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Published tamil books for readers quick reference: Bogar 7000, Agasthiyar 12000, Ovvaiyar Kural, Thiruvalluvar Gnanvaettiyan 1500,Gnana Sara Nool (Saram Teachings To Umadevi From Lord Shiva), Agasthiyar Gnana Kaviyam 1000
            Before writing this there was lot of continuous troubles, ill health of self unable to extend pages on siddhars. Then the confusion starts on to write in Tamil or in English about this saaya dharisanam/meditation on shadows. Without SARAM the saya darishanam will be incomplete, then finally decided to write a brief on this saram, saya pursha darishanam and the pancha pakshi sastram due to continuous enquiries on this topics. Writing is very easy to copy from the books, but it is very difficult to write about what we have learned and practicing the arts with intuition and concentration. Those always bear here to face the difficulty.
Whoever in yogic stages they themselves involve in nature and do all the magical things with the use of periods separated in pancha boothas for every individual. The three influences in hidden arts of saya darisanam, Saram, pancha pakshi sastram are internally connected one another when the person use to start with nature for themselves. Saram and pancha pakshi sastram majorly deals with astrology. Saya darisanam deals majorly with external influences from the pancha boothas. Readers once again read this paragraph and understand about the external and internal ways of approach with pancha boothas in this topics coming thereafter. So that they can easily read and understand when ever they refer books.  
Readers should understand first about the value of saaya darisanam and saram written by many siddhars in tamil.  This is the attain of particular stage in ashtama siddhi while doing continuous meditation for twelve years. Although we can try to do this saaya darishanam even if we do meditation on several techniques available in supermarkets, marketed by many swamijis, yoga masters. That’s why I have given reference above initial itself about the valuable books written by siddhars about this particular topic.  So that readers can refer and understand the poems and verses on saaya dharisanam or meditation on shadows and saram without trust of fake yogis and swamijis.
Working With Your Shadows/Saya dharishanam/saram
Your shadow is one of the interconnectivity objects with the internal world of nature. Its extremely having an effect on you physical, internal soul and in every day today of your life. But it’s common for all kids before them when they able to talk. Kids used to play with shadows before habitual of talking. We were commonly cross across throughout in our life whenever the kids used to play with their own shadows, they themselves used to talk along with their shadows and play with hands.
The secret behind is the path at the end of the brain cells were growing to close the highly secret door inside the central part of the head as like as tiny hair when they grows. This happens for all the kids before kid’s starts to speak. That’s why we are searching the path when we grown with closed doors. Kids never harm against the nature. But we will harm when we know how to utilize the nature power and magic’s for our own use. That’s why the temple doors inside us itself closed with human ashes and again us trying to open the door with different yogic meditations from the external body. This is the way of spiritual; this is the way to see visva rooba darishanam, saya darishanam, god, and Samadhi. Lord Krishna shows his visva rooba darishanam to karna on this shadow basis.
Yogis simply inserted their soul in to this root and leave their body and again they bring out the soul where they inserted during Samadhi and carryover to the eligible woman for pregnancy as rebirths. This is the major difference between the Samadhi and jeeva Samadhi. A yogi never comes for rebirths until unless they want to settle down the works for their disciples.
What is saya darisanam or observe meditation on shadows. Before doing this saya darisanam the meditator able to observe SARAM/breathe. Otherwise the saya darishanam will not be completed or never activate. SARAM is the highly secretive and hidden among all yogis, many books were published in Tamil, but they never given in words to avoid unqualified persons.
Through out the year, When i read hundreds of times on the pancha pakshi sastra i unable to write my exact time on a single paper. Lots of references i made on the agasthiyar pancha pakshi sastra, bogar, kaaga pusundar, uramo rishi. Working with pancha pakshi sastra for a year continuously, mostly daily I got lot of difficulties and doubts raised to me to write about one book. Also I got ego after read many books on pancha pakshi sastra. I called TAMARAI publications and scolded them why your people published timings and periods wrongly according to the verses. My ego rose without sense on this and speaks like extreme known person to them in a single mode and asked to change the verses in poems printed wrongly on pancha pakshi sastra books.
I started seeing timings for pancha pakshi sastra and make the corrections on all the books which were referred. All these stunts till one of my guru reaches to my home and broke my ego and sense. When he taught me the basics of pancha pakshi sastra with his writings all above the books becomes waste. When he describes about how it works on pancha boothas in nature for individual and self that time itself my ego falls down in front of him. He said now your saram is running on in this way with this many breaks, he criticized how you able to read pancha pakshi sastra. It’s very difficult. Yogis can’t allow you to learn this. He laughed on my works and advised me to correct the SARAM and then learn pancha pakshi sastra. Here topics jumps from saram.
SARAM means breathe coming through the nose during different timings. SARAM IS A SOUL.
RUNNING OF SARAM, whoever seeing saram/breathe they can able to see the breath of the universe. Breath means the part of the pancha boothas in nature. The person who knows about the saram, his calculation never becomes failure on astrology or any thing in nature. He can able to see saya darishanam, pancha pakshi dharishanam.
Proverb in tamil, should not play with person who seeing saram on others, don’t make enmity with the person who knows SARAM, pancha pakshi sastram. The proverbs given in tamil below. Because these two arts directly attached with the pancha boothas. They know very well about how the period of time works in individuals, they can alter the human destiny; they can do anything for any person, anywhere in the world. That’s why once in a crore achieved this or expertise on this particular topics.
(சரம் பார்ப்பான் பரம் பார்ப்பானென்பது போல)
(சரம் பார்ப்பவனிடம் சருக்காதே)
(பட்சி பார்ப்பவனிடம பகைக்காதே)
In my previous blog i have written about short notes on SARAM. I was waiting for days to continue the blog to write about saram after this UTHARAYANAM from 15th January. Because saram changes from the month of Thai (tamil month) Every six months after the dhakshnayanam, the breath of individual human beings changes according to their meditation, mantra chants, practicing medicines whatever may be working with nature. Anyone who wants to know about their practices going on the right way according to nature, they should check during these periods on 15th January/tamil month 1st thai and 15th august/ tamil month 1st AAdi.  
The saram do magical things on these days, person can easily understand how the nature starts play with you when the person try to adjust with nature. The breathe changes frequently according to the destiny. If the breathe cut shorts or elongate for prescribed hours it will lead to the entire months of the year. The saram indicate you if u fall ill health during that year. The saram shows transparently to you about some incidents will be happens to you. The holy breathe starts in the early morning during on this particular day and given precautions about the past, present, future about the personal life.
Every yogi always watches their breath/saram on this particular day apart from observing daily and adjust the breathe according to their yogic practices and they can able to adjust their disciples breathe during that time. That’s why disciples have always connection with gurus till they achieve to certain level for twelve year practices. A yogi in a guru stage can alter the destiny of the disciples according to their eligibility of the individual disciples through this saram. Every Initiation also depends upon this running of SARAM.
The SARAM described simply as air, breathe, soul. In Tamil it’s described as kaaru, manam, seevan, suvasam, mootcchu, pranan.
The power in your shadow is way too becomes powerful and able to read about youselves with pancha boothas. That's why this meditation is premeditated by siddhars to all whoever does primary meditations. This meditation is structured so that shadow of yours itself acquire energy you'll benefit from the meditation by observation.  
You can practice the Shadow meditation as something to do for an half an hour on every day.
If see this shadow with the sun it’s known to be SAAYA DHARISHANAM. Stand in early morning sunlight and see our shadows fully on the ground without any undulations. The shadow of the person should above five feet and below ten feet falls on the ground because of the sunlight. Person should see the hand, legs, body and finally head portion on shadows. Then immediately see on the sky. There we can see our image on the sky according to our energy level raised by meditations or yogic practices.
The shadow appears as golden color in the sky he will get wealth and prosperity
The shadow appears as white color, he don’t worry about life span, his life span is increasing
If shadow is red color his life span is decreasing gradually
If shadow is black, he becomes sick and slowly symptoms of ill health starts
If the hands or legs anyone if it not appears on the shadows, they should expect the death with in six months
If head is not appears on the shadow, they will die within three months.
If deal with moon and see the shadow from the moon light it’s called SAAYA PURUSHA DHARISHANAM.
We can see the shadow from the artificial light also, the process all are same.
If a person daily see this for twelve years its starts speak with you, the shadow comes along with you, if u sleep it sleeps with you during night time also once we can able to see by eyes. What ever a person gets benefits or loss, the shadow gives preinform and caution to person. After some years it appears as same as looking in mirrors in front of us like what we have wear dress on that day.
The lamp meditation/mirror meditation works on this saram of the individual humans. Everything is interconnected with nature from the human body. When a yogic starts meditations his physical body detaches the soul and attaches with nature and slowly starts journey to the space which was connected before during earlier births.
I have given only briefs on SARAM, PANCHAPAKSHI SASTRAM, SAAYA DHARISHANAM, SAAYA PURUSHA DHARISHANAM due to continuous mail on these topics. Number of reference books is published in Tamil and easily available in markets. All are important for every astrologers and i have commonly seen on all yogis it’s very general attached with yogis.

