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lamp meditation/jothi meditation/deepa meditation

                (Procedures, Tests and how to do magic’s with energy)

The most universal method and the most fundamental technique is to enable the regular meditate person through enrich their energy in different ways to obtain magical powers before attaining the spiritual path. But always should remember, these magical powers never help you to attain extreme end of meditation, its only use for material purposes to bring anything from this world but its temporary and its have more side effects due to pulling compulsorily from nature against your karma.
One of the practices is oil lamp meditation. The ground truth is behind in this is the lightning of inner soul through the way of oil lamp, internal glow and the travel of deep meditation to open the path between us and universe.
This type of meditation is the primary source to accumulate energy for carryout magic’s and it is the key for prior to deep meditation. Yogi vallalar, vethathiri maharishi, osho and many yogis has been referred in their books about this meditation to their followers. Yogi vallalar had gone a step forward and make the lamp lightened with water instead of oil.
Always concentration is below senses. It is meaningless to call concentration which is below senses as meditation. Meditation is beyond senses. There is a border between concentration which is below senses and meditation which is beyond senses known as observation.
In Yoga, deepest meditation (“nishtai in Tamil”) has been considered as the highest goal, the ground truth is not so easy for humans to attain this Samadhi stage as mentioned in many books and blogs was written like me. But anyone can achieve to certain level and do black magic’s and white magic’s by the way of regular practices and various techniques. The siddhis (magic’s in English) is automatically flourished one by one when the person is along the journey to Samadhi stage.
Meditation is the foremost spiritual discipline geared towards gaining inner peace. Individual discipline is the foremost trend to make the meditator in to stream line.
Initially all gurus used to give oil lamp meditation technique for their disciples to increase their energy to pre prepare for the deep meditation and make them enable to contact with the pancha boothas from their inner body and inner soul. This is the basic and hidden secret behind this lamp meditation. Please reader once again read this paragraph and keeps it in mind for further reading. Everywhere commonly it’s called “jyothi meditation, “deepa meditation” in commercial market.
Various types of techniques used in this meditation by using candle or any other flame. But the right tool is an oil lamp (gingelly oil with wick in lamps is the best).
Lamp meditation is the technique and most of the people might have known it increases the energy. Most of the people do not know how they get energy, where it derives and how the conversion of energy makes human to bring into activation mode to carry out magic’s.
I try to disclose that how the person receives energy by doing oil lamp meditation, how they can test their energy themselves with some tests whether it’s increased in the body and how to activate and use it on others. I here by describing that, by doing constant practice any person can make themselves be able to do black magic’s. Now after read this post, any person can do if they could have done regular practices. You, yourself starts and enter in to this magical world.
Readers to understand what the benefits behind lamp meditation:
  1. Increase the energy in the body, its “biomagnetic energy”; in Tamil it also defined asl jeevakantham.
  2. The inner soul is tried to expand from the human body and connect with vaankaantham (external source, cosmic energy) or u can assume cosmic energy spreaded over everywhere. (sookuma udal, aanma in tamil)
  3. The external body is trying to detach the inner body after doing this meditation. This is the initial stage of astral travel and also readers should rememeber this. When the soul started detaching from inner body, it’s easy to connect to the cosmic energy with atoms and they can enable themselves to go anywhere in the world through this inner soul and see any person also... Vethathiri maharishi has given to his close disciples that how to detach the body from the soul and how to take astral travel with the guru. If I elaborate this in the topics it may change. Why vethathiri has succeeded and called as common philosopher means he detach the soul from the person and show him how his ugly soul inside their body, whoever comes to get initiation on first day, this is the first class for all during their beginning days.
  4. Once the body gets started flowing of energy the practiced person should control themselves by avoiding this lamp meditation for some days. Otherwise body became very hot and physical problems arise. Sometimes dysentery continuous for some days.
  5. In one of my previous blog I have explained about the flame from the lamp starts talking to person if once becomes eligible. Its starts speaking in a secret language. I think, may be all the pancha boothas speaks in a similar language. Once lightning the oil lamp it speaks suddenly, it warns u, wish u, letters will come out from the flame and you have to read it in your language. I bring to an end here. For to understand the stage of yoga and meditation, I mentioned these things. As same as in the agarbatii flame and smoke come out from the agarbatti will attracts souls, ghosts and we can able to see the goddess, soul, or ghost will come and sit on the edge of the ash or near to you.(any person have experience on this please write to me)

