Monday, November 7, 2011

Brief for herbal remedy on magical spell

Sometimes if people will come to know, they have stomach problems continuously after taking treatment from doctor, medicine and scan, x-ray, then psychologist. If it has not cured, then they go for magical herbal treatment from professional master in magic’s. 
People used to take revenge by giving these poisonous herbs to the person, it goes inside the stomach and remain without dissolves and digest. It became white color in nature smudged like barley grain inside and does the problems for what it was created duty for the person. Unknowingly people had this from any person and behave like mental or temporarily or permanently meet accidents or started talk as alone, if any situation found this; please use what I have mentioned below
Witches, young divorcee female or male, magicians, widows women or men, using blood as a transmit medium in the black magic, sometimes animals like monkey, crow, cats, owl, and birds used for transmit the magic spell or carry the magic material to whom they want to apply it.
People as non-vegetarians flesh eaters are in very dangerous in magical attack by herbs if when they are in connection with divorcee or widows. If those people character is not good, and the person had contact will be started fade his health gradually and life and never come out from them.
Male persons they used their sperm or blood in herbal intake, but female they use their menstrual blood directly or their liquid from the sexual part mixed with non-veg food. If vegetarian, they mixed with food and given to those people they wants to do work or attract, sometimes with pan leaves they used to give this. They added their liquid in lime and nuts. This is very common basic universal technique used by worldwide in black magic and it is very common in India. Sometimes grains of coriander are also added to the men food for bring in to their bed. This procedure is applicable for all the herbal magic and adding some leaves for added advantage. The above written transparently to readers to understand the importance of herbs I mentioned below for cure and given for many persons from masters. 
Now remedy for this all and any herbs in taken orally. In Tamil, siddhars have written about number of herbs to get it cure. However, they given universal herbs commonly we can access some plants grow anywhere in the world is the highly cure for these types of herbal attacked diseases. Its no need to approach any magician or doctor.
1) Drum stick leaves: just plug it, remove the leaves, crush it and should drink, it will becomes hot, body will get heat and temperature rises, continuous dysentery will come for a day, it will bring the inside material if herbs are there. After this also it has not cured, go for next. This leaf if plug and boil it and take only juice we can take for two days if discrepancy of haemoglobin . The seed inside the drumstick will use for potential and increase the sudden sexual feelings due to blood circulation after have drum stick seed. 

2) Nava Palam: (Jambul (Syzygiumcumini) is an evergreen tropical tree in the flowering plant family Myrtaceae. this fruit juice is used to dry the herbal material inside the stomach and bring it through urine like kidney stone. After this, person unable to get cure go forfinal.

3) Vilam palam (wood apple, Elephant apple, monkey fruit, vilampazham, Belada Hannu, Bael fruit, Kath bel) this fruit comes during the month of august-September every year; this is the only fruit make and dissolve any herbal inside and makes to dissolve it, if it appears in liquid state also. Majorly this fruit used for the blood related herbal inside. When a person female or male had nonveg or veg food, that particular portion never digest from stomach, it starts grow inside the stomach, the female or male hair will grow inside on the nonveg portion or veg portion immersed with blood taken by the person. When the hairs started grow him or her inside the stomach, they will start listen to that particular person whom has given that food. Therefore, its strongly advised to anyone takes this fruit once in a year to dissolve any ingredients from magical herb sources inside the humanbody.

Above three are mostly cures 90 percent of the herbal diseases taken orally through this black magic. If it has not cured other, herbal plants which kept secretly and available everywhere in our places near the railway tracks. Spiritual masters can cure this. I bring to an end with the spiritual masters. 
I have seen all spiritual gurus used a small stone or paper or a leaf for magic spell. Spiritual masters are professionals never deal with money. If person will go and inform lies also, they can understand who did past and present. They can control from any place, at any time.     
The major thing behind is the spiritual enlightened siddhars are always linked with nature verses pancha buthaas. They always engaged above the atomic level, working on operational stage, and able to control the atoms. This is the damn truth everyone in spiritual field should understand what is the spiritual, they activate anything from above the level of atoms, and they insert in to these atoms and transmit through pancha bootha and control over the atoms. The supreme almighty, nature, and god help them always when they proved and appears to be very close to Samadhi level. 

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Vasisht Desikan said...

im being drugged with black magic stuff in food.I tried eating naval helped a lot though not fully.Im going to try the other 2 solutions as well.but,as you mentioned there are people (siddhars) who know more medicines and who know detail to the atom.I need medicines like this for all seasons as I feel im being drugged at home.also,i want a consultation with a siddhars like that who can diagonise and help me solve my black magic problems.Can you help me regarding that.

-vasisht desikan