Monday, January 2, 2012

Secrets of plants

Secrets of plants and vegetables to cure male/female relationships

  1. How to bring love from eligible male/female or apply love through the herbs:
The handful of coriander seeds or 14 number of coriander seeds are crushed and stirred into a glass of white wine or any wine boss, through chanting the ditty with her or his name and drink it, their love is assured from the time of drinking. (If readers drink more coriander on enthusiasm to get their lover as much earlier immediately you will get dysentery).  Never use this technique on married fellows or themselves. It will get failure when married person apply on unmarried and it will get reversal of it.  If we take 10 grains of coriander seed and spell the lover name and mix with cow milk here on full moon day, can expect the lover may give positive results before the raising of next full moon. Coriander leaves also uses for magical purposes. The part of the coriander topic will  be explained in pancha pakshi sastra for particular raasi and nakshathra will be publish on coming posts.

  1. How to bring own husband or wife to bring back through herbs
If any husbands suddenly behaves away from the wife or starts having post marital connection with widow or woman, there is the simplest way of remedy to bring down those guys back normal to their family. 
Take a vellam in tamil (a solid part prepared from sugarcane, jaggiri) but substances made from palm tree is the best in this remedy.  Keep very smallest piece of this solid sugar made from palm tree with a piece of clove and a small turmeric piece below the bed during night. Next day morning use this solid sugar, clove, turmeric in the food and take both the husband and wife. If it is started in the waxing moon day, wife can see the good fortune and changes in the husband before the next full moon day. If wife starts wearing yellow sari or yellow dress near to her husband, men gets triggered and positive influences starts after completion of the full moon day for the same lady.   He never leaves the woman or wife after this. Use yellow color silk cloth or handkerchief , kanaga pushparagam stone attached on the ring by constant wear on the right hand fingers, wear yellow sari  and small piece of turmeric in the thread around her neck or inside her body continuously for 15 days makes the men bring down her control until unless the men became powerful than her. Two types of turmeric pieces should be used in different remedies. Finger appearances like turmeric use in the sleeping bed and also wear in the body. Small silk cloth made of yellow color will be used commonly in the magics. Its have power to bring anything for men and women with certain rules and regulations. Keep turmeric piece inside the cloth and chant the particular mantra like regular chants during morning prayers and keep it safe from others and also  this cloth should not dip in water, should not wash, if it is washed that magical power will go.

            A variety of turmeric (naaga manjal) kept inside the mouth and spell the mantra daily during early morning hours, whatever lost article or money will get back or the place will be heard very soon. This naaga manjal is used for attraction of any person and also use for observe the women.

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