Timings to do lamp meditation
  1. Beginners should do between 03.00 hrs and 05.00 hrs during early morning hours. Others can do between 5.00 and 06.00hrs. Please remember this meditation should not do after sunrise, it’s unsafe and also it’s possible for to attachment of other souls or ghost. So compulsorily try to avoid doing at evening or night. Safer side I explained here to follow-up.
  2. Before doing meditation, please make a protection mantra for soul and body for ourselves and make a circle around us imaginarily. This is very important. Otherwise the soul attachment will be easy to the meditator, he became out of consciousness, and so utmost care should be taken on this stage. You can take the bairava mantra from my blog for your protection before sitting in front of lamp if you don’t know other protection mantra.
  3. If any person tries to do after sunrise, the external bodies make the connection to the inner soul and parallel to the other external souls and it brings pain. An unmarried girl got attached with ghost when she tries to do in the evening. I m trying to write whatever as it was happened, what ever I m writing it’s seen by my eyes and from my personal experiences. The inner soul starts and attracts the external world of physical body and other soul. Here writing is so easy to explain the things, but to identify the path of the art was very difficult to many persons. So follow the rules and do the meditation in a safe mode and get the benefits.
  4. Once u r meditation is improved and stage by stage you can able to see many things from your own eyes. When third eye opened suddenly on one fine day and started seeing the inner world, thereafter you can get severe shock from your eyes whatever u see in this world. How many souls are wandering here and there? After some years and rose of stages, person can see the souls were standing near you when u sees yourself in the mirror and may get severe shock like exorcist films. These type of things will be conformably happen when the power and energy increases in the body.
  5. Day by day the power automatically rises, if we go to any house, we can observe their forefathers, families  roaming down in their houses as a soul, sometimes they sits on the kitchen cuddapah limestone slaps near the washbasin, wherever our usage is very less inside the home, that remote places inside the house they used to stay.
         Other than that some ghosts, black color souls doing all the mischievous things inside the house (in Tamil they says bootha kanangal, kuttisaatan and karupu). These people might have buried long back in that particular places and some goddess worshiped by some families raised the power and kept in the stone pillar erected long back in that house plot years and years back. While demolishing the plots these people (souls) cannot move from their places and stay at their homes. Some of new constructed flats I have seen at Bangalore in many places, these black souls used to smoke cigarette near the stair cases. (You may laugh now). It’s true. People spent lot of money for flowers, poojas, especially for priests during their house warming ceremony. Night and day they do poojas with band, bells, and chimes, finally hanged down the ashes, coconuts, lemons, chillies, shells in front of doors. But after some days I have seen that respective person (black souls) used to stay in that same house in the stair cases, balconies. Sometimes I used to see in the evening time during sunset hours, they climbed through building water pipes to the top and sit on the water tank or below the water tank at terraces. Below the water tank they used to sit and give us severe shocks during day times also. I got surprises how much pooja these people did inside the house with priests and plenty of smoke rose inside the house in the meaning of yaaga. But, nothing workout on this fellows. How to come out from this people (souls) at our houses, I will write at the end.
This is the opening of inner wisdom we can say in stylish word “awakening of inner wisdom”. But it’s a marketing technique to campaign their meditation classes for unknowing persons in this city. Now please read the lamp meditation.
Lamp for meditation and requirements
  1. A lamp with oil and wick, use our regular used oil lamp in pooja room also
  2. Use Ghee, gingelly oil, groundnut oil because it’s never gives irritation to the eyes.
  3. Kerosene, candle should not use in this lamp meditation, its man made and flame comes from man made articles. And majorly it gives irritation to the eyes. So avoid these two things.
Procedure for meditation
  1. Keep an oil lamp in front of us, always sit on the floor, if we see, we should see the flame from the eyes directly. Have a lamp with a bright steady flame before you. Sit in the Padmasana posture or any other comfortable asana in front of the flame. Look at the flame steadily.
  2. Initially try to see the flame for 3 minutes, then close your eyes and see inside the body. For five minutes. After some days see the flame for 15 minutes and close the eyes and see the flame inside the body for 5 minutes. (Here is the secret of oil lamp, if any person break this secret, please write to me.
