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I bow down to my great master and request my gurus to guide me along all posts, so that with my minimum errors and the major framework is not lost to bring the major secrets behind the sastras to the common people whoever highly needed to understand the substance of guru & god.
          Some years back once predicting horoscope of a girl came for query near tenkasi, tamilnadu. The astrologer is one of my guru describes about her position of planets, present running desa, studies, family background, past, present in her horoscope, whatever question from the girl, he replied one after another.
When she asked about her friends, he nodded and immediately said “her boy friend was ready to marry her”. She got severe shock seems, its looks unexpected to her, her eyebrow was lifted, she asked him how he says about her boyfriend from her horoscope. He said politely”you came here and want to ask only about him”.  But she refused, I saw her she didn’t ask about boy friend. I also was watching from the beginning.
          He said” in your mind it was there insist to ask. But u hesitates to ask, u comes here today only for this purpose to ask about can u marry that guy and tie a knot? So that, I had given reply. Don’t test me and waste my time, many people are waiting to see. Its time for to tie a knot, its god wish, go ahead.  She agreed with wetted eyes and bows down in front of him around watching by many people gathering around her.  
Many times I have seen such instance very common with one of my guru at my hometown” people used to bend down on his knees along the road, railway station whenever they used to see him at the outside once after they got remedy from his words for their complicated difficulties. Without slippers he used to come to Bangalore many periods, if I questioned on this he was laughing and used to reply “suddenly he got intuition” and travelled 800km to reach Bangalore without slippers, sweaters.
But major thing behind is “SARAM’ and PANCHA PAKSHI SASTRAM”. Once mother of saram started talking we cannot sleep also at night time. She asked us to answer for some questions what ever we do in life but whenever we will get deep sleep.  
I asked him after the girl was left” you describes about “samuthirika lakshanam” on that girl?. (Samuthirika lakshanam means physical appearance of female or male with animate and in animate, the science of determine the sex with animate and inanimate creations and finally it deals with lines and swirls of palmistry) lord subramaniya given preaching’s to Maha yogi Agasthiyar about this samuthirika lakshanam. But many siddhars including kalidas also quoted books on this. Rewritten “madhana kama nool” in tamil about thousands of years back, people stay at Chennai can try to get from choolai area, vepery, Chennai if its available.
He refused and said”thillai, this is observing of saram from humans “saram” (Technical breathing through nose in Tamil, all siddhars well known about this “saram” and had written many on their verses when they did compilation of astrology). Their advanced knowledge in every particle of this universe was the one that they had the enormous power to control everything in the galaxy wherever atoms spread over absolutely from their breath to body then transfer to mind and control the nature through pancha boothas.
He continued “in northern India, mostly astrologers well known about the girls or women through “samboothirika lakshanam” but they never identify about the intuition of humans”. This is the major absence with them but most of the tamil astrologers were mastered in this type of hidden arts. Tamil astrologers mostly are yogis and related with the discipline of yoga family. He continued, However in our Tamil siddhar family and ancestors, they were mastered on this observing of breathing and make interconnect to the next human or anywhere in the world and to tell the immediate predict fortunes on any person anywhere in the world.
An astrologer one who completes the art of “saram” and “pancha patchi sasthram” became full fledged master of astrology. Became complete man of astrology written by agasthiyar, Bogar.
Past one year I had started writing number on the head of each poem in saram notes given by one of my guru after eight years from his relation, I tried to correlate all notes of “saram” written by many siddhars. But nature is trapping me and makes me engaged on my personal works. Once I completed on reading of this “saram”. I try to write afterwards. Guru always says when u don’t require, whatever u need it will come and knock u r door. It is damn fact. Many siddha experts given me “rasamani” made up of different techniques. But I kept simply on aside when I found it’s useless for internal worship.
