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Secrets of interpretations behind 7th house And other houses in horoscope of women

Secrets of interpretations behind 7th house
And other houses in horoscope of women (PART-II)

If married men are having lot of misconducts and misbehaviors along the post marital life are exposes the predictions from horoscope of his wife have some typical directions and waxing, waning period of clockwise plots of her seventh house from lagna is vacant or good planets are hided on this existence lagna or moon lagna. This is one of the reverse calculations of the predictions for men from the houses of his wife horoscopes.
One of the previous post in spiritual and siththargal, it has been written that the seventh house of the men discloses the interpretation of the predictions was predicted from his horoscope which is cracked the women connections or his wife horoscopes in a reversible way. Many astrologers sent the comments on those predictions in different directions. This reversible calculations are usually predicts from horoscopes of any women primarily. 
It’s a small post with primary interpretation of the seventh house and also in that previous post it was also mentioned about the reverse calculations during last year. It has been written by yogis and followed by astrologers more than centuries.
The first paragraph is predicted above for instance as a simple interpretation for a woman horoscope on seventh house discloses her husband which he had misbehavior and post marital connections. Also if we want to analyze deeply about this above paragraph, we can take the planets in the seventh house or lagna or the view of the other planets for further interpretations. There will be slightly difference in predictions when some of the other combined planets which will be joined together brings the secrets behind the men from the horoscopes of women and shows the importance about the seventh house of women. But the primary predictions are applicable for all the women horoscopes.
Readers can go through this post and take the good things from your point of view and analyze with your experiences and books. If a reader wants to analyze a particular interpretation, it is requested to go through genuine oldest books written by yogis. The post of seventh house predictions which was written in my post is taken from the oldest manual scripts which was published by yogis and written by great masters. Hundreds of books was published are based upon the interpretation which I have taken from the oldest interpretation by yogis. Now the readers shall read the seventh house and other predictions of horoscopes are calculated as reverse calculations for men from women.