  3. Then repeat the same for three times and finish the meditation. All the procedures complete it within twenty minutes. Human brain concentrates only twenty minutes.
  4. You can see the colors on the flame, please understand here the colors observed by the eyes are not the reflection or refraction or the flame makes the image. The color changes come from the atoms created by you from the eyes externally. The inner eyes started seeing the inner soul and external eyes started seeing the shadows of the inner soul externally. Read this paragraph twice or more.
  5. The inner soul receives the energy from the external source of energy through the flame in the name of fire and one of the panja boothas. Panja boothas makes the person connect with the inner soul. Fire became here media, a great tool. That’s why all the temples in front of statue an oil lamp is lightening over there. If u does practice with this techniques, a year or more thereafter if u go to temple and see the lamp in front of statue. The flame becomes very big, it closes the eyes, and statue will come near to you as alive. This happens due to internal energy from soul directly connect over to external atoms and bring it near to you.  You can see the energy over there.
  6. If continues meditation for some days or months, we can see the colors according to our improvement in meditation and the energy rose inside the body.
Next stage of lamp meditation is kept under secret due to unqualified person should not grasp from the source.  If People do this meditation regularly can understand the magical power growing inside stage by stage. If person grasp anything from this blog please write to me.
Second stage of lamp meditation
After, doing regular practices of oil lamp meditation. If one gets satisfy with this lamp meditation and gets saturated or feel on this level, they can move over to second stage of meditation.
Here zero watt bulbs (take very lowest power bulb) are the tool for lamp meditation. We can use the lamp usually used for night lamps. Take the yellow color bulb for this meditation. It should not glitter our eyes.
Procedure for meditation
  1. We should stand here in this meditation; bulb should be straight from our eyes.
  2. See continuously for 15 min, after sometime the yellow color changes into several colors according to the practice of oil lamp meditation prior to this.
  3. The changes of the color is the secret behind in all these lamp meditation. Meditator should understand that our power started in the increasing trend when the color changes.
How to check whether our energy or magical power has increased after practicing this two meditation techniques
After completion of some months from these two meditation mentioned above, meditator should check whether the power has risen in their physical body from the external source.
  1. Test: Take a balloon, fill with our air blow from mouth, (take a medium size of balloon)
  2. Keep it on the floor and we also sit on the floor
  3. All doors should be closed and checkout whether air should not come from outside and balloon should not move due to external air or fan.
  4. Keep balloon three feet away from us
  5. Then see the balloon and  spell this mantra
    “வேண்டும் யாண்டும் உனதாக வேண்டும்
                    துண்டும் உருவும் எனதாக வேண்டும்” (tamil original words)
Vaendum Yaandum Unadhaga Vaendum
Thoondum Uruvum Yaenadhaga Vaendum” (translated in English)
  1. When spell for some minutes, balloon starts move slowly here and there first, then it rolls here and there and finally it comes near to you, when power increases it will come towards you and finally sit on the leg thighs. You should understand yours meditation increased your strength and power by the raising of the energy.
  2. (Before writing this I have enquired the person who taught me and confirmed this). In my experiences, when meditation occupy you and entered in to highly deep meditation, magical powers will come one by one, due to control of energy inside the body. That time there will be no use of magical powers, whatever you carryout the nature itself do magic’s for you. A perfect yogi can do this. There are eight magical powers before attaining Samadhi. For beginners no need to extend this vague and useless “spirituality”. So continue this technique and attain the powers.
Test. II (when balloon obeys your words, then shiftover your test in to this lemon otherwise repeat the balloon tests till you reach)
  1. Place a oil lamp on the table
  2. Sit on the floor and see the oil lamp flame from the floor for some time
  3. Then keep a lemon near the oil lamp
  4. Then sit on the floor and see sometime on oil lamp then immediately switch over to  the lemon and spell the same mantra mentioned above
  5. After some minutes lemon rotates here and there and finally it jumps from the table and roll down to us when we sit on the floor. The lemon rolls down near to us when we continuously spell the same mantra. The lemon rolls and climb on our leg and sit on the leg thighs.
  6. This is the one of the five power mentioned by siddhars (Akarshana power) it attracts anything in the universe.
  7. When we come to know our power has increased we should make our mind to utilize in a right way.
Please always remember, should not activate your power on opposite sex for any purpose at any circumstances, it brings you life down to the lowest level.
