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Remedy for magical herbs

Remedy for magical herbs

Wants to Close this topic, so its extended lengthy, UN avoided.
Every human born on this birth to finish the karma according to their previous birth, hell or heaven humans face everything on this earth according to their karmas. Yogis or sages born here to finish their last birth and attached soul to the secret place inside the human body and leave the soul.  Requested to keep this word in mind always and go through this hidden topic.
Preceding post I have mentioned some of the rare herbs are still use in siddha alchemy, medicine and magic’s (black magic or white magic).
Many persons asked me on this topic about how can identify a person which has been affected by black magic or inflated by magical herbs in internal body or in stomach through food.  What are the secret remedy and the details of procedures on how to do recover the person with medicine or by occultism and finally magic spell?
World wide Sometimes, for silly reasons people used to approach magicians to cut short their difficulty due to panic on ghosts or wants to escape from karma. Sometimes they used to approach the priests, magician, temples and mixing of herbs is very common in villages in tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh.  This type of intake of herbs is very common among the people due to fear and lacking of self confidence and unknown about the nature and the supreme god.  
In some of families, still they used to give herbs with food to enemies, neighbors, relations and friends to solve the problems or solve their own problems through the persons initially attraction to them, some people used to make accident to their friends or any due to jealous, or business problems or hereditary revenges unanimously and made it unknown from which source it came from.
I worked in all these three states and personally seen and interrogated with magicians and affected people by the same magicians, I came to know from those people about the techniques they used to cure the magic spell and using herbs.  Some i described, some i wants to avoid due to people should not follow.
Black magic is commonly used by Hindus, muslims and Christians. But the way in each religion it differs due to religion have their own angels, magic spells, rituals and herbs. Once our family got experienced due to continuous ill health for my brother and saved by a magician who given treatment to my brother when I was in college days became the first experience in these topic.
Using herbs is very common in Karnataka i noticed continuously when i was working in Gulbarga district. A part of Muslims from particular region and places  bijapur, bagalkot, and Gulbarga tract using herbs, human flesh and fats for doing black magic.  When we approached for a person who affected by something may be ghost, or soul or whatever people call to mention.
The magician stayed in kamarwadi village near wadi, Shahabad. He came to Gulbarga to see the person. Magician said he is affected by soul, he has given a cotton thread and said take him to his house and tell them to light this everyday. Friends taken him outside the place, i enquired him about that “this is a simple cotton thread how it will get cure. He said” u r going to write a book or what?. I said” its my curiosity”. He said” it’s a human nerve and human fats protected for this many days.  Fats taken from the human also should be born as first person in the family. After dead we will get secretly collect these types of things from the body, sometimes from the burial ground some from hospitals, but main thing is to collect from first person after demise from family. Then it will get it dried and brought for continuous magic spell using mantras and use it for many years. I got severe shock.  He said like making paappat and using for months, I bring to an end here.
Spreadable in southern india this type of things are using in magic spell for ghosts, soul, some times dried pepper with athar and other material( not mentioned here) for to burn at house for 48 days. At the same time the prayer will be conducted for 48 days in the magician place.
Same as happened at ILKAL place in GEM quarry during 1993, an excavator operator got ghost attached and they brought to my hotel when I stayed at ILkal village for to get the vehicle from me. We went to hospet a taluk place from there at night time and admitted in clinic. My hands are full of blood due to that boy arrogantly and uncontrollable beating and shouting. They discharged immediately due to him speaks in woman voice. Night time, village people taken to an elder person. He said bring his urine. I got severe shock and laughed on magician. He scolded me if u brings we can get it cure with in a time, otherwise it will settle and u takes him to the ilkal. We were waiting at night when he will pass urine. At night he passed urine but sitting like a woman and lifts his lungi like a woman and passed urine at outside. My staffs who is working in quarry at Bangalore collected his urine from sand and given to him. Magician dipped the urine in to liquid and said this is the type of ghost.  He asked him several questions but he replied in female voice. He gave the juice and he refused to drink, but he insisted and given to him, immediately he fell down. He said take him to your place, nothing will happen. Again we travelled at night for 120 km to ilkal. Morning as usual i went to see the quarry place; he was operating L&T excavator inside the mine. I was sitting below the tree and watching him, nothing difference on him. Breakfast brought for everybody, when we have food, i asked him casually what happened to u yesterday.
He said” yesterday night i came to pass urine here below this tree, i saw something sitting on the tree and fall down on me, i forgot everything. Everyone got fear to look the tree where we usually to sit and have food due to shadows. I slowly lifted my face and saw the tree. There i found somebody sitting on the branch, its small branch, and birds only can sit but i saw surprisingly a 50 or 60 kilo human sit on the small branch. I asked everyone to see now. But no one can see the soul was sitting there. That time i was doing sky from vethathiri maharishi, its initial stage of meditation. Now readers can understand the difference between the meditation and concentration.  Story explained for situations and circumstances.  (yogi amma MAANIKESWARI used to sit on the small branches with birds at AANAI KUNDI place, gurmatkal, andhrapradesh and Karnataka, she is alive)
Some years back friends came from Chennai by flight to Bangalore for tragedy and said about the family person have affair with a woman who was widow and second divorce. A lady from the family cried in the phone felt ashamed to say about his son on this relation with that issue. I guided to the person who was specialist in this magic issue and very famous at Bangalore and chennai.  He asked them to bring his underwear simply.  After some days that person got cured and stopped going to that woman.  He said it’s common on widow woman and divorced woman because they only hate the society and they considered all the men are utilizing her.
What all above mentioned are related mantra, yantra, tantra
But all deal with energy created by magician from external source and passed to the atoms and fused it. 
Sometimes if people will come to know they have stomach problems continuously after taking treatment from doctor, medicine and scan, x-ray, then psychologist. If it’s not cured, then they go for magical herbal treatment from professional master in magics.
People used to take revenge by giving these poisonous herbs to the person, it goes inside the stomach and remain without dissolves and digest. It became white color in nature smudged like barley grain inside and does the problems for what it is created duty for the person. Unknowingly people had this from any person and behave like mental or temporarily or permanently meet accidents or started talk as alone, if any situation found this; please use what I have mentioned below at the end.
Now at men point of view, a wife of my friend at Chennai got skin problems and her face changed with pimples and looks like after the chicken box wounds and scar. Magician asked already she had contact before marriage with a person; he did it for u through magic now on revenge, first she denied, then finally she accepted and he given the treatment for her to get cure.
He said buy egg and keeps at your house and 48th day break the eggs, if anything is there burn it. She got some copper plates written something on it. As same as my brother got copper plates inside the eggs embedded like painted like stomach. He burnt it. He got permanently got cured till today which was not identified by any 4-d Doppler scans. I can’t understand how magician transmits the material to that egg those bought at their own places. That’s secret.
Christians have black thread and ropes in their waist and make the magic and spell with water, the different types of knot with the black thread is the secret for applying magic by Christian.  One of the friends showed the knots.
Witches, young divorcee female or male, magicians, widows women or men, using blood as a transmit medium in the black magic, sometimes animals like monkey, crow, cats, owl, and birds used for transmit the magic spell or carry the magic material to whom they want to apply it.  People as non vegetarians flesh eaters are in very dangerous when they are in connection with divorcee or widows. If those people character is not good, the person had contact will be fade his life and never come out from them. Male persons they used their sperm or blood, female they use their menstrual blood or their liquid mixed with non veg food.  if vegetarian they mixed with food and given to those people they wants to do work or attract, sometimes with pan leaves they used to give this. This is very common basic universal technique used by world wide in black magic and it’s very common in india. This procedure is applicable for all the herbal magic and adding some leaves for added advantage.
The above written transparently to readers to understand the importance of herbs i mentioned below for cure and given for many persons from masters.

