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Lightning oil lamps with magical wicks and tulsi plants compare with magical herbs

Lightning oil lamp using different types of oil and wicks when offering to god in our pooja room at home

As same as the previous topic “abishegam” the continuing topic deals with method of lightning lamp by different types of oil and wick’s”. This was also taken from hand notes written and restrained by Shri. Jambulingam,  professional astrologer, alchemist, still residing at Gummidipoondi, North Chennai.

If the reader finds any errors and heedlessness in this topic, it’s utterly my inaccuracy.

Veda strongly recommended the fulfillment of human births. Humans should fulfill the seven basic necessities in this birth said by all Vedas and yogis. Otherwise the conceiving of rebirths may possible. Vethathiri maharishi prescribed “sarva siddhi sangalpam” to their disciples in simplified kundalini yoga through world community centre at chennai for to attain seven basic needs to every individual for complete the birth. But disciples are searching for the yantra and tantra for that sangalpam as same as I had done mistake instead of following his basic meditation during my initial days.

Initially I became proud and idiot when I made yantra for that sangalpam due to enthusiasm and continuous readings of tirumanthiram chakras with notes and reading of yantras in palm leaves from different yogis. I became greedy and I found myself covetous with ego and became an idiot. This avid and ego makes ashamed on me in front of our great master common man philosopher vethathiri who blessed and given this mantra freely to all people.

 Later, I found it will be easy for anyone who practicing mantras regularly and well versed in plotting of mantra on chakra with coequally interpret on planets; so for them it will be easy to plot any mantra on chakra. Eight years back, Shri. Shivakumar, who written chakra for “kala baira mantra” in silver plate for me, it was used by only one compass box for one chakra. Later he thrown out compass box or destroyed.  As same as, I also thrown out chakra some years back in river at Bangalore when I found its use only in external worship.

When my ego brought down to soil by attained deep meditation through my guru, thereafter immediately great master came and thought me to write chakras on green leaves of plants and trees visibly and invisibly.  Here observation and to findout the qualified leaves it is necessity of the major work done by insects, so magical works with leaves always  attached with some flying insects also. It has written many times by agathiyar and bohar on “ashtakanma padalam” in various books. (Please refer published books at Tamarai noolagam at Chennai)

Later, also Kaaga Pusundar and Rome a Rishi written on their sastras (Pancha Pakshi Sastras) dealing with “ashtakanma padalam”. It’s highly kept as secret. Insects help to find the exact leaf from plant and tree for to locate the exact plant used for magical purposes.  Nature is highly hidden from humans sturdily said by Atharvana Veda.

Last year I written magic spell and chakra on tulsi leaf for my friend (that tulsi resembles the peculiar type of “pei tulasi in tamil” or Thotti pachelai and thiruneerru pachelai” which was brought from Bangalore university campus, Nagarbhavi, as alive after continuously monitoring for some days.

Alive plant here, as sense, the plant with root remains alive for decades by spell of mantras due to avoid of curse when plugged plant from the area of its growth for our material use in external worships.

Later, after I observed its mode for some days, it’s planted in my friend tulsi plant pot who prays regularly without asked permission. I observed Plant started to protect and it avoids invisible throws from enemies and nature obstruction till to complete the procedure for purchase the house which was highly needed for them suffering with small kid.  The plant makes a silver cord between itself and who planted it.

I observed daily for some days to confirm the plant gets activated or not, due to in between lakshmi pooja was celebrated; the tulsi was on activation till the completion of renovation of my friend flat. Exactly today one year over as planted to bring to end of tulsi plant. It speaks through the soul about the individuals.  In Tamil, siddhars used to call “PARIPASHAI”. Hidden language. (Please refer Rome a rishi books available and published by tamarai padhipagam and rathina samy naicker publications at Chennai)

But some weeks back in my flat at Bangalore, I saw people spread over electric decorative lamps on tulsi and household plants for to celebrate the festival (tulsi abba) unknowingly celebrated the tulsi plant except original characters of tulsi plants.

