical and chemical body.  

ஆச்சென்று ஒடுங்குநிலை யறியவேணும்
அறிந்துமன துரிமையினா லேறவேணும்
மூச்சென்ற வாசியினா லேறியந்த
முத்திதருந் தீபமதைக் காணவேண்டும்
பேச்சென்ற சத்திசிவ சூட்சங்கொண்டு
பெலமான சூட்சமதா லிறங்கவேணும்
ஆச்சென்று யேறுதுறை யிறங்குதுறைகண்டால்
ஆதிசிவ சோதியென அறியலாமே.
 -–அகத்தியர்—(Mahayogi agasthiyar)


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