Now remedy for this. In tamil, siddhars have written about number of herbs to get it cure. But they given universal herbs commonly we can access some plants grow anywhere in the world is the highly cure for these types of herbal attacked diseases.
1)    Drum stick leaves: just plug it, remove the leaves, crush it and should drink, it will becomes hot, body will get heat and temperature rises, continuous dysentery will come for a day, it will bring the inside material if herbs are there. After this also it’s not cured, go for next. This leaf if plug and boil it and take only juice we can take for two days if discrepancy of haemoglobin . The seed inside the drumstick will use for potential and increase the sudden sexual feelings due to blood circulation after have drum stick seed.
2)    Nava Palam: (Jambul   (Syzygiumcumini) is an evergreen tropical tree in the flowering plant family Myrtaceae. this fruit juice is used to dry the herbal material inside the stomach and bring it through urine like kidney stone. After this,  person unable to get cure go for final
3)    Vilam palam (wood apple, Elephant apple, monkey fruit, vilampazham, Belada Hannu, Bael fruit, Kath bel) this fruit comes during the month of august-september every year; this is the only fruit make  and dissolve anyherbal inside and makes to dissolve it, if it appears in liquid state also. Majorly this fruit used for the blood related herbal inside. When a person female or male had nonveg or veg food, that particular portion never digest from stomach, it starts grow inside the stomach, the female or male hair will grow inside on the nonveg portion or vegportion immersed with blood taken by the person. When the hairs started grow him or her insdie the stomach, they will start listen to that particular person whom has given that food.  So, its strongly advised to anyone takes this fruit once in a year to dissolve any ingredients from majical herb sources inside the human body.
Above three are mostly cures 90 percent of the herbal diseases through this black magic. If it’s not cured other herbal plants which kept secretly and available every where in our places near the railway tracks. 