Nature also trapping me by making me busy with my work. Guru asked many times “do you have completed the saram”. Ask whatever doubt have u had”. I said sorry. Mind should concentrate on this particular breathe otherwise so It’s unable to write technically on saram. Unqualified people may try on this, so i avoid here (Lord Siva given initiation to goddess umadevi about this saram written by great siddhar Agasthiyar. After this many siddhars have written about this saram and also some person from centuries back also) yogi OVVAIYAR ammal deeply prescribed about this saram by blessings of ganesha. Again i started jumping from one topic to another.  I bring to an end here and start about “samboothirika lakshanam”
Readers can refer many books on this samboothirika lakshanam readily available in markets. Siddhars has written many verses from agasthiyar to bogar and disciples. Here by I try to write only about secret parts of men and women from compilation in many ancient tamil books. An oldest book like (coco madana nool in tamil) can expose some of these things whatever I have written. Other references readers can take book written by vyasar mahayogi and some written by kalidasa, some notes given by oldest people taken notes from “egmore avana padipagam” protecting the oldest documents and other secret verses from one of my guru stayed at choolai, vepery, Chennai.
Siddhars and yogis always say that knowledge on prediction should not go to the hands of wrong peoples. They misuse this knowledge for their materialistic benefit. From this one should not judging a male or female from their features and appearance.
It surely differs, for instance, women started wearing chappels and a shoe, so shoes makes her foot even or uneven. Predictions should not applicable on her foot. If anybody wants to do research they should compare her foot with lines and swirls on palmistry. Cause of palm changes every three months so she cannot hide her or his character.  
I did not write some of the major features and appearance on men and women from my personal notes and much interpretation from many persons, majorly to avoid sudden observation on any person after one who read this. Whatever in my hand notes never had written any of the books in the world? Some of my masters notes, It carries forward to master and student. So I hide here all those things. For readers this stuff is more than enough to identify themselves personally in this samuthirika lakshanam. A reader gets vague on this spiritual topic.
 Now please read the energetic complex from the next sentences.
For men
  1. Feet toes with five fingers are longer he always roams throughout the world, some specification may here, I lost my dairy and whoever taken my oldest books never returned even Xerox copies also. Major draw back for close friends.
  2. If foot path/toes  with out gets sweats he may the position of a leader.
  3. foot fingers should attached with one another he may be the leader of a particular area, if fingers not attached one with another he live as a simple person. Second finger of the foot path is larger than first finger he has connection with many women and compulsorily makes sex with two female. And one is older than him
  4. Below the thighs he has swirl any with hairs he will have sex with female and never come out from the same female, always stays with her. Should be careful with those guys.
  5. If Sexual part/sexual organ is smaller he may be a rich person, if bigger than normal size he will be very poor and unfortunate fellow. If slightly thicker but smaller than normal he became head of his premises. If more width and longer size he may be unfortunate and unlucky, moreover he is mischievous fellow. If slightly bent towards left side trend he is unlucky fellow. If sexual organ is straight and elongated, he will get number of kids minimum two. If open the right hand palm the distance from forefinger to small finger has the same size, he has two male kids. If bent towards lower side he may poor. If sexual organ is very soft he has urinary diseases. If nerves closer than normal he has problem with production of sperm. If end of the stem has swirl he will have sex with rich people’s wife, premarital sex. If became reddish he may have money in the past, if became white he is unfortunate and unlucky fellow. If stem of the sexual organ is broad and solid big he his having prolong diseases, if it’s short and small he has normal family life (good fellow).
  6. Below the sexual part, the attached two portions are equal he may be the rich person in that area. If attached to the upper end he has short span of life. If slide down to lower side he has strong life span. If one has gone upper side and another gone lower side he has some diseases with skin diseases. If it is not he has bigger back portion, the back portion slide away from the straight line surely he concludes be a servant, if he have only one in two parts he may get some diseases related with water and sexual diseases.