  A yogi middle age lady said once her guru buried body taken out from the burial ground soil after six months from his jeeva samadhi. In front of collector, many persons from the town came and stood in the burial ground when his body was taken out for his guru. His guru came from abroad after the completion of visit and said about his disciple is still alive and why you buried in the horizontal position.
He also said he had jeeva Samadhi, that type of person should keep in the meditation lotus pose and make Samadhi. His guru approached through authorities. The disciple body dug out from the deepest burial ground and his body looks as same as buried before many months back without dissolve in the soil. The guru got down in the dugged pit and placed his head on his shoulders. The tears coming out from the disciples closed eyes.  The guru said to his disciple he came back for him, guru wiped his tears. The disciple body kept in a meditation pose as jeeva Samadhi and constructed at Coimbatore, tamil nadu. The disciple is the one from Palani, tamilnadu.  The yogis who said to me about this incident are sisters who are nearer to these Samadhi stages.
Many of gurus are casually used to inform about whenever they will be going to visit the jeeva Samadhi of the great masters. Most of the time some of them never comes back, they will leave their soul and attain Samadhi in front of the great master Samadhi itself. Masters never teaches the secrets of universe and god, it grows us automatically like hungry, thirsty in our physical body. They deny to give nishtai to common people like me in this material world before the Samadhi stage whoever stays with family. Looks topics jumps from an end. I bring to an end here.


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The guru got down in the dugged pit and placed his head on his shoulders. The tears coming out from the disciples closed eyes.

The guru who placed his head on the disciples shoulders is Swami Sivananda Paramahamsar and the disciple from whose closed eyes tears came was Sri Samaiah Swamigal of Pannimadai, Coimbatore...

Atma Namaskarams

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ஐயா ஆத்ம வணக்கம் எனக்கு சாயா புருஷ தரிசனம் பற்றி அறியவேண்டும் உங்கள் பேசி எண்வேண்டும். நன்றி.

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