Monday, January 2, 2012

Remedy for soul attachments

Simple remedy for soul attachments and banish the other black spells

Through by simple methods, how to banish the ghosts or unwanted black souls in the living residential flats and also whoever stays with families at homes. Many persons were asked continuously in the posts of lamp meditation particularly about this remedy. A simple cure, which was carried out and tested by many persons in day to day life secretly and it was given below for common people. It’s no need to go for consultation with highly paid magicians or temples, mutts, poojas and consultation with sophisticated priests. The simplest way and remedy for these magical things are given below for common persons whoever spends money unknowingly. All data’s given below are collected personally by me from the people who is in professional arts on this type of spirituals and some from oldest published books. Readers should take books for references which i was mentioned continually in every post for reader clarifications. It is requested here to forward to other of your friends whoever needy on this syndrome.
  1. Banish these souls and negative energy by placing an onion quarter in each corner of your house at night. Assume the corner of your house in four end closing corners.  Keep four onion pieces at four corners. Next day, wear some plastic cover/carry bag on your hand or by use and throw gloves, pick it all four onions without touching your hand and chop them up and bury the onions below the soil somewhere away from staying residence. Continue this for a week to complete the dose and process. If you r able to make the onion in to four pieces through the hand without the knife is special to observe the souls fastly. Otherwise it is easy to make the onion into two pieces without knife. So take two onions and make four pieces by hand and keep at the four corners of the house. Keep a piece of garlic with this piece of onion is added advantage. Garlic secrets i try to write separately due to posts.
  2. If the person is identified and affected by any soul attachment, initially starts with Marudhaani yilai in tamil( Henna leaf) mehandi in other languages. First crush the leaf in to paste and apply it on hand, legs, thoppul in tamil stomach part (adrenal) to that affected person. So that we can avoid unnecessary soul attachment from the person before starts the treatment from common person. The lights illumination like mercury lamps and normal tube lights deactivate the souls, goddess, fairy and angels in the unused rooms at flats. If we can eat the leaf pirandai in tamil for some days the black magics never works. Also we should give the vegetables like thadiyangai, poosani in tamil (pumpkin) with garlic for some days to the affected person thereafter there will be no soul attachments for whom has already been affected. All plants i referred here are looks like very simple and unbelievable. But the ground fact is behind the hidden secrets of plants and working with planets.
  3. If  you found any person attached with soul, try to feed the tasty food prepared only with palm oil , the inside soul will get problems and it will effects their legs and hands and slowly becomes inactive from normal human body. Palm oil has effects against the particular herbs and deactivates the physical body from the soul. It’s kept secret above paragraphs. I bring to an end here.


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