  7. If passes urine from the sexual organ, two or three solid drops of urine flows from left to right he may be the leader of head. If urine flow drops by drop and like sprayed water he will be unfortunate fellow. If flow equally and gradually he will be intelligent fellow. If flow width is bigger that fellow may be rich person. If passes urine without sound he is unlucky person. If passes with sound he get good auspicious life. If hole is dry he will be poor and never used to give money to others.
  8. Majorly SPERM, if his sperm smells like flower and whitish color he is rich fellow. If sperms have honey smell he will have enormous property and he may sex with many female. If fish smell comes whenever ejaculation that person is a rich person and have many kids. If smells have awful and blackish sperm he is unlucky fellow. If sperm smells like flesh of animals he is a yogi, a sage.  If sperm smells like palm tree water he has many kids and has karmas, sins. If smells like salt he is unlucky fellow. If sperm flow likes water and liquidity he has many girl kids only. Who born on 6 dates like 6, 15, 24, have these problems, they have more girl kids. If sperm ejects after a long time he has short span of life (short period of life). He should do pranayama with immediate effect.
  9. If belly with out any bends, folds (loose packs) and curl he has money. If one fold he will be killed with deadly arm or unexpected. (don’t worry mostly more men have plenty of folds cause of beer) Two bends in his belly he has sexual interest and always behind women (it looks like tyres). If three bends he led luxurious life (because of fatty food). If four bends he has kids, money, and highly educated (this comes due to pranayama). If bend is crossed without in a straight line he is worst fellow and spoils the name of family girl or female. ( girl should be careful now)
  10. If two of his chest comes closer he has short span of life (without any bench press all chest comes closer). If centre space between the chests is more he has many kids. If nipple of the chest is coming out he is unfortunate ( please note: when young boys gets sperm started to coming out during 14 years, that time this nipple became harden, its sudden physical natural change in the male). If chest is very big, bulge and coming out he has shortage of kids. If swirl in chest he became servant.
  11. Exactly the space between the forearm and fingers where we wear watch it’s indicated the power of rule. If two lines in the wrist he may be the rich person or working in the banks. If three lines in the wrist he has sex with many female, but this is occasional.
  12. If inside the palm there will be number of lines. If a line between last small finger and life line is called virgin line or its shows family women. If more than normal lines he has many wives and also he has contact with prostitutes.
  13. Some oldest books have been quoted that if measure from the end of the hand to the end of the shoulder with a thread predicts many things in male. If measure thread multiplied in to two times and measure again from the footpath to the face if comes exactly he has money. If it measured up to his eye brow he lives up to eighty years. If it comes up to mouth he will live up to 65 years. If it comes up to next he will live up to 50 years. If it comes up to chest he will live up to 20 years. But measures should be taken perfectly. If anything became small people should measure again from the beginning and beginning. So better to avoid this.
  14. Some particular type on swirl in his neck or her neck they have sex with brother, sister, husbands brother, sisters husband and mother or father. The swirl indicated in male and female about the illegal relation like post marital relations and illicit behavior in sex.( i have seen some girls with these swirl, its irresistible to say this they had sex but the far relation as sisters and brothers, aunty, uncle, brother of husband, sisters husband they had and caught. Its not good signal to these type of affair and it will shuffle the nuclear part of the body and hereditary)
For female
  1. If Bottom part of the foot frequently gets sweated she has more sexual feelings and feel on sexual stories. Slippers get dirty in these types. But summer season all slippers gets wet, may more wet?
  2. Toes overlapping one over another, she loses her husband and spending, depending the rest of her life with her relation or friends. If the centre part of the below the feet is more shallow, she will be prostitute. Here prostitute refers means women have sex with more than two men. If four foot fingers except last small fingers unable to touch the floor she became widow but she marry again and became very poor.
