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Universe respond to human energy system

Universe respond to human energy system

Try to Meditate in the house and make us to center and point out where the planetary motions spread over the external side of the body and tap it.  Then the entire signs accept the human cycle to rotate/reciprocate for bringing you in the same direction of the source. Person may confuse or understand themselves which it takes place at the moment for. They may confuse whether it’s a real or dream pictures of conversations occurring in different period on the same day in different timings. It’s not human travel or aura or expandable whatever it may be. They themselves lost their individuality and joined their hands in the space where it appears or where he tapped to find over, whether it may be at home or at any direction or any place.           
Like, a general reader may presume to compare them with the relatively small things already established and try to realize with themselves according to incidents happened. It’s not realization, it’s an understanding of the universe or planetary or earth or themselves from the internal talks. Some thinks it’s from their center of the heart, some says mooladhara where human sits for meditation. But the truth comes out when they come back from the heavenly experiences or from deep sleep for one or two minutes. strong sleep? My god. They sleeping without their knowledge.  Looks Eyes were tired and freshened up after this type of fast sleep. Gazing where? This appears when they close their eyes or open their eyes. Its foolishness to ask this type of closing their eyes. When eyes were closed, how the travel happened. Tiredness? No, eyelids may get rests by closing while sleeping? May be, Meditations appears when the eyes are open. Laughing? All shastras’ says eyes are open, enlightened, wisdom, soul. Is in it.? Magnetic or electric.? For this I have to read the physics theories. Avoid science here. I don’t know science. A simple question to reader.? If magnetic or electric happens after meditation, it’s possible to acquire or make the energy stable (whatever may be) alive in human body?
Hearing the song of Ilayaraja at your home. Come out by hearing the song continuously. Go to basement, take the bike. Ride to your office gate. On the way, traffic, gathering, mob, enormous sounds. But you hear the song which is still playing in your flat. Wow… how it’s happened. Practice.? Training.? Then what? You don’t know what’s happening here. Now you are presently visualizing the scene I narrated here.
Continue…. Reached the office, still you hear the next song until unless you divert the mind from the particular trend of flowing. You can converse, speak, answer to many at the same time, but the mind plays the song, it’s not relaying, you are not acceptor, you become listener here. Then how you receive, from cell phone tower? Mind? It’s not seems. Don’t? then. You can hear the song from anywhere in this universe. How it happens. It’s not happened. It’s already there. You are intruded into that, made the connections, the soul, the entire your body fell on that, taken in to your body. Soul and physical body. Why? Cause, two things intercepted when it appears. Otherwise how you hear the song from your home from your office, or the place where ever may be, travelled to distant places when you start the song. Between you and the house.  Its planetary distributions, very lately gone over this type of science understanding concepts. If we read physics for this, then we cannot hear the sound. Is in it.? Fact. When the concepts and theories understood then the real things have gone faraway or could have misunderstand the results from the primary source. It’s an Equilibrium flow, you accepted the symmetry and allowed to hear the song. That’s all. Very simple looks like. But it’s hard to.
Then sit over the meditation without any sound. Another type of equilibrium flow of constant matter. Here you take matter as transmitting mode. You may speak continuously through mind while meditating. Always we speak when meditating. When we do meditation. Hmmm. Enormous applications and requests to god? Harrey where is this god came here. Leave the god. Requests from the mind, fighting with the debates. O.k. Let’s stop this debate and speech of mind. Start to hear the song of Ilayaraja. Song comes from the mind and started playing with all digital, echo sounds. Perfect song with complete music. 4.59 minutes the song played out on you without any external player. How is this happen. Silently hear the full music with song till completion. 4.59 minutes. Then where it’s played. It’s played from the space, universe, the human body respond to the planetary, the entire galaxy. Why you played only ilayaraja song. I heard only ilayaraja songs. Don’t laugh. Laughing…...
 Song was recorded on you or its recorded in your house, or in space. Which part of space? Little bit confused here seems? Played many times in your house. The sound gets percepted. It may be concealed somewhere in your house, precipitated. This type of confusion occurs when we searched all the ward rope in flat and sometime bike stand in the basement. Your physical body and soul gets practiced, experienced, trained and settled in the mode where these type of sound and light settled over in your house.  Then you can access the other people conversation? Laughing……… Yes, its different part of the area where the tapping end locates. But, you should not show to them. How you show you know all those. Then start your acting. You practice acting in front of them, you do not know whom they. You don’t know who you are. Forget the name of you. Act, Act, till you practice to tell lies. You should not access on this planetary motion. Why motion here. We can take planetary space. Universe is old. We upgraded to mobile space. Whenever you intend to access the people in planetary, you make those as useless until you forget those points of access. Wasting of your energy in useless things for others secrets. Leave it, when you get to access.
