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Gravity and Meditation

Gravity and Meditation
 It is now some years since I noticed how many were the false beliefs that I had from my earliest youth admitted as true on the meditations and its practices.  How doubtful it was everything I had since constructed on this basis of yogic practices which I had learned from my childhood days.
 Sometimes observed that the practice of my father in Vethathiri maharishi procedures seems to be agreed. He always do only the two stages of Vethathiri meditations. He says attaining first stage itself is difficult thing to go for secondary practices. Then next stages of transition may rise the question?
Following the vaasi yoga practices, it diverts and taken to the original stream line of yogis and dumped me in this clarity of yogic circle. Masters from the Western Ghats teaches different types of vasi yogic practices and follows in my home town tenkasi, Tamilnadu. A person from each family along the western ghat section at tenkasi town have vaasi yoga practices. Men and women attained Samadhi was the usual things who follows the vaasi practices in this area. The vaasi yoga practices came from the Sankarananda Ashramam where the Sankaranandha jeeva Samadhi is located near courtallam falls. Swami Sankaranandha is one of the disciple of Swami Sivanandha Paramahamsa who has written “Siddhavedam”. The vaasi yogis in families are highly disciplined, patterned, regulated and follows the real yogic practices around tenkasi town for hundreds of years due to continue appearance of maha yogis.
 From that time I was convinced that I must once for all seriously undertake to clear myself of all the opinions which I had formerly accepted on the yogic procedures, which I had tried and continuously rotated on my mind very sincerely, and commence to build a new from the foundation I waited until I had attained an age so mature that I could not hope that at any later date I should be better fitted to execute my pattern of practices comes as true.
This reason caused me to delay so long that I should feel that I was doing wrong on my yoga practices earlier in my younger ages until the touches of vaasi yoga practices. The following results and procedures given below from my experience may route to false observations for some people. Hence, the identification of practice and procedures may be taken as priority for observers.
I had discussed with some of my close friends who were thinking in an experimental way and had results that they don’t understand or it looks wrong based on science. Even though I have clarified with some of the primary sources in this aspect like gravity and gravitational forces away from the surface layer to layer of the universal border.
The meditator observes here as the traveler and it reflects in the physical and internal body when the temperature fluctuates. I observed when I became diabetic, these temperature in the internal body always fluctuates when meditate and also while doing pranayama procedures.
The engine has been started and prolonged running appears to be simple and never reflects or concealed out from the internal layer of physical body. Its runs parallel day to day when meditator falls on the internal flakes sketches of pictures where and when he created he could not recognize until for some years. This is the time delay for the yogis.
While meditation, the body started disappearing; moves away from the rotation of the earth. The degree of rotation moves away and meditator skips the rotation and started flying against the gravitational force. The movement of the meditator from the center point where he sits on the floor will be taken as the deviation degree between him or her and the position of the sitting. When it cuts the rotational degree, the meditator suddenly feels he is floating vertically instead of diagonally. The position of diagonal; perpendicular to the meditator pose appears for some time due to the huge rotational speed of the earth. Once he or she deviated from the rotation of the earth, it appears that they feel really floats in slanting position and they try to come out to vertical and straight position of sitting pose.
Then they touches the floor in 360 degree rotation will be happened for the meditator. The meditator sees where they laid down and hit the articles or furniture kept on their room. Then upside down of the poses when they come across. These are the discontinuity stages for the meditator and they enjoy the rotation till they finish the meditation.
When they start to give command to how to rotate, then it disappears and immediately falls down on the floor without any question arises from the nature. When they learn how to fly, then nature takes the eligible person comes out from the circle as out of the room, home and universal layers.
The place where the door opens during the meditation, the meditator comes to know day by day. A day they came out and understood the time is the same for all the periods. There will be no past, present and future.  
I think of gradually extending my knowledge on this spiritual and of raising it by little and little to the average level of thinking, but due to lacking of knowledge on subjects I had failure to explain. I may be mistaken but I shall attempt in this method to describe the paths I have followed and to delineate my life as in a picture I created in words in order that any one may also be able to judge and frame for them in this only way which I described above. There is no other way to describe about the scales and measures of the core where they sit and connect to the universe from their home.
I found myself involved in so many doubts and errors, that I was convinced I had advanced no farther in all my attempts at learning and leaving the false procedures which I thought was right for periods in my life but ageing improves the quality and clarity in meditations and increasing the power of energy day by day to attain the end procedures of the Samadhi.
The different situations in to which fortune threw me, and in making such reflection on the matter of my experience as to secure my improvement. Perfections could recognize the god? All our thoughts cannot be true because of our partial imperfection? This is true and accepted.
I am a fool may be mad on my subject but it was my experience to comprise in it all that before I set myself to write. This post has been postponed for last one year. Even though I discussed regularly with my friends daily on this and asked number of questions to them and they replied with different answers.
Since I had not as yet sufficient knowledge to enable me to treat of these in the same manner as of the rest is to say the travel alone and what method yogis are following to open the door and when the door will be opened. I learned the way of great masters and follows as they said prolonged time to observe the doors.
My inclination may so much opposed and hurting being hurtful on general topics. But the truth and the distances crossed over is the remaining thing here carrying with the belief to sustain the time where they left.
God particle appears when we know how to open the door or how to come out of the door. In both the doors are closed around us or away from us. These two things happened to the meditators the breath taken and swerves to position of the yogic postures and make them appears on the universe.

When the time and period have the absence of past, present and future how the humans fix the good and negative time for individuals. The above post described on the timings of the individuals through succession of period transactions.
Sometimes I observed some of the people usually see the good time while going out for their personal work. While going they have regular practices to see other people should not come in front of them. For instance, as am a stranger coming from outside to my home while returning completion of my work at the time, someone sees me as stranger and they go back again to house; stays for time and proceed for work.
If they are not able to recognize their own time and period; how they access the others bad or good time fixed by the god and run by the universal layers. These things common and used to see in the villages for the others when elder’s persons who well versed with sastras and cognition to the nature can predict the results for other while going. But in the city, we have mis constructed flats, three way roads, and number of gates for walkers and cars entrances squeeze the time from the external sources.
Also city people also started In the cities whom highly educated sees these timings when the people comes towards them. Many time for many people I have seen and I used to stand some distance away from them when I pass through while they coming. The universal timings will not be calculated by humans which is actually based on the daily or monthly calender's, panchangs. Its working based on the blue print of the humans when they born. The planets working on them never leave them until they receive good or negative things fixed by the horoscopes. The Pancha pakshi sastra working on the universal principle where the yogis are connected and where they stand. The timings of their working will be automatically changed by the nature and modification of time in the pancha boothas happens always. The yogis touches the layers where the pancha bootha is working and keep their soul spread on that. A ordinary simple humans who were in this material world and material consciousness never calculate the time and period for themselves, then how it will be for others? Readers can understand this topic of timings and periods depends on the horoscopes and based on the pancha boothas. It never ever accessed by simple humans in this material world.


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People started practising vaasi yoga, then there will be no doubt on genuinity. Vaasi yoga cannot hold the wrong persons.