·         If Saturn and venus have settled as intercalations of one another or on view or otherwise rishaba and thula becomes lagna of own house of venus and also as same as  Kumba becomes lagna on those two rasi will make that woman have the secret way of physical connections with other women. She has conformably had physical connection with other woman who has the same.
        Readers are requested not to get confused with the arrangements of planets. Write down separately and go through the predictions for easy observations.  Most of the interpretations are cracked from the verses and poems. The same above arrangements are also applicable for men also. Discussions are given below about some of the brief notes of interpretations which were written by experts and yogis centuries back. If it elaborates it takes a lengthiest travel of interpretations. Masters who have written these reverse calculations have the generations till at Chennai.
·          If seventh house of the horoscope of woman is vacant on the arrangement of lagna of life or lagna of moon and powerless of planets with out viewing of good planets are conformably exposes that the husband of the woman had awful behavior and horrific characters in their life.
·         If mercury or Saturn is located on the seventh house of the woman horoscope discloses that her husband is unable to have physical relation with any women.  
·         If seventh house shows below normal with interpretation of planets exposes that her husband has external connections with other women. Sometimes her husband stays with another woman for some period and come back on transitions. Transgression and regression of planets.
·         Men will get divorce from those women or he will avoid the women continuously when the place of sun in the seventh house of the horoscope of women.
·         She becomes widow when the Mars in seventh house of women horoscope or she will get divorced harshly by her husband purposely.
·         She will be alone in her life without marriage If Saturn is placed in seventh house of her. Here the horoscope should be interpreted clearly with life lagna and moon lagna.
·         If Sun,mars,Saturn is located in the seventh house predicts that she will loose her husband and becomes widow. If other than these three planets if planets are located, she will marry again and go for second marriage.
·         If good planets are viewing the seventh house, she will get divorce from her husband. Here interpretations also should be taken into account for negative planets too.
·         If Venus is located in Navamsa of Mars or Mars is located on the Navamsa of Venus makes the woman have post marital connections with other men who were already married with other woman.
·         If moon,venus,mars in seventh house of horoscope of women exposes that she  have post marital connections are continued after her marriage. Here the verses have written that the husband has also been aware of her male relationships.  Its unavoidable to her.
·         If Magara, Kumba, Mesha, Viruchika becomes life lagna with connection of moon and venus with planets make the different interpretations. I skip here on the interpretations which is exposed that a mother and a girl become prostitute or illicit connections with same men when a particular setup of planets in seventh house. Readers can take here as reference and go through with other sources.
·         If house of moon or navamsa of moon as in seventh house exposes that the husband of women has strong feelings on physical relationships with those women. If guru is in the same position as mentioned above exposes that the husband of her brings children. If sun as in the same position as written above indicates that the husband is polite, soft nature and good social worker.
·         If moon and Venus in the lagna of women predicts that she have strong jealous in her character. She is very fond of luxury life.
·         If mercury and moon in lagna of women horoscope exposes that she is a musician and good characters in life.
·         If moon, mercury, Venus in lagna shows that she have plenty of wealth, prosperity and have good characters.
·         If Jupiter,mercury,venus in life lagna also have enormous wealth.
·         If good planets in second house from lagna brings the short span of life to women.
·         If good planets in kanni,viruchika,rishaba,simha brings the abortion for that women continuously.
·         If dire planets in seventh house or view by the same planets brings the woman in to spiritual world or sanniyasi or yogi as same as in the ninth house of her planet.
·         If Saturn is located in fourth place from lagna of marriage brings the problems and deficiency of mother feeding to her new born baby. It should be taken in to account of the born date of the kid also.
·         If ragu in the fourth house makes her as second wife for men. If mars in the fourth house brings wealth in a shortcut ways.
·         If fifth house of lagna has sun, mars will abort the babies. If mercury in the fifth house brings children to her. If Jupiter and venus brings lot of blessed children. If ragu in the fifth house brings the short span of life. If Saturn is in the fifth house brings the strong disease to the women.
·         If Saturn, sun, ragu, Jupiter in sixth house or mars in sixth house brings the women with close relationship with husband and highly affectionate to father in law and mother in law. If moon in the sixth house makes her as widow. If venus in sixth house brings shortage of money.
·         If mercury in seventh house brings diseases to the women. ragu brings the shortage of money in seventh house. Sun also brings diseases to the women if it is in seventh house. If moon is in seventh house makes her to go abroad from the place. Venus sometimes brings short span of life.
·         If guru in eight place brings the death. If favorable planet in second place of horoscopes brings the death for self in some women horoscopes. If venus,sun,mars,guru in 8th place from lagna makes women lead a life very honest in public life. If ragu and Saturn is placed in 8th place makes the absence of children in her life. If moon is in 8th place shows that she gets more girl kids and she used to get public works with lot of journeys and roam around. Also Saturn and sun in 8th place shows the absence of kids in her life.
·         If ragu in tenth place predicts that she will be widow. If Saturn and sun in 10th place of her horoscopes exposes that she will do sin to others and lead un trusted life. If moon in tenth place shows she don’t have money and indicates the prostitute characters. If Jupiter, mercury, venus in 10th place brings the prosperity in life to her.
·         If sun in 11th place shows that she has boy kids.
·         If ragu in 12th place shows that she has physical connections with more men. If Saturn and mars in 12th place shows that she does sin to others.
·         If venus,guru,mars are combined together in houses of her horoscopes shows that she had more abortions. If moon and ragu in seventh place shows that she will get more girl kids. If guru is in the place of house for kids in horoscope of her shows that she will get one boy kid.
Bring to an end here. There are lot of predictions can predict from the horoscopes of women. Above predictions are written in a brief with primary interpretations. There are lot of secondary accurate interpretations can make out once primary interpretations are sorted out. Readers should not think or taken in to account as their horoscopes shows the misfortune. It’s a fact but individual horoscopes are different from every person.
Had left shoulder pain for the last three months makes me uncomfortable to write the posts. Frequently attended hospital, treatment, physiotherapy and finally went to our friend who is doing VARMA in Chennai. He the expert in varma art and highly expertise in the treatment and proved by recovered the hundreds of persons for the last ten years which I aware from my friends. Hope so, mine also get it cures from his hands by mercy of greatmasters.

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thillai raj said...

readers started inquiring on other houses and planets. to avoid the continuity of mantra and tantra this topic was posted for readers interest. readers are advised to refer good books from qualified authors. some of the examplesare given below was taken from hand notes written by professional interpreter.
if raghu is in second house from lagna, the referred men have a lot of premarital and post marital relationships with women. He never used to get marry early, if he may get marry after the age of 30 it is concluded that he will get divorced. although if it continues, if he married too, his wife will leave him as early and make contact with another man and leave him shortly.
if raghu is in second house of women, she have lot of premarital contacts with other men and it continues after marriage.
There are also some type of reverse interpretation in this trend along the anti clockwise direction of second house from lagna if raghu or ketu in second house.