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Moolam natchathiram (Moola Star)


“MOOLAM NATCHATHIRAM” in Tamil (MOOLA STAR) for male will rule the planet. But moolam star for female will demolish everything” a confession proverb in astrology.
But some of the moolam natchathiram will not be considered under this category known from highly interpretive oldest books and follows by professional astrologers. But common people since year’s even literates also unknowingly fixed a criteria to make many girls loose their life.

This year between December 14th and January 14th, 2011 eligible girls born on moolam star waiting for marriage rings will get engaged and conformably between April and June 2012 their marriage will be carry out and tied knots. Now, started with the fine news for eligible girls for wedding rings born on this star, then readers go through some of the briefs about moolam star.

To refer some of the verses in siddhar poems, some of the years back due to typical enquiries from some of my friends, I got pressured up compulsorily to consult some of the professional who deal with matching matrimonial, referred many books in oldest libraries and enquired professional astrologers personally and discussed particularly on this star for to congregate information on this work on remedy.

Many Vedas in Tamil highlighted the moolam natchathiram in astrology has enhanced the predictions due to a girl born on this star will execute the father in law or mother in law or her own father.

It’s true. Planets rules the humans unknowingly who ever may be, any religion also. How “AYILAYAM (Ayilaya star) star girl will take out life of mother in law, KETTAI STAR GIRL will take life of her husband elder brother. VISAGA STAR GIRL will kill her husband younger brother as same as moolam star execute their hubby’s father J (How a boy will ready to sacrifice through kill his father or his mother due to his girl friend belong to  moolam star by tie a knotJJJJJ)

I had attended one argument during last year with some of my cousin brothers at Tuticorin district among some of the families from a village called me for excuse when I stopped the arranged marriage for a boy after their engagement. The reason is a boy from tuticorin had affair with a moolam star girl at Bangalore for decade, studied in the same engineering college. But in the discussion, they highlighted moolam star in the end and this is the one of the main reason they highlighted by some families on talk that day and I compulsorily withdraw my arguments supported for bangalorian girl. I was the one person supported for the girl in the crowd due to my mistake.   The boy got married with a girl arranged by family seems.

The girl born on rishaba, viruchika, simma, kumba lagna has this moolam star conformably affect father in law.  Also girl born on “chithirai, aadi kiruthigai, thai maadham” affects father in law (born between April 14th and may 14th, between 14th January and 14th February)

But moolam star girl have lagna of midhuna lagna, kanni lagna, and thulam never affects their father in law. Guys can marry this moolam star girl without hesitationJ. Parents of any unmarried girls can strongly hold this statement on their kid horoscopesJ.
The same as this moolam predicted unhappiest things in life. Ayilayam star is still worst than moolam. If take ayilaayam, revathi, aswini star born girls loss their husband every so often, otherwise they loose major personal effects in their life. What is the real remedy to overcome from the effects of this moolam star? How Tamil siddhars quoted this star in their verses.

The following briefs highly highlighted for moolam natchathiram female mostly due to exact prediction on astrology has been written centuries back in tamil and followed by very few professional astrologers.

Mostly affected by this star natchathiram is female than male guys. This moolam star coming under “bootha thathuvam” quoted in Tamil” means they have spirit or ghost related characters.

These people, who born on this star always do good things to their family by helping in different ways, but they are unlucky always.

This Dhanasu rasi people always protect parents. If male born on this star, they always obey his wife, surrenderJ. This star people immediately affected by infatuation and love. Hence, they will loss money and materials heavily in personal life due to this infatuation, or through illicit sex. Most of the girls born on this star have more sexual attraction according to their horoscopes. Don’t take all the girls, horoscope differ from girl to girl. They make affair with one person but always marriage will be with other person due to circumstances and situations. They moolam star girl may born to father’s second wife or illegal child or her father might have pre, post marital relations.

