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Vethathiri Maharishi

Vethathiri Maharishi

Presently whoever upgraded masters as practicing the real yogic practices emerged from the basic roots of vethathiri Maharishi. The source of the meditation are primarily learned by these people and well understood about the fundamental frames of this universe and its hidden concepts from vethathiri. They understood the surface layer of the consciousness from the yoga which was designed by vethathiri as very simply and its can able to grasp easily and adopt by any human being.
The layer of consciousness is fixed and the target is given to our hands with ultimate connection between these minds and surface layer. Wherever vethathiri quoted in older books viz Manavalakalai in three parts published in tamil and it is understood after some years during my school days, its described on the shadow layer of the raising of the kundlini. The kundlini is described here as higher level of energy which raising through the tiny nerves as a magical path. Now it makes different interpretation on this simplified yoga given by maharishi. This shows my ego to interpret on my own master who initiated in my tender ages and given his hands to attain up to this level. Followers of the guru should identify themselves where they are standing on and which layer they hold and searching for tapping layers to pounce.
This happens to all of the person comes from the vethathiri maharishi initially. The reason behind that when they reached to some level of the surface layer, it tends to attract or try to reach or hold the string of the other end. The gap between these two ends is the shadow. You have to go by inner consciousness with the help of guru on this gap. It’s not a ladder or anything to hold and to climb. Magical things are always happenings here where the yogis gets confused with their own presence or in their dream or appearance of multi vision images. Until unless blessings of the great master the shadow part of this gap cannot be filled by the meditator. Am referring here Great masters as real masters.
When mind and soul identifies at one stage of meditation practices and suddenly on a day it disappears. Then the identification of three dimensional angle which hugely takes for twelve years to complete where we ourselves insert in to the universal source and complete the meditation. This required enormous unsolved patience in day to day life to overcome all difficulties and cross over these particular period of a decade.
The karma exposes on the surface layer and it allows to walk on the second level stages after the completion of fourth years with huge painful situations in family life and sometimes tends to brings to end of our life. Diseases becomes permanent and affects the physical and mental health directly when they crosses of sixth year. The sudden growth of beard sliding down to earth due to meditator becomes cross poled and against the gravitation. The clock wise rotation is hanged up or stuck up here simply and the string breath can take their own way to ride on the universal force of higher level of consciousness. Patience and waiting for the divine source or the present layers comes at any time to cross us. This is the painful way when we lead our life with family. The material consciousness cover over the system and does not allowed to take the time when it has been already crossed.
Yogi understood a day that they can tie the time of the universe and hanged on that till they comes out from this earlier births. These type of things happened in their future when they scan themselves for the previous births. These type of explanations comes to them through the universe and they can say as predictions. Here, the source is the time where they tied up with themselves to the period clock and locked down till their achievement of Samadhi. I stop here these words…………
Some of the old sources says, earlier also it has been explained by yogis on this universal force concepts in tamil. Its true when it’s interpreted with papers belongs to end of the sangam period in tamil literature scripted on yoga and medicines, some of the verses described on this unified force.
Recently one and only master Vethathiri maharishi has identified the unified force and published after 50 years. The great achievement of vethathiri maharishi on unified force is still continued and never interpreted with other sources since it’s been published. Behind these concept of vethathiri it’s unable to travel after maharishi concept due to lacking of travel through these surface layer. The imagination and sciences cannot trap the source of maharishi due to fifty years of continuous study on this aspect without disclosing the primary level of nature source. The surface layer is the primary source of unified force. Readers can understand here the surface level is the primary source.
Most of the time we think and it appears as vethathiri hided something from us on the next level of meditations.  This question is half filled and requested readers can give their own suggestions in this post.
Great master vethathiri formulated a wide principle in a tiny look appearance and its own formulated and framed presence of inner layers. The simplified yoga is the simplest way of understanding the widest range of gods working in nature. The shadows will take us the main stream of yogic practices to enter in to the fastest running transparent devices in nature. Most of the time people does not understand this transparent devices in nature due to the inner level is well connected with the divine source.
Some instance and easy to grasp as how to jump out from the fast going vehicle viz train. In this part, we should learn how to fly out from the running train as same speed of the running train and also slow down our position to static, let’s allow the train pass away. Another way, we have to enter the train as instance, we have to increase our speed while flying parallel to speed of the train and enter in to it. The distance between the train and ourselves is the gap of the yogic practices. It’s not indicating the train as those destiny. It’s a source. But when we stand outside of the train. We have to prepare ourselves to fly first and next to enter. Let the train take us to its own destination. The gap between is the entrance for any yogic practices. I bring to an end here. Readers don’t get confusion here in this gap. I skip some of the things for the description on the gap to avoid people copying posts. Let the gap as hollow here and understand on a day when they starts travel to open the bridge. Here the bridge referred as holes.
Vethathiri maharishi quoted in a book as I am not a scientist, philosopher, whatever I have seen internally through vision I have written.  I don’t have any well advance or refined words to explain and deliver in this universal concepts. For human being, the philosophical scientific suggestions have written in this simple language. If any mistake on this it should be pardoned by readers. The humbleness is the greatest thing behind this maharishi concept.
Till today there is no comparison on this wide spread explanation on this universal concepts given by vethathiri maharishi?.
When we got initiated in our tender ages from sky, we meditate at home with simple towel spread over on floor and wearing lungi. There was nothing special treatment or conditions behind the meditation. The main form is to meditate daily and compulsory meditation at any circumstances.
After huge books of years, the great masters came from yogic circle and taken us to the next stages of meditation. But when we used to describe on the meditation, people are interested only on which color lungi I wore, some goes beyond the level that what inside the lungi I wore. Doubtfulness is the root cause of the yogic practices which is actually disappeared from our main stream. Doubts and enquiries never brings the answers.

