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வாசியோகம்- 4

ஐங்கரன்றன் பாதங்காப்பு

 “The light emits from the rock “saaligrama kal” is splendid” yogi said. “Saaligrama kal” is a variety of rock. Very rarely some varieties can be located as original and we can identify by breaking in to two. “It’s glowing, gleaming; it refracts and flows from the bag which he was carrying in his right hand and he said it goes through his eyes”. The rays he explained in an exclamatory way on the penetration of the rays are which is coming out from the rock. This is the result of the yogic practices of specialised vasi yoga. In all the posts it was explained about the real meditations have different way of practices? As same as vasi yoga has different techniques was carried out by mahayogis of Tamilnadu during different periods. This is the extreme end of the yogic state from all the other practices.
In fact, I have given saligrama kal to five persons who were dealing with astrology and yogic practices. All are yogis and one or two are very famous astrologers.  One among them who is doing vasi yoga for several years said the comment which I given above as exclamatory.
எல்லவற்குங் கிட்டாது இரண்டுந்தானும்
         இயல்புடைய முனிரிஷிக்குக் கிட்டுங்கிட்டும்
         வல்லவர்கள் கற்பமது கொள்ளுவார்கள்
         மற்றவர்க ளொன்றுமே அறியார்பாரே
                                                      Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

The above verses describes that yogis can attain the precious things in yoga, and also they can achieve the final stages of yogic practices. Others never understand and reach the primary level in yogic practices as said in the verses given by Kaagapusundar.
We might have seen these types of views, narrations and views in English movies. In the movies an actor can able to see the laser rays comes from the source once after wear the glasses, which usually made by special vision specs and can view this type of transmitted laser rays. As same as above, the real yogis have the type of vision which was developed from these type of yogic practices and have special senses to see any type of frequency on visions and in acoustics which is occurred in the nature and also make them able through the bare eyes. The eyes can view any level of frequencies will be raised from the nature and pass over to the universal energies through rays and waves which was illuminated from the nature.
In this post we shall go through the symptoms simply arises when a yogi crosses his meditation year by year through vasi yoga. I have written some of the things on the relative changes of the yogis along the practices of vasi yoga in previous posts. Here, it has given by mahayogi Kaagapusundar in his verses and described about the sudden changes in the physical and internal body of vasi yogis day by day and month wise.  These types of changes only occur on the dedicated meditation practices of a perfect yogi in this material life.
The effects of vasi yoga bring enormous changes on yogis. The appearance of the yogis changes abruptly in the beginning of the first month and completion of first year. They feel UN comfortable with the lively things and transition of the human beings. Some gets skin problems due to the changes on their regular layer of skin alterations. They call it’s as period of changes in shirts or layer of first skin which is commonly called in Tamil as “sattai”. Subsequently, the enormous flow of cough with diluted fluids. These types of fluids mostly assume as symptoms of cold and cough. Once a yogi said”how much cough and cold I have in this body. He said it may be in kilos he spitted out from the mouth. But it’s a regular practice of vasi yoga brings the physical body in to stream line and dilute the fluids which stuck up the line of kundlini traverse from the bottom to the black hole of the universal trend of those path. A stomach and digestion problem appears when the body struggled to get accommodated with climatic conditions.
Kaaga pusundar describes about the four types of karpam. Whover had these four types of karpam is a yogi. At the end of the twelth year a yogi can understand the final stage of yogi practices and its not defined with karpam of any external things. It’s an internal way of yogic practices, mahayogi enhancing here.
பாரப்பா  அகாரந்தான் முதலாங்கற்பம்
பரிவாக உகாரந்தா னிரண்டாங்கற்பம்
நேரப்பா மகாரந்தான் மூன்றாங்கற்பம்
நேசமா யிருந்துசெய்வாய் சிகாரகற்பம்
சீரப்பா இந்நான்கு கற்பந்தானும்
தீர்க்கமுட னுண்டவனே சித்தன் சித்தன்
வீரப்பா பன்னிரண்டு வருடஞ்செல்லும்
முக்யமுள்ள கற்பமது முடியத்தானே.
கற்பமென்று அண்டத்தைச் சுற்றவேண்டாம்
கனிவாக உன்னிடத்தி லிருக்குதப்பா
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

Verses shows the beginning of vasi yoga practices, Kaaga pusundar describes in the below verses about the month wise changes in yogi and the sudden physical changes appears till the end of twelve months.

