Monday, October 17, 2011

BOGAR 12000 & BOGAR 7000

"I professed the additional experience.
Having experienced...
I have composed 7000."

Alchemist-poet Bhogar Written “Bogar 7000” in ancient Tamil language, discovering all the universal hidden truths in the depths of his consciousness. The whole of the Tamil language is the poet's ally.
The Tamil poets have had the added advantage of using a language medium, where the quality of sound and the impact of meaning seem to share a common ground as far as function are concerned. 
The master book of “Bhogar’s 12000” are highly concealed due to most of the verses contains curing of extreme secret diseases by simple herbs.  It deals mainly by using natural elements an eligible to make sophisticated science devices by transformation of one matter in to another matter through atoms.
“Bhogar’s 12000” mostly deals with physics and chemistry. Also some verses quoting aero dynamics. Some of the doctors from hereditary siddha medicines at palani and some at Madurai and srilanka hold the copy of bogar 12000 with their own families carrying hereditarily and they recovered only most of the medicinal part of the poems due to practicing only siddha medicines in tamil.
But Bhogar's 7000 are "more readable" and published worldwide without any curses in the poems for ineligible. This have a part of the poems indicating factual secret map of irresistible consciousness and refined technical manual on Kundalini Yoga never ever written anywhere in the universe.
These seven-thousand verses flow in distinguished rhyme, a complex echoing of sounds whose meanings convey a flux of images, filled with a simple wisdom; others mysterious, encoded in the secret language of the mystic.

Among all his works, Bhogar composed the eighty-two verses presented in this work for all people without any curses in all bogar7000 verses. Any eligible person can read these poems for reference for medicine, herbs, alchemy and yogas. He has distilled the essence of Kundalini Yoga into a kind of guided meditation that presents the tradition's set of symbols, in order to structure for visualization and preparation for internally ready to makeup the final destination of this birth towards jeeva Samadhi.
As usual like other sidhar works such as this were also encoded in the secret hidden words to preserve the tradition without revealing the inner mysteries to the uninitiated or unqualified persons.
Bhogar have grown from sidhar tantric roots so it has been exposed in all his medicines, herbs and yoga explanation. He always quoted a language of symbol, myth, and metaphor to speak of the transformation of subtle energy which leads to the transformation of consciousness passing over along the poems.
One of his verses comprises the complex network of pathways (nadis) through which the subtle energy moves, is clearly defined. These pathways were 72,000 in number and distributed throughout the etheric body double, running parallel to the Central Nervous System. Among all these thousand of nerves, a single nerve passing with many and lot of obstructions to the human brain and exactly create obstacles for individual human to practice particular yoga. That’s why sidhars strictly says”third eye is not in between the eyebrows.  No one have permission to expose more than this here for public including myself.
During visit to India in 1293 on his way back from China, Marco Polo records about his meeting he had with a group of yogi alchemists who prepare “rasamani” a mixing of mercury with herbs, were afforded a lifespan of 150-200 years.
Mercury was viewed as the seminal seed of Shiva by all yogis. This particular type of rasamani, can use only in this material world who wants to increase life span with families.  Cause the process of making mercury is artificial not from the raw natural rock.
Agasthiyar made ”rasamani” from his human body and spew out from the stomach and given to his disciples to understand about the final stage of yoga, its quoted in published book “agasthiyar gnanam”. Also it describes some of siddhar passed urine on the metal and it turned immediately to gold also as reference.
It’s always very difficult to crypt the original essence of siddhar’s poems. If crypted its start creates obstacles in life to disclose the secrets as per my self experience accordingly.


esash said...

Please tell me about which verse in Bogar 7000 speaks about diseases related to human head and human nervous system and about the proposed cure for them. Thanks.

thillai raj said...

When i met a famous publisher at chennai, publishing spiritual books in tamil criticized on their third part of Bogar 7000 "there is the major difference between the third part of bogar 7000 with another version which was published by his father around some 50 years back". Also first part of preamble stages there is a hidden part verses published at palani town which is always used to handover to next disciples directly. when i compiled some of the bogar 7000 verses i found some verses were missing between my books. then i referred with Adayar theosophical society for other publishers. these things always happens when we try to crack the full version on sithar books. but bogar 12000 brought to me and explained by disciples at madurai. it is requested to read carefully on medicinal aspect with siththar verses. most of the people from siththa medical college have ego to deny my statement. but its true and experience facts.

ram_soft2003 said...

Thanks for the detailed info about these. You have mentioned some people in Madurai and palani had bogar 12000 book and it is not yet published right? Do you know it could you Mail me like whom to contact in Madurai or palani to get a copy ?

ram_soft2003 said...

Ignore my earlier comment :-)

thillai raj said...

whatever i referred in our telephonic talk is true and following by the people whoever deeply rooted with these spiritual path especially in alchemy. they showed the copies of verses engraved in palm leaves after Fraternity of eight years. now u can understand the value and importance of the art what u wants to go through.

S.Chandrasekar said...

Dear Mr.Thillai,

Your blog is interesting. Changes in palmleaf version during several centuries are possible when it is handed over down the generations.

IDAI CHERUGAL is possible and copies would have gone to many places. Authenticity is left to Bogar himself.

If properly researched, books of siththar throw high potential news about all matters.

Many songs have MARAIPPU PORUL words. many people have mistaken some words and kept on trying for years and not succeeded. Self experiment is useless and dangerous, it has to be tested under guidance of a guru.

Few years ago I met and had darshan of guru Bogar who initiated me to write a book. Recently I completed a book on guru and to be released next month by a chennai publisher.

Infact, I have mentioned your blog also in my numerous reference list.

thillai raj said...

its good to hear all siddhars and yogis comes in to media and they started to initiate in this external world and makes serial type of yogis from this material world and coming as publishers. send a copy of your book if u r bogar permits to issue a copy to this beggar if am eligible to read about bogar.

Srivatsan Chari said...

Very interesting blog... would love to get a copy of Bhogar Siddars works like the Bhogar 7000 in English with meaning. Very nice articles on your blog too. Thanks for sharing !

Arul said...

Hi ,

Can we get Bogar 12000 Book in Chennai , if so drop a mail to

Thanks in advance

kssnathan said...

Can I get Bogar's 12000, 7000 books in chennai. Please send addresses of booksellers to my mail ID


kssnathan said...

Tips for yr kind reply. Can I get yr mobile no so that I can contact you when I come to chennai? I am now in USA



Venugopal Krishnamurthy said...

Iam venugoal, doing research in siddha. I was told by my master that Bogar 12000 will be of great help. Could you please tell me where I can get this book. Please send details to my email ID:

aravind laksh said...

Dear Mr.Thillai,
Im aravind. for the first time i gone through your blog, its very much informative. i have been searching articles in sidda regarding stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. can you please guide me regarding this. it will be more helpful for me to start my research.

If you like to help me please drop your valuable information to my mail


thillai raj said...

Books regarding written by Agasthiyar, Bogar, Pulipaani and many Mahayogis. you can get through Publishers of Tamarai pathipagam and Rathina nayakar sons at chennai.