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Accumulation of energy through mantras

Accumulation of Energy through mantras

How to hold energy of mantras, accumulate and pass through the energies
If we do mantras spell continuously at a stretch the physical body cannot able to hold the vibrations of the mantra. A person does not know how to hold the vibrations from mantra and use it for exact time of requirements. If you take coconut water at the end of the mantra jeba/spell/chants, the vibrations will hold in the physical body till the next day of sunrise at the early morning. The chemical substances in the coconut water hold the vibrations of spelt mantra  due to  coconut water contains  one of the precious  holy water used for the highest level of making medicinal salts and magical salts. (salts are secrets)

Vasiyam in tamil (attraction every being) by continuous mantra spell/chant on some particular goddess or angels.
  • sarva vasiyam- all desirability and pull, shall use the magical herb  pulluruvi
  • raja vasiyam- thael kodukku herb
  • purusha vaisyam- for men desirability use herb sennaiyuruvi
  • sthiri vasiyam- for women desirability use herb nila oomathai
  • miruga vasiyam- for to attract any animal use herb vishnu kranthi
  • sarppa vasiyam- for to attract snake use herb porralaikkaiyan
  • sathru vasiyam- for to make friendship with enemies use herb vellarukku
  • devadha vasiyam – for to attract goddess use herb seendhil kodi

All above are higly attraction (vasiyam) on particular things and different purposes used by many persons on different occasions. Other than above described herbs some other particular types of herbs are given below in Tamil due to avoid of pronunciation

பொற்றலைக்கான் தும்வை வேர் நிலப்புராண்டி சிறுகீரை அவுரி கரியசாலை காஞ்சொறி பொற்கொடி ஆடையொட்டி
முன்னை சங்கன்வித்து அழிஞ்சில் ஆனை வணங்கி நிலப்பனை வேர் அறுகு வௌளெருக்கு காஞ்சொறி ஆவாரை முசுமுசுக்கை சுழலாவாரை வேம்பு
புல்லா மணக்கு 16 வகை வசியத்துக்கு பயன்படும்.

People can refer poems and verses written by yogi agasthiyar about common vasiyam and attraction in  “vaadha sowmiya saagaram” . from the verses quoted in spirituals, the deepest rooted mantra for attraction is described as “OM REENG VASI VASI’ .

If do this mantra for 108 times daily continuously for 90 days it is useful and it will be activated immediately. If anyone makes it successful continuously for 90 days please write to me.

When you  do this mantra, keep a clove piece  inside the mouth without chew till the  spell of the mantra, after completion of this meditation spit the clove piece without break it, the essence will go from the clove. Also you can use pan leaf without anything inside and chew, then spit out before the mantra spell. The secret behind this is hidden here.

Xk; =k; Mjpj;aha `Ujaha ek` (Ohm shreem adhidhaya harudhayaya namaha) . This mantra is used to get eye cure also. If any person gets continuous eye problems due to Chandra desa or Chandra buthi should chant and worship this for remedy given by agathiyar yogi.

Year starts with the effects of transition of Saturn and reciprocating the guru and saturn for some months. The effects of “ashtama sani and Kanda sani” in some raasi makes the nakshathira uncomfortable in day to day life. We have to wait for transition of planets to take vengeance or to achieve the goal depends upon individual mentality. Nature punishes the person during this time of Saturn transition.

I attached here in this posts with a precious existent chakra of Saturn worshipped for many years and thousands of persons given by one of the astrologer at Chennai whom I was referred before in my posts. Readers whoever feels its essential to pray daily at home on this Saturn planet due to Saturn desa/buthi/transitions shall take printout and pray daily during their prayers time. Its no need to spell any mantra on this chakra. All are compiled inside the chakra itself.

saturn chakra

The sage name called mirugundu maharishi got severe problem cause of Saturn god. He got angry and gave curse to Saturn. So Saturn begged to bairavar for remedy.  If any person gets seven and half Saturn or attama Saturn,arthashtama Saturn,ganda saturn they should worship Saturn god this time.

Another chakra mainly deals with pancha pakshi sastra attached herewith for common prayers. Whoever well known on this chakra please write to me. Readers can take printout and keep it in the pooja room for good fortune. The highly secret behind in this chakra is hidden. Eligible person can understand the directions mentioned on four major ways drawn in chakra. 

pancha bootha chakram


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