They learn many sastras. They always give torture to their brothers and sisters. As same as the family members always cheat this moolam star people. They will work in other regions from their birth place. If they go abroad from their country they always gets good life and also partner.

Female moola natchathiram girls have mostly dark or dull color tone and slightly hand or leg in bend segment. She has no patience on every aspect. Including her husband, she hates all males. She never has sex serenely with her husband. She is unfit for sexual intercourse. She has no mercy, she has hard voice, and she became very fat when they have started sex if before marriage. She takes more food. She has non attractive breast. She has big head, when she walk also she walk with diminutive jumps. She may fight with other girls. She never dressed in sense and never wears matching clothes. She has no mercy. Both male and female moolam stars have large thighs and sexual parts unexpectedly grow after 25 years due to throat problems and compulsorily 4th patha moolam have throat infective diseases. 

If male born on this star they became enemy after some time to their wife and own family, sometimes this people bite by snakes, punish by kings, or death given by kings order was written in sastras. Don’t worry about this, it has written for merciless people.
Both these sexes like perfumes. Always do some jobs for others. They have always had vehicle till their death.  They gets eye problem on 12, 15, 18, 32, 40, ages. Sometimes due to over heat on body it makes them sick. But they think its due to cold. They may live up to 71 years according to their karmas and horoscope. In Tamil verses one of the oldest book written by siva vakiyar protected and collected from British museum, book pages has been mentioned their time and period of death written clearly, here its avoided due to controversy.

Where ever they were born? That house had wealth before. They can fight like male always with out know their weakness. Their hardened work harvested their benefits used by owners.

If any person got ill health started on this particular star day it will continue up to 7 days. That time, parents should take care and give “anna dhanam” “free food” to poor people will recover immediately if they had any ill health. Otherwise use mustard mixed with rice and keep on four directions at home, it brings to recover for any symptoms of ill healths. Other stars also should do this when they got ill health on this particular star day moolam, it continues. They also follow referred above “anna dhanam.

They have mole or thick black mole on right side part of their body especially on face or breast. They should take milk before travel if they want to get success. Universal truth.
They always like to sleep. They never stay and live with relations. They complained about relations but initially faulted by this star.

  1. Moolam star girl born on first patham is not good for father in law and if born on first patha kills their own father also.
  2. Girl Born on second patha is not good for their own mother
  3. Girl Born on third patha will erase their family money and wealth
  4. Girl Born on fourth patha is not give much problem for their own life
  5. Both male and female born on this first patha have some permanent diseases
  6. Both male and female born on second patha have stomach problems, throat infections but they have affection.
  7. Both male and female born on third patha knows the black magic, and have highly sexual feelings
  8. Both male and female born on fourth patha have some diseases on throats.

If girl matured and attained the age on this star is good, if person born on moolam star during waxing moon is good. Please confirm with horoscope from the house of sun.

Most of the books from north India quoted the girls born on moolam star became widow or poor. They unfit for sexual courses and patient. But they highly learned on mantra sastra. They ready to do sins for others. That’s the destiny for them. People should understand after reading this. So, Because of her doing sins to others they loss their generations and will be lose of hereditary and finally may comes to an end. If girl have short hair and bigger breast at a particular age before marriage on this star resembles the shortage of money and lacking of mercy on others. She doesn’t have affection on relations and friends.

Both male and female have some permanent diseases. They never get helps from parents. During the ages of 26,30,45,47, 55 they will be affected by severe ill health symptoms.
If they had addicted to drugs or drinks they cannot able to control their habits. Girls born on this star gets delayed in marriage life.

The hidden and highly secretive remedy is to pray Lord Shiva throughout their life and do the pooja in temples for god Dekshnamoorthy on pradhosham day for some period for immediate relief. If girl is on stage for delayed marriage, strongly advised to attend pooja on pradhosham day and make around the temple for 11 times clockwise as same as anticlockwise. Within three or five pradhosham they will be get engaged by blessings of god.  Before doing this worship kindly advised to go to rameswaram temple. Then make anna dhanam “free food” to poor people wherever possible at their places. These two things would be carried out before do worship on pradosham day.