Many occasions like marriage or some yagas,  Lightning of oil lamp speaks regularly. But first time I saw the fire takes the particular image according to mantra spell. During our new house warming ceremony one of my gurus showed the fire raise in to one position up and speaks when lightning on “yaga gundla”.  

Many years back a yogi said to me, the answer will come out as letters from the fire end of an oil lamp one after another. Oil lamps used for meditation due to this purpose by various masters like Vallalar mahan, vethathiri maharishi, Rajneesh and others.  Many years back I criticized on this statement in front of my younger brother “how letters will come from the fire when ask the questions”. But when get started experience, it is understood all yogis are in same frequencies, wherever may be.

There are eight types of tulsi plants in india. Some of the very rare tulsi breed called “guru mooli” located at Pamban kovil sandhai village, sankarkovil district, tamilnadu.  Also some of this breed recently observed near srirangapatnam, Mandia district, karnataka. It may bring long back for doing pooja to sri ranga nathar temple. Topic is jumping from here and there.  I bring to end here. Readers may confuse on plants and lamps. I will continue about magical plants after some times.  

Tulsi plant I used for my friend to protect in a very short period due to non availability of holy herbs at Bangalore which was specified for each nakshathira. Whatever I mentioned here, I experienced personally from my hand due to non availability of particular herbs at bangalore for my friend falls on nakshathira in mesha raasi.  Its need an emergency purpose for to fix the plant on completion. So tulsi used for alternative short duration and completed with the mercy of masters.

Holy Lamps are usually fed with oil or ghee to god in temple. But to get the real benefits and to fulfill the necessity of humans in this birth itself to attain the material world, it is required some special substances for attract the source and pull the needs from the god through the supernatural matter.
(Wick- the meaning of thiri in Tamil used for lightning oil lamps)

  1. Make a fiber yarn from a Stem of lotus and make a wick for lightning oil lamp. This erases karmas and sins of rebirths.
  2. Fiber thread from Banana tree stem erases the curse of god and brings the harmony.
  3. White cloth immersed in panneer water and dried after use wick  for lightning with oil, it brings blessings of goddess lakshmi
  4. Wick from yellow sari cloth avoids the problem between husband and wife.
  5. A red cloth wick, break the obstruction and brings the marriage for eligible persons and also gives the child birth that have no kids.
  6. Cotton plant wick brings all good fortune

1.     For Ganapathy (ganesha) use coconut oil for lightning the lamp.
2.     Use cows ghee for goddess mahalakshmi
3.     Use mixer of neem oil, ghee, south Indian mahua oil for lightning lamp for goddess parasakthi and family kula deiva
4.     Mixture of Ghee, neem oil, south india mahua, coconut oil, castor oil and lightning a lamp of 45 days (one mandlam) brings the blessings of sakthi and initiation power of mantra.
5.     Use gingelly oil to wipe out all misfortune things.
6.     If lightning lamp with Castor oil brings good fortune from relations
7.     Neem oil, ghee, south India mahua brings wealth at home.
8.     If use five sides wick lamp for lightning, it brings wealth and also avoids the vaastu and wipe over shortages of vaastu at home. (Vaastu said by shri. Manikanda swamigal at papanasam, tirunelveli district)

1.     East – lightning oil lamp towards east wipe out debts, sorrow and enemy.
2.     North- lightning oil lamp towards north brings all types of wealth and fortune.
3.     West- lightning oil lamps towards west wipe out debts, and avoid the Saturn dosha.
I bring to an end here with this topic A perfect yogi can themselves observe blue rings rotates around them when meditate. Always blue color ring rotates around a yogi when energy starts rising, it looks like planets revolving around in galaxy.
( Andathil ulladhu pindathiley - in tamil- whatever external  succession  in galaxy as same as internal body in humans)
Street dogs, pigs always smells easily to identify on yogis, both animals have high sensitive perception, always yogis avoid these two animals cause of this sensitiveness.  Why humans can’t able to identify the real persons? Highly tuned on external worship may be?

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