Otherwise these hearing of the music will disappear on one fine day, makes you frustrate and start to scold your children and wife. Hence, avoid it…. best.  If you leave those, it takes you to the next stage of appear on the universal world. The pictures, the thoughts of you and others, where your all people dumbed in to that.
Don’t see the mirror at night time. It shows your mind as same as dirty mind like me. Laughing. Your mind appears with the pictures. Picture only, initially. Why you don’t get motion pictures. Its starting seems. You have to understand. Why it’s happened. Now you realize you can understand yourselves what’s happening externally or internally. It makes you laugh alone and how you makes this world as foolish. The mirror shows you true mind. Now you directly view the clippings of yourself. Thoughts from the mind starts in the mirror. Which mirror, bathroom mirrors, why? There you feel you safe and alone, thinks yourself that no one thinks on you and disturbs you. Morning session? Useless. Night time, after twelve, set the alarm for this stunt. Got up directly to bathroom and see the mirror, how you look like. Mostly yours grandfather, all grands passed away sees you through the mirror. You think you are viewing there. Its reversed boss here. Then skip those, your mind will open here and display the dirty pictures. Ha ha ha. How you became dirty fellow in front of mirror. How am acting to all as am a spiritual person. Whatever its appears, your girlfriend, friends, if real spiritual it shows the real faces.
People asking the mirror practices. There will be no such practices, I didn’t aware on this. Many years back a meditation group taught the mirror meditation. Still they are teaching.  But it’s a way of practice. Many years after this, crossed over the ages, now realized we cannot translate the sounds of rain. Understand the rain, nature, it displays you, its send signals to you daily the forecast. Rains? or not. Its only fact I came to know. The nature makes you itself and understand the disperse of rain.
The thoughts of man have the power to intrude the space. It makes the hole on your head and receiving the space in to you. It’s the signal for the person to reach the end stage of samadhi. Person should be ready to make the samadhi. He asked the builder who construct the samadhi to construct in front of their house. He said” construct the samadhi and it should be viewed to his house where they practiced prolonged. Big journey seems. Constructor said” ok”. Constructor said to me, if am interested to see the construction, then I can join. I have to see my bread and butter for my kids, no spare time, if I will be looking after all those things. Chances reach you. Hmmm.
Few years back, a friend, business man in Chennai asked me a favour. He the food plate maker. A food plate is enough for a family to their entire lifetime. He was stuck up in business. Entire business hampered due to some reasons and unable for making food plates. We made friends, god helped him here. See, how god helped him to makes me suffered. The god foolish fellow made me impressed on him. Then the period of time changed for him. His hurdles are circled and he sold all food plates. Good? Is in it. He became Billionaire, went to abroad trips, life style changed to luxurious. When I approached for a food plate for my family. He talked business to me. He said the same price which was sold to others. He sold a plate for market rate. This type of sudden changes when money comes to person I have come across many, so  it’s not makes me surprise. Instead of buying from market, I chose to buy from him and bought on huge amount by debit. All my guides laughed on me when they heard. Its common practice that a spiritual person should be low person in society, always. Wear ugly dresses, without feed good things to their children and family is a major criteria for the person who follows sages. And yogi should stand in front of rich people as servant. They fix few hundreds of rupees to your work or possibly one day lunch to you. You should not expect. If you expect you have informed that you are materialized. You have self-expectations. Yogi should not show his hungry. But they becomes billionaire through you and  they completely forget you in this birth after gained through and you should not remember. You have to work hard, excess work to earn money to compensate the purchase of food plate for your family.   It’s an understanding in society that a spiritual person should be poor. His family should not have basic needs to run the family. Person should be a beggar and folded hands in front of society. Begging is the only way for a real spiritual people in this world?
My son fell down, fractured on leg and taking treatment now. It’s a time. Where is the time running? Why we don’t rectify those times. Are you idiot, they ask you, you don’t know about your time and your son time to save him from injury prior to that, then how you change or help others? They think they are intelligent and clever by asking these types of clever questions. You know very well on how it’s happened. Yes, we have to follow the rules and regulations. It was run by the masters whom taught you. All those given to them when we learned. We have to beg in this world for bread and butter.