briefs for readers related to this raising of energy:
One of my friend at Bangalore was deeply frustrated on one day and said”her husband suddenly expired and left her and kid in the mid of the river. She wants to see him once, may be she highly depressed on that day. I said if u follows a practice of this technique, u can able to see. I said some other good day comes; I will start on the auspicious day and teach how to do. I also said, when u follow u can slowly enable to see your husband soul first and hear the voice, secondly u can see the image of the person in the mirror itself, after some years u can see the person directly in front of you. But she doesn’t want to do any practice. She described a book of family stories with wetted eyes. As usual I collected all her tears and deposited over on me as same as I did for of my close friends.
          After some months she purchased an own flat with the grace of god who always gives shelter, food and guarantor? She got sudden happiness with her surroundings; afterwards she entirely forgot to see her husband in her lifetime. 
I saw a soul was standing very nearer to her when she cried in front of me on the same day at night when she asked about her husband.
I narrated a past; some person missed countless precious things in life due to transitory pleasure. I insist everyone here very openly whoever required to do this, go through slowly on this two techniques and start the meditation and inform me whatever u feel when u meditate. So that I can explain which stage they nearer to the meditation and how to narrow down the time and days?
(ii) Once in a lifetime people should visit Chidambaram temple and see thillai natarajar statue is in active form. When I went first time inside the temple and asked to show the secrets of Chidambaram (“chidambara ragasiyam”). Everybody was standing in front of me; I stood at the last of the mob, useless fellow like me always stands last. They opened the screen. It was dark, I stuck up with that darkness suddenly, I felt I was alone. Right side I saw thillai natarajar statue remove his legs from the sitting pose and came over nearest to me. I got scared and closed my eyes, then I came out up to entrance of the temple without any consciousness. A beggar/pandaram asked me “have u seen the “sivakalam” and got severe shock and laughed on me at the exit place. Suddenly I came to normal. I noticed that I forgot my shirt there itself at temple. I was standing without any shirt in the middle of the road.
Like those pandaram/beggars many I have seen at tiruchendur temple, this year during in the month of may I saw some people were begging outside the entrance. Simply these fellows roaming like beggars after attained highest stage of meditation. One of my gurus, a perfect master I picked out from those beggars. When I, met first time he said”I am itself a beggar, u begging to me, useless fellow, go away”.
Before my father demise, he showed me one day, how to increase the energy without any tool. He showed energy coming out from his hand and makes me feel the hot energy sudden rose from his hand and his finger and he passed it.  (Any art or any practices, the extreme end of the art is finally without art, that’s the end of the art. Without any tools he showed the raising of energy from the nature around us).
Once at meditation hall in simplified kundlini yoga at world community service centre, tiruvanmiyur, guru yogiraj vethathiri maharishi blessed us after the completion of initiation of “Duriyatheetham”.  
We, only 14 members were sitting in front of maharishi in the very big hall at first floor during full moon day.  He said show your hands, everyone raised their hands and I also raised my hand, he passed the energy from his hand and I felt immediately as same as my father showed to me.  
None of the meditation classes, none of the disciples from masters whoever now alive in this period never attained or unable to attain Samadhi. They can’t make all the followers in the right way. All of them giving mantras, chanting, spell, bajans, musics, dance to the followers.
My gurus never said they are masters, never said worship them. They say always as a guide. People who read this paragraph are gifted. If this blog will be remaining here after 10years, people whoever read and gone through this last paragraph will come to understand in their life when they will come across these words once after a decade.
          There are many products on the Internet that boast of the ability to help one achieve a meditative state or to teach one how to meditate by conducting many classes, wrong guidance’s, plenty of mantras.  But i discloses some of real experiences on my own and I given in many posts, topics with the blessings of great master to regular readers who roaming here and there with spiritual thirsty. I m writing here especially for those selected people whom wavering around. Try to spread this post for your friends to understand the differences between spirituality and poojas with bajans.
 “whenever I was there, myself was not there, whenever myself was there, I was not there” the sentences were written on one of my great master’s disciple tomb (last resting place) after he attained jeeva Samadhi.)