  3.  If fingers of the feet are slightly deviated or slanting she has no potentials (no kids). If there will be no gap in between the foot fingers and very closer than another she is haughty and prostitute. If first finger and the next foot finger are equal she has her husband life long. If while walking, the last small foot finger or next to small finger unable to touch the floor exposes she is a prostitute or widow. If second foot finger immediate next to first large foot finger she lost her husband and she will roam.  If first finger is broad and lengthier she marry and stay away from her relation, if her small last finger is slightly lifted up she will have intercourse with other male whenever her husband away from her. Her back of foot is raised and appears as smooth and soft as a lotus flower, without veins showing up and with no visible hair is the sign of a rich person. Veins showing up indicate that she will have to travel a lot. Hair on feet and if feet are lean, bony or without flesh, it is an indication that she is sexually undesirable.
  4. When she stands on the floor, she stands on the left leg by full weight and keep the right leg on slanting position without given any weight on the right leg she will die before her husband. If she stands tightly on right leg she became widow.  If two or more moles on the knee on any one of the leg she may have premarital and post marital affairs. Her knees are round, smooth knees are lucky indications. Loose knees indicate poverty. Bony knees without flesh predict loose character. If hairs on the thighs is a prostitute. If a mole like black thing on the left side of the breast exposes she has intercourse with poor fellow. This is common verses written in astrology books also. Readers might have read.
  5. Below the thighs above the foot those portions of the leg without have hairs and bulgy she is rich. If nerves exposes she face troubles. If have hairs means her husband have problem with tragedy. If not fat and bulgy or skinny shows she is a widow. If thighs looks like very big without hairs she is have only with husband with her entire life. If very fat bulgy she became widow. If hairs and swirls are on the thighs she does and have sex with more than one man and brings bad name to family. If both thighs attach one another it’s not good for her husband and his family. If two number of small size black mole is equal to size of a gingelly grain in any thighs she will go away from the family.
  6. Back portion part of the female (but-x) is widened and bigger size with skinny she have luxurious items. If right part if smaller than left part she gets everything in her life. If right is bigger she gets misfortune. If both the part is equal she gets all family life. If it is flat its not good to her husband and also her sister or brother. If swirl on the top of the back organ she will do service for family woman. If both looks like hanging its not good to her husband, he may get tragedy.
  7. If hairs on the stomach, hairs arisen from the bottom stomach area, she will be widow or prostitute. If three folded belly with out hairs and looks like circle she gets blessings and wealth. If belly looks like falling down or hanging down its not good to her father in law. He gets tragedy.  If hairs inside the adrenal part she will get kids by prostitution or other than her husband. If swirl on the belly and towards the particular trend she have sex intercourse with other three male when her husband is alive.
  8. If breast is circular, hard, big and equal size she will get everything in life with family, husband, kids till her death. If right size of the breast is smaller than left side she enjoys all luxurious things and sexual with many men. If right size is bigger than left she is unlucky. If looks like pot with hairs she brings wealth, auspicious, fortunate things to her mother house and mother in law home. If hairs on the breast exposes she is widow and she brings bad name to family. If end part of the circular breast with hairs on the nipples she spoils and erases wealth, fame of her family. If hairs on the upper part of the breast or above the nipple she is widow or impotential female (childless) or prostitute. If widened and hanging down she don’t get kid. Some stars (nakshathiram) like ASWINI, AVITTAM, and SADHAYAM those female may have one is bigger than other her breast. If she had raised right breast indicates many kids and may more sons; left breast if raised, indicates more of girls. If the portion surrounding the nipple is round indicates good fortune. If by birth naturally it’s has been pushed in or unusually small indicates bad luck. If mole or moles like things on both the breast she doesn’t have kids when she dies. If her nose looks like parrot she doesn’t have kids, impotentials. This people can refer many astrology books.
  9.  If neck is very soft, without bones showing away and have 3 lines fold are lucky. Solid neck denotes widow. Flat and short neck denotes a barren woman. Bent or curved forward indicates her slavish affinity. If swirl starts on the neck and turn to the left she is a prostitute. If a black mole on the neck she give birth to male kid first, if swirls on the neck she is impotentials (no kids)
  10. If inside the palm there will be number of lines. If a line between last small finger and life line is called virgin line or shows family women. If a black mole located inside the hand, below the shoulder she spoils the husband family
  11. If mouth is very big she lost her husband or she leaves her husband and stay separately. If a mole on the left side of the nose gets good wealth in family.