Once a great alchemist showed his thighs a scar and a copper plate kept inside when he was young with his guru at rajamundry, andhrapradesh. Radjamundry is famous for Adharvana veda. Adarvana veda dealing with black magic and other magical spells. This type of plate with magical spell kept for many years and immersed with crushed plant liquid. They cut the thigh and insert the plate inside but close with the herbs, it immediately attach the tissues and skin immediately. the person has plate in his right thigh and showed.  He the great magician and disappeared frequently in front of us once i scolded. He perfect magician used only lemon and rolled down to a house at perambur market, Chennai when they called him for a soul disturbing inside the house. No money spends for pooja, priests or magics. He used a lemon a single piece. He said once a woman soul was sitting at corner of the house. He roaming like a beggar has one time food in a day.
Another person a magician, i heard from his grandson who stays at nagercoil ex navy person, an outstanding cryptographer in wireless division in Indian navy. The forefather magician is close to king of padhmanadhapura palace at nagercoil. (Story is big, so avoided) The magician killed himself requested by the king bent down his knees in front of public. He cut the thighs and removed the plate and thrown upwards to the sky, then he asked soldiers to fire on him, after that bullet inserted into his body once he removed the plate. The people gathering there searched for the plate he thrown up, but it’s never comes down. The same king honored him by installing a statue at nagercoil near vadachery. Those hereditary searched for the plate, but the magician said” this plate will reach the eligible person”.
Some times water used as a transmit for mantra, i have seen some Brahmins priests used water in a pot closed by coconut and spell for 48 days. The water is splashed through out the house if it’s needed. They used the roots for cleaning the ghosts or houses at Bangalore. But the priests should be perfect, otherwise its waste. Sometimes magic spell on the nails and inserted on the four corners of the flat for to remove the magic spell. But its prolonged process, u has to remove and again do the process to get it activated.
I bring to an end with these spiritual masters.
When person attached with spiritual, all these above is not used, useless.

I have seen all spiritual gurus used a small stone or paper or a leaf for magic spell. They control from any place, at any time. The major thing behind is the spiritual enlightened siddhars are always linked with nature verses pancha buthaas. They always engaged above the atomic level and working on operational stage and able to control the atoms. This is the damn truth everyone in spiritual field should understand what is the spiritual, they activate anything from above the level of atoms and they insert in to these atoms and transmit through pancha bootha and individual control over the atoms. The supremo, nature, god help them always when they proved and appears to be very close to Samadhi level. Birth is only for to erase the karma and attain the Samadhi.


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Whatis remedy for Sihir ingested in stomack?

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drumstick trees are cultivated more in tamilnadu,andhra, karnataka and its easily available in market. take drumstick leaves for primary treatment, its very hot due to high content of haemoglobin and consult sidda practicing doctors for easy cure.

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Sir, I am from Delhi, and here I am not finding Drumstick Leaves, what should I do

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black magic expert, Dark enchantment call knows Kala Jadu in India. It is tantric way. Dark enchantment is utilized by harmful, shrewd individuals who take delight in the setback of others.
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