Swami said...

அருமையான பதிவு. ஆன்மிகம் தவறாக புரிந்து கொள்ளப்பட்டு , போலி குருமார்களால் சீரழியும் வேளையில், உங்கள் கட்டுரை உண்மையை தெளிவாக எடுத்துரைக்கிறது.
குருவருளால் உங்கள் வலைப்பூ தெரிய வந்தது. நன்றி.

Sabitha Swami.

thillairaj, said...

thanks swami

RAMKUMAR said...

thanks sir for sharing valuable information and guided as

hema said...

Thanks sir for u r wonderful posting

thillai raj said...

its a compilation work. all these credits goes to great astrologer jumbulingam who given his own personal notes to us and thanks to Balagangadharan

Author said...

Nalla pathivu... Best for beginners..

I also wanted to start meditation, some thing is pulling me towards spirituality for one and half years.

I think it is wise to start with the help of Master. Your suggestions please..

I reside in Bangalore now..

thillai raj said...

contact world community centre for simplified kundlini yoga by Yogiraj vethathiri maharishi for beginners

Author said...

Hi Thillai..

Ungala meet panna ennaku kojam santhosama irrukum..

This weekend???

I mailed you no reply from you..??


Vettipullai said...

Dear sir,

Isnt it '' Vendum yandum enathagavendum ! thoondum uruvum ninadhagavendum ''. I might be wrong. Please confirm it for me.


thillai raj said...

read with whom knows the scripts of tamil

Pandian Adithya.S said...

Hello Mr. Thillai Raj. I am Aditya from Chennai. I am doing a research on souls and ghosts. I am gathering people's experiences,

I want your experiences can you please send it or call me 09840763135.

Thank you

Vasanth b said...

Hi this is Vasanth. Basically Iam a Physitherapist, new to this blog clearl y explained About lamp meditation.thainks.can u help me to teach howto " Vindhu (sperm) kattum techniques I want to know

thillai raj said...

In simplified kundlini yoga through world community centre you can learn basics of Kayakalpa a spiritual practices and one day class for seekers.

Ramnath Pandiaraj said...
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thillai raj said...

வேதாத்திரியை பின்பற்றுகிறீர்கள் என்றால் மந்திரங்கள் தேவையற்றது. தவங்களை ஓழுங்காக செய்யும் போது மனம் நல்லவைகளை கொண்டு வந்து விடும். மற்றது தேவையற்றது

Ramnath Pandiaraj said...

thanku for ur reply sir :)

shreyaas rajagopalan said...

sir can we practise this without gurus guidance....and can i say kantha sasti kavasam as the protection mantra before this meditation

Ramesh said...

Shreya, Dont practice without learning from the master directly. Kantha sasti kavasam will not help you as a protection mantra. You might ending up in attachment with souls.

thillai raj said...

Madam you can do on your own without doing any protection mantra. If u does chants and jaba, then the protection mantra is required. you can take Bairava mantra from the another post and keep as protection mantra, or you can see in for more details on this topic. also you can approach SKY practices by vethathiri maharishi in your area to learn this lamp meditation on primary methods.

Ramesh said...

//I got surprises how much pooja these people did inside the house with priests and plenty of smoke rose inside the house in the meaning of yaaga. But, nothing workout on this fellows. How to come out from this people (souls) at our houses, I will write at the end.///

You didn't completed this part.

Srikant N said...