Here the verses on completion of first month, yogi get pain on the two legs. On the second month, physical body gets generated and it rises of enormous temperature. It leads to dysentery and allergies. Beginning of third month brings the gastric related disease and it continues the digestion problems, end of the fourth month it eject the severe pain on the legs and hands.

சித்தமுடன் மாதமொன்று கொண்டாயானால்
சிறப்புடனே மேல்கால்கள் வலியெடுக்கும்
பத்தமுடன் மாதம்ரெண்டில் சூடுண்டாகும்
பதமாக மலங்கழியும் பேதியுண்டாம்
மத்தபடி மாதமூன்றாகிற்றானும்
வாய்வேகும் அபானம்வரை சூடுண்டாகும்
அத்தனரு ளாலேதான் மாதம்நான்கில்
அசதிவருங் கால்கைகள் நோகுந்தானே.
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

End of the fifth month, the stomach problem continues with huge ache, unable to sit for meditations. Suddenly it rises on the attraction on the women. It leads to the severe target to achieve the nearness of women. Urinary infections also developed with irritating pains. There will be ejection of sperm without yogi control.

தானென்ற ஐந்துதிங்க ளாகுமாகில்
தன்வயிறு புண்ணாகும் ஆசனமும்வேகும்
கானென்ற பெண்மாய்கை யதிகமாகும்விடும்
கவலைவிடும் சிறுநீரு கடுத்துவீழும்
வேனென்ற விந்துவிழும் நினைவுமாறும்
வீக்கமுள்ள இடங்களெல்லாம் வெந்துபோகும்
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

பாரேதானாறு திங்கள் முடிந்துதானால்
நேரேதான் பசிவந்து அமர்ந்துபோகும்
சீரேதான் உடல்நோகும் நடைகளோயும்
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

Six month develops brings downs the appetite and the end of the hungry. There will be body ache at the end of meditation.

கனல்யோகம் ஏழுதிங்கள் கொண்டாயானால்
பேரானஉடம் பெல்லாம் வெளுத்துக்காணும்
அன்பாகப் பெண்கள்மே லாசைகொள்ளும்
சிறுவாச லடிவயறு மிகவும்நோகும்
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

The skin color changes in to bright and fairness once completion of seventh month. The attraction on women gradually develops. The lower stomach portion tends to give pain.

தீருமது யெட்டான திங்களானால்
சிறப்பா தேகமதி லொளிவுண்டாகும்
பசுமையுள்ள எலும்பின்வழி சுவாசம்போகும்
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

Here also the fairness increases and glowing in the face appearance at the end of eighth month of yogic practices. Here the position of breath changes from the normal flow trend. It looks towards passes through the bones and it’s a symbol of yogic stages.

திங்களா மொன்பதினில் வயிறுநோகும்
திறமையுள்ள குண்டலியின் முறப்பதாகும்
மங்களமாய்த் தேகமது மினுமினுக்கும்
தங்கம்போல் தேகமது யிருக்கும்பாரு
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

The stomach ache continues and it solidifies the strength of kundlini. There will be appearance of glowing skin and the physical body starts reflects as gold in the ninth month.

இருந்துபார் பத்தன திங்கள்வந்தால்
எப்பபொழுதும் ஆகாரம் வேண்டாதாகும்
அருந்துவது பாலாகும் பேதியாகும்
திருந்தவே அதிகமதாய்ச் சூடுண்டாகும்
தேகமதில் நெய்போல வருகுந்தானே
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

At the end of tenth month there is no need of food excluding milk. It tends to dysentery due to huge temperature developed by yogi.

வருகுமே பன்னொன்றாந் திங்கள்தன்னில்
பதபாக மாகமண்டை யிடிக்கும்பாரு
சிறப்பாகப் பரைபூசை விடாமற்செய்வாய்
அருவான வேதமந்திர மிதுதானாகும்
ஆச்சரியம் பன்னிரண்டு மாதங்களே
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

Eleventh month brings the huge head ache but here the yogi should concentrate and continues the meditations. Here the pooja and the chanting of mantra indicate the vasi yoga.

