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Am Hiding behind Om/Ohm

Am Hiding behind Om/Ohm

Om/Ohm is a sound observed by Yogis of tamilnadu for millions of years and created the letter Om/Ohm is given above for reference.  Yogis were identified the way of inner travel to attain the supreme god in this birth with the sign of symbol om. The script of this Tamil word is oldest in language and used by yogis in tamilnadu to disclose indirectly with this external material world. Here it should not take as over exaggeration. Some of the sastras followed by yogis is never comes under the time period and the scale of life clock. Om is among one of those hidden paths and lot of obstacles made by god is inserted in the human body and it appears while travel alone.
The above tamil letter Om is looks like a semicircular feature for other language persons. It indicates the raising of kundlini, the energy created by yogis from the moolathara to sagasranamam the chakras. It’s a way and the path of the energy rising over to the one end and swerves to the extreme end. It appears as Lord Ganesha’s typical face which is formed from this word letter Om. It’s a symbol of lord ganesha for un known people who never touched the topics of yogic practices.
It’s a shadow of the typical highway for to travel alone by any eligible person. The letters shows many swerves along clockwise direction. Look in to the bottom of the letter swerves into inside column and end with a single dot on the upper of the letter “ma” as “im”. The dot makes the appearance of galaxy. It connects the end of the universe and it takes humans to the next end of the world along the extreme end of the away which is far away from the universe. It’s a indication of scale. We can tell as a name shiva kalam for easy observation. Here it’s referred as shiva for identification of a yogi. A perfect yogi can illustrate this as symbol from lord shiva. It’s a texture from the inner way travel and end with internal universal nucleus of tremendous energy which is control the galaxy.
 Imagine the above word Om as a head of an elephant with tusks fixed to the human instead of human face. The letter Om of tamil represent the end stage of the yogic practices in humans. That’s why the first letter of tamil starts with a letter of word mother “AH” as “Amma” and Om comes in the last and ends with the major script of tamil as god. In between guru disappears in swerves.  Its have lot of interpretation and hidden things in all the letters of tamil individual scripts. May be the yogi’s wants to hide behind the letter of om. Its hiding behind the OM.
As a yogic practice, aware of the raising of kundlini from moolathara, the energy called and described as kundlini snake. The bottom swerves of the word shows the mooladhara starts with a dot. The letter “ma”/”im” denote the circulation of the kundlini awake as from the dot. We can imagine as same as a kundlini snake. It rises slowly to the next stage of swathishtana, the chakra. The symbol of mooladhara symbolize the ganesha is indicated as a meaning as given above. When it opens to the self it attracts the people who were related to this same principle and the procedures carrying out by the way of yogic practices. The swathistana chakra gets activated when the energy passes from the humans through this way and connects with tapping points of external physical body of other humans. Then humans gets attracted with souls of this material world and it attracts and detach to the chakras as far as the energy accumulate at this point. Most of the soul attraction taken place from this point and people can tell the fortune from this area with the external touch.
Usually most of the cooling down procedures are carrying out immediately on this shanthi point to the moolathara again and yogic pressure dumped here as shanthi in moolathara. The shanthi as observed here to pull down the raising of kundlini when it reaches suddenly to the end point or tends go to the next stage of climbing. Some practitioners may get sudden changes in the head or abnormal things will be observed due to this raise of energy. In sky practices from yogiraj vethathiri maharishi always says to do shanthi yoga due to this preliminary procedures for beginners.
Mooladhara makes practitioner in quite mood. It works with one of the pancha bootha “earth”. It should not take as the mooladhara positioned at bottom and touches our land. It’s a way of indication and symbol of ecstasy. The next swerve of the kundlini energy was taken to the manipuraga. The manipuraga makes the humans in semi solid state. Sometimes it gets cool and sometimes it rose to certain level of temperature due to food habits.
