Monday, January 2, 2012

Common grains with planets

Common grains condense the severe effects from planets

During regular pooja at our homes we can add and do pooja with some grains mentioned below for each planet to reduce the effects of particular planets for each person according to horoscopes or desa during particular year. Offer these grains to god in our pooja room at home according to weaker section of horoscopes for individuals and different planets.
  • Wheat for sun
  • Raw rice for moon
  • Thoovaram paruppu in tamil/ Thoor dal/pigeon peas for angaragan/sevvai/mars
  • Uzhunthu in tamil/black gram/urad dal  for Ragu
  • Kondai kadalai/kabuli chana/white chick peas(Peas, chenna) for guru jupiter
  • Gingelly seeds (yael in tamil) for  sani, Saturn
  • Paasi paruppu/moong dal/Green gram for bhudhan mercury
  • Kollu in tamil  for kedhu
  • Vellai motchai  in tamil for sukkiran venus
  • On Saturday if we worship with nine grains is very special, mix with nava dhaniyangal and make adai dhosai (adai dosa) and worship Saturn planet at home. Whoever affected by Saturn planet now during this transition of Saturn at the end of December 2011 can do at home to avoid unnecessary expenses for priests.

Magical herbs for common remedies (cited herbs are very common in all places)
  • Nayuruvi in tamil (prickly chaff flower) lathjira in hindi and in kannada Uththarane used for all types of attraction in magical spell and chants.
  • Pulluruvi small plant grows on the tree used for mantra, yantra, tantra
  • Thoothuvalai brings down to yoga stage and brings sound waves to activate.
  • Karisilanganni helps us in the meditation and yoga.
  • Saambal poosani and parangikai (Pumpkin) if anyone takes continuously they becomes bulgy and fat.
  • Mullangi (Raddish) reduces the unnecessary fats in body and makes person thin.
Chappathi, Rotti made up of Wheat powder should take compulsorily with ghee or butter otherwise it affects eyes. (?)

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