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Gravity and Meditation-2

Gravity and Meditation-2

Some years back it’s fascinated more on me how it’s expanded and how it create the running appearance of movie by our mind which we directed as artificial settings and how to move next frame. The emotions and the frames will be fixed for any persona and it appears from third person whom we created in mind and it runs with the constant speed of particular image. While dreaming with open eyes we can’t zoom the particular object but we can see the colors of the person or object whatever may be and it’s always accepted by our mind and soul. This is the imagination as artificial and dream as self recorded plots.
Some days back I attended meeting on yoga research. An aged experienced person practicing as ayurvedic physician said he can cure diseases with related and through particular planet which we should meditate on it. If we can’t able to connect the entire system of universe how we can take as a single planet and ask to work only for us to cure the diseases which is imprinted as blue prints as horoscope. If it is possible means he could have changed the destiny of him with these types of practices exposed and concentrated on planets.
Body may affect when the mind will be affected. This is not a parallel source of running device. For example, a teenager dreamed on apposite gender and created the opposite teenager as their soul and the gender will be acted as how they created a scene on them. This is the development of internal structural scenes which we can create the object, fully fledged screen play even colorful dresses which will be fit to wear on the apposite person. It’s not the dream; it’s a controlled structure of imagination. Then the mind works accordingly and the conversations also will be decided how they delivered and what they want. But a fact is; it’s not been affected by internal memory on any stages. While during sleep, in depth sleep, sometimes what we had real things with the person as flesh and blood which we have talked to us directly. Here the dream itself opens the screen play and its scene and the person talks in front of you. We can’t control what to speak and what to answer. It’s a sound of mind. The root has been connected to the universe which never been support to your software of your mind. It’s itself indigenously working and the picture only can be able to see.  It’s unable to see the colors due to nature have fixed the screen play here for you. But sometimes you can see what sari they wear; what’s expression on the eyes can be zoomed and run the screen play which you have narrated as commanded by mind. The sounds of external and the disturbances makes you disconnected till the show running in front of your eyes. Naturally the eyes try to see inside and what you want to see for next years in your life in this birth.
I had dreams which are on conscious. Sometimes I see my girl friend who studied with me during college days. But the dreams during sound sleep whenever it appears it makes lot of destructions in between on the physical body and internal body without cognition. It appears as the frame by frame changes the objects which was running continuously and suddenly held up somewhere and stopped as per hold the strings. The body gets sweating. This due to the internal memory appears which due to connections from the external sources and it may be coordinated and the imprints on the universe may attach and send as messages. Sometimes she speaks something, sometimes she crying, criticizing. It’s considered as dream. It’s not images or object, it’s a perfect imaginary perfection wrongly recorded from our artificial thoughts which was runned as show in your movie screen.
The difference in the observations of these types of dreams as kept in some sides of our memory. It’s not computer, the server kept externally. Mostly people used to say it’s kept in the internal body as genetic center. The genetic center position assumed and presented as centre of the body which scales diagonally and perpendicular crosses to plot the point of center. But the source comes in the dream or imaginary perception, artificial thinking on the particular object, or humans kept on the external sources. Then we can understand how the source is vast to access by anyone who alive in this little planet emerged in the universe.
Consequently it’s looks obvious; it’s not expression or feeling from inside. Sometimes I wake up with cried a lot after a huge sound with tears. It’s a disconnection, like in between; we access the network unconsciously. I used to hear my daughter sound as number of times while sleep. So that I started to sleep in the next room, I observed whenever she calls me in the dream, my mind response immediately and able to hear her little voice”appa yennapa” (What dad, what u doing). It’s happened to me earlier when my son was little and sleep with me due to I used to see the t.v and he change in to cartoon networks. This is the access of your kids when they used to sleep they can easily access and send the messages. If you awake your mind respond suddenly. If you asleep, you can triggered out from sleep and respond to your kid while they sleeping.
The hole of universal server falls in every room; at all of our houses. At some places its weak, there the internal structure goes and stand along the wall or room and tried to come out from the human circle. If you have to come out from the transparent, highly strengthened ball and come to universe or from the universal ball we have to insert in to the ball where we connect the source of the universe. This is the only way to connect or disconnect. The dream or imaginations are all working on these particular sources built on universal layer.
Here we can able to view ourselves when on our deep sleep or artificial imagination whatever may be. It depends on age factors too, its splits. For example, the face of my girl friend appears and tells something is comes from the universe. It’s a recorded, depends upon how you sleep. It’s a sleepless sleep. In yoga practices, sometimes I have observed masters falls down suddenly on this stage of three way point of connection road. It’s difficult to attain these three way road. If attain also, there should be very careful where we have to go and divert to the next road to travel, one is a dream, suddenly it takes to sleep, another keeps you in hold and makes you to look the movies where you fix the screen and fall in to sleep. Some of the yogis fall down in front while doing meditation due to them unable to cross the three way road. I have seen these with great masters and disciples when they meditate after travelled from very long distances.  The person starts where the particular frequency is activated. Some people used to see the demised parents. Some wants to see the opposite genders. But its shows the clippings and frames without any continuity, anytime it’s disconnected the network. It’s controlled by the system of universe as period and time.
The screen shows the blue color and it appears as white, but its blue. I see my girl friend in the dreams as same as they wore the same dresses during college days. It’s recorded. Sometimes I used to zoom and see the embroidery and prints on the green color dresses. When we go to the close zoom, its disconnected you have to wake up from bed. It’s a way of the oldest imprints of records dumped on the universe and access by the internal memory.
While I travelling from nagarabhavi to railway station majestic, Bangalore. A blind person got up at maruthi nagar. It’s around night at 9.30 hrs. He started singing inside the bus.  Bus was accommodated with seaters only. This is the first time; I saw a blind person begging and singing traverse from the driver to the end of the bus. I was sitting at the left hand side of the Volvo city bus. He sung a devotional Kannada song. I can’t understand the running verses of kannada song what he was sung. But the massive voice of the blind, 6 ft and hefty person sung the song which triggered all the souls raised in the bus. I understand some words of goddess and god names in between at the end of the lines in kannada. He collected the money and went to front door near to the driver. Conductor asked him to sit near front gate. The blind person called conductor and gave changes of coins what he collected. Conductor came and collected the coins and gave the ticket. At the time I called conductor asked him to come near to me and collect my money and give the ticket to him. The blind person with massive voice and said, sir, I had identity card which enables me to get half ticket in KSRTC buses. So its little amount, thanks to you he said. Further he said in kannada, But I can’t able to follow due to his accent from different district seems. Then after two three stops conductor came near to me where I sit on the last seat of the left hand side of the bus and said ”he always comes in this time and get half ticket. So don’t worry, he convinced me. Here my imagination and creation of my mind disappear due to his song. I hesitate to give money at that time when he begged.
Conductor stopped exactly apposite to railway station where we get huge traffic round the clock at Bangalore. He opened the hydraulic doors and asked me to get down. Driver smiled on me. I didn’t give money to him nor do I help him. But the tendency of my soul appeared and broke through all their minds when the massive voice of blind triggered all the souls come out and expanded on the floating stages. This is the reason why conductor stopped the bus to show his affection on me even on huge traffic area.
The expanded souls are suddenly gone internally once they unable to hear the voice of the person whom sung continuously for a minute. The diversion of the degree where he starts and ends depends upon how the level of concentrations was built on the universal layer. The state of mind appear and disappear whenever the internal souls triggered to come out until unless the whole our system gone down to one song which was highly, deeply registered for many years.