Always keep in mind with deep rooted for this Moolam star person should worship lord Shiva. By worship of lord Siva these people recover from their karma and lead a happy life.
Most of the girls I heard that, they themselves do pooja at home during midnight and irrelevant timings. They said many times we cant do pooja at home. They follow some of the mantra given by some priests, magicians for the material benefits, that never applicable for to get remedy for moolam natchathiram people.

It’s strongly advised and recommends here with kind request on this girls and guys born on this star or any star girls should not do any pooja before marriage without knowing proper guidance. Many girls, married women were stuck-up in their life, their own good fortune and benefits will be greatly obstructed by doing some of the pooja unknowingly themselves. It’s how elephant pour soil on its own head.  

Every 24minutes pancha bootha is changing in the time scale in the nature, its changes the entire world and planets, human body changes suddenly in these hidden timings of every twenty four minutes. From morning to evening the panja bootha works in five different ways, siddhars called as pancha patchi sastram in tamil, once in lakh or once in crore knows well known this sastra written by siddhars. If this extends it goes to pancha patchi sastram (five birds called on panja bootha rules the nature).

Why i quoted and strongly denied all the pooja for these guys, now readers can realize reading here now. They unknowingly do pooja during their odd time (some time they do pooja on their death time calculated for their star). I wants to stop here, i started disclosure seems.

I have given easiest remedy for this moolam star for who really sufferer, but to get this I have travelled thousands of kilometers to receive from the professional astrologers and sages. Even before writing this I asked some of my gurus to confirm this remedy. Whoever gets benefited by doing this which was referred remedy here for moolam stars, its credits goes to all my gurus’ they showers mercy on my mistakes due to consulting only moolam girls except boys JJJJJ before advising others.

Any pradhosam day in the evening hours request to avoid food for all stars.

Also, Once again I repeated for whoever does not have kids or some problem in child births, girls please make a mala from green peas by their own hand (connect all the piece with threads) and offer to god dekshna moorthy for some period and worship tulsi on Friday with their husband. Before this, they should go to rameswaram temple, then madhurai meenakshi temple and finally alagarkovil temple to start the prayer. This was given by my guru who is professional astrologer, blessed person and a perfect role model for a yogi to any disciple. Hence, anyone who ever read this, convey as advice their friends, sufferer to follow blindly on these remedies and should not forget to highlight my guru gift on this remedy.

I bring to end here with mercy of my guru to extend this with great blessings and I request here, everyone who is needy to follow this remedy and get the kids with blessings of my gurus. 


R.Srishobana said...

Usefull info for "poosam" Nakshatgra borners...Sir,can you please share about "pancha patchi sastram" in detail in ur upcoming blogs...

RAMKUMAR said...

Thanks for sharing a valuable Information to us and give proper information in detailed .please Sir,can you please share about "pancha patchi sastram" in detail in ur upcoming blogs...

thillairaj, said...

as soon as guru permits to give atleast for on outline about the pancha patchi sastram

Dr.SRM said...

No astrology book associates stars with relation's death.. it is A pure age old superstition. No good astroger will associate star with others death.I have seen the father -in -laws of so many moolum star brides having a healthy long life. ones death is not fixed by other's star. it is decided by ones own horescope SO DO NOT PERPUTUATE THE AGE OLD RUMOURS.

thillai raj said...

It is requested after this to give a comments with reference to your mail instead of hiding behind and given comments is showing their lack of confidence on questions. before writing this post, it has been done lot of ground work and collected datas whoever falls on this several patha of this nakshathira. there will be no doubts on interpretation of nakshathiras when tamil siddhars has written on the their poems on astrology.

Cindy Dy said...