  12. If above the eye brows below the head, forehead, if there is a wide space shows tragedy to her husband and her father in law. If shallow it’s not good to her husband’s brother. If a mole is there she will give births. If a swirl on the forehead is there she is a widow, if hair is there she lost her husband very soon.
  13. If hair is curly she gets all wealth, if hair straight and extended big she is a prostitute, if hair is bluish naturally she gets wealth. If hair is very hard, fallen on the face, she lost good fortune and became widow. If pony tail she fights with her husband always. If swirl on the hairs upper part of the head she became widow.
  14. If mole inside the eyes she gets benefits from goddess laxmi.
  15. If mole or black mole like thing on the left hand side of the sexual organ and left side thighs of the female indicates she lost her husband and she lost her place where she stay. Is sexual part both having same size but in between more hairs or any skin problems she may sex with other castes. If the central sexual part/organ attached with right side she have her family with husband entire life time. If attached with left hand side she is a prostitute. If shaped like the feet with hard hair, with raised clitoris indicates wickedness. If the left side is raised, she will beget more girl children while a raised right side denotes more boys. If the organ is shaped like a conch, she will be barren. If passes urine it falls right hand side it is good. If passes 4, 6, 7 times split it is good for her, if urine passes splits 2,8,12 it’s not good.
In this post, I don't want to dig into the entire sastra for women but confine myself in to certain extent to disclose to limit from my notes.
It is also widely acclaimed in the "Samudrika Lakshanam" an art that studies the behavioral pattern of every individuals and a person’s nose and predicts the character to the near accurate result. Even in the Medical terms, it is established beyond doubt, which swelling of the nasal spongy tissues and congestion of the nose occur during sexual excitement in human beings. The nasal passages of women swell, and occasionally bleed, during menstruation. Science found a strange relationship between the nose and the female sexual device, and held that certain gynecological complaints could be cured by cauterizing the appropriate parts of the nose.
In males, it is believed to be an affinity between the nose and the virile member, and from ancient times it was thought that a large nose was a sign of a large male sexual organ. Similarly, a woman with a little nose is believed to have a small sexual apparatus or the desire to have indulged in sexual pleasure is minimal.

          Also from the reference of birth star, but it differs female to female on horoscope accordingly for instance:  avittam  and aswini female maries very early, but some aswini stars loss her husband in her younger age, but sadhaym marries very late, but sadhayam girl goes to premarital sex is not common. But some avittam and aswini female have gone premarital relations. Hence readers should not take as granted for quick reference, the below reference is common for stars.
  1. Uthiram, thiruvonam, anusham, uthirattathi: these female born on this star have premarital and postmarital affair is common. Some female have connection compulsorily after marriage and have more sexual intentions.
  2. Astham, thiruvadhirai,rogini,mirugaseerisham: these women make her husband as slaves, she attracts any male, she have large thighs and lotus like breasts, but nose is very small, have sexual feelings, she have brightness in his body, without pray god and her guru she never take food daily, she perfectly coincide with her husband. She is gifted in all aspects of perfect female in the world.
  3. Pooradam,swathi,visagam,ayilayam: have good eyes, she has golden breasts and highly soften sexual part, she bent down and walk, she is the best sexual partner for male in the world. There is no comparison for this female with other stars. She has long hairs. She tells truth, she have no mercy on others, she sleeps much.
  4. Aswini,avittam,sadhayam: these three stars female have one breast is bigger than other. One is smaller. She takes more green leaves, she talks boldly, she has smell in her hair, she does not know who is behind or in front but she walks without shame. Frequently she lifts her hand and leaves the tiredness in front of others. She has large eyes, she has large breasts, she has soft sexual part like lotus, she has large thighs, and she has large nipples in her breasts. She talks like sugarcane but its poisonous, she talks like small kid and cheat others, she behave like very strict but she wants sex intercourse hidden through the back door. She takes milk, ghee for food with other items regularly.