Hand writing of vethathiri maharishi has been published by Dr. P.Sakthi kumaravel in his book in tamil “Vethathiri maharishiyin padaipulagam”.Readers can go through entire compilation work about maharishi works in this book.

An incident, conversations, those faces repeatedly appears to me and it pains me enormously till today.  Superior person asked once is there any spare cooking gas cylinder to provide a family whom they come over for medical treatment. I had two cooking gas cylinders and stove, so I accepted and taken in the vehicle and gave it to the family.  A middle age lady and a gentle man came out of that flat in bangalore and taken.
After some period, people asked me at working area, as any willing to ready to donate the blood. Then myself and my colleague went to Apollo hospital Bangalore and donated the blood. After donation, usually I asks people where is the patient or their relations. So here also I asked silly question in that painful situation like the same. They asked me to wait outside at the I.C.U. ward.
The same lady who taken the stove from me came out from the ward and said thanks. She offered juices to me and colleague. We denied and said here itself hospital people has already gave us. I asked her, what happened to you. She said it’s not for her, it’s for her son. She went inside and brought her tender son who is working at Bangalore in one of the top company.
Mother looked to us and said, son came for treatment. He may around 23 or 24. Then I wished him and came out from the ward. I and friend went to canteen at top floor in that hospital for lunch.
After some months I went to field work and stayed in Andhra Pradesh. I and superior further got misunderstanding and it raised up to internal inquest without any reason and dissolved my carrier. Witnesses and situations hurdled and thrown from the normal stream line of basic happiness from life.
In that hard situations and difficult field conditions makes me stable in life. A day I got angry when my wife called me and said gas cylinders gone empty.  I called superior immediately and asked when you asked me all the help I have done to whom you referred without asked any details. But you never think over on those good things and making issues on silly reasons even you know very well. I said now my family suffers there in Bangalore away from me around 600 km and without any help with my two years old kid. He taken items from those people what I have given to them and returned to my home.
 Those quests became bulged, elongated with witnesses and reached to highest level and has to be appealed to first person in country after nine years.  
After some period I came out of the group, went to other state. One day near corridor, when I enquired about that boy, the superior said, he expired some days back.
 He also said some months back when he made a call to the relation they replied to him in phone that particular time they stood in cemetery ground for burial the boy. Am not able to hear anything after this. That day, when I heard the expired news, I came to know that he is the grandson of our retired top head of entire concern.
I got severe shock when I heard that that small boy expired. My entire system was stuck up for some time, whole day I was roaming without any consciousness. Emotions compressed and it always witnesses for my daily activity. I thought some simple operations was carrying out for that boy, but my share of help to those people was discarded after I heard this. Because I got angry when I faced my trouble. Its shows my selfishness. My real help becomes damn waste.
I feel ashamed on me first time in my life, I feel guilty. I went to house. I saw my face on the mirror and spit on that. What person you are. How you did this. I have not looked my face for many months without shave and roamed with bear. It hurts me internally and severely.
Those days when I do meditation at any time, in between their faces comes, I hanged on that. It hampers me in meditation and hampered my entire routine meditations. Sometime tears comes while meditating. I said to myself a yogi should be individual disciplined. Emotions is on the frequency can any one touch. Why you came down from the downstream.  Whenever I takes food, appears bitter, I am not eligible to take food as a normal person those days. It’s bittered my life.
