Wednesday, July 25, 2012

for readers

Updating posts are temporarily stopped up and given a space of time for reciprocation on comments by others especially on some posts. Most of the people hiding their faces  when they have raised inappropriate questions without any acquaintances. Some persons are created temporary blogs and given comments on some posts if they had gone through when they have been searched on my topics. Due to lacking on spiritual knowledge on some particular yogic practices and misreads on topics  without proper understanding and sending mails with irrelevant questions is never brings the proper understanding on posts. Readers are requested to read more books especially on spiritual if they are really thirsty for years , it may be in tamil or any languages which ever makes you comfortable and closely approach through your mind. Spiritual and astrology shows the difference when its exaggerated in advance stages and searched for  yourself. if readers wants to clarify especially on some posts may please be requested to give comments transparently and untie u r real faces on blogs with details. Also can send mails, if readers wants to know personal related things on spiritual and they can also contact through my phone as same as contacted through

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