Monday, November 14, 2011

Kala Bairava Mantra and Yentra

The spell of mantras is not so easy like parayana (praise the god or goddess in the way of songs during early morning in every temple). The vibration of each mantra is well intruded with the atoms and it reaches the tiny limit of the nature. In every temples the spell of mantras passes on the statue, makes to create the energy and make it activate with the humans who spell it at the particular time to reflect and refract at the end of the mantra. Those whoever approach the temples it makes to attach with their soul and enhance the deficiency of the humans. 
Many persons asked how to spell the mantras or how to begin with a preliminary protection. I here with attach a ‘KALA BAIRAVA MANTRA” and “YENTRA”. 
This was given by a sage many years back. Shri. Sivakumar, residing at tambaram, Chennai, engraved this yantra on the silver plate during my initial stage of yoga. He the one and the expert, master of chakras, yantras, and well versed with magical herbs. He, the direct disciple of his father the great magician, doctor, alchemist. Another disciple of his father is very famous Dharmalinga swamigal.
I have given as it is in tamil as spelled by me due to  cause of any destruction in the pronoun of this mantra. If any person they made and  once activated this kala bairava mantra, it is highly protected for human body, soul and whoever doing regular spell of mantras at house. If once it crosses one lakh spell, the black colour dogs at streets started smelling on whom follows and spells on this. This is the initial stage of symptoms. Dogs started gets confused on humans due to this mantra spell.  
In the next blog, I try to  extend the results about how it works, how it activates, directly raises from the energy, how it passes through the atoms from the human body and finally how it make hold and shield to the person whom really sufferer and needy. 
People who lost money, or  by theft, or affected by black magics can blindly follow this. Mantras and yenthra given here by great spiritual masters who attained Samadhi and experienced by me many years back before reaching in to the lonely journey to almighty. Once my great master came and thought me “mantras without spell”  thereafter, that day itself I found all external worship became useless.

“ஓம் பைரவா
உத்தண்ட பைரவா ஏந்திய கபாலமும் , ரத்தின மாலையும் , நாக பாஷமும் , போக வேஷ்டியும், ஸ்வாநத் வாகனமும் ,அடித்த தண்டும் ,பிடித்த பார்வையும் ,நேரிட்ட மேனியும்
இதோ என் காளீக்களீள் எனக்கு அருள் செய்ய புறப்பட்டார்.        
என்னுடைய பைரவனார் தன்மையைப் போல் யாம் இருப்போமென்று,
புத பிரேத பிசாசு கணங்களைக் கட்டு,
பிற்பில்லி சூன்யம் வஞ்சனை நோயைக் கட்டு,
இரும்பு வலையை உருக்கியே எட்டுத்  திக்கும் பதினாறு கோணமும் கட்டு,
ஆகாசம் பு+மி அதிரவே கட்டு,
எமனைக் கட்டு ,
எம து தரைக் கட்டு ,
நாட்டைக் கட்டு ,
நகரத்தைக் கட்டு ,
சந்தனப் பாடு தனித்தனியே கட்டு ,
சொப்பனப் பேய்களை சுட சுட கட்டு ,
அகார உகார ஈஸ்வர புத்திராய ,
வடுக நாதாய ,
கிணி கிணி சற்வேத்நாய,
ரண்டி ரண்டி அகோர வீர பத்திராய ,
ஓம் குருவே நமசிவய சுவாஹா “

i have given only mantra and yantra. Any person can follow this. It is safe and protection for beginners in the spiritual world. 

I have not mentioned about tantra. The activation key of Tantra should get initialized by the masters. Once the key opened for this yantra, the person can transmit it to humans or anything anywhere in the universe.


Krishna said...

Hi in the Page the image yantra is missing ,if you have time pls put it back.

thillai raj said...

images is attached with posts, sorry for my negligence

Deva Callee said...

Can you give us the meaning and pronunciation of the mantra

Deva Callee said...

Please.As i am a tamil from mauritius and i have not learned tamil much but suffering a lot.

thillai raj said...

tamilians are more in mauritius, please take the right pronunciation from who well versed in tamil otherwise the frequency of the sound will change, you may aware sir.

senthil said...
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ram_soft2003 said...

Oh my god!! you have a big heart to share these priceless pokkishams:-) Hats Off!!

sunshine said...

hello sir ,
i have one doubt regarding bairav tantra . How to activate that tantra.?

thillai raj said...

dedicated prayer is required on this tantra, read all other posts, so that u can understand the roots of bairava

solomonraju said...

Dear Sir how many days we have to do this mantra and how many times in a day. what are the uses of this mantra.

thillai raj said...

u shall refer in tamil

gopi said...

morning...sir i ned a "agoora veerabathrar mantram and yantram"

sunitha said...

we can not read tamil please can you write the mantra in english or telugu your suggestion about blackmagic are very useful

thillai raj said...

take help from people who knows tamil and write on your language and spell the words.

arun said...

Hi Sir,
About this Yandra, is it should be only in silver plate? Can we keep it on any paper or card board or something..?
How can i find my guru...? Please put some light on this.


thillai raj said...

print out the chakra in paper and spell the mantra. Its enough said...

Sir.....yanthra is not clear sir...if u have a clear picture plz share with us sir

thillai raj said...

Yantra is clear