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From the book of “SIDDHAVEDAM” chapter 8

A spider weaves its web. That web is intended as a habitation for it and also as a contrivance to catch its prey. We know that the web is woven by a fine thread. That thread is one Sakthi within it. That Sakthi is one kind of glue. That glue, the Sakthi is drawn into a fine thread. With the aid of this thread the spider weaves a web which is a world of its own and sits in a corner there. If any insect gets into this web it pounces and prey upon it. But it unties and takes in the world tied as above said and keep quiet. Then it again takes out the thread and ties the world.

Thus it goes on tying and untying its web in the course of its existence and in these processes, the thread snaps at the place from where it was drawn. Consequently it falls down and meets with its doom in the very world of its own creation. If only the thread had broken at a distance the spider would have clung to the broken end and repaired the web. But since the thread snapped at its very start it fell down and met with its doom.

It is like this: just as the above said spider leaves out the glue, its sakthi within it, makes it into thread and ties and unties the world of web, likewise we also leave out the thread which is Karma, the Vayu, the Jeevasakthi within us, and tie and untie the world. At last just as the thread gets cut off from the place of origin of the thread which is the Sakthi of the spider and the spider dies out, likewise, the thread, the Vayu, the Karma, the Jeevasakthi of us, gets cut off from the place above the nose but below the Bhrumadhyam which is the place of origin of the thread and we also die out. That is why when one dies out it is said that his karma is cut off.
(Founder of Siddha Samaj)

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