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PANJA PAKSHI SASTRAM -5(பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 5)

(பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 5)

துய்ய மலருறையுந் தோகா யுனதம்பொற்
செய்ய மலர்ப்பாதஞ் சேவித்தேன்-வையத்
தைந்து வகைப்பட்சி யழையுங் குணமென்றன்
சிந்தைதனி னிற்கவே செய்.
Friend and enemy bird
Next stage of operation and association with other birds are indirectly said by Siddhars. They say sathru and mithru in tamil, and it may be the same meaning in other languages also. The friend and enemy birds are associated with one another and make them one and do the operations of the eight magic’s in the universe. The eight magics are vasiyam, mohanam, thambanam, maaranam, utchchadanam, agurshanam, bethanam, vithveshanam.  They also say its coming under the topic “ashtakanmam”. How to play ashtakanmam with these birds on particular days and panja boothas, so they brought these eight topics with all the tools, to do the magic’s as siddhis as “Ashtakanma padalam”.

மயிர்பகை வல்லுறாந்தை கோழிக்கு மதுவே யாகும்
செயிற்பகை வலியற் காந்தை யாந்தைக்கு வலியான்றீயான்
இயற்றிய வலிய னல்லா லெல்லாம்வல் லுறி னுக்கே
உயிர்பகை யாகுமற்ற தொழிந்தவையுறவா மன்னே.

Peacock is enemy to crow and owl. Cock is enemy to owl and vulture. Owl is enemy to peacock and cock. Crow is enemy to vulture and peacock. Vulture is enemy to crow and cock. These mentioned here for waxing moon days. If it calculates in reverse all the birds will change for waning moon days. In these friend and enemy calculations, agasthiyar was changed all the birds with the separate calculations. Others siddhars like bogar,kaga pusundar, romarishi, matcha muni have their own style and follows the same trend of calculating the birds for these waxing and waning moon days.

Now readers come to understand the basic things about the working of birds. They are identifying the birds, secondly the calculations for daily period, working of birds in five ways, friend and enemy, based on nakshathiras and others. Whatever given in these blogs are major works and brief of the important works and secrets of panja pakshi sastra.

Days of death for each bird
Vulture will die on Sunday, crow on Tuesday, cock on Monday, and peacock on Wednesday and Saturday, owl will die on Thursday and Friday
Apart from all these basic things in panja pakshi sastra, the highlights of the work are death of each bird on a particular day of a week.  Every day each bird will die. That particular day and power of the bird never works on that whole day. If the work of the bird may be ruling or any phases or period it will get major failure if the works will be carried out indefinitely. The bird will die on that day. It means the particular association of panja boothas never works on that day. Which panja boothas is working or not working for the bird and how its relatively fixed as in the bird. For example vulture bird is dead on a day of Monday means that whole day the bird vulture fixed to any person get locked in to universe. Their all works will get failure due to absence of their physical and chemical body connected with the universe. This is the creation of god. God has given equal privileges to all human beings by doing these types of things through nature.

Birds will die on the week days, for example: vulture will die on Sunday, crow on Tuesday, cock on Monday, and peacock on Wednesday and Saturday, owl will die on Thursday and Friday. If a person fixed to bird owl, that particular day on Thursday their bird will be on the operation of death. If it does the five works on the session also it’s invaluable and useless. So, all those persons fixed to their own birds better to stop all their good things on that day of death attached with the birds.  If it sometimes any one has to attend the particular day is compulsorily unavoidable, they have to see other things of panja pakshi sastra. How to avoid those death days of a bird?. Siddhars explained how to over come from the death day a person if it’s compulsorily to do some important things in life.  This is one of the secret behind the panja pakshi sastra. How panja boothas never works on that day. It’s the calculation of mixing the panja boothas with other boothas relative to the birds on particular day. So whatever the highest grade of panja boothas will erase those opponents working phase on that particular day known to be death day. Siddhars separately kept this panja boothas subject in the panja pakshi sastra for to do all magical and medicinal things. It will be discussed later with other subjects.

Then the particular bird works on each direction on each day during waxing and waning moon days. For example vulture will work on west, owl work on east, crow will work south, cock will work on the centre, and peacock will work on north directions. Directions are more important for Ashtakanmam works are mentioned above. If any person wants to do magic to attract any person they starts their work with yantra, mantra and tantra and finally on southeast directions. The directions are the major roll for all the things.

God and goddess
Vulture is fixed to saraswathi and bramma, owl is fixed to lakshmi and vishnu, crow is fixed to parvathi and ruthiran, cock is fixed to the god mageswari and mageswaran, and peacock is fixed to manonmani  and sathasivam.

Other advanced topics on Pakshi on particular day nakshathiras, diseases on particular day and works of birds, ashtakanmapadalam, herbs in panja pakshi sastras, magical tools in panja pakshi sastra will be discussed later one after another. Readers try to find out the way to attain the god in this birth, once understood about the end of god and the reason behind this birth all other simple things like this magical tools may open one after another. Afterwards a yogi in this universe, whatever they want, the nature adjust the panja boothas in the universe according to a yogi and bring in front of them without any doubts. So, try to find out the real gurus who attained the Samadhi in this birth. Mahamuni agasthiyar is explained in his verses and poems how to get the guru by prayers are explained below.

குருவருள் பெறுதல்
பார்க்கவென்று பலநுலுந் தேடிப்பார்க்க
பக்குவங்க ளில்லையடா வயதோகொஞ்சம்
மார்க்கமுடன் கொஞ்சவய தானாலென்ன
மகத்தான சற்குருவைத் தேடிப்பார்த்து
ஏர்க்கையுட னவர்மனதுக் கேற்க நல்ல
இன்பமுடன் தயவுவர நடந்தாயானால்
தீர்க்கமுடன் சத்திசிவ தீச்சைவைத்து
செம்மையுடனுதியந்தத் திறஞ்சொல்வாரே.



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