Dear Thillai Raj Ayya,

Vaazhga Valamudan ,

Recently I learned Dhuriyaatheetha thavam from SKY center. I want to understand what is the dhuriyaatheetham state ?
Is it the realization that the universe is US or that we are in IT ? or is it completely something else ?

Vizhakkam thara mudiyuma ? Where can I read about it ?
Can you write(have already written) a blog about it ?

Vazhga Valamudan.

thillai raj said...

this question u might ve asked to sky masters who doing thuriyatheetham for decades. if i give the explanation on the particular subject all the people stick to that and copy, paste to sky blogs and sky facebooks. Maharishi given and show the shadows to the followers. if u or any one realise and uplift to the next stage of real meditation, then u can come to know the real truth that till day yours journey has not been started yet. real meditations take mostly twelve years to complete to attain samadhi. some years back, once i asked sky member who s operating from abroad sky facebooks had copied all the writings from my blog, their reply delivers as they lacking behind to explain their truth what they have achieved by doing meditations. till, they follows the same due to untraveled to the destiny doors. maharishi has published all the thoughts and intuitions. But u can refer all the facebooks and blogs, people simply copy the maharishi words and updating daily. For maharishi, its not required to publish his words through us. Its established widely. The lacking trends may unable to understand or away from original practices by us and due maharishi simplified the original practices?. recently i asked a sky group members at Bangalore can they explain the agna meditations and their experiences. They criticised me, and some members has explained what was in the book. when i asked maharishi during my school days what u asked here, maharishi replied"understand the truth". Arguments and clarifications never brings the true answers in spiritual. We have to obey the real masters. Masters doing meditations for the universal beings. we cant argue with real spiritual masters. so u please find out the real path what our siddhars explained in all siddhar poems and start the practices. it may take u the destination what u searching now. if u find the answers in the future, if my blog may available in future, u write the answer below this explanation. u may explain what i observed here. its enough here.

thillai raj said...

what you have learned.from whom.the methods of practices are all required for you and yourself understand. Ask your master whom taught all these things. otherwise dont read any books and join veththiri maharishi simplified kundilini yoga to learn the basic things on meditations. all dreams will go once understand the basic meditation and its way of approach. they teach you the lamp meditations properly.

hemin said...

Sir, i have a doubt. while attaining the stage after regular practice of lamp meditation, you said we can see through our naked eyes the vital bodies sitting and roaming here and there . Are those vital bodies aware that we have seen them? will they know when we look at them. You have experienced right. Any reaction happened to such bodies while u noticed them?

thillai raj said...

Lamp meditation is a tool, its not related with complete meditation. Meditation is prolonged progress you have to do till you understand where you stand there and see the world. Leave all these primary practices and do the real meditation where tamil siddhars does and attained.

hemin said...

Yes Sir, i,ve completed brahma jnanam course. My question was not that. i mean do the vital bodies can know or aware that we are looking at them or we can see them.? just wondering

thillai raj said...

Lamp meditation is a tool, it's not related to complete meditation. Meditation is prolonged progress you have to do till you understand where you stand there and see the world. Leave all these primary practices and do the real meditation where tamil siddhars does and attained.

The answer I have given above. Leave all your external practices. Search and find the people who do real meditation. Learn and practice, then you may tell all the tools are the waste. Stop asking questions, it never clears the doubts.

karthi k said...

Sir you jave great knowledge but some things are exaggregated like you see energy body with physical eyes and all that are seen with mind eyes and chidambara ragasiyam is what the name spells that darkness is eternal it represents the infinty which we are only bound to feel it is the eternal secret but you saying you saw nataraja coming near you the nataraja statue itself is the representation of motion of sub atomic particle it is placed in front of cern labs god is formlessi accept lamp meditation has more benifits and could attain lot of energy but some things are exxagrated

thillai raj said...

Leave all those simple external techniques and especially science. Using your mind or brain in your physical body misguides. Its trained by you through studies and books. . Identify the real meditation and locate where you are in this universe. Let's allow it to come as its natural and make mind hampered.Then you will be understood where I stood and explained.