Thursday, August 23, 2012



I never forget my guru even a single day. Every day, while moving to sleep I used to think about my guru even we may be on happy moments, his jeeva Samadhi, which locations will appear in front of my eyes without any disturbance from concentration of mind. Sometimes it becomes clear, very clear and crystal clear; suddenly it takes into deep sleep with closing of fluorescence light above the eyes even my son place his legs on me during his sleep.
It’s a type of love on every guru from their own disciples. These types of respects on guru starts slowly when he shows to their disciples in a right way of meditation to us and its connection of secret life with nature through the physical body and strength of the magnetic forces raises towards the inner self.  It makes me feel sometimes that it’s similar to how I had affair with my girl friend during my college days. Its looks as the same trend as which I had affection on her, the same style without any obstruction on the way of feelings to her. Those days even while sleep; it will get it continuously disturbed by her on the dreams. These types of conflict which was appear on the dreams due to the enormous dumps of feeling on love with her, the creation and raising of thoughts one after another created by my mind be an adjunct with her during accompanied every day during college days.
The relation of guru becomes the trend of the enormous affection and the way of love starts as same as like this. Guru and disciples will start the relation like this when both of them knows the secret of the universe. Mostly it resembles the relation between the grandfather and grand children have these types of guru and disciple relations.  Every day, very early morning, sometimes voice of my mother will perceive during highly dreadfully deep sleeps wherever I may be. I heard regularly my mother voice in the early morning whenever I used to stay away from my home.
This may be practices of mind and it’s deep rooted in the soul. During school days from the second standard, she used to wake me up in the early morning before sunrise and ask me to read the lessons, mostly daily. Sometimes at Chennai during rainy seasons there will be power cut off exceptionally and frequently. But I have to wake up and read the lessons with kerosene lamps. This makes the mind gets tuned and the voice has gone inside the soul with a type of setup.
Mostly early morning, Mother used to scold from her bed” hey don’t sleep, finish the lessons” After coffee, i will ask the lessons”. She goes to sleep upto six o’ clock.  Sometimes, she used to beat me in the early morning hours when I was in third standard also while facing difficulty to wake up. Now i observed that it has been slowly started and extrude from me that whenever I used to tell my son”go through the lessons daily”. This is the way of practice and it gets tuned in the mind like meditation.
But the meditation works in a different away from the physical body once the journey starts from the inner self. You can sleep in this type of way but without sleep through continuous conscious during these types of meditation. We can see our body able to floats simply from the floor and it rotates your body in any direction as we likes and through any angle as like as you floats in the water against the gravitational forces.
Some years back, I felt that meditation brings me and makes me understand that I am started dumping of space and vacant in mind and it diverts my regular world when I do regular meditation daily. Mind itself gets diverted to stop the meditation and it appears to control the breath without knowing us if we are unable to control the breath.
Recently I met one of my gurus at M.L.A. Hostel Chennai, when he accompanied with some of his friends for personal work. I want to see him on my busy schedule at Chennai for transfer for my wife and medical treatment for my shoulders. He asked to come to the place where he was waiting.  I took auto from perambur and reached hostel and searching for him. I met him some months before. Its long time of space and a constant gap between him and my works officially.  
Higher range cars are parking everywhere inside the hostel. Somebody called behind me from a car which is parking outside near the compound. I turned back while walking and I found guru came out from a car and stood in front of me. He was seeing me surprisingly on my face with hands clasped due to my lengthiest beard.
He had stupefied with my long lengthy beard falls down up to third button of my shirt from the shirt collar. Guru was clasped with hands continuously for a minute. He came near me and asked” still your prayers not yet completed”. I said it’s not for any prayer now. After Bhargavi was born, there was no time to do meditation and other works at home. The beard grows and grows till today when my son said yesterday before my sleep that all his friends asked why his dad grows this much long beard.
Some time mind never concentrates on our physical body once your regular meditation gets it stops suddenly. Its wavering somewhere else, suddenly it intrudes in to the soul and prayers starts unknowingly with out any breath and it extends to months which are happened to me now a days. The system itself gets confused with my uneven schedule of my prayers. I starts my work in the early morning for my son like packing his lunch basket with snacks box, make him have bath, wear uniform, shoes, in between I have to take daughter to compromise her from her sudden wakeup from bed when she search for her mother at kitchen. All the routine works goes, but mind itself starts working on the prayers internally without any disturbance.
Guru makes us uncomfortable in our life. Number of times my guru said, do not take initiation, it will disturb you. But I madly asked number of irrelevant questions on meditations due to enthusiasm on secrets due to unaware of those kind of real yogic practices will take away from your physical body frequently with lot of external problems. Gurus dissolve your mind, thoughts, they climb on your highly knowledge and throw it from you. Sometimes they crushed your thoughts without knowing you. They give troubles to you through their enormous power. They jumped on your heart and crushed without mercy and give it to you as vacant. They never bothered about sins when they do for us. Gurus are the worst fellows for every disciple on one angle and from third dimension thoughts. I bring to an end here.

Questions were raised by readers and dipping arguments on the topic of chakras. The above picture i have taken for to make understand the readers on chakras of human body. If any person says or any books shows the picture and it exposes all the chakras are plotted in the human body above or internally is incorrect. The mooladhara is not located as above in the picture which I given above for reference. If the location of mooladhara is incorrect then all other locations are deliberately wrong. Hence, the locations of the chakras is plotted incorrectly and followed by unknowingly. Readers are advised after this, try to find the real yogic practices from the real masters.


Peter D'souza said...

Great and exact Information about what is Yantra
and their benefits and types, and we can get lots of benefits by worshipping and praying the Yantras, Thanks for your such a great explanation of Yantra.

thillai raj said...

the above picture is incorrect and given the wrong external chakras. its diverting the real path. pl try to understand the real content in the post and find out the real chakras and do meditation.

Ramnath Pandiaraj said...

hai sir ,

who is ur guru sir? whr thr ashramam? im 4m madurai :)

thillai raj said...

all guru r mostly guides. none of my guru said they r masters. all people ve family and kids leading normal family life