மாதமப்பா பன்னிரண்டு வந்ததானால்
மகத்தான சந்துவலி வருகும்பின்பு
சேதம்வரா தொருநாளும் சீதம்வீழும்
செழுமையுள்ள கைகா லசதிகாணும்
ஆதவன்போல் தேகமது யிருக்கும்பின்பு
ஆச்சரிய மெத்தவுண்டு வருடமாச்சே.
Mahayogi   Kaagapusundar

At the end of twelth month there will be gift of one year practices appear in front of yogi. The above verse describes the pain and physical health appearance on yogis.

My husband have post marital connections, I have a kid, suffering. Can I follow some of the things which were published in your post? So that can I bring him back to normal from the other woman.

We have herbs to decrease the sugar level for diabetics. Can you tell the other herbs which you have mentioned about the herbs in your posts. When I asked about the herbs which they were using presently on their research, they replied that from Malaysia, his guru who is doing vasi yoga for many years and he enhanced all meditation and practices to present level and upgraded yoga practices. He denied disclosing the herbs.

He wants to come home and learn the pancha pakshi shastra from pune. But he did not read other posts of mine which deals with yogic practices and not aware also.

He wants to meet me and learn the meditation and pancha pakshi sastra. He knows everything about meditation as he said. He wants to learn a little to complete the meditation. His goddess abirami tells him everything to improve their life.

He wants bogar 12000, but he did not know about the yogic practices. But he wants to read the medicine and actually he is school drill master. He did not aware the name which should be given when a person mastered in some specialized martial arts with yogic practices.

Many calls and emails used to criticize my posts which they did not aware and come across in their life. These posts are thankless writings. When they came and asked for getting kids and children in their life, they don’t have ego and characters. When conceived they came to my house and asked me what is “gnanam” once they got initiated as shivayoga recently?

Some used to test me, some wants to utilize me; many misused me, but the truth behind that they have not achieved their goal. They missed me to understand the truth behind that. People are suffering, required immediate remedy and come out from the huge pains.

There will be difference between the relation and a true friend. Relation has plenty of their personal work and concentrating in their upgrading their own life and personal timings, but a true friend can come forward to give surety for your bank loan without knowing their background. Here, we never feel ashamed to deny and giving respect to the friend whom helped on crucial times and used to write our relation name in the nominee column. This is the true world. Friends can’t ask to put their name in the nominee column. It’s not the honest way also and it’s not to be expected. They had grown up with relations for years. They know once we achieved financially and status, the same relations will come and attach with the things. That time friend will not be required. Readers can understand this easier than posts. This is the way of spiritual enlightens; it’s difficult to disclose the yogic practices to unknown person who comes recently in our life whom required for spiritual. It takes more years to disclose and bring the disciples or disclose your findings on the meditations. Nominee referred here as a disciple. It’s not as simple as attending the yogic classes and gets a degree without enlighten. Lacking of wisdom tends to absence of birth. You cannot ask as nominee. It’s hardened and dedicated worship on the great masters. There will be always absence of arguments with the great masters.



Pradeepa said...

Respected sir,
Vanakkam to The Great Masters. Your talents and the experiences of yogic practices you share with everyone through your blog is a pokisham to our readers. As you have stated not anyone could experience this practices, onlr those who are destined could. Atleast through your blog we come to know the wonderful experiences our Great Masters have undergone and these kind of things are present in our tamil culture, which we have to preserve and feel proudof.
Most of these practices were kept hidden for hundreds of years Thankyou so much for giving us a chance atleast to read these and get to know such masterful things were present in our dravidar culture.


thillai raj said...

its mis assessment, some of the masters in bihar and westbengal have direct disciples and teach the lessons on fission and fusions which was connected with motions of atoms. so that they can change any matter in to another matter viz. food and metals. am insisting readers to do meditations as enormous dedication. yogis are common to all the people whoever struggling to follow the yogic practices. people never reach the real masters due to lacking on the internal practices of yoga. that's why its recommend to start with yogiraj vethathiri maharishi's simplified yoga. external practices of worship never brings in to stream line of higher level yogic practices.

vani said...

Hi sir, I am so grateful for your blog.
In the fifth month it is said by siddhar that ninaivumaarum. Does it mean one may turn mad? I had read in books stating this might also happen. What are the precautions for this?
For all the above said effects how long should one practice vaasi each day.
Why are women so rare doing Vaasi?

thillai raj said...

many very simple women had samthi i know and many doing vaasi yoga perfectly i met them in tamilnadu,kerala and andhrapradesh.

Unknown said...

very good mrm velsingh