Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secret behind seventh house in horoscope

Thousands of years, yogis called siddhars in tamilnadu written many verses on the astrology for future reference in Tamil through highly consciousness stage. The secrets of post marital and premarital relationship between men and women can able to understand from the individual horoscopes written by these distinguished sages made as reference for astrologers  as quick reference to understand the hidden relationships of humans.
           Ancient tamil siddhars was written detailed study on all planets in connection with relationships of men and women. Most of them were highly hidden and some of the details i referred here from poems of great siddhar’s and also a Sanskrit book named “Uthirakaala mirtham” by kalidas. People should refer great work of agasthiyar, pulipaani, bogar for detailed study published by oldest publishers and some from “paaichigai sastram” in tamil published at purasaiwalkam, Chennai, tamilnadu in 1905, now kept in British museum.
Please take as reference planets

The 7th house mainly indicates the marriage and partners. Also it is familiarly quoted as the seventh house is the “kalathira pava”.
It represents partnerships of all kinds—marriage, relationship of men and women, married/unmarried, widow or single, elder/younger etc.
In a horoscope it is the house of all partnerships including spouse. So all matters pertaining to marriage, or after are always observed and determined from the seventh house.
The planets which occupy the 7th house is the major factor for relationships of men and women, the 7th house are very important to know the happiness of married life, pre marital and post marital connections & illegal connections of sex and secrets?
Here after please understand the below referred person may please be understood as men or women
Men/ women
  • A person has Saturn or Raaghu in 7th house from lagna have sex with an elderly person or a widow/widower or divorcee. 
  • If Mars is in seventh house from lagna there will be two connections at a time.
  • Jupiter in this seventh house from lagna it makes the spouse obese;
  • Mercury in the seventh house from lagna is a danger sign as the partner may be incapable of sex.
Below referred only for men
  • If sun in the seventh house of any men from lagna that man will have sex with infertile or barren woman (malady in tamil, baanjh in hindi)
  • If moon in the seventh house from lagna that man will have sex with woman who knows music and she may widow.
  • If mars in the seventh house he will have sex with kshathiriya woman. i.e. referred caste
  • If mercury is in the seventh house he will have sex and connection with prostitute
  • If Jupiter is in the seventh house he will have sex with Brahmin woman and she knows music and art.
  • If venus is in the seventh house he have sex with pregnant woman
  • If Saturn is in the seventh house he has sex with widow having girl kid
  • If ragu and ketu, both is in the seventh house he has sex with woman who stays far away from his place or she migrated from other place.
  • If venus and mercury in the seventh house he have sex with prostitute woman or that woman have other connections
  • If venus and Saturn in the seventh house he had sex with widow, and she may elder than him
  • If venus hiding in the seventh house he will have sex with woman elder than him.
  • If good planets vision on the seventh house there will be no problem
  • If a mar is on the seventh house of the husband his wife will be lucky. If mars are on the seventh house of the wife, she loses her husband and becomes widow.
Below referred only for women
  • If there is no planet is on the seventh house it shows its widow or single, including good planets on both sides, if moon is waxing moon or raising, or Jupiter, mercury are also should be taken.
  • If moon, or mercury and venus  or three in any house it indicated she have only girl kid
  • If Saturn or ragu in 5th or combined she is a infertile woman(no kids)
  • 8th house from lagna is maangalia block, if Jupiter or mercury or both joined together indicates she had connections before marriage and also after marriage.
  • If in 5th block from lagna raghu or Saturn or kethu, she have one kid and husband expires, otherwise she have husband but without kid.
  • If (Saturn and mars) or (sun and mars) at the same house indicates she is a widow
And important especially some woman got pregnancy before marriage

  • if 8th block and 7th block have interchanged between them shows she have connections before marriage and also after marriage.( it called parivarthana in astrology but open meaning i referred here)

Now people can compare their seventh house from their lagna on their horoscope and understand the partners.
If woman have sex with brother of husband, or relations, or relationship with man belongs to other caste or same caste are also known with interpretation. Here i avoided some secrets of woman and men due to professional secrets of astrologers.
If interested person can refer genuine books i referred above for your suggestion. If anyone known on this topic have had deep study well versed on this please write to me about any corrections.
All the above referred with poems written by siddhars and great masters of astrology in ancient tamil and notes of guru who taught me basic things of “naadi”.


deepa samy said...

sir,very should take a look at my horoscope as some siddha jyotishts say that it is a dual horoscope.the lagna is scorpio when predicted acc. to north indian horoscope and the lagna is dhanu when predicted in south indian style..i hope i too could get answers to all my questions

thillai raj said...

send to email id

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,

Thanks for sharing the details and effects of 7th house. Indians and other country astrologers could read the vedic astrological classics such as beihat parasara hora sastra, saravali in english for free of cost. we could easily download and read vedic/sanskrit astrological classics. but, We really dont know the tamil astrological classics. please name few tamil astrological classics. so that we can read and understand astrology better. aThanks. You have mentioned about reading classic works in this article. but you did not name those work. please name them. so that tamil peoples can proudly tell about it to the world that we have classical works on astrology. Thanks again!

M.saravanan Sarav said...

what will be when kethu alone in seventh place

thillai raj said...

given in other posts sir, please refer

Sandeep Kalyankar said...

hi sir,
Could you please help me in knowing about my marriage.. I want to marry my desire girl, I dont wanna loose her..

thillai raj said...

u can consult good astrologer in ur place

రేణూకుమార్ said...

In my mother chart ketu in 5th & Saturn in 7th house and she is a widow from last 30years.

thillai raj said...

read the post once again sir, don't misinterpret suddenly with self horoscopes and tor in to conclusions.i have seen astrologers before enlightenment and after their predictions, its comes out from yogic practices, masters are alwaya masters sir

M.saravanan Sarav said...

when kethu alone in seventh house from lagna what is effect pls mention it. kethu alone is not prsent in that list

Franco said...

Ketu si Moksha karak and is the absence of spouse , whether the condition of the sevent , what constelation rules it , and the ruler of the seventh where is posit , too consider in the aspecting planets to the sevent and in the final the Nkashatra where Ketu is and the Nakshatra ruler f is friend or enemy of ketu can direct to a proper predicction , Ketu in teh seventh i saw leads to absence of marital condition

Nikolay ebardeev said...

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