The rotation of the earth and the speed of the bus are running parallel to the internal speed of the universe where the person stays. Just imagine how the person travels in the bus, when the earth rotates. We can give equations, formulas and definitions for this. But the travelling speed of the soul is extreme end of the rotation of the earth. It appears suddenly against the rotation of the earth and its speed. It floats as a boat on the particular speed. It’s not carrying out from the bus. The soul cannot come out from the bus when the bus travels in the high speed. The soul is working on the bubble which keeps inside the bubble and closed sum where else on the bubble ball. It knows how to come out of the bubble ball and attached to the universe unexpectedly the songs triggered to the humans. The expansion of the soul is the primary thing for all the meditation and its further yogic practices. I bring to an end here on these bubble ball topics.
Space may static or really static at every point from where the mediator sitting in house and expanding his soul to level of universe and cross the border layer and gone out from the scene. So the space and time is always different. I had given comment on sky student’s whatsup, Bangalore about period and time. But they themselves diverted to lord and others. We can simply understand about the bus incident on expansion of soul.  The space is the static so that the meditator can able to penetrate from his house or moving objects, when the time allows entering in to period and disappearing from the normal position.
The dream and memories of a person on earth is always working on different area and recorded in different slots of the universe.  Then how it can be access and where is the tool or way or tapping point.
Meditations are highly complex field of study in the recent years due to its diverted from the normal stream of yogic practices.
In recent year’s people again went back and searching for vaasi yoga practices due to this absence of the right explanations around us regarding on yogic practices.  Its most of them are suboptimal. Most of the people think that it’s a self liberation to enhance the qualities such as compassion, understanding and wisdom. But meditation, the yogic practices is the highest achievement of a person in this berth. Then, why the question raised for these lengthiest explanations on yogi? There will be the answer. The answer kept as hidden tool in the yogic practices. Until unless people fascinating on the magical things from the yogic practices, they can trap or its trap towards the yogi.
It’s type of craving and our wanting to decipher the extended level of meditations.  People wandering and shifting their mind traverse to next and subsequently yoga end classes due to the absence of continuity of original yoga practices. This is the period and time?


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