Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God’s particles

Dear Thillai, Your humbleness makes you elevated in thoughts and actions. Siddhars have chosen people like us to propagate their works. Each one of us may differ in approach and presentation. No doubt, siddhars make use of the modernisation in Kaliyuga to reach people. Have we ever heard of Agasthyar in pants /crumpled T-shirt talking on architecture and possessing valid visa? This happened in sathuragiri. My book is just a first step in siddha arena. I am not a master and don't claim to give fullness. Sure I will send you a copy of the book that will be released by Karpagam Puthakalayam. All siddha songs are passed down the generations. It is diificult to research rishimoolam/ nadhimoolam of the original manuscript to compare and edit the mammoth text. It was possible for U.Ve.Sa to compile Iymperum kappiyangal but do we have that patience and time besides our regular work? In my research I found that songs explaning remedy for a disease completely varied from Bogar's 7000 and on BOGAR 12000 & BOGAR 7000  S.Chandrasekar

God’s particles

“Drink his/her urine so that you can realise”

The above words thrown on my face and scolded on me at different stages in my life during school/college days for studies, fall in love with other community girl, critical situations in families, work spots in government organisations, recent friendships and finally especially in spiritual.
In spiritual there are lot of politics in teachings on hidden arts and initiation will be given on community basis. Many times secret things were always denied to me along the teachings of tantric parts. But due to my continuous searching’s for a decade; guide was located in different disciplines and in various states. They were perfect great masters, mastered in their own teachings in mantra, tantra and yantra arts. All my masters have great affection on me, blessed me with their rare teachings on astrology, meditations, tantric teachings.
It took me several years to identify the chants of mantras on our hand palm with fingers in the beginning stages before the initiation of real meditation. A master from small village showed to me and drawn on the paper about the location of planets and nerves on the palm and said “this is the original method of traversing with fingers on shadow position of planets in hand whenever chant the initiated mantras”. Till today, I found crores of people are doing wrongly in this method due to absence of genuine masters.
I observed most of the people are very simple and highly matured on spiritual awakening once they becomes very close to samadhi stage. Locating of these people are not so easy in cities, they always touch with their people whom close to their yogic practices. They never deny arguments with verses and poems of siddhars whenever used to crack the poems and raised irrelevant doubts. They are capable to make medicines for rare diseases, hiding in busiest cities with family.  On Many occasions when I came across the hand written notes of Bogar 12000 at madurai, palani and chennai, mostly every time they showed something different in hand notes and new notes on the rare text parts and diagrams drawn on supporting verses for texts and its diverts me from the streamline. But I noticed that still the contents of composition in oldest notes never changes for the last 10years, they made duplicate, triplicate to avoid unqualified people engaged in opening of the rare notes.
If we are unable to identify the herbs, then how can us able to interpret the verses written on medicinal herbs by mahayogis. An uneducated yogi without any dress/nude sometimes wear towel on his hip, simply cracked down the verses of dhanvandhiri medicines and tantric verses when I approached him recently at tenkasi. When he was explaining about the tantric parts on herbs from dhanvandhiri, I wore branded jeans and shirt, but he was sitting on the stair case footsteps in front of me. This note which I have received from malaysia was unable to crack down for a long time by people holds Ph.D in tamil. But he took outside the village and showed me all the herbs grown simply everywhere after begins of southwest monsoon. He said “take photos if u wants to make notes”.
When I gave 1000 rupees, he denied and laughed “You already suffering, why this money for me, it’s not required and where I keep u r money in my towel thillai" he turns his head here and there at his home. Looks, teasing me. I felt ashamed in front of him.
I said “I have to wear this costume; I have to remove my long beard this month end, security people are objecting to management on my beard for identification.
 I kept on the shelf and said buy something for u r kids.
He teased me “beggar gave money to another beggar”?
Folded hands and bent down my head and I said “am your beggar. Don’t forget me”.
 He said ”do pranayama without sound, your breaths affect your lungs and gets disturbed now, I have seen many times when u do meditation ”he added. We have to complete our responsibilities, don’t go fast in meditation. Go slowly” he stopped.
I can’t hide anything in front of him. He knows everything like the great master.
First we have to grow paddy from the field. For that its required monsoon,land,cultivation works,milling for rice, finally with raw rice we can make. If we are not able to bring the rice; then how we can able to make idly, set dosa and other varieties? We have to search for the person who knows these real arts. But in this modern world, we compare the rice varieties which are readily available in supermarkets and the seller.
Sun never rises from the west in spiritual path.

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