Monday, July 24, 2017

Unrealistic time

 Unrealistic time
Time is unreal. Unrealistic time happens in the present period of the day to day life. Is it all true?
Sometimes, we have confusions extended day by day after some courses of meditations. The present time is real or we sleeping and dreaming of the world in conscious. Whatever the appeared visuals and humans are true or they come in dreams; earlier in physical and later in visuals.
As same as the above appears in dreams, you can wake up and think either you are in dream circle, or you are running in the present situation where your mind senses the period. There is a circle for two road separations while going in meditations. You think you slept somewhere or sleeping in present scale of time, but actually, you are going beyond the mind control. You have to go while sleeping or meditation on one road. One way goes across to deep sleep without consciousness. Another way takes you to sleep, but here it's you see the visuals or dreaming sense or sometimes may appear on others dreams. You could have appeared in dreams. If it comes three times as same as mind sense, then it will become some real situations and a phone call comes from the person or they may get confused with your thoughts with visuals, compare those with the magicians. The magicians work in three spatial dimensions. These dimensions have a limited extent where your mind starts working out of reach from the signals comes from the brain. It may well be correct. Otherwise, how you take the alternate deviations during meditations. You will confirm here.     
Some of the person practiced by expert and some by hereditary masters through learning thoughts. Meditators become normal when they do their regular routine work. By doing meditation, temporarily they may appear on these spatial dimensions. Here spatial dimensions referred as space where you take and travelers to connect your invisible soul.  You can appear as space or vacuum whatever you imagine in your mind as you learned science or engineering. But it’s a space. They will come and go according to your force. The darkness makes you stand still to bring the images on the black screen in front of the closed eyes. Here you can see both the present and the past, you can take as three dimensions as three periods. You always in the future, but you think you may cross over the future to the past and compare with the present. But the future appears as both past and present. So that you can view all the three periodical timings according to your practice of vision development.  Where are those blue small circles appearing in the eyes when on consciousness?
It may appear sometimes. Some get switched on tube light illumination appear on your closed eyes. Most of the times its dark.  Don’t close the eyes. It tends to sleep like me. Then the present thinking, the thoughts continue with capability when you are in bathroom and toilet, how these may appear and disappear in a fraction of the time. You may laugh here. But you feel you are alone undetected by anyone from external sources. You get disturbed by all sounds with high decibels. It's really making me irritated. Cannot hear the television sound by your present sensors like an ear. Then you reduce the sound into the first point on the volume and hear it. It satisfies you, then the problems appear to you from hearing the other tv sounds. Then the appearance of human sounds, babies crying, birds. You can hear the sounds of the bird before six. Whether it's fly 5 km away from your location from your flat.
The opposite huge tree was cut when I came from field camp. Here the tree was cut down up to its trunk above the ground. I used to park my bike always below the tree. It's always very friendly. It’s a rare variety. A cluster of leaves and rain water takes the time to come down when the rain flows. The important thing behind the tree understands our thoughts. I said to tree secretly, you grow fast as much earlier, Leaves started growing from its first trunk later a week. The same species were kept in Tenkasi Siva temple as a root. I always remember the same tree whenever I used to visit. The tree was spread over those floors from the temple top. The smell of the tree, the leaves, their appearance fascinating me, attracted and hugged once I saw a rare species in the forest. While going out for a long trip, I asked daughter to speak to the plants which kept on our balcony. It should resist till our returns. May be the rain showered down for our plants in the balcony, many times, happened always. Topic deviated. The unreal time confuses the humans.
God is not temporal being, then how could happen all the time in present future and the past. There is no such thing as absolute time. Only visual appears in front of us.  But how can we take as this is a fact or real whatever may be? It's studios. Don’t enter into philosophical or expert thinking. It may be something very simple. See, the above paragraph went as such, it deviated when I am writing on present thinking about time. It's accumulated with past time. We understand the series here, one described as earlier events what it narrates. Another explained how what I think of these time and trees. Without confusion, I try to write here for easy understanding. If it’s not friendly or easy to grasp, then, these posts will be on the higher side to interpret with yourselves. When the variation comes in time, then the time changes. The existing time disappears here and you appear at the present time and recording whatever you see, think over, images, ideas, then appear as conclusions.
We cannot concrete the time here. Evidence and scale. Otherwise, you cannot complete your Ph.D. or research works regarding on this. Conclusions given as may be might be. Behind this Cause, you didn’t complete or concluded on what you think and imagine. It's about timing. Unrealistic time. You disappear at 5 “o” clock and reappear at 6.00hrs. The time between them is the real time from my point of view and my experiences. If any reader wants to clarify on these lines, they can send me a mail regarding only on this. If I elaborate I have to sit on meditations and see the blue rings appears or not. Then the topic will change and entire material has to rewrite for this. Blue ring appears? For how many years? Let’s Imagine if am going through the microscope and writing on the right-hand side of the book which I kept to note about the slides on microscope which I go through by my eyes. Descriptions cannot write when you see the picture on the microscope. You have to remove and write immediately on the notebooks kept aside what you have seen inside and you’re your mind understand on the slides. The same way, meditators writing only what they understood at the end just before open your mind. They ask questions about why it happened. Continually talking about the meditation deviate you what purpose you sit for. It travels all the places without any time or distance. They can see the book what I have written through my eyes.
We used to hear the song, any song to touch your mind and soul. While taking meditation, the song plays in your mind with complete music scores. There you can find the space between the songs and you. These types of hearing the song are not the practice of any technique. It comes automatically when you practice regular meditations.
Some have capable of the High power of magnification the images, visuals to bring into the present status and view with analysis. It’s difficult to explain such a huge magnify the thoughts and images. A few days back, I had a dream in presence and consciousness and rewind the music of five songs in alternate patterns. Mix the music of five songs and hear it next after next in seconds. It’s a kind of tapping the sensation of our mind not our brain. Today I remembered the cluster of mixing the music and tried to understand the sound. It may due to write on paper, then transferred in to sound as digitized. I don’t know to write music chords, scores otherwise it's ability to explain the accumulation of sound in one scale.
In the physical world in which the light and sound occurred in the universe to hold the human conscience. It's all about awareness. It’s connected devices. Sometimes you run the life with higher magnifications due to the practice of meditations. The brain understands the explanations from the mind which is connected to the highest level of frequencies or conscious whatever may be. But an understanding of simple things is coming from the mind. The universe sends the signals to particular grasper to bring the mind into their level of receiving in fractions of a second.



I am sincerely interested in getting initiated into Vasi Yoga. Please guide me.
Channa Raju

suriboyina sudheer said...

yes time is unreal....when we start travelling into another dimensions(lokas) through meditation we can experience it....