I must appreciate your post which is helping us in such a great manner.


bharath k said...

what happends if boy got "dhanusu-Rasi" with "moolam natchathiram" am loving a girl with "viruvhigam-Rasi" with "Visagam natchathiram" my father-in-law is fearing that he will die if i married her daughter. Please clarify my dought.

thillai raj said...

you can consult with any professional astrologer at chennai for your clarifications. How they interpet is the result for your horoscope predictions. the posts described as a outline for common people who unaware on this moola nakshathira.

Saravana Chinna said...

Can I marry a girl who is having a star of moola with 4th padam? Could you please clarify ? Will it affect my father after marriage ?

Jyothi Reddy Talpur said...

Hi ...
Please let me know my baby ( female) born on 22:12:2014 @ 10:10 am ist.. please let me how her marriage life is going to be. After knowing she born in moola nakshtra padam 3.. I am so much worried. Please help me on this.

Srinivas Rajan said...

The whole story mentioned here is nothing but garbage.

If you belive on God, he will take care of us.

Why he create a star to trouble peoples?

There is a famous saying in Tamil "Theethum Nadrum Pirar thara Vara" means "No one can give good or bad to us, it all happened on own actions and behaviour"

Here suggested some remedy, how can all moola star peoples born all over world follow them?

Usuall these kind of old astrologer always quote ancinet books, vedas,etc? But they wont put any reference. Dont believe them.

It will reduce one's confidence and creates inferiority complex.

How come a girl kills her father-in-law? God written your death date already. A girl's horoscope can't modify it.

thillai raj said...

its requested once again read the post from the beginning. the contents taken from the scripts written by yogis. astrologers interpret only on horoscopes. but yogis who attained divinity can access the destiny and interpret the predictions and samples given here. We should try to come out of the destiny with the help of those people hints. ஜோதிடன் ஞானத்தை அடைந்து பின் அடுத்தவர் ஜாதகத்தை கணிப்பதே அதன் எல்லை என்று என் குருநாதர் ஒரு முறை கூறியது இன்றும் நினைவில் இருக்கிறது.

Tamil Magal said...

Hello Mr.Thillairaj,

First of all, your quote at the very beginning is wrong. It is not Aan Moolam arasalum Penn Moolam Nirmoolam in original yogis writing, it is Aani Moolam arasalum and Pinn Moolan nirmoolam which means those born in the Tamil month of AANI with Moolam Star will lead a very successful life and others born in the last padhams of Moolam will destroy all evil forces and win over their enemies.


But these Stigma’s attached to some Stars make it difficult for Girls to get married.

Looks your are also one of them to spoil girls life

thillai raj said...

Readers are requested to read once again completely; interpretation part is different for moolam nakshathirams according to their individual horoscopes. All these can be solved very simply by following the procedures given by yogis, so no need to worry on any Stars/Nakshathirams. God has given us everything; we can able to do primary calculations on these predictions, behind that majorly destiny crosses through along the individuals. I have friends both men and women falls on this moolam nakshathiram and noticed for the last ten years that how they have crossed the transitions of the planets every year. I also observed that they had marriage, jobs, purchased flats, lost parents & family members, met accident, lost jewels, got divorce, away from partner, had injuries on leg and many more. It’s a result of the movement of planets respect to the position of the houses on the particular date of born a person. Also, the refractions from the family members also included in these predictions if they had married or bachelor. It’s not elaborated in the post, that’s why doubts arise frequently. If posts has been elaborated, it may divert to worship of god, visiting to temples, especially to particular god and away from the normal stream of solve the problems raised from the destiny.

Tharani Devi said...

If people born in this star get divorced, Will they not be able to go for second marriage. Will they not be able to get peaceful life?

Deoraj Pitamber said...

if someone born in a Moola and they father did not have to see them and he did can this causes any harm to the father . I will be very grateful for your information in this regards.

thillai raj said...

No. its depends up on individual horoscopes. Have seen many father still alive. Please read once again the post.

Palak Gupta said...

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