Manipuraga is a way of pseudo hole which takes the human soul away from the physical body. They can move away and travel to temple or guru place or where ever may be. This is the way of astral travel for all people. Astral travel starts from this point of manipuraga. Before doing this type of travel, practitioners should know the protection of physical soul and internal soul which, when activates with this points of external sources. Otherwise soul detachments may happen and after they roam with dual soul, tell the fortunes, fall ill health’s, used to throw magical words unknowingly, vice versa. Due to this unpractical, unknowingly with amateur way of external yogic practices they becomes failure of their own soul attachments and detachments like my friend Nagu.
The swerves travel direct to anahatha and open the centre of the heart regions. It’s a place of fortune tellers to display the image to any person when they ask the hidden questions which were disappear earlier. Then the swerves goes to the upper portion and comes down to the normal stroke. This swerve is the critical point for all humans to touch the visukthi, the chakra. Some of the lambika yoga practices works on this visukthi point of centre. They can survive without food for years. People are available here at papanasam, tamilnadu for witnesses and yogini manikeeswari, yaanai kundi, Andhra Pradesh for more evidence.
It goes to the manomani, the bluish circle appears as a circle around planets and disappears for all yogis to confuse the next stage of travel. The akkinai, centre point of the eye brow ejects out the energy released by kundlini and at certain stage it closes the longest travel for all whomever un eligible and karmas accordingly. When the temple is closed, then what else is required to open are the use of the travel from the lower portions?. Guru, the great fellow comes as master here and is required to travel further before at these places. Without their blessings we can’t knock the temple door, then how we get the key to open the lock.
Here itself, we complete the swerve, and then we search the master for the key. The bluish circle revolves around the yogis which makes them ecstasy and suddenly raised their ego. They can able to see the other people circle when it rises according to their practices. It’s not an aura. Readers don’t confuse with this circle with aura. Aura is an external one.
Yogi tried to open the door with enormous births, sometimes it raised up to certain level and falls down with injuries. Magical things can rose according to the rising of kundlini. There will be no separate raising of eight siddhis which is mentioning in all the books also in tamil. This type of eight siddhis will open stage by stage for every swerve of kundlini rising and hold it down according to the practitioners. When yogi is unable to hold down the energy on this particular swerve, there will be misfailure of the raising of the kundlini. In every stage, it opens the magical world and makes yogis on temptations with material world. Then they start to enjoy and forgets to touch the next stage. For example it makes to hear the voices of friends stays at far places. Secondly the image comes in front of you with your open eyes makes to see you the present status of the people whom you wants to see. Other type of siddhis, earlier I have written in many posts, I skip the topic here.
Readers shall understand the swerving of kundlini rising along the every stages of travelling through the internal paths. Here I hide a major thing of travel and also the triggering of points and the end points of the achievements through internal way. Now, “Om” the letter is hided you above with enormous energy?
 This time I skip the general topic due to ill health and bring enormous tiredness. 


jaidev said...

Sir. Very Informative

Vettipullai said...

Brilliant articles. Thank you..

Nagasoundari Alagusundaram said...

Hai Thillai,
This post was interesting and informative. I need a bit of clarification being a novice in meditation.

All materials and Masters pertaining to awakening of the Kundalini stress that the meditator needs to sit upright, which will help the energy to ascend from the mooladhara where it remains coiled like a serpent, along the spine were various chakras are located.
if the meditator is not upright the energy could fly tangentially and get locked.
But in your post you have mentioned it follows the path of tamil letter "OM" which is a meandering one. What would be the posture for awakening and ascension of the same? Does the meditator need to flex at certain points to enable the energy to swerve?

thillai raj said...

If u r not able to sit in meditation position, then how can u see the serpent travel to its own way as said by you, we can sit for two and half hrs in upright position,its able to makes us comfortable position to see the upper level of travel, all other things are experiences of an yogi, learn to drive the car, then can see the road that how meander in position with out any GPS instrument as physical body. its enough seems to u nagu