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SAGUNA SASTRA (saguna sastram)

SAGUNA SASTRA (Saguna sastram from Dogs) and SADA VAAYU

Most of the villages people used to see the timings and fortune with pets, animals and birds before take-up any work or cultivation, purchase the houses and lands. How pet dogs and cats behaves in the houses. How the cocks and cows makes the sound in various seasons. How the crows were sitting on our house terrace and how many crows, male or female. How ox, cows, goats behaves with owners during travel. Majorly, types of lizards in the houses spell the sound, how it makes sound from the wall from which direction, how many sound spell coming from lizards. Varieties of Owl, bats, types of eagles fly through which direction. These are the common usual things happening and observing everyday in villages till today.  
            But nowadays in cities people always used to see more timing and days to carryout their personal and official works in day to day workings. But the major change of difference is people used to apply on other human beings. For example while travel people should not see the single widows, servant maids, broom stick, single Brahmin person, woman have sexual connection with two men, male with two women, kids of prostitutes, ladder, donkey, monkey, handicap, fire, etc.  Mostly daily, it’s common to see that wife or daughter used to come in front of vehicle when husband goes to office and many types of stunts were regularly carrying out in this city by highly educated people. I elaborate this at the end,
First starts with one of the pet animals, dogs. A dog brings lot of information to the owners at houses. Among the highly sensitive animals, dog is one of those which it smells higher than the scale, calculated by instruments.
 Every person brings a smell and type of gas or breather inside the body and soul while come out from the mother during delivery. Its name as “SADA VAAYU”.
Sensitive animals observing this sada vaayu and conclude as owners and friends. Other than human beings, any beings and souls in nature works on this “sada vayu”. Mantras spell works on this “sada vayu”. Magicians send the ghost through this “sada vayu” and observe the person kept for black magics. Black magics majorly works on this “sada vayu”. When the ghosts or spelt souls used to come and observe the sada vayu of human beings and return back to magicians and inform him about the person whom he wants to know and before apply on them . This is one way of technique most of the magicians used to do. If the person is powerful than magicians, then the magicians carry forward the spelt magic’s on his own customer whom they want to do harm. Because the black magics spelt ghosts should complete the work when its get activated until unless the ghost or soul or mantra gets cool and digested. That’s why most of the families whom harm to others erase themselves without any generations.
Dogs used to urinate in every street corner for to track the other dogs and maintain the invisible line. Dogs used to urinate on the flate as same as street dogs. Dogs used to understand when dog’s owner comes three kilometers away from the house; this is because of this smell of “sada vayu”. I bring to an end here this sada vayu. Topics are jumping here seems.

Saguna Sastram (from Dogs)
1.     Dogs mean any male or female dogs, any color, any breed in any country. Some of the black dogs have special characters like observing the souls and goddess during early hours.
2.     Dogs doing “KRIYA YOGA” sometimes with folded front legs at particular times. Because of these practices, its third eyes are opened naturally and start to see the souls.
3.     If dog brings the part of an old slipper or shoes from outside to inside the house or from outside, that day or the purpose for travel is success for owner.
4.     If dog brings the fresh flesh of animal, it shows the owner will get money
5.     If it brings the bone of the new flesh animal its shows the good fortune for owner
6.     If it brings the burnt stick or wood or dry old bone its shows the symbol of death in the owner family
7.     If it brings the burnt wood with in wet condition its shows the dead body
8.     If it brings the old bone shows the symbol of death
9.     If it brings the old bone inside the house it shows the bad time for death to the owner of the house.
10.  If it brings the rope or any thread material inside the house  the owner will go to jail very shortly
11.  When the owner starts for travel or moving out, the dogs will go or move from right to left side is good
12.  If dog comes towards us when any person go for travel its good indications
13.  If dog press the owner feet or climb towards any person with shaking its ears its not good for that person
14.  If dog denies the person to go out from house means they will loose the money along the way
15.  If anybody looks on dogs with injury on the body they are going to get some disease shortly
16.  If it sleeps with raising its tail means something bad fortune comes to owner shortly
17.  If dogs lick the foot path of the person their travel will be stopped in between
18.  If dog comes and bark at the entrance of any village or if they goes to any place after long travel that time itself our travel comes to an end. It’s the symbol
19.  If dog licks the slipper or shoes of any person, they should get ready for travel, they will get travel to other places in a short period of time
20.  If dog keeps their legs on two shoulders of any person they should be very careful on thieves coming to their house, that is the symbol
21.  If any dogs dug the soil in the cultivation land, that year the farmer will get good cultivation
22.  If dog scratch the walls of the house, the thieves will be coming to their house.
23.  If its have tears in its eyes and eating some flesh and bones shows some bad fortune brings to the owner.
24.  If dog stand outside and keep its face inside the house and bark the outside person’s means the owner will be going to get diseases continuously.
25.  If dog stand inside the house but keep the face outside of the house and bark outside person means the owner wife or ladies in the houses going to get sexual against actions from others.
26.  If dog or dogs barks facing on the sun brings bad fortune to their places.
27.  If dog barks during early morning during sunrise means some fire accidents may happens
28.  If dog barks during evening during sunset times brings misfortune to owners
29.  During midnight if barks towards northern side of the house it’s bring bad luck to Brahmins whoever stays and also heavy losses to Brahmin people with diseases and theft.
30.  If dog barks on the dust bins, barks on the cows dunk shed, on the terrace brings the rain during rainy season
31.  If other than rainy season if a dark bark like above it brings accidents from fire to owner or brings some diseases to owner like skin diseases.
32.  During rainy season if dark drinks the rainy water or washes on the rainy water shows the rain will continue very shortly.

If dogs tied constantly at houses and flats also these types of above mentioned can apply, when ever untie the dogs and observe what are the symptoms its shows. owners compulsorily should observe. While taking walking during evening or morning time what are the things dogs shows it’s also should be taken as an account. If owners should concentrate only on vaccinations and only for security purposes means he looses many signals comes from the pet dogs stays at second and third floor in city flats. Many dogs used to see from inside the flat and keep the face outside the grill and barks on outside? Why it barks on what purpose, if any on beings or smell?. After read this it will be understood. Other common things are avoided here like how Dogs make sexual track, how it give signal to other through its urine, saliva, sperm, how it changes the sound whenever sees the soul or ghosts. When black magic’s apply there will be no obstruction on anything in nature including dogs. It crosses and passes inside to complete the work until unless the person is well versed with gods. 

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