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SAGUNA SASTRA -2 (Saguna sastram from cats, crow,falcon kite, owl)
When a cat cut cross over in our path it will be considered as misfortune or it may get failure, criticized by many people in villages and cities.  In this post it exposes how the movement of cats makes the owner or others to bring the fortune or misfortune in day to day life from saugna sastram.
Most of the village’s witches and sorcerers were thought to prefer winged shapes for their night-time adventures. It also noted that they usually changed into dark and spooky looking birds like crows, ravens, owls and Bats.
We can take pets like dogs, cats and birds are also granted. In Previous post it explains how the dogs bring the fortune under saguna sastra. Another pet are cats. Witches were commonly believed to be able to change shape into animal forms.
An astrologer or qualified person in black magic’s who knew how to operate this complex system of links between the celestial and the earthly realms. The powers so derived could be used to obtain material benefits, or to gain insight into the worship of the divine forces in nature. Knowledge gained from the celestial realms could be used to predict a person’s future based on a cosmological analysis of their past or it could indicate the future of whole societies or nations.
Cats- Saguna sastra
If a cat comes in front of any person that day itself or particular work will get failure
Morning after from sleep if a cat crosses, it is understood all the works in the whole day will get failure
If a cat comes along with us while walking or coming out with us from the house, that work is successful
Cats should make sound from the west is very good, it is luckiest
Cats are dangerous to bring the witch materials from outside.
Black cats are used by witches
Owl -Saguna sastra
If owl makes a sound once it exposes, it’s a symbol of death somewhere near the house
If it makes twice its shows the success
If it makes sound thrice it is good fortune and it indicates some woman is coming to them
If it four times there will be fight near the house or some clashes will acquire
If it’s five times it indicates some of the close friends are supposed to come to the house
If it makes sound six times it shows the coming of rain
If it makes seven times all the works will get failure
If eight times there will be a death near the house
If it’s nine times is good fortune
If ten times it’s good and lucky.
If it fly with making sound there will be the death near the house in relations.
            When my father was on the last stage of his life, daily owl used to make sound at our village near the pillar of our house or apposite to house. A day I saw an owl flew with continuous sound on 11th February 2004, that time a village person who accompanied with us he showed the owl flies from the apposite pillar of the house with sound and he said it’s a symbol of death and 19th February 2004 father demised on maha sivarathiri day.
Crow Saguna sastra
If crow fly with make sound while travel that work will be failure
If it makes sound at the left first and then the sound comes at the right there will be theft in their house
If it makes sound at the right first and then it makes sound at the left it shows the success, wealth
If it makes sound at the left and then it goes back to us shows the improve of wealth
If it makes sound at the left then it comes against directly there will be obstruct at the work
First it comes directly against  somebody then it goes to the right side of any person brings the major blood accident.
If exactly rotates on head good things may come, and we have to attend feast very shortly
If it carries a stick in its mouth and flies from left to right of us it shows the success
If we see the crow feeding food to another crow it’s a good symbol of good health and get well from diseases.
If crow builds a nest it’s a symptoms of someone near the house is pregnant, we may have experienced at many times.
Falcon kite
If this bird flies from the left to right of any one there will be some suffer from outside
When it appears on the sky, If it roaming here and there on the sky its good for us
If it flies from right to left near the village or any particular agricultural area, there will be good cultivation in the village
If it takes food in its mouth and fly from right to left side of us, its shows good fortune and some property may come to us.
Sometime if we see on which direction, that direction should be considered as lucky for some works.
In tamilnadu they used to call as Karuda Pakshi and Brahimini kite with white color rings on the neck. 

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