I went to my guru place and sit silently without telling anything to him. He sat in front of me on stair case and not opened any topic to talk. Then he went to kitchen to bring breakfast for me. While passing over here and there he gave a look at me. He said, you yourself over exaggerating. You can’t punish yourself. You know yourself what you did. And really you don’t know. If you have yourself felt and accepted your mistake. So suddenly here the mercy by pass over and taken your own position. So you came out and spit on your face yourself. I know about you, seeing for a decade, you can’t do any mistake, otherwise you could not around in this yogic circle.
But it takes me huge time to come out from the incident. Years passed by.
Those faces still I remember as both mother and son stood outside the ICU. Sometimes the entire universal system gone mad what we think about god. I donated blood during critical patients. All people stays still alive. A young blind from perambur railway hospital Chennai came to my house and delivered thanks on behalf of patient still I remember.
Even after this boy demise, a person still alive in front of me whom I donated the blood. But this young fellow has gone out from this world. He may born in some mothers hand and sleep on her shoulder and he may go to school now and has brothers and sisters. He may come one day and meet me to say thanks. 
The voice of god I heard many times, but in this case it’s failure. How he disappear from this world even when I touched him. What is the use of this yogic touch of gurus? How the destiny has over looked us in front of our yogic practices. Nothing can overlook yogic practices if a person can do perfectly even destiny stand in front of your order was always said by masters.
Now loganathan phoned to me and said” if we do correctly anything from our heart, our kids gets everything in their life”. He may right. This is not the expected way of benefits. He makes himself self-disciplined, he short listed his life, he did not throw unnecessary throws to others life.  It’s a way of understanding to close all the tapping points to access the wrong things in life. This avoids to bring new problems and pain in this life?
This words may arise to some questions, it’s no need for discussion but how he suddenly turned up internally and tuned to their life. Last month he said” I will go to Coimbatore and observe fasting by silence for three days at vethathiri maharishi Samadhi. I asked him when you complete and you have to inform me what you have understood and what the answer for your silence is. But suddenly his program got stuck and cancelled. When he tried to understand on this life and wants to spend the time to understand in the system, nature have to give a hand to raise him up?
Yesterday night, I called my friend siva and asked me” why they have not given doctrine/Ph.D. to vethathiri maharishi. He scolded and said in this night time, why you had all these doubts on this.
I sadi “This person completed the universal research but the conclusion as really hided seems. So everybody searching for the conclusion of vethathiri’s universe.
He got angry and said” he might have refused this useless Ph.D. and he might have told to other people to collect themselves. He added” vethathiri may get noble prize for peace in future”. This word makes me sudden disappearance from this universe. I strongly agree here and it’s true to all sky followers.
It’s true, the work of vethathiri maharishi has been completed and hided, we cannot offer him a simple Ph.D. for whom the master is inside the universe and carrying the globe in his palm and able to deliver a simple talks on brahma gnanam to all the common people with different universal colors in three dimensional ways and its really, very simply and easily attracted on the human beings. 


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