  5. Moolam,pooram,revathi: she has large head, lifted tooth, she has big breasts but un attractable. She has large eyes to make fear. She takes lot of food, sometimes her hand or leg has bend, and she has no patience. She has no qualify for sex, she fight with her husband while intercourse. She never wears correct dress; she also fights with her female friends.
  6. Kettai,karthigai,poorathi: she always sleeps, she has good breasts, she has mercy and she gives lot of money to poor’s, has large fingers, she protect whoever depends on her, has large eyebrows, she has good height, she is very fond of enormous money, her tooth is looks like white flowers, she attracts yogi and sages also. She tells about others and scolds also. Hand, legs are shorten. She shows highly anger on others.
  7. Barani,chithirai,magma: for many reasons she laugh. She has solid ego. She is tall. If she knows the enemy also she does not bothered. She have solid bigger hand, extra large breasts she have, closely eyebrows, she talks loudly like ghosts. If her husband does not satisfy her she can’t tolerate, she asks again. She will have sex with male by keep male at her feet. She voluntarily goes for sexual intercourse.
  8. Poosam,punarpoosam,uthiradam: she open her teeth before talking to others, she never hear other words, fighting, quarrelling with others, they marry many men, they make affair frequently and love each others, she has mole on her breasts, she has great respect on other castes, she has many sexual connections, she has breasts, long legs, she is beautiful, she has connection with other countries, she also have mole in the right hand.
Some meditated persons who do on mantras on goddess raja rajeswari said “Raja Rajeswari never allows the person to sleep until the completion of spell, and it walks sound and come through the main door of the house and enter in to the pooja room and sit in the front of the “CHAKRA” and person whom crossed one lakh spell.
Many persons whom do mantras got panic when goddess appear in front of them when their subconscious mind starts opening so they  lost their sense for sometimes and admitted for treatment at hospitals. Sometimes goddess intrudes in to the meditated persons and they start hanging and talking like god. This is very dangerous. Its has happened to unmarried girls due to enthusiasm on mantra spells and wants to do magics on others by unmarried girls and female.  
Mother VAALAI is looks like small girl (VAALAI THAI) she is the major mother for astrology and all spiritual benefits. I bring to end this topic.
 This is an internal worship occurred only in the circle of atoms, but siddhars and sages always working above the level of atoms where atoms cannot affect the persons like yogis and also yogis able to control it.
Magicians, priests all working in the world of atoms working on external worships, they can pass the energy from their soul to the goddess and receive from them. Also passes energy to the ghosts, spirits and receive the signals and pass through the humans in the strength of black magic. If person doing magics with ghosts, spirits it’s called as black magic. If passes with goddess it’s a white magic. But both are activated only with in the atoms.
Any energy from these people sources transmitting via only through atoms. But, all Yogis are activated above the atom level and able to controlling the atoms through pancha boothas in the name of SARAM AND PANCHA PAKSHI SASTRA. But they have born one in Crores. He would be given silver chord to the other yogis for link. So god, goddess became invaluable in front of siddhars and yogis. 


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HI sir even i experienced the same problem regarding the rajarajesware and kindly guide me how to over come this

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write down clearly what u wants on this subject

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The topic of "samuthirika lakshanam" has been explained hiddenly in some of the languages in india i have read, especially well versed in subjects of astrology. fifty percent of the subject is hided here due to people themselves starts to interpret through mis identifications. so its appears as break in all frames. you can go through some old books viz, KOKO, samuthirika lakshanam in tamil for complete understanding on this subject sir.

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hi sir i am raj from trichy my girl affected in black magic i want cure that problem i came under pancha pakshi murrai is safest one so i need any of the person phone no for cure this using pancha pakshi.