Arts has forgotten, hidden or vanishing gradually. His grandfather used to give an herb (Keezha nelli) for jaundice. He makes the plant in to small pack and tied to the jaundice affected people by spell of some mantra. Its cured. A mantra cure the jaundice? He said its cured. We used to give keezha nelli juice for jaundice in tamilnadu. But his grandfather does only spell of mantra to cure for all type of disease. Its surprise. A small sweating pimples or fatty pimples were cured by giving wet thread to the sick people by knotted the thread and asked to keep near the trees. Pimples gets cured and vanish or dried up when each knot in the thread becomes dry, one by one. These type of very simple treatments were followed by villages in andhrapradesh.
Understanding the situations is the result of meditations. It’s not philosophized and readers go through on their own view and imaginations in this post. If they followed by their sense, it’s way of practicing of thoughts. If you think this gets confusion and jumps from the explaining part on motion to the present situations. I agree and tell you that, you are really comes to me on the same motion what I have realized and written on this running script. Through the accent of scripts and see the mirror. If you analyses on mirror, you lose me and tried for useless concepts and your brain start works on the subjects to search in internet to find out what is mirror practice. Is in it.?  Whether does it tend? You analyze it, here its allowed you to compare the running script to frame a picture, how I was sitting in my flat. Don’t imagine the things happened to me. It’s yours, you creating the visual from whatever dumped by you through the thoughts and experiences for decades. Don’t visualize the script, when you complete this reading. Then you understand you have done all those past. You were standing in front of mirror. You travelled to office from home by hearing the music which is played by electric player. Transmitted to you through the continuous source which is tracked down by you and suck down from the distance like a rubber band, squeezing from the distance. Masters never comes to you. Don’t think you are mastered when you received power by doing meditation and useless practices. It’s all waste of time and throw out in the dust bin. It’s never takes you to the superior stage. Mankind, it’s a part of mass, Working for bread and butter, that’s all. Human energy never be measured. Is in it. Then how you describe the energy accumulate from the source that you will be charged? hmmm. Humans are matter, when he practices some kind of appropriate training lead to certain type of secret results. These secret results should be avoided and changeover to the next stream of real meditations.
Visualised the words in your mind, not me, thillairaj is a script here, you visualize thillairaj as your self-standing matter in front of your world. You can sense the physical body and appears which merely respond to the movement of the earth where you live in house. You cannot move from nagarabhavi to another place where I go. But the movement, the matters received through your ears where it comes from.
Practices held up one day. All masters never practice their way of techniques for long period of time. Some I have seen practice for five minutes or maximum fifteen minutes. Their conception is less. Five minutes is enough to fill over their body, strength, soul whatever may be. I cannot distinguish thillairaj and you as a script here. You visualizer here. You have your own intelligence. It’s never accept, if I say so, do these types of meditation practice. Your mind says, these guys does it and enjoyed all mantras, magics, arts and insist us to do hard core type of practices. Its fact and expressed. Receiving messages from planetary by human being in this world.? Only being or what? How you send and receive the messages. You create? Where when how? Is it possible? You cannot touch until unless you trained to do so. Its take twenty years for to settle your soul to communicate the scripts. You cannot fool the nature as being infinite in this material world to cheat all and all aspects of life.
Our mind filled with greater wonders likes if you met Astrology and gurujis. You think on others, whom tells you the real truth that how they became intelligent than you. How it will be. You are clever. You want some guru should do all good things to you by losing their age, food, material world for your luxury enjoyments. Your mind filled with wonders. You want to take yours sins by gurus and you want to enjoy in this material world. Then how you gaze in to mirror. Their your mind asks to give money and learn some practices. But you don’t get practices what I have written here. Training cannot translate the sound of rain. You want artificial intelligence. Scientific guru. Old gurus teachings are so complicated and unable to follow. Scientific yoga, scientific masters. Then you get scientific results rather than real sounds and experiences happened on the planetary motions in your home. You don’t understand the nature of your house.
Destination is hidden in this depth of your future. Avoid all those primary levels of yoga which is selling in street wise in your world. Find the great masters who were begging in front of temples stair cases and roaming without any material benefits. They teach you very simply without any complication and send you to your infinite world without any tools and substances. Once learned to do practice then after you never sleep after this. Practices, the ways where the mahayogis in tamilnadu given to the world. Forget the science on this. I used simple words to make understand you rather than scientific words to show my ego. It doesn’t reach you. Show mercy always to the people. No need to apply any scientific methods to meditation. It’s already rained.  we have started to write the musical scores of the rain. It’s a rhythm, you can translate at any time when you understand yourselves about the rain and rhythm in this universe. It’s already does. Understanding is proved here and each one